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    1. ‘We were staying in a sort of hostel place out in the middle of nowhere

    2. ‘She’s very kindly come out with her set of keys and agreed to come with us to the hostel

    3. ‘You say the hostel was rented in the name of a Mr Charles Middlesex, Mrs Brown?’

    4. ‘What do you think about his version of events at the hostel, Inspector?’ Sergeant Williams asked

    5. ‘As you no doubt realised, the media have heard about the events at the hostel – I had to deal with them first before the rumours got too absurd

    6. ‘Mr Simthwaite left the hostel during the night after you left, Mr Hust, it appears that this affected Mr Hartley-Jones’ sanity …’

    7. ‘Yes, from what we can piece together, it seems that the failure of the project affected his mind, it appears that he dug up the body of your brother and hauled it into the hostel to the bedroom he shared with his wife

    8. well fed by the time he arrived at the pilgrim’s hostel

    9. towards the town’s pilgrim hostel

    10. the hostel early and went looking for the site

    11. returning to the hostel

    12. On the evening of the fourth day, the hostel warden

    13. between there and the hostel

    14. down the corridor towards the hostel chapel

    15. Jean entered the hostel and waited patiently for the

    16. only had to stop a couple of days at a remote hostel or

    17. hostel was the only home the boy knew,’ said Bernadette

    18. The hostel was a very poor one

    19. who were staying that night in the hostel

    20. There was only one other group in the hostel,

    21. encouragingly, but the next hostel in the isolated hamlet

    22. small, poor looking hostel on the edge of the village

    23. ‘He was here just last night,’ said the hostel warden

    24. only guests staying in the tiny hostel, and the freezing

    25. my hostel that is; and Prof

    26. hostels, and one has to live with them? You like a family in hostel

    27. We finally arrived in Warsaw late at night and luckily, we found a makeshift army hostel to stay in

    28. In his pocket was the address of a half-way hostel at which he could spend the night and the business card of his new Social Worker

    29. It didn’t make any sense, the Inner Circle was farther from the hostel than his hotel

    30. “Where should I stay, I wonder? I guess the others are staying at a hostel?” she asked

    31. Her daughter, Nithya’s mother had come to stay there to cook and take care of the two sons as well as watch over Nithya, whom she admitted at a nearby college to do BA (music) and stay at the hostel

    32. I was too scared to use the toilets at the hostel we were staying in because there was only one bare dirty bog and it would have been obvious it was me

    33. get was a hostel with a big room and thirty or so beds

    34. So he got a single room on the second floor of the hostel

    35. Army Men’s Hostel, which he agreed to

    36. so that they wouldn’t have to stay at the Salvation Army hostel any longer? I brought them

    37. There’s a Salvation Army hostel in the city where I’ll take her tomorrow

    38. He was lying in a hammock on the back porch of the bachelor’s hostel

    39. There we stayed in a youth hostel that sported a large flock of small green parrots

    40. Guests in the hostel were allowed to feed them and the parrots would come flying in droves and sit on one’s arms, shoulders, and head and anywhere else they could find a place

    41. It had been converted into a hostel but remained bleak

    42. Fox, along with the sad fact that Alwyn died alone in a Hammersmith hostel for penurious old men, bragging till the end that he had ‘discovered’ Michael Caine

    43. At the far end of the main street was Toc H, a series of bomb shelter bunkers that an enterprising fellow had converted into a youth hostel

    44. The Duchess of Sutherland’s Victorian ‘medieval castle’ had been converted into a youth hostel

    45. But he’d met three other, equally unattractive and sour Canadians on board and decided to stay with them at a hostel in the modern part of the city

    46. Duff, whose bowels had regained a measure of self-control, had also arrived at the Youth Hostel and reckoned I should join him on the road before daybreak, because we were both heading for Tripoli in Libya and no one drove through the desert in the heat of the day

    47. Four hours later, washed, refreshed and well fed I left the youth hostel, waved to my Negro on his bicycle – now wearing a pair of shorts, and within a minute was in the front seat of a chauffeur-driven limousine, chatting over my shoulder to the Tunisian Minister for Education who was on his way to a remote desert oasis, before visiting his counterpart in Libya

    48. After cleaning up at the youth hostel we visited the construction site and my heart bled at the sight of kids as young as five or six carrying loads of stones, cement, concrete, steel

    49. I had no money, no passport, no clothes and no idea where the hostel was

    50. Imagining Sebastian was part of the plot, he headed for the backpacker hostel he‘d been staying at, then remembered he owed them money, had no identification, no cash, nothing

    1. We should ask at all the pilgrim hostels and

    2. which meant that he was no longer able to stay at hostels

    3. hostels, and one has to live with them? You like a family in hostel

    4. I’d passed through a succession of homes and hostels, which made me a bit of a loner, so while everyone else was busy celebrating the birth of Christianity, I usually shut myself away in my room, reading a book

    5. Colling slept well that night in a comfortable bed, a significant improvement over the Polonia and the inns and hostels he had stayed in since leaving Krakow

    6. He arranged another flat in the same apartment complex for college students to stay—those ones who found it difficult to stay in the hostels

    7. Several lighthouses have been transformed into inns and hostels which accommodate tourists

    8. Do you want to stay in 5 star hotels or are you both comfortable in hostels? I remember our first trip to Thailand we took some friends advice and stayed at a guest house they recommended

    9. We’d talked about travelling together, but he was dismissive of hitch-hiking and camping and youth hostels

    10. I always felt out of place in Youth Hostels and avoided them when possible – all that bonhomie, sharing of tales, swapping of information and addresses, promises to meet again

    11. “There’s lots of hostels,” he replied flatly

    12. All were staying in the town hostels and studying there

    13. I know about your multiple hostels all over New Mexico

    14. He pictured Baseball Cap and Floppy Hat continuing on to Cape Tribulation and searching in vain amongst the campsites and backpacker hostels that dotted the huge area

    15. Hostels come in a variety of shapes and sizes

    16. At the end of our send forth party, we held hands on our way back to the hostels and involuntarily cried uncontrollably

    17. They spent weekends in the country and stopped at little hostels where Tony would set up his easel and paint landscapes, and when they got hungry Dominique would spread out a picnic lunch she had prepared and they would eat in a meadow

    18. So… they invented something called: Hostels

    19. Hospitals evolved out of hostels as places where poor homeless dying people went to die

    20. Hostels were created to get rid of the dead bodies

    21. The origin of all Western Hospitals come from the filth hostels of Holland: where poor starving dying uncared for Lowlanders… abandoned by all the wealthy middleclass Dutchmen: went to die

    22. turned grey after being washed in acid in the IIT hostels

    23. The passport from her teenage years, the one filled with stamps from an eight week If-Its-Tuesday-This-Must-Be Belgium American Youth Hostels summer vacation, was long expired

    24. Not only is a campervan a convenient combination of housing and transportation, but it also allows you experience a side of Australia that hotels and hostels cannot offer

    25. Further there are a number of youth hostels that offer well-organized social atmospheres and plan events such as barbeques and other fun activities

    26. The bigger hostels are more appropriate for two persons traveling together

    27. Not to speak of hostels, leperyards, sweating chambers, plaguegraves, their greatest doctors, the O'Shiels, the O'Hickeys, the O'Lees, have sedulously set down the divers methods by which the sick and the relapsed found again health whether the malady had been the trembling withering or loose boyconnell flux

    28. Hoover thought poor relief should be left to private charities but they couldn’t cope with the huge numbers who turned to them when the State soup kitchens and hostels closed

    29. Father Païssy desired later on to read the Gospel all day and night over his dead friend, but for the present he, as well as the Father Superintendent of the Hermitage, was very busy and occupied, for something extraordinary, an unheard-of, even “unseemly” excitement and impatient expectation began to be apparent in the monks, and the visitors from the monastery hostels, and the crowds of people flocking from the town

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