Oraciones con la palabra "say"

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Say en una oración (en ingles)

1. I just want to say.
2. He say put it here.
3. I didn't say a word.
4. But what can I say.
5. When I say, he is.
6. We say it into the.
7. But I will say for.

8. Then I hared Sam say.
9. It was time to say.
10. I say as much to Jo.
11. I did not say a word.
12. It goes to say that.
13. Then I had to say it.
14. Then I have him say.
15. He had nothing to say.
16. A lot of guys say that.
17. She was about to say.
18. I dare say she has.
19. I say when it’s over.
20. ERICK: She did say no.
21. But rules say a five.
22. What was there to say.
23. He might say that he.
24. What did he just say?
25. Sad to say, she wont.
26. She could say no more.
27. I dare say this woman.
28. I say when this is over.
29. I'll say it another way.
30. He didn’t say a word.
31. You say he raped you?
32. No one had more to say.
33. Do not say the moment.
34. I heard Lt Howarth say.
35. He was going to say no.
36. What does it say when.
37. I guess you could say.
38. Raven had nothing to say.
39. Can’t say that I have.
40. What does it say to me?
1. He spoke to me saying.
2. He was saying good bye.
3. He turned to me saying.
4. He looked at me saying.
5. Dodd by saying that Sen.
6. She turned to me saying.
8. By what they are saying.
9. He began his tale saying.
10. I'm not saying I wasn't.
11. He was wise in saying so.
12. She smiled at me saying.
13. Like I was saying, the.
14. I heard Dr Durkin saying.
15. He dropped my arm saying.
16. She kept saying she was.
17. I wonder what he's saying.
18. He hated saying his name.
19. Bert talked to him saying.
20. I was saying could be true.
21. In saying so they are of.
22. Why was she saying that?
23. Your Method = Saying: 'Hey.
24. Helen took my hand saying.
25. She settled back now saying.
26. I recall you saying that.
27. That is a way of saying it.
28. I wonder what he’s saying.
29. George turned to me saying.
30. Jesus is saying, there is.
31. Listen to what he is saying.
32. I’m not saying that in a.
33. Neither am I saying that a.
34. I know what you’re saying.
35. I’m saying that men long.
36. Diane was saying, `Show off.
37. He was saying, Honest, Ms.
38. Listen to what God is saying.
39. Archie watched her go saying.
40. Ah, so he is still saying No.
1. I said we.
2. He said he.
3. No, he said.
4. You said, no.
5. She said the.
6. Dad said stay.
7. The kids said.
8. Yes, I said it.
9. But he said it.
10. Ish said he'd.
11. Why?' Omi said.
12. I said nothing.
13. He said nothing.
14. They said I was.
15. I said it to him.
16. I never said that.
17. And Ali?' Ish said.
18. I said I was sure.
19. She said, You.
20. What I said before.
21. They said: She.
22. That's all he said.
23. But he said nothing.
24. Her look said it all.
25. I said I don't know.
26. She said, I got it.
27. Go on, he said.
28. Napolean said that.
29. Wiesse said as much.
30. We have to,' I said.
31. We saved it,' I said.
32. Come fast,' Ish said.
33. Big Chief said that?
34. That's it?' Ish said.
35. And he said unto.
36. I said he is a klark.
37. Aren't you?' she said.
38. And his servant said.
39. I'm hungry,' she said.
40. People said it was Dr.
1. The clock now says 4.
2. He says you know why.
4. Says this is my song.
5. I know what it says.
6. He says they are safe.
7. Says The Lord of Hosts.
8. It says that you will.
9. I do, the girl says.
10. Who says this is a war.
11. He says, not very long.
12. He says girls are dumb.
13. The law says a master.
14. But Mary Vance says Mrs.
15. John: But the Bible says.
16. But here it says in Eph.
17. He nods but says nothing.
18. He says I have big ears.
19. It upsets him, she says.
20. Yes, I do, he says.
21. You did it, he says.
22. I doubt it, he says.
23. Look what it says after.
24. Says The Lord your Healer.
25. She says that it is the.
26. Inside the card it says:.
27. And a half, he says.
28. What is it? he says.
29. How is he? she says.
30. And then she says no more.
31. Who says I need you?
32. Yes, he finally says.
33. Hickman says, We want.
34. He says this was also.
35. Coming here? he says.
36. She says something to him.
37. Says The God of Heaven,.
38. It says in verse nine,.

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