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    1. It was fashionable, not all these many years ago, to aver that anybody who was not a Marxist at age twenty had no heart, and that anybody who continued a Marxist at age forty had no head

    2. “There are also changes in the levels of knowledge, community organization, and cultural practices that prevent the successful reuse of static, traditional, unchanging solutions” they aver

    3. Was it engulfed in a natural catastrophe, as I aver in, chapter 8, “Where in the World is Eden?” Or had its work been done, leaving no further need for its existence

    4. It would benefit Mankind’s quest immeasurably, they aver, if their efforts were to produce a direction from which this “unknown quantity” emanates

    5. However, later, he was promoted to be the second highest ruler aver all Egypt, indeed

    6. But with the extension of Roman power all aver the Mediterranean, the day of the citizen-soldier was over

    7. Gwinn, Michigan: Aver Color Studios, Inc

    8. The moving average convergence-divergence (MACD) oscillator is built on exponentially smoothed moving aver ages

    9. and I aver that, on the face of it, it was a perfectly simple and friendly

    10. Besides, with an all knowing air, the banker was wont to aver that mistaking ripples for the waves would only lead to the lowering of the standards

    11. He desired to learn if this island were indeed that mentioned in the mysterious Book of Skelos, whereon, nameless sages aver, strange monsters guard crypts filled with hieroglyph-carven gold

    12. Although usually referred to in speech as a male being, Mayan priests, if pressed, will aver that Kawa Tzul Taka has no sex; or perhaps is a dual deity partaking in nature of two of the nine Mayan gods of the earth (namely the Creators-Formers Gucumatz, the feathered serpent; and his consort Tepeu, the Conquerer)

    13. Didn’t Shakespeare aver that reputation is the most idle and false imposition, often got without merit, and lost without deserving?’

    14. Slowly but steadily, we had struck a beautiful relationship, and, so to say, she took charge of my life; by the time I returned from work, she used to wash and press my clothes besides setting my bed right; how her brothers used to protest in jest that she washed my undergarments even as she refused to touch theirs; well she was wont to aver that I was her very special one, and once, when I was down with typhoid, my benevolent cousin came to take me along with her, but as my caretaker would have none of that, I had no heart to go against her wish; oh, how she rolled the roles of a mother, sister and wife into that womanly care! But later, when I decided to leave the place in search of better pastures, how upset she was; she seemed as if she were bereaved but she was reconciled to the dictates of fate as she put it

    15. “I used to know an upright officer and that amounts to much in today’s world; maybe honesty had never been the dominant character of man, didn’t Shakespeare aver that to be honest is to be counted among one in a thousand; but these days the odds seem to be one in a hundred thousand

    16. As we sought to punish them through our indifference, we all became strangers in our own house; and it pained me to realize that I had failed as a father to weave a right moral fabric for my son; well what can a fallen father do than to see the fall of his son? In those stressful times, I thought of Anand, and regardless of my past indifference, he came to see me; when I began my lament, he cut me short to aver that parents want their children to be happy the way they want them to be happy and not happy per se; and if their complying children were to be unhappy, they only turn philosophical to unburden themselves

    17. Maybe the critics would aver that McCauley’s education turned India into a nation of clerks, of course not without some justification, and as history tends to repeat itself, the skeptics of the day aver that the IT upsurge and the BPO boom in the end would reduce us all into a bunch of keyboard operators

    18. As the Upanishads aver, the Satan but resides in one’s mind, and the way to control him is through self-restraint, but, unfortunately, the Musalmans sow wild psychic seeds in the minds of their kids, which in time grow into fundamentalist trees of obscurantist species as Harris had observed

    19. Moreover, the apathy of the Musalmans for a planned family betrays their insensitivity towards their own women; won’t their persistent refusal to adopt the family planning methods that avert the health-hampering carriages and miscarriages render their fair sex into despondency? Oh how the Musalmans burden their women with a child in the lap and another in the womb till they can bear no longer, and as the moulvis aver they have a duty to procreate for the sake of Islam regardless that is

    20. The men-of-knowledge aver that the sins that we

    21. the prophets, which, they aver, have this reference;

    22. —Does he? What does Mr Sidney Lee, or Mr Simon Lazarus as some aver his

    23. Will any member of the committee aver that he would have entertained the idea of displacing the gentleman who has always discharged the function of chaplain here, if it had not been suggested to him by parties whose disposition it is to regard every institution of this town as a machinery for carrying out their own views? I tax no man's motives: let them lie between himself and a higher Power; but I do say, that there are influences at work here which are incompatible with genuine independence, and that a crawling servility is usually dictated by circumstances which gentlemen so conducting themselves could not afford either morally or financially to avow

    24. The frustration would have been less exasperating if it had been less gamesome and boyish: a serious assault of which the newspaper reporter "can aver that it endangered the learned gentleman's ribs," or can respectfully bear witness to "the soles of that gentleman's boots having been visible above the railing," has perhaps more consolations attached to it

    25. He was tall and black-like, and he stooped aver me

    26. (All the issues in the Dow Jones Industrial Aver age met this dividend requirement in 1971

    27. Now it is remarkable, that, so far from accepting the terms of the proposition contained in our act, as the extent of our obligations, Bonaparte expressly tells us that they mean something else; and something, too, that no man in this House will dare to aver they really intend

    1. " Thus, who will guard the guards? Recall that in Federalist 51, Madison averred that if men were angels, there would be no need for 132

    2. “Yes, sir! And it is quite an impressive rig we built for heating the water, if I do say so, sir,” he averred, with his toothy grin that was so perfect it looked artificial

    3. This, it was averred, is the very first indication, the appearance of clothing adapted body lice, of when Man lost his own body hair

    4. “We could take it anyway!” Naaman averred slyly, bringing a glaring look from Moshe, who continued, “I can’t see where you would be any better off with us than you would be without us!”

    5. “Well, Moshe will have his hands full trying to keep the Egyptians from coming over the hills where they are,” Caleb had averred

    6. He averred he didn’t have any contact whatsoever with the Commodore or Odd Job and knew nothing about the deaths of Ronnie and Joey beforehand---I tended to believe him

    7. The rabbis had gathered together almost five hundred passages from the Scriptures which, notwithstanding their apparent contradictions, they averred were prophetic of the coming Messiah

    8. What was worse, he averred, with right inducements, they could be easily made to look the other way, even in the case of apparently untenable claims

    9. And so it is averred that it should be the goal of life

    10. But, as Duggar felt scandalized at finding Suresh mix with the common criminals, he averred that it was demeaning to say the least

    11. However, they pleaded for mercy and averred that their separation followed by a few lashes would drive home the point

    12. It may be the blackness averred by the Nemedian skeptics, or Crom's realm of ice and cloud, or the snowy plains and vaulted halls of the Nordheimer's Valhalla

    13. For all averred, I had killed the bird

    14. Then all averred, I had killed the bird

    15. However, it may be interesting to speculate about he pathological separatist urge that bedevils the Muslim mind-set; in Muhammad’s fight against the idolaters, it was his compulsion to co-opt ‘the God’ of the Jews to gain authenticity for Islam, and so he had averred that ‘the God’ revealed to him what He had earlier revealed to Moses and other prophets, Jesus included

    16. therefore, averred that after listening to Krishn’s words he was rid of all his delusions

    17. “That shan’t be necessary,” averred the prince, introducing said bloom into the

    18. But all this, he declared, did not so much grieve or distress him as his certain knowledge that a prodigious giant, the lord of a great island close to our kingdom, Pandafilando of the Scowl by name--for it is averred that, though his eyes are properly placed and straight, he always looks askew as if he squinted, and this he does out of malignity, to strike fear and terror into those he looks at--that he knew, I say, that this giant on becoming aware of my orphan condition would overrun my kingdom with a mighty force and strip me of all, not leaving me even a small village to shelter me; but that I could avoid all this ruin and misfortune if I were willing to marry him; however, as far as he could see, he never expected that I would consent to a marriage so unequal; and he said no more than the truth in this, for it has never entered my mind to marry that giant, or any other, let him be ever so great or enormous

    19. The other thing - and it was this, he averred, that led to his downfall - was that the wizard was covering his eyes with one hand

    20. He averred that he had been watching Crass and Sweater and had seen the latter put his thumb and finger into his waistcoat pocket as he walked into the dining-room, followed by Crass

    21. —You did, averred Ben Dollard

    22. Which hearing young Stephen was a marvellous glad man and he averred that he who stealeth from the poor lendeth to the Lord for he was of a wild manner when he was drunken and that he was now in that taking it appeared eftsoons

    23. As they descended the steps, it is averred that the lattice of a chamber-window was thrown open, and forth into the sunny day was thrust the face of Mistress Hibbins, Governor Bellingham's bitter-tempered sister, and the same who, a few years later, was executed as a witch

    24. He many a time spoke sternly to me about my pertness; and averred that the stab of a knife could not inflict a worse pang than he suffered at seeing his lady vexed

    25. She averred they were a mystery to herself, and that what she knew was chiefly from conjecture

    26. would rather sing another time; but I averred that no

    27. But, then, a voice within me averred that I could do it and foretold that I should do it

    28. But now that he had apparently made every preparation for death; now that his coffin was proved a good fit, Queequeg suddenly rallied; soon there seemed no need of the carpenter's box: and thereupon, when some expressed their delighted surprise, he, in substance, said, that the cause of his sudden convalescence was this;—at a critical moment, he had just recalled a little duty ashore, which he was leaving undone; and therefore had changed his mind about dying: he could not die yet, he averred

    29. "Nobody except her parents ever loved poor Atossa, that's certain, not even her husband," averred Mrs

    30. Of Olga he in song averred;

    31. The King accused the Duke of obstinate resistance to his wishes, and with secret enmity towards himself, an enmity, he averred, that had its origin in Egypt

    32. But at the same time he solemnly averred upon oath that he had never heard me speak of any treason

    33. As the madman averred that he was not ill, he was put down on the list as qualified to be sent out

    34. He alleged as his reason for changing his mind that his suit was shortly to come on before the Senate, but Mimi averred that Avdotia had found herself so ennuyee in the country, and had so often talked about Moscow and pretended to be unwell, that Papa had decided to accede to her wishes

    35. Many averred that the lady was some well-known beauty infatuated by Lord Farquhart, playing merely for time

    1. Only a twisted, evil government could conjure up the crucible of legally smoking dope then having to ward off the munchies to keep the weight off so one could drive legally; all staunchly averring their product’s nutritional value when eaten in moderation

    2. Academics, however, like to define investment "risk" differently, averring that it is the relative volatility of a stock or portfolio of stocks-that is, their volatility as compared to that of a large universe of stocks

    3. “But,” combated the senator, “you must admit that Solomon had ample opportunity to make a study of your sex, and he reserved all his praise for the good woman, averring that her price was above rubies

    4. She was strangely confused and would not permit us to ride in pursuit of the villain, averring that she had promised him immunity in exchange for her own life

    1. “Weinberg’s arena,” avers Berlinski, “is Elementary particles…A rather depressing place…Over there (in the Standard Model of particle physics), fields are pregnant with latent energy, particles flicker into existence and disappear, things are entangled, and no one can quite tell what is possible and what is actual, what is here and what is there, what is now and what was then, solid forms give way

    2. But then, as I read on further: Manzi avers, “That known science implies either conclusion is a myth, both in the sense of being objectively false, and also in the sense of being a story that a community of believers tells itself in order to provide meaning and coherence to the lives of its members

    3. Every belief system present in the world of today avers that only they have a lock on the identity of that source, which appears to be waiting for mankind to make its plea once again

    4. Cide Hamete, the chronicler of this great history, begins this chapter with these words, "I swear as a Catholic Christian;" with regard to which his translator says that Cide Hamete's swearing as a Catholic Christian, he being--as no doubt he was--a Moor, only meant that, just as a Catholic Christian taking an oath swears, or ought to swear, what is true, and tell the truth in what he avers, so he was telling the truth, as much as if he swore as a Catholic Christian, in all he chose to write about Quixote, especially in declaring who Master Pedro was and what was the divining ape that astonished all the villages with his divinations

    5. " An Irish author avers that the Earl of Leicester, on bended knees, did likewise present to her highness another horn, pertaining to a land beast of the unicorn nature

    6. He avers that he saved my life by not exposing Akoulina Pamphilovna's stratagem when she spoke of me to the robbers as her niece, but it would be easier to me to die than to become the wife of a man like Chvabrine

    7. For the space of twenty-five years, the writer of this lived in the vicinity of Indians, and from information on which he relies, as well as from his own actual observation, he confidently avers that the Indians neither are, nor ever were, in the habit of firing the woods in order to take game

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