Oraciones con la palabra "swear"

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Swear en una oración (en ingles)

  1. I swear it to you.
  2. I swear it was him.
  3. I could swear to it.
  4. I swear to God I am.
  5. I swear I didn’ t.

  6. This Swear To Me Now.
  7. This I swear to you.
  8. I swear to you both.
  9. I swear that it's true.
  10. You will not swear, Mr.
  11. Swear your lives on it.
  12. I swear to you I’ll.
  13. I swear he knew how to.
  14. I swear that he died.
  15. Even so I hate to swear.

  16. I swear it wasn’t true.
  17. The best day, I swear it.
  18. Swear by it, if you will.
  19. It was him, I swear!.
  20. I swear we’ll find him.
  21. Cool it on the swear words.
  22. I could swear that I heard.
  23. I swear on my sacred oath.
  24. Sorry beta, I swear you.
  25. I'd swear that on a Bible.

  26. But he must swear on the.
  27. I swear this place is new.
  28. I swear Nisha is so smart.
  29. I swear to you, Claire.
  30. It is okay, Dylan, I swear.
  31. He could swear it was the.
  32. I swear I heard her call me.
  33. We didn't hurt you, I swear.
  34. I swear that on my life.
  35. Some swear that they need.
  36. I swear to God I did.
  37. Can you swear to this?
  38. Swear on the child’s life.
  39. I swear I’ll keep it safe.
  40. I can swear that much to you.
  41. I didn’t know, I swear.
  42. Is he crying? I swear he is.
  43. I’d swear on my grave!.
  44. Now, therefore, swear to me.
  45. I swear that this was no lie.
  46. I swear on my beloved sister.
  47. I swear it took five minutes.
  48. But I swear I heard it laugh.
  49. Not on purpose, I swear it.
  50. I swear she was turning green.
  51. I can get the guy, I swear.
  52. I swear, Chuck, Pat said.
  53. No it's not, I swear to you.
  54. I swear that’s the truth.
  55. Oh, I'll swear that it's true.
  56. No, I will swear to his sanity.
  57. She also refused to swear her.
  58. Old women at the coachmen swear.
  59. I swear to God, I never got it.
  60. I swear that’s all there was.
  61. I swear I would never hurt you.
  62. I swear, it’s the most.
  63. I swear she has so many issues.
  64. Swear that? Over and over again.
  65. I could swear they were smiling.
  66. I … I swear I heard a name.
  67. This I swear by all I hold holy.
  68. I swear it on my mama’s grave.
  69. And I swear by the blaming soul.
  70. I swear that was all I was after.
  71. Do you truly swear? says he.
  72. I swear to God she was a.
  73. Don’t swear at your brother.
  74. It is so that they can’t swear.
  75. I swear, this place is haunted!.
  76. That’s the truth, I swear it is.
  77. The last few moments only, I swear.
  78. I want to swear, but I stop myself.
  79. Swear it was not true? Positively.
  80. I swear I will always obey you.
  81. I swear I haven’t spent a penny.
  82. He would swear she was about to cry.
  83. I swear by the Day of Resurrection.
  84. I could swear I hear you breathing.
  85. We wish to swear service to you.
  86. I swear I would have marred those.
  87. Greeks are obedient, swear and wait.
  88. Ok, but I swear that if I hear him.
  89. He grew sullen, and began to swear.
  90. I swear to God I’ll never.
  91. My son and I will both swear to it.
  92. I swear I am channeling his spirit.
  93. I saw it, I swear by all the stars.
  94. I swear he wanted to confide in me.
  95. I have already said that I swear.
  96. I would have stopped going, I swear.
  97. I swear, I told you where he is.
  98. Kiss my hand and swear fealty to me.
  99. I swear I would have shot whoever.
  100. I swear that my heart skips a beat.
  1. He was swearing and she.
  2. I enjoy swearing when the.
  3. I heard shouting and swearing.
  4. It sounded worse than swearing.
  5. Swearing, I hit the brakes hard.
  6. I started swearing and shouting.
  7. The man began swearing in Italian.
  8. They were swearing in a new Chief.
  9. Do you have to keep swearing?
  10. Who would you be swearing at?
  11. Talk like that is worse than swearing.
  12. Alice's voice was drowned out by swearing.
  13. Deon let loose a long string of swearing.
  14. Henry lying there, swearing, naming names.
  15. He sprang up with frantic haste, swearing.
  16. Yes, I said, swearing the same promise.
  17. A study shows that swearing can improve the.
  18. I started kicking the front seats, swearing.
  19. She bent over the ball, swearing under her breath.
  20. I was bent double, swearing silently into my chest.
  21. Swearing, he turned back and hurried down the hall.
  22. They panicked, started swearing and freaking out.
  23. For days together he would be drinking and swearing.
  24. He suddenly stops and I hear him swearing to himself.
  25. Swearing to herself, she called the HERMES via radio.
  26. She promised, swearing blue and blind to every saint.
  27. He begins by swearing: "Where the deuce am I?" he says.
  28. Swearing and cursing people who annoy you is disgusting.
  29. I had him, swearing in class got you a day of suspension.
  30. Rani stormed back to the flat, swearing under her breath.
  31. Arrived at the office without any swearing, sweating or.
  32. The Dinos started to the pyramid swearing at the Dragons.
  33. The coachman took to whistling and swearing at his horses.
  34. My foot! He was swearing, landing heavily in the bed.
  35. Probably home now, soon he would be swearing at Henrietta.
  36. I was off the hook, as she wouldn’t tolerate the swearing.
  37. Kara followed, looking scared and swearing under her breath.
  38. She then turns, swearing to herself and starts to walk away.
  39. Bogdanov was sitting next to him on the hotel bed, swearing.
  40. And as the swearing part completed history had been created.
  41. Twenty minutes later Naria was swearing over the Com channel.
  42. In between all the swearing, I think I got most of the story.
  43. The noise of the zip was covered by the swearing of the guard.
  44. The picture cuts to their manager who is swearing blue murder.
  45. He chastised himself, swearing to stick with the women he knew.
  46. He jumped up, but fell again, swearing in Russian and in Tartar.
  47. At some stage he heard Doc grumbling and swearing in the bathroom.
  48. He wants her prepared for the swearing in, someone answered.
  49. Sam Steele, a police commander, even punished people for swearing.
  50. The truckie was already there, swearing and banging on the window.
  51. It started with squealing and swearing and quickly escalated as I.
  52. He slammed shut the door and ran towards us, shouting and swearing.
  53. If there was one thing Daddy hated more than swearing, it was lying.
  54. I pulled at a door but it was closed and I heard swearing behind it.
  55. The boy was still yelling and swearing, now pushing at Sam’s chest.
  56. There was a lot of swearing and the footsteps returned to the landing.
  57. The two beat a hasty retreat as Jarvis slumped into his seat, swearing.
  58. Smith can remember his father swearing like he had never sworn before.
  59. Chevalier smiled slightly, You're supposed to be at the swearing in.
  60. They heard Ozzie swearing as he slammed his way back into the building.
  61. Swearing in Mandarin, he yanked the drive out and tossed it in the bin.
  62. More swearing came out when he found that the two radios were also dead.
  63. As they were swearing, I noticed something was coming out of their mouths.
  64. It came to a head after three weeks, when Reuben stormed on deck swearing.
  65. Citizens Foreground Check and the purchase of and swearing allegiance to.
  66. A little banter, some gentle jeering and friendly swearing as they danced.
  67. Grunt looked about with gathering frustration, swearing quietly to himself.
  68. The afternoon was turning sour with his sweating and swearing and swaying.
  69. They moved away from the spotlight huffing and swearing under their breaths.
  70. One man, however, instead of swearing when he cut his finger, asked himself.
  71. Swearing, and using the names of God as oaths is out! So are dodgy stories!.
  72. The anticipation in the air was intense as the swearing of the vows approached.
  73. Swearing in another Republican as President, however, was going to be dreadful.
  74. Indeed any attempt to keep swearing in public under control should be applauded.
  75. The others could hear him swearing like a cat himself and struggling for a hold.
  76. Two men swearing their love before her, raw in their naked lust and need for her.
  77. He suddenly straightened in his chair, leaning forward, swearing under his breath.
  78. Swearing to himself, Philipopoulos quickly tried to switch it on, without success.
  79. At this, Hawk peered into the doghouse, letting out a harsh caw of shock, swearing.
  80. You know, I could have spewed my usual diarrhoea of swearing about the.
  81. So I’m in every major picture of the swearing in—it’s my Forrest Gump moment.
  82. In total darkness, Joan stumbled and heard the guard trip and fall, swearing loudly.
  83. Made confiscating folks’ cotton and swearing it was Confederate government cotton.
  84. It has made false swearing an employment, and the granting of false papers a business.
  85. Nostromo could be heard swearing to himself between the regular splashes of the sweeps.
  86. She ignored Joey’s swearing and took up her spear, extending it into its combat form.
  87. He declines, quoting a particular passage of the Gospel in which swearing is forbidden.
  88. The fat bald one stepped out of the back door to the garage, swearing at his cell phone.
  89. Now he's swearing by all the gods that this white-coat will not get a chance to escape.
  90. Freda was almost hysterical, swearing at the top of her voice - something she never did.
  91. Swearing to herself, Jane concentrated her attention on the approaching vehicles as she.
  92. In the midst of shouting and swearing Suraj was distracted by a limping dog in the road.
  93. Detroit was angrily swearing at the red headed boy Radcliffe that had helped them aboard.
  94. We listened to the sound of poker chips and swearing, ESPN from the living room television.
  95. And so they have come, drinking, swearing, singing, fighting and scuffling with one another.
  96. When fighting failed, he resorted to swearing and fuming, mainly on the subject of what he.
  97. After the swearing in I walked back up with my father, who needed some help on the stairs.
  98. The driver and his sidekick started yelling and swearing at us, calling us a bunch of savages.
  99. Daddy doesn’t like swearing, Matilda told her, with a lot less conviction than normal.
  100. Seeing I was an officer, the men ceased swearing, and the Quartermaster took me to the Major's.
  1. I have sworn to him.
  2. Bush is sworn in first.
  3. Dana is now being sworn.
  4. I had sworn not to cry.
  5. I could've sworn I saw.
  6. He had sworn to protect.
  7. I am sworn to protect her.
  8. I could have sworn it was him.
  9. She had sworn never to leave.
  10. I make that sworn vow to you now.
  11. And yet they have sworn, before.
  12. Sweet as the kiss of lovers sworn.
  13. Theoton has sworn to your honesty.
  14. For the door she has sworn to unseal.
  15. The Kingsguard are sworn not to wed.
  16. Bush will be sworn in at the Capitol.
  17. The court and counsels were sworn in.
  18. I could’ve sworn that he was crying.
  19. I could’ve sworn that she loved me.
  20. The gravediggers must have sworn at.
  21. Since then I’ve sworn to try my best.
  22. Those terrorists have sworn to kill us.
  23. He was sworn in, then he took his seat.
  24. I have sworn to go through fire, but.
  25. A sworn sword owes his lord the truth.
  26. I could’ve sworn that something was up.
  27. He'd sworn to protect her with his life.
  28. Both of us are sworn to confidentiality.
  29. Vincent was sworn in and the trial began.
  30. I could have sworn she was smiling at me.
  31. SWORN, DECLARES JEHOVAH' [Genesis 22:16].
  32. Before a month ago, she would have sworn.
  33. My sworn oath as a police officer is, too.
  34. It was different when your sword was sworn.
  35. I could have sworn my heart almost stopped.
  36. Kiera could have sworn she heard a snicker.
  37. He could have sworn that he heard someone.
  38. The Lord hath sworn, and will not repent.
  39. Allegiance thou hast sworn; but what if one.
  40. Nico could have sworn that she saw him blush.
  41. Two hundred years he has been my sworn enemy.
  42. Massie could have sworn she heard a soft moan.
  43. He had sworn at the barman, a lot, and loudly.
  44. Your sister took the oath and was sworn in.
  45. I could have sworn that it was set in a smile.
  46. Except that the elves are sworn to you, not us.
  47. She started muttering, and I could’ve sworn.
  48. Lemoss could have sworn it had licked its lips.
  49. Water splashed, mud flew, and oaths were sworn.
  50. Elizabeth originally had five sworn supporters.
  51. You have sworn to tell the truth in this court.
  52. Brock could have sworn he’d just seen a ghost.
  53. He could have sworn that he had heard it before.
  54. I have stood by that façade, and sworn that it.
  55. She became the sworn protector of the Radcliffes.
  56. Fact is – I could have sworn that he was gay.
  57. He is sworn to peace and protection and justice.
  58. Surely, in my hearing the Lord of hosts has sworn.
  59. Actually, each of us was sworn to keep the secret.
  60. What I saw I could have sworn was a hallucination.
  61. Furthermore, he is sworn to protect the innocent.
  62. But before I rested I could’ve sworn that I saw.
  63. I had sworn to do my duty and follow the orders of.
  64. No doubt, many of the volunteers had been sworn in.
  65. Have these three taken to our other sworn Sylvan.
  66. I had sworn to this, and I should have kept my oath.
  67. I am your sworn protector, Terese said sternly.
  68. Most of his citizens have agreed to be sworn as well.
  69. He would have sworn that he had heard a cry for help.
  70. I could have sworn … Now she sounds surprised.
  71. I could have sworn I saw tears welling up in his eyes.
  72. He could have sworn someone had pinched his bum as he.
  73. This is the true and sworn statement of Kathleen Duffy.
  74. But, when I saw her, I could have sworn it was blonde.
  75. I could have sworn I saw a tear trickle down his cheek.
  76. She’d sworn that day to never drive another standard.
  77. Does that mean that you will agree to be sworn in?
  78. I could have sworn you just said you bought nickels.
  79. I'm sworn to secrecy, and it mightn't come to anything.
  80. Not only was the ROC the sworn enemy of the PRC, but it.
  81. At the time I could"ve sworn I"d heard her voice before.
  82. That was strange as I could’ve sworn that it had been.
  83. He’d have sworn the man spoke no louder than a whisper.
  84. You…what? Tucker had sworn to keep his mouth shut.
  85. I’ve sworn off these stocks but I have to take a pinch.
  86. While he was being sworn in, Cox could see Pratt smiling.
  87. He gently kissed me and I could have sworn I heard music.
  88. To her left, she’d have sworn by it, and not an animal.
  89. Furthermore, I could’ve sworn that the ceiling of the.
  90. That was something she’d sworn that she would never do.
  91. I could have sworn it was me, how I would appear to her.
  92. He could have sworn he recognised the pair from somewhere.
  93. Okay, but the rules regarding sworn secrecy apply here too.
  94. Templars and their allies are sworn to undo the Vatican's.
  95. Say - you have sworn that Solomon would have your throne;.
  96. This must not be! We have sworn together that it must not.
  97. The rest who have sworn to you will want to help as well.
  98. In fact, Murphy would have sworn it was the very same room.
  99. Smith had sworn that he would never give up his cottage and.
  100. She’d sworn an oath to protect and preserve the Coalition.
  1. He swears by her name.
  2. He swears he got the guy.
  3. She swears his eyes are glowing.
  4. Mary Ann swears by this doctor.
  5. He'll never fall in love he swears.
  6. Every master investor swears by it.
  7. He looks down at his watch and swears.
  8. Dippa swears in frustration; �On me way.
  9. He swears blind they weren’t having an affair.
  10. The owner swears blind that he follows the rules.
  11. But Dante swears he’s never seen the gun before.
  12. What’s a girl to do when the world swears blind.
  13. Nana Mama swears that Jannie has a mind of her own.
  14. God swears that they will never enter the Promised.
  15. My brother swears he remembers nothing of this, but.
  16. He swears to God he's never seen anything so beautiful.
  17. Course he swears a lot, but he always excused hisself.
  18. As soon as he sees the clock, he swears and stops dead.
  19. One swears he had seen her, but couldn't give any details.
  20. If he cared about me the way he swears he does, he would have.
  21. Damn it, Benjamin swears, running a hand through his hair.
  22. And Stahlman here swears the full-scale will work just as well.
  23. Golly swears he shoots the stars down with his arrows and his bow.
  24. If a deaf person swears, does his mother wash his hands with soap?
  25. In the Apocalypse the angel swears that there will be no more time.
  26. Corrine swears up and down I was the only one that could give her an.
  27. He buries his face against her neck and swears, rocking into her hand.
  28. For the first time in human history there is someone who swears to be.
  29. Alex swears that it will be worth it, but won't say any more in public.
  30. Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer swears they will keep mum about This and They.
  31. But she took them off for a second to count the cash, and he swears it’s her.
  32. Spotting the mud on his Chinos, Davie raises his eyes to the heavens and swears.
  33. He swears he saw that up in the high mountain plains, where the snow seldom clears.
  34. If only he would do Galimoto this final favor, Galimoto swears he will not ask for more.
  35. We know George Mellis was at the house that night, but his wife swears she never saw him.
  36. Madeline not aware looks around, she stands and goes to the stand, she swears in, and sits.
  37. He swears by London, you know; and I by Birmingham; but this time I shall follow his advice.
  38. But punishment shall be averted from her, if she swears four times by God, that he is a liar.
  39. His eyes look very dark, and she swears his skin has a blue cast but decides not to say anything.
  40. Then his son, hearing of Agamemnon’s murder by his cheating wife; swears to kill his own mother in revenge.
  41. Travis, to this day, swears if he looked out in the Hudson River on a clear night he could see that man floating.
  42. The scribe swears again, softly, and the shape of her brother at the front of the hollow casts their refuge into darkness.
  43. He breathes deeply, swears quietly once more, and promises himself that he will never work for foreign bloody bastards again.
  44. One swears that by warming it up he hopes to gain some extra energy, while another does the exact opposite, and cools it down.
  45. Quite so, quite so; and he swears that his wife never found out that one of his legs was wooden all the while they were married.
  46. My friends of the thirst and the language that was of bloom and blood laughed, as they told how the captain's swears exceeded even.
  47. As Gurdjieff said, and he was teaching this knowledge, The person who swears he will get up early in the morning to meditate is not.
  48. In that day shall he swears, saying, I will not be a healer; for in my house is neither bread nor clothing: make me not a ruler of the.
  49. He swears on the Bible that she was alive at that time, but, outside of our killer, he's the last person to see Laura Smith-Hughes alive.
  50. She can come, but only if she swears to keep our secret for the rest of her life, Camellia said, casting a dark glance towards Leslie.
  51. The trucker swears he was doing nothing wrong, his buddy backs him up, there are no other witnesses, so the jury falls in line with Big Coal.
  52. Well, well; I heard Ahab mutter, 'Here some one thrusts these cards into these old hands of mine; swears that I must play them, and no others.
  53. I doubt I was actually close enough for the enemy to hear anything, but my father swears that a few seconds later, there were gunshots in the background.
  54. I doubt I was actually close enough for the enemy to hear anything, but my father swears that a few seconds later, there were gunshots in the background.
  55. Michael Garrett has no prior convictions for child molestation and the overseer of the homeless shelter where he stays swears that he’s a good man, though slow-witted.
  56. He swears that the shadow of a man's head turned sideways was clearly visible on the blind, and that this shadow was certainly not that of Peter Carey, whom he knew well.
  57. It’s fishy enough that the guy who swears he spoke to Joanna after Sadler had left for the rehearsal works in Sadler’s garage … then there’s the matter of the paraffin.
  58. He swears in the old Gathandrian tongue and, before the scribe can react, reaches out and grabs him by the top of his tunic, twisting it to drag him closer until Simon gasps for air.
  59. You shall stay: now then! Heathcliff, why don't you evince satisfaction at my pleasant news? Isabella swears that the love Edgar has for me is nothing to that she entertains for you.
  60. As for those who accuse their own spouses, but have no witnesses except themselves, the testimony of one of them is equivalent to four testimonies, if he swears by God that he is truthful.
  61. He says that he never once saw you in their bank and he also swears that Hammond always took Metcalfe and Jordan into his office then came out with the deposit slips and stamped them him self.
  62. It may not make a difference, but at a prostate cancer support group meeting in February 2005, I talked to Russ, a gentleman in his early eighties, who swears by this combination of four herbs.
  63. For now he rises from the Bed of Bliss (tho’ not my Bliss, I’ll warrant) and brandishes his Sword (where before he had brandish’d nought but his Cock) and swears Vengeance upon ’em all.
  64. So he swears under his breath in his mother’s tongue as he strides along the hallways towards the newly fragile stairs but, as he reaches them, something snags at his thought and he turns back.
  65. No, all he heard and saw, from the older workmen and his companions, since he came to live in town, was that he who cheats, drinks, swears, who gives another a thrashing, who goes on the loose, is a fine fellow.
  66. At the altar she unhesitatingly swears to love eternally—an oath sometimes beyond her power to keep; but in increasing numbers she refuses to make the promise of obedience—a promise always possible to fulfill.
  67. He denies having anything to do with any women let alone this young kid and swears it was not him who was seen dumping rubbish in the bin on the traffic island at the end of Rokeby Road, a good hundred yards from where he lives.
  68. This man also was a private in the expedition, and swears that the person who employed him told him that he was to be employed in the service of the Government; that he was to be carried to Washington by water and thence to New Orleans.
  69. If Xaltotun, then, is the man pictured on the coin, as his Majesty swears he is, that means he was no common wizard, even in his other life, for the years of his life were numbered by centuries, not as the lives of other men are numbered.
  70. This young man has been her teacher, and has come to her, she swears, as a kind of ambassador of his people, these same people who are now gathered before us all! There was a stir among the group accompanied by some mutterings of disbelief.
  71. Similarly for that reason, I cannot conceive that, in the real world of an exalted global terrorism that seeks death as a prize and swears to kill whoever opposes its rule, utopian spirit can ever become the protective force of our liberty.
  72. What a surprise - Ben has done ‘nothing much’ at school ever since he left the reception class - it takes at least a week for information about any event to percolate through and every single time he swears that he told me all about it on the day.
  73. You are not even consistent in your dishonesty, for which is the greater, the gold or the temple which has supposedly sanctified the gold? You also teach that, if a man swears by the altar, it is nothing; but that, if one swears by the gift that is upon the altar, then shall he be held as a debtor.
  74. I mean, the way Billy came around on New Year’s Eve rapping about a blaze of glory … That could have just been loose talk about the flashpots we were planning to use, but Sol swears he was acting suspicious even back as far as Christmas, and whatever you want to say about Sol, he’s pretty hard to rattle.
  75. You blind foolish ones! which is greater the offering or the altar which sanctifies the offering? whoever then swears by the altar has sworn by it and by all that is on it; And whoever swears by the temple has sworn by it and by him who is dwelling in it; And whoever swears by heaven has sworn by the throne of God and by him who sits on it.
  76. At first, the steel went round and round, quivering and vibrating at either end; but at last it settled to its place, when Ahab, who had been intently watching for this result, stepped frankly back from the binnacle, and pointing his stretched arm towards it, exclaimed,—"Look ye, for yourselves, if Ahab be not lord of the level loadstone! The sun is East, and that compass swears it!".
  77. But he who dodges hospitals and jails, and walks fast crossing graveyards, and would rather talk of operas than hell; calls Cowper, Young, Pascal, Rousseau, poor devils all of sick men; and throughout a care-free lifetime swears by Rabelais as passing wise, and therefore jolly;—not that man is fitted to sit down on tomb-stones, and break the green damp mould with unfathomably wondrous Solomon.
  78. The querist repeated again and again what he had said before, and then Sancho said, It seems to me I can set the matter right in a moment, and in this way; the man swears that he is going to die upon the gallows; but if he dies upon it, he has sworn the truth, and by the law enacted deserves to go free and pass over the bridge; but if they don't hang him, then he has sworn falsely, and by the same law deserves to be hanged.
  79. Does he not say he will not strike his spars to any gale? Has he not dashed his heavenly quadrant? and in these same perilous seas, gropes he not his way by mere dead reckoning of the error-abounding log? and in this very Typhoon, did he not swear that he would have no lightning-rods? But shall this crazed old man be tamely suffered to drag a whole ship's company down to doom with him?—Yes, it would make him the wilful murderer of thirty men and more, if this ship come to any deadly harm; and come to deadly harm, my soul swears this ship will, if Ahab have his way.
  80. A long time passed before I asked for them, for I would not put him to any greater straits to return them than he was in when I lent them to him; but thinking he was growing careless about payment I asked for them once and several times; and not only will he not give them back, but he denies that he owes them, and says I never lent him any such crowns; or if I did, that he repaid them; and I have no witnesses either of the loan, or the payment, for he never paid me; I want your worship to put him to his oath, and if he swears he returned them to me I forgive him the debt here and before God.
  81. Cide Hamete, the chronicler of this great history, begins this chapter with these words, "I swear as a Catholic Christian;" with regard to which his translator says that Cide Hamete's swearing as a Catholic Christian, he being--as no doubt he was--a Moor, only meant that, just as a Catholic Christian taking an oath swears, or ought to swear, what is true, and tell the truth in what he avers, so he was telling the truth, as much as if he swore as a Catholic Christian, in all he chose to write about Quixote, especially in declaring who Master Pedro was and what was the divining ape that astonished all the villages with his divinations.
  82. Senor, a large river separated two districts of one and the same lordship--will your worship please to pay attention, for the case is an important and a rather knotty one? Well then, on this river there was a bridge, and at one end of it a gallows, and a sort of tribunal, where four judges commonly sat to administer the law which the lord of river, bridge and the lordship had enacted, and which was to this effect, 'If anyone crosses by this bridge from one side to the other he shall declare on oath where he is going to and with what object; and if he swears truly, he shall be allowed to pass, but if falsely, he shall be put to death for it by hanging on the gallows erected there, without any remission.
  83. What's going on? The sonic war against me is getting more and more unbearable day by day and I just can't stand it any more! For some strange reason, I am surrounded by all kinds of noise pollution: Every morning, at 7:30 am, my father gets out to the yard and keeps himself busy with meaningless tinkering and hammering at pieces of wood or metal for hours! When I return from work at 4:00 in the afternoon and lie in bed so as to have a brief nap, dad goes upstairs, to Alice's half-built penthouse, and starts hammering at stuff again till 5:30 that I leave for the gym! He doesn't really repair anything, he just enjoys the noise! The yard and the penthouse are full of rusty tools, old dilapidated furniture and all kinds of junk dad finds on the road and carries home! I often complain about the noise and the piggery but he never listens; on the contrary, he swears like a trooper!.
  84. He who swears by Himself, for there is none greater,.
  1. And he swore to him.
  2. I swore it on my life.
  3. She swore that I would.
  4. He swore under his breath.
  5. Tien nearly swore at that.
  6. I swore out loud suddenly.
  7. I swore not to fail again.
  8. Manny swore above the rest.
  9. I swore on the River Styx.
  10. Finch swore and tried again.
  11. Frank swore under his breath.
  12. Ingrid swore on hearing that.
  13. Donovan swore when he spot-.
  14. Michael swore they were all.
  15. Diggory swore and stormed off.
  16. Conan swore under his breath.
  17. All the officers swore they.
  18. Martin swore under his breath.
  19. Then he swore violently and.
  20. Bernie swore us to secrecy.
  21. She swore like a ruddy docker.
  22. Some swore by a certain brand.
  23. Samual swore under his breath.
  24. Oh, I think you swore, Eugenie.
  25. David swore all of this to Saul.
  26. Conal swore and turned to Piers.
  27. The one cursed, the other swore.
  28. Damn you! Ivan swore again.
  29. He swore feelingly and at length.
  30. He almost swore, but bit it back.
  31. Hastings mentally swore at himself.
  32. He saw nothing, and swore quietly.
  33. I swore I would never be like that.
  34. He swore at me and called me names.
  35. He swore at her and seized another.
  36. Jess swore and sank down on his bed.
  37. She then swore to leave Verona and.
  38. They all swore to carry on his word.
  39. Marston swore mentally at that remark.
  40. I swore, flinging both the rope and.
  41. I swore an oath on the river Styx.
  42. The bailiff swore in the remains of.
  43. He growled and swore at the same time.
  44. Carruthers nodded and Williamson swore.
  45. He swore he could hear muffled voices.
  46. Torquil swore he could see tiny teeth.
  47. They never swore to live as Jesus did.
  48. He swore he had not lost any strength.
  49. Pinga, however, swore his mother had.
  50. He swore that the mirror sparkled and.
  51. They immediately told Miller, who swore.
  52. I swore I'd always tell her the truth.
  53. Tom Carmody swore softly from the porch.
  54. Jesus then swore violently on the radio.
  55. I swore I heard Junie’s knees knocking.
  56. He soon became lost and swore under his.
  57. He swore to me that Dennis isn’t his.
  58. I swore and grabbed the handle and pulled.
  59. Rafferty hadn't, and now he swore silently.
  60. Conan heard and swore with barbaric oaths.
  61. So they swore again with dread solemnities.
  62. Swore and cursed and felt slightly warmer.
  63. The heir of him to whom the oath they swore.
  64. But David swore that what he said was true.
  65. Last week you swore on the Bible that Mr.
  66. He said, "Swear to me," and he swore to him.
  67. You swore to tell the truth and you did it.
  68. Ming swore as he reviewed quickly the list.
  69. Damn, the doctor swore under his breath.
  70. Tom Carmody swore softly from the porch….
  71. She then swore me to secrecy about that.
  72. Saul then swore by the Lord it would not be.
  73. Jess swore and hung up the phone with a huff.
  74. I swore I would never return to this place.
  75. Jaron looked over at Indio as he swore loudly.
  76. And I swore I wouldn’t tell anything I saw.
  77. Bogdanov nodded and Holtser swore quietly.
  78. She swore once she had found Mei Yinxue, she.
  79. They swore brotherhood in the name of revenge.
  80. Bryce shut his eyes and swore under his breath.
  81. He swore and went to put Tonka out to pasture.
  82. The Darclonians swore revenge on the Robogods.
  83. We swore to follow the orders of the Pharaoh.
  84. Gonzalez killed the connection and swore loudly.
  85. Topps hit his head on the kids table and swore.
  86. Goodfriend swore on the Bible and took his seat.
  87. And he swore he would never set foot in Bolivia.
  88. Ngo swore loudly as his losses mounted steeply.
  89. Once, long ago, he swore to end this monstrosity.
  90. You swore that you would prod him back, one day.
  91. Moses to write down the account, and swore that.
  92. My tongue swore, but my mind was still unpledged.
  93. And I swore to him that I would keep the secret.
  94. He swore and took off down into the next street.
  95. Oh fuck! the driver of the other car swore.
  96. Riess apparently swore that what he said was true.
  97. Seeing the deflated tires, they cursed and swore.
  98. She swore that sometimes he could act like a kid.
  99. Dropping the receiver back on the cradle he swore.
  100. Their murders would not go un-avenged I swore it.

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