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Bitch en una oración (en ingles)

1. The son of a bitch.
2. Said I was a bitch.
3. I was such a bitch.
4. Oh, son of a bitch.
5. You are a dumb bitch.
6. The bitch did it again.
7. You son of a bitch.
8. Her mother was a bitch.
9. Oh, I killed the bitch.
10. That son of a bitch had.
11. That bitch was all over.
12. But hey, I can’t bitch.
13. Now she was just a bitch.
14. This bitch must be insane.
15. Get a load of this, bitch.
16. A bitch in heat that’s.
17. The rotten son of a bitch.
18. Quick: Shove the bitch in.
19. His wife was a total bitch.
20. Kill that son of a bitch.
21. She was being a real bitch.
22. It was a bitch for me, too.
23. I warned the son of a bitch.
24. If that son of a bitch can.
25. As I said, I can be a bitch.
26. Of him, this weakling bitch.
27. Kyle! That son of a bitch.
28. Tell the truth, you bitch!.
29. Unrequited love is a Bitch!.
30. You shoot the son of a bitch.
31. Son of a bitch! he said.
32. She hated this bitch already.
33. The son of a bitch is hiding.
34. HERBIE: That son of a bitch!.
35. The bitch sucking my dick.
36. You had your chance, bitch.
37. She was a jealous old bitch.
39. I know them bitch ass niggas.
40. What a gross son of a bitch.
41. The silly bitch didn't mean it.
42. The truth can really be a bitch.
43. That bitch just threatened me?
44. That son of a bitch stabbed me.
45. That no-good bitch married me.
46. Bitch, she thought in her mind.
47. Oh you dirty son of a bitch.
48. Does that make me a bitch?
49. Ted said, That son of a bitch.
50. Some coyote bitch with a litter.
51. I don't want that bitch to win.
52. His read BUTCH; hers read BITCH.
53. The bitch Collie had a terrible.
54. The bitch Collie called out to me.
55. Son of a bitch, I muttered.
56. She is a vindictive fetish bitch.
57. Don’t worry about that bitch.
58. The poor, pitiful son of a bitch.
59. You're quite the bitch, are you.
60. She was being a bitch as usual.
61. She was a conniving little bitch.
62. They are dead you silly bitch.
63. Sometimes, lifes a bitch eh?
64. She is seriously a heartless bitch.
65. That lying son of a bitch!.
66. That bitch has it coming to her.
67. The fucking bitch had a boyfriend.
68. Waste the bitch! I’us said.
69. This bitch really had some nerve.
70. I’ll take the business bitch.
71. Conceited son of a bitch, he was.
72. Bitch has played me like a violin.
73. It was a bitch and a half to walk.
74. But I was in no position to bitch.
75. She is such a conniving bitch!.
76. Traffic in DC can be a bitch, and.
77. She's a bitch, an ungrateful bitch.
78. Guess he pissed off the wrong bitch.
79. It was you—son of a bitch!.
80. You can have the bitch, not my kids.
81. A great big bitch, yeah, but normal.
82. That son of a bitch raped her just.
83. But she had to be a bitch to him now.
84. And that bitch Beverly Cleary too.
85. Fucking bitch couldn't wait two days.
86. You're a bitch, you know that?
87. You were a privileged son of a bitch.
88. Anyhow, I convince the bitch to talk.
89. You rotten son of a bitch, Dwayne.
90. Thanks for the apology too, bitch.
91. Then he had the gall to bitch me out.
92. This bitch lives in a foxhole with an.
93. Marty, the meanest bitch of the litter.
94. Maybe she’ll fire that lazy bitch.
95. Molly was a bitch and she was on heat.
96. It was the fault of that fucking bitch.
97. Higher still than that bitch, Nicola.
98. That son of a bitch intended to kill.
99. These early winter starts are a bitch.
100. Crazy bitch, and then walks off.
1. The bitching out that I’d just.
2. Stop bitching out, he told himself.
3. You’d be a bitching royal couple!.
4. But despite all my bitching, I said:.
5. My usual ranting and bitching seemed.
6. He was bitching out a 'bitch' for not.
7. Would you pair stop bitching at each other.
8. I was intent on bitching out Laura face-to-face.
9. Then it happened! The slapping and bitching out of Timmy.
10. She was really bitching up a storm at me, he continued.
11. That wasn’t unusual, but some of the readers were bitching about it.
12. Simon, and he would take bets that their Dads were not bitching about it.
13. The bitching and moaning didn't seem to have any effect on the ban, though.
14. Rahul explained what happened to Tara, Bilo felt guilty for bitching about her.
15. You got your picture, quit bitching, he said, cradling the phone on his shoulder.
16. And thats what theyre bitching about? Weve exceeded that amount, is that it?
17. We had to let Them die, so the rest of you who are bitching about it now could survive.
18. Rani tried to interject the bitching session by talking about their audition for the CM.
19. Speaking of my boss, he was loudly bitching about the heat he was receiving from his superiors.
20. I dont know if I was bitching out or what but he looked bigger and more psycho up close aye!.
21. There are just one lunch buddy and a couple of neighbors to hang around griping and bitching with.
22. The memory theft incident is a notable exception—and believe me, I’m not done bitching about it.
23. They went back over to the idiot soldier and started bitching him out for lying and wasting their time.
24. They went back over to the idiot soldier and started bitching him out for lying and wasting their time.
25. We’re happy we called shotgun, as Boris, Alex, and Dmitri are still bitching about having to share the backseat.
26. He’d accepted years of bitching by reasoning that, when two strong-willed people team up, fighting is inevitable.
27. However, assuming that she doesnt call the police a cat like me can expect much shouting and bitching and nothing else.
28. So there he was buried up to the balls in fine, tight pussy when who walks through the door bitching her head off but fucking Sylvia.
29. Then along comes this greasy, slick-ass wop and everything went back to how it had been before, in Boston with all the fighting and bitching.
30. And I was just bitching about it when another one of the parishioners came up to us and this particular parishioner was actually the treasurer at the church.
31. Oh, stop your bitching! I have a gift for you, but you just gotta hang in there! Get it? Hang in there? ‘Cause you’re all, you know, hanging? Ha-ha-ha!.
32. But I see in his eyes the moment he decides I’m on a bitching bent and not about to stop, that humoring me will take less time and ensure more efficient cooperation.
33. Oh, I’d taken offence at something he’d said, and then I’d kept at it, needling and bitching, and I wouldn’t let it go, and he tried to get me to stop, he tried to kiss and make up, but I wouldn’t have it.
34. All he’d ever done is spend his days working like a dog for her, and never once had she shown an ounce of appreciation; all he ever got for all his labor and concern about her well-being was bitching and more bitching.
35. First of all, because I had already graduated, and owing to the fact that I was barely at the median of our class GPA, therefore not affecting my first job, he made no attempt to disguise his disgust that I was wasting his time by bitching about my middling C in Labor Law.
36. What a dumb-ass idea that was, but that was exactly what she’d told him to do! So then, he goes and does it and no sooner does he walk in the door from dumping the two in San Jose, than she starts in hollering all over again, this time calling him an Irish Mick ‘cause he let ‘em go! Now what are you bitching about? he’d asked.
1. The old bird bitched over low fuel.
2. Daniel bitched that he was always in.
3. Oh no, she still bitched about the asshole.
4. He still bitched to her that he missed his wings.
5. I bitched the minute Bobby said we were going to do Mr.
6. Nothing’s easy, he bitched in my general direction.
7. She bitched and moaned so we had to buy that air scrubber.
8. I can’t think why they called him that, Halfshaft bitched.
9. An inconvenience to be bitched about, as though it were entirely his fault.
10. In past summers, she had bitched and complained along with the rest of the staff.
11. Some people bitched about her and hated on her, but only because they were jealous.
12. Ten tomans a letter was my price, take it or leave it, and no one really bitched about it.
13. Boom (as it incorrectly stated) and the line of bitched type but tickled to death simultaneously by C.
14. Not anything to do with the bottle of red he threw down last night while he bitched about the town council, or the bacon and egg sandwich on white he had later in the evening.
15. My mom works all day around the house, steals money from my dad to send to the kids (and gets bitched at about it), watches her daughter’s kids while she's trying to get back on her feet.
16. I had to respond in an instant; either I stayed and took my chances hoping for a merciful and understanding officer; stayed and got bitched out and then was handed a hefty fine, fined and taken to jail, or I could run away and hope to lose the officer.
17. Mel undoubtedly bitched about my attitude (Leigh granted me permission to deal directly with Customers undercutting her role), and the woman in the cubicle across the hall retaliated because I had complained about her loud, very personal conversations on the company phone with, among others, her gynecologist, her baby sitter, and her husband.
1. He’d had it with bitches.
2. Only those bitches would be.
3. Take that, you sons of bitches!.
4. He wanted to punish the bitches!.
5. We know how wicked bitches can get.
6. Hey! Hey, you sons of bitches! Look.
7. Some easy, some total sons of bitches.
8. Then what would the bitches think? He.
9. Horny bitches, he thought contemptuously.
10. Ain’t nothing! These my bitches now.
11. The other bitches meet with a similar fate.
12. They actually … sons of bitches … did it.
13. Imagining all the hobo bitches he’s fucking.
14. Yeah, and that the bitches had been set free, too.
15. Bitches in puppy mills are really breeding machines.
16. Buddy couldn’t help but mumble, Sons of bitches.
17. Breeding bitches are almost always overworked, often.
18. Bitches in heat are supposed to 'perform' in order to.
19. Don't these busybody bitches have anything else to do?
20. Puppy mill breeding bitches are often the dogs that suffer.
21. Well, I am, as far as the racoon eyed bitches are concerned.
22. It had never been in his mind to set those two bitches free.
23. I hope you like it smashed in the dirt, you sons of bitches!.
24. Oh, and everyone knows all about the porn—Kill the Bitches.
25. The sons o’ bitches are here! They’re everywhere!.
26. You are showing those meddling bitches what you wish was true.
27. You… you seem unaffected, that’s not the case with bitches.
28. Girls, her cousins in Spain taught her, could always be bitches.
29. If he couldn’t woo the bitches with his cock, he may as well.
30. May we piss off the bitches and raise some cocks a few inches.
31. Turning back, Mitchell asked, "Are these your bitches in here?".
32. Get a couple bitches while you at it too! The first man said.
33. The fucking sons of bitches! he swore loudly, reacting in an.
34. So far it had been enough, skyping the twisted bitches in the slave-.
35. Yo holms, there is too many bitches in this party for you to be all on.
36. It's bad enough that my partner was injured by those metal sons of bitches.
37. His brother always told him bitches would be his weakness and his downfall.
38. Nixon called them ‘those sons of bitches who had everything given to them.
39. Wide eyed innocent concern and he was involved with two treacherous bitches.
40. After all, it would be more fun to trick bitches into thinking his newfound.
41. I’d wanted to die for years, but not lately and definitely not by those bitches.
42. Those sons of bitches burned my family out of their home and they killed my mother.
43. But when our bitches are in heat, a hard fucking session would clear up the situation.
44. Fuck the prissy little bitches in their adorable pleated skirts and perfectly styled hair.
45. To the ice bitches of the world, Cindy toasted, and the men who cannot thaw us out.
46. What about the bitches? How will they deal with this… this threat to their mates?
47. This one has got to be one of the most arrogant sons of bitches in the whole wide world.
48. Don’t tell anyone I told you this, but I get a buck more an hour than those bitches do.
49. Like an Irishman! It was one of her favorite bitches and she said it snotty as hell too.
50. Because our wives are bitches, and its tradition, we’ve been doing this since the twenties.
51. In any case, he added as an afterthought, they are a bunch of sons of bitches and it would not have worked.
52. The officer congratulated Venn, "doubt any of the other bitches will resist after seeing that! Good work!".
53. It was revealed to have small inscriptions along the blade that read, RAKAI ON YOU BITCHES in a wild font.
54. Twenty or thirty witches appeared of various ages, all of them considerably younger than Martha (the smug bitches!).
55. Women are depicted as bitches and ho’s, convenient receptacles of lust, never as persons with feeling or substance.
56. Gee, thanks Dwayne, said Kurt, smiling to himself as he thought of the revenge being wrought on those smug sons of bitches.
57. A young feminazi gets up and bitches about her last boyfriend and how he just fucked her, and used her, and treated her like shit.
58. She’d only found homes for three of the puppies so now she had eight dogs and it looked like one of the bitches was pregnant again.
59. I mean, if he buys this house from us and gives us a lovely new executive home, we’ll be able to put one over on those bitches at the club, won’t we.
60. The hating was at Nixon’s center, the driving force to get the sons of bitches, to settle all the scores for all the slights and snubs and opposition.
61. Why couldn't something go her way JUST ONCE? And she hadn't even started what was sure to be a miserable year at a brand-new private school filled with snobby bitches.
62. In a vernacular that was even more profanity-laced than usual, Cory conveyed that he left the hospital because he was angry and wanted to get even with the sons of bitches that laid him out.
63. Girls with their legs crossed, girls with their legs not crossed, girls with terrific legs, girls with lousy legs, girls that looked like swell girls, girls that looked like they'd be bitches if you knew them.
64. And, Christ, there are a million of the dumb sons of bitches just standing around with their thumbs up their butts, watching the blood get cleaned up by the forensics team and trying to look important in front of the news crew vultures.
65. Shirl, as soon as he thinks he’s never going to get that money he’ll phone the casino, then the shit will really hit the fan, the casino security are mostly ex special services, real mean son’s of bitches, if they come after us there’s nowhere we could hide, believe me Shirl, we have to shut Mr Hawk’s mouth permanently.
66. The salty blood taste was beautiful, as it cut through the Ortolan and the swirling intensity of the flavour and the excitement and the hard-on and the woman now, lying across his glass dining table, legs spread, sushi on her thighs as a late night snack game that he loved to play with his bitches and then the single, deep incision into her heart when she least expected it so that she died quickly and without spilling so much blood and then it was all over and Rod had his hundred and thirty pounds of sweet, young meat and, oh, it was good.
67. As we came closer and closer to the Great City of London, my Heart beat faster and faster; and, in truth, ’twas easy enough to tell we were approaching the Metropolis, for the Thames became a Sea of Masts, and the whole Surface of the River was cover’d with Barges, Wherries, Boats of divers Sizes, with grizzly old Tritons rowing, and shouts of “Next Oars!” and “Skullers!” echoing in our Ears, and such a Volley of Bad Language from the Boatmen that ’twas amazing my Ears did not turn red for Shame owing to the Indignities that enter’d there! Whoe’er would ride in a hir’d Barge had no Choyce but to submit to the Language of the Rogues who rul’d the River, and I o’erheard many Arguments about Rates betwixt the Watermen and their “Bargees”—and not once but sev’ral Times did my Ears hear a Waterman shout, “Ye niggardly Sons of Bitches!” as he attempted to o’erturn his Customers into the Water because they refus’d sufficiently to grease his Palm.

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