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    1. " That was the inn and public room at the mainland end of the bridge

    2. Place into the Roach Inn

    3. Keep children and pets out! Cockroaches will enter Roach Inn and go into the cup where the mixture is

    4. where it seemed that nowhere in the Inn was without warmth

    5. even when there was nobody else in the Inn

    6. The Inn at the Village of Flowers

    7. The businesses were a kedary, a briner, an inn and one other guy with a yaag still and tap

    8. The inn was a pretty little place on the village square, mostly catering to herdsmen on R&R

    9. They were playing as much to the village square as the inn and as much of the crowd was outside as in

    10. As the locals hooked up and went to their Dusksleeps, another couple lingered for the sleep at the inn, toasting some morsels from the left over stew in the fire

    11. Since they were the same age, Nuran and Alan hit it off well enough that night in the inn that Luray wanted to suggest to Lmore that Nuran wouldn't be needing a guide to Zhlindu, but she also sensed that Nuran and Lmore already had a little history that Lmore wanted to continue

    12. “That is the Ohmu Inn,” replied Sera with a smile, “that’s where we will spend the night

    13. When Rayne and Star crossed into the Inn Hold there was hushed silence as the little Hausa and his rider made their way down the path

    14. The Inn Holder, Dane Tevid, came running in breathless, and welcomed them all

    15. Tevid asked Lady Rayne to allow him to order for her explaining she should have a taste of the different foods available at the Inn

    16. A half hour later they returned to the warmth of the Inn and a warm mug of Tesh

    17. Dane Tevid insisted that the finest room at the Inn be given to Tarak and Lady Rayne that night

    18. “All know the rules at my Inn,” Tevid informed him, “they shouldn’t cause any trouble

    19. He lay there listening to the sounds of the morning; the different guests of the Inn stirring about

    20. “After you are settled in, and the routine gets boring, come and spend some time at the Inn

    21. He stepped forward and bent and turned the man over; it was the same man that had accosted the women at the Inn

    22. He is skirting the Ohmu Inn and running directly for Miner’s Hold

    23. He says they were instructed to land near the Ohmu Forest, and the Ohmu Inn was mentioned

    24. He paid the clerk at The Small Town Inn and fell

    25. The second appeared to be headed in the direction of the Ohmu Inn

    26. Tarak warned Kai who was already on the road; it would take him less than ten minutes to reach the Inn

    27. Covered in green blood, the warriors emerged from the trees announcing their victory with shouts of “Uwah!” At Lord Tarak’s direction they left the mopping up to the Light Brigade and headed out towards the Ohmu Inn

    28. Meanwhile, First Kai reached the Ohmu Inn with his warriors just as the glider passed overhead

    29. Dane Tevid and all the able bodied men in the Inn were on the roof and ready to battle

    30. avenue where it seemed that every other building was an inn or

    31. There is no room at the inn

    32. Jorma tied and locked the boat on the quiet side of a public dock in a sleepy little village center with some perishables stands, a keda yard, an inn behind it, and an arched stone bridge on a paved road that paralleled the lake from Chardovia to Sistril passing right in front of the inn, one small field back from the canal

    33. “Or we could stay in the coaching inn – the ‘Walled Garden’ –

    34. The second floor probably held the inn rooms

    35. Tom had already noted the very solid construction of the inn

    36. A silver Ford Mondeo pulls in to the deserted weekend car park of the Traveller's Inn at Roundswell services

    37. It was an inn by it’s sign, but probably rented it’s rooms by the hour

    38. You want to come down here as a passenger, now you don’t want to stay at this inn?”

    39. “Nothing's for sure until the money is in the bank, but as a projection, and knowing no one else has indoor plumbing: it's three dollars a day up at the Inn, and their weekly rate is twenty dollars, but Mandy has the restaurant, tea room, and saloon right there as a convenience, but not included in the rate

    40. Mandy Hill was the still unmarried, and only child of Horatio and Betsy Hill, Council members and owner-operators of the Great Tahoe Inn

    41. They had unsuccessfully paired her off with the son of a wealthy San Francisco family who annually frequented their Inn

    42. “Yes,” she said, “lets go to that inn again

    43. They were at the foot of the crystal along Second Canal, around here they had to find an inn with boat parking

    44. The Tournament was still a couple days off, and the stream of hopefuls continued to fill up the remaining vacancies in the hotel, inn, and boarding houses

    45. She didn’t really have any place to stay, she had let the room in that little inn where she stayed with Jorma lapse last week

    46. ‘I imagine it was originally a coaching inn on the main road which runs round the south of Bath

    47. the Inn, whistling and feeling on top of the world

    48. A stay-over in a charming Dover Inn and they were again on a train for Redditch

    49. That and Venna wrapping up some other business had taken a few more weeks than he wanted, but with the copper and forty he got back from the boat they could afford a comfortable inn with a cute balcony in an eleventh floor dormer only a couple blocks back of First

    50. A couple of corporate fat-cats enjoyed a hearty lunch at the Inn opposite them

    1. inning to force in the game-ending

    2. runs in the eighth inning to

    3. It was the bottom of the sixth inning

    4. I was due to come up fifth, so it didn’t look like I would have a chance to bat; at least not in this inning

    5. The third batter of the inning; our last hope to end this game without going into extra innings, was hit by the first pitch and trotted down to first base

    6. the very next inning

    7. where hope lives until the last strike of the last out of the last inning

    8. Batter number three of that inning reached base on an infield single

    9. By the fifth inning the score was tied at threes and Johnny was starting

    10. He got out of the inning luckily

    11. I still remember one incredible inning that I'll tell you about

    12. And the ending of the inning could not have been more dramatic

    13. The inning ended in the most dramatic fashion it could have ended; our illustrious batter tried to stretch that hit into an inside the park home run and he was thrown out at home plate for the final out, unbelievable

    14. The game was tied 0 to 0 going into the ninth inning

    15. Somehow or other Pat O'Brien loaded the bases in the top of the ninth inning so Arizona State had runners on first, second, and third

    16. So the game goes into the bottom of the ninth inning tied 0 - 0

    17. The game was tied in the ninth inning I can't remember exactly what the score was

    18. Roman got two strikes on batter number five of that inning

    19. The game did not end until the 15th inning

    20. And guess what? Curt Gentry pitched the entire game for Arizona State, all 15 innings, again that's one of the greatest pitching performances I have seen in my life and Curt was pitching just as good in the 15th inning as he was in the first inning

    21. I saw the hardest hit baseball I have ever seen in my life that inning

    22. The women took a rest room break in the sixth inning and returned with refreshments, including beers for the guys

    23. These may have cost him, but by the bottom of the eighth inning, his team led 7-4

    24. The star right fielder then hit what appeared to be the third out of the inning: a slow bouncer to first

    25. In the bottom of the inning, Bill Mazeroski was the first Pittsburgh batter

    26. Clemente played a huge part in the victory, as his hustling to first in the eighth inning kept the rally alive

    27. The score was 6-5 for the opposing team, the inning was the bottom of the seventh, and the count was full

    28. "That's some clutch stuff, but we still have an inning and a half to finish

    29. In the top of the ninth inning, there were two outs, the score was 3-2, and there were runners on first and second

    30. The scoreboard was beginning to reflect a blow-out: one that consisted of seven runs from nine hits for the Vikings, to the Diamondbacks having just two runs from four hits, through the middle of the sixth inning

    31. It was now the bottom of the ninth for the Diamondbacks, and they went into the inning still trailing 7-5

    32. With Chance leading off the inning, Mitchell nervously dumped a pile of sunflower seeds into his mouth; hoping he could be offered another opportunity at the plate himself

    33. On a psychologically damning play, Paul laid down the second bunt of the inning, exactly the same place Chance had earlier

    34. In fact the game will be televised not to see who wins, but to see the jokes being played on the Empire… The coaches tearing their hair out and screaming instructions during the play, and every kind of underhanded sneaky trick that will be caught on instant replay… Only… you would need to have forty cameras, and it would takes you six hours of watching the slow-motion re-plays to figure all of what happened in just one ‘Hit’n Run’ inning of Rainbow Ball

    35. only… you would need to have forty cameras, and it would takes you six hours of watching the slow-motion re-plays to figure all of what happened in just one ‘Hit’n Run’ inning of Rainbow Ball

    36. he pinch hit in the last inning with two outs and he fouled off several pitches

    37. Then Mary Jane she took another inning, and went in sweet and lovely again—which was her way; but when she got done there warn't hardly anything left o' poor Hare-lip

    38. Even at baseball games, we parked by the exit and left at the eighth inning, me and Go a predictable set of mustard-smeared whines, petulant and sun-fevered: We never get to see the end

    39. We’re losing by three runs, and they’ve got the bases loaded with two outs in the fourth inning

    40. The inning is over

    41. 200? When the bases are loaded in the ninth inning and the score is tied, who would you rather see step up to the plate: a

    42. I may say frankly, even at that time, if the truth is to be told, the society there, and even a^ inning money at cards, had become revolting and a torture to me

    1. hen a safe place like in the roach inns

    2. Acid is best used as a mixture that is eaten by the cockroaches (see Cockroach Inns)

    3. "You save the camping gear we picked up," she said, "I hardly ever use it at the inns where I travel

    4. doostEr climbed up behind him and Tahlmute said, "It looks like you think we'll be beyond inns and cooks?"

    5. "I've been down to Lastriss twice before, but once was fair weather all the way, a few weeks earlier in the year than this, and once I came overland and weathered two different storms in two different inns

    6. It is a traveler’s stronghold made of wood from the Ohmu Forest; trees that had been felled during storms or earthquakes were cut up and used for these Inns alone

    7. “It is a singular achievement and a great honor to be placed in charge of one of these Inns; and it is only by appointment of the Queen herself

    8. “During the winter it is not unusual for the Inns to be snowed in for several months,” he explained

    9. the town’s Inns, and finally the Notary

    10. Before you can blink, word will spread and we all will be saying it---because our inns and hotels will go unoccupied, our stores will have to close their doors, and if this goes unchecked we shall each have to start locking our own doors at night!”

    11. “That’s silly, why camp when you can have a real meal in a house?” she said the word ‘camp’ like he was giving up a selection of fine inns to do so

    12. The first interview was with Ramada inns – a nationwide chain of hotels and I think also they have some overseas

    13. regard to all the counsellors and students of law, in all the different Inns of Court, and you

    14. They stopped in many kinds of wilds, hilly jungle and shaftwood covered peaks a lot like Wescarp, neat farmland and small inns, open prairie like the wilds along the Lhar

    15. bakeries, and Inns (not to mention the town Baillerie), he

    16. Archers waited atop the keep, for it was one of the highest points in the southern area of the town (though some of the inns and Temples were higher still), even if the land there descended rapidly into the lake

    17. Thus did Barrin learn his way about the city, and learned which roads to avoid because of thieves or superstition, and which inns had the best bards and jugglers

    18. At the last inn we visited, the man said, “You"ve told me the inns you"ve visited

    19. The Islington inns shown on the dining room wall were where

    20. Celebrations poured out on to the streets of Nordhel from the houses and inns within the city where people held grand parties in fancy costumes and gilded and feathered masks

    21. On the second night, a night of a near full waxing moon with bright stars lighting up the dark sky, Adem and his friends visited the Chestnut Quarter of the city, a section of streets and laneways mostly made up of two- or three-story inns and taverns sometimes built right up next to one another without a laneway between

    22. Adem strolled down a wide laneway with inns and taverns on either side throwing warm amber lights on to the cobble stone street

    23. Many were permanently housed within the city walls, as servants in the inns and taverns, as merchants or lords and ladies on extended visits to the King of the Nordics, as well as over three hundred nobility who had arrived with the spring thaw, bringing escorts of soldiers either in aid of the Saviours or to protect their own interests during their journey to Nordhel

    24. Adem had witnessed these rules of celebration in many of the inns and taverns they had passed through on their way to the Chestnut Quarter

    25. On her way to one of the inns, she noticed she was attracting unwanted attention; surely it seemed that a pregnant woman should not be walking outside in the market all alone

    26. Wading through the crowds, she reached one of the inns Amonas had once said were more than sympathetic to their cause

    27. Colling slept well that night in a comfortable bed, a significant improvement over the Polonia and the inns and hostels he had stayed in since leaving Krakow

    28. when establishments appearing to be inns or teahouses with particular procedures for a

    29. I knew the inns were on the south side of town near the bridge across the Mongol, so we soon turned aside on one of the side streets and made our way to the main south road

    30. We soon came to the inns, little more than bunches of yurts and tents with large corrals

    31. It was a little smaller than Yauhtepec, but we had the choice of two inns

    32. I didn’t even bother inquiring for lodgings at the inns but headed straight for the yam north of town that had been run by Hoopa Ullah eleven years before

    33. We rode generally north from Roma staying at inns in the cities and monasterios in between

    34. The inns in the town varied, but the food was uniformly dreadful

    35. I should mention the odd way female servants were treated in most of the inns

    36. The inns were adequate and the food returned to being wretched

    37. Hotels, diners, and inns across the country proudly displayed reCoMMended By dunCAn hines signs

    38. Several lighthouses have been transformed into inns and hostels which accommodate tourists

    39. It’s several bells ‘till dawn, yet, but it’s late enough that only the most seedy taverns and inns are open

    40. It was a well-traveled alley, leading to a neighborhood of garrets and inns that catered to poorer farmers coming in for market and broke sailors off the ships

    41. Old men on settles before inns under spreading oak branches called greetings to the wayfarer

    42. From the men that worked the fields, from the garrulous old men in the inns where he slaked his thirst with great leathern jacks of foaming ale, from the sharp-eyed silk-clad merchants he met upon the road, Conan sought for news of Beloso

    43. Travelers on these coaches were regarded as a great source of current news from remote parts of the country, which would be imparted in the town's two main inns, The Cock and The Bull

    44. which he passed, and in Inns and Taverns along his path,

    45. There aren’t any hotels or inns here

    46. The streets are awash with flower-girls and sewage, the inns with merriment and vice, all fuelled by cheap beer and negotiable affections

    47. inns, cross-roads, burial mounds, moat-houses, hill tops or

    48. Sweden with inns built along the way

    49. That was however common in inns and in most other places, as a matter of fact

    50. ‘’My God! Was this inn built for your leaders or are all your inns this luxurious, Private Champagne?’’

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