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Squawk en una oración (en ingles)

1. What is a squawk? she asked.
2. A loud squawk invaded his thoughts.
3. She withdrew it with a startled squawk.
4. As he still hesitated, Kehaar let out a squawk.
5. She nuzzled Ariella’s hand and gave a squawk.
6. With a squawk it dropped the pizza and flew off.
7. When that did not make it squawk, she glared at him.

8. Boy did they squawk but my team is pretty intimidating.
9. I turned up the squawk box and kept my eyes on the road.
10. THE THREE WHORES: (Covering their ears, squawk) Ahhkkk!.
11. She didn’t even squawk when he started having an affair.
12. So with a raucous squawk of outrage, Edwin charged at Katya.
13. Then there was a squawk, and a blur of white speckly feathers.
14. The idea behind it was that crows squawk while canaries sing.
15. It filled her with horror to listen to that plastic thing squawk.
16. I imagined some strange voice would come from his dead throat and squawk at me.
17. Besides the sirens, I could hear doors slamming and the squawk of police radios.
18. Edwin continued to flap and squawk, mainly because he wasn’t sure what else to do.
19. With a squawk and howl of feedback, a loud-hailer sounded, Attention the boat below.
20. The wind’s howl could be heard inside over the indignant squawk of a small caged parrot.
21. Perhaps it was psychosomatic pressure that closed her throat and bottled up all but a dry squawk.
22. What you doing in there, Ned? came a motherly squawk from somewhere on the other side of a door.
23. So despite Stubby’s advice, Edwin tilted back his head in readiness to squawk the loudest squawk ever….
24. But Dawes had already transformed into a bird, and melted into the blackened sky with a last, terrified squawk.
25. The blast tore off one of the bird’s wings and sent it hurdling back and down to the ground in a long, loud squawk.
26. There was the squawk of an outraged hen, a burst of red feathers, and the hen ran off, flapping stubby wings for speed.
27. Edwin knew his only hope was to raise the alarm, so threw back his head and squawked the loudest squawk he could muster.
28. He sulked in his cage plucking feathers from his breast, lifting his head to squawk whenever the door to the pet shop opened.
29. His squawk was earth quaking, bringing down the mud huts that Jeremy and I had rebuilt, again, in the woods the evening before.
30. He turned a fraction of a second before I reached him, but his dry squawk was cut off when I grabbed his throat with my left hand.
31. There was a long silence on the other end of the wire, followed by an exclamation … then a quick squawk as the connection was broken.
32. With a final squawk, Gusto released the acrobat and fell away dead, sending her and Millie sliding down the wing as the plane banked away.
33. Squirrel Girl was no sooner settled than she felt a sharp nip at her hindquarters, followed by a loud "SQUAWK!" and her own "CHAWK" of pain.
34. I opened my mouth, hoping I wouldn’t be sick, sent out that piercing note – a loud squawk! Annie fixed me with a look like a laser beam.
35. He discovered that a real-time quote system in his Park Avenue apartment didn't give him news as fast as the squawk box on the trading floor of his old firm.
36. A high-pitched squawk roused me in time to steady CC, who had caught one of her ridiculously high heels on the edge of the gutter and was toppling towards me.
37. It was in this driftwood-like state that Jerry hailed from the topmast the presence of the fish with a weak cry that was half a crow's squawk, half a dying man's anger.
38. Attorneys squawk at the loss of business with arbitration as they’d rather see doctors buying expensive mal-practice insurance and facing outrageous claims in court.
39. It had been a Christmas gift from his secretary that could squawk with a hundred different sounds, tell him the local time for any spot on Earth, record messages, and sing the National Anthem for all he knew.
40. The thousands of financial web sites on the Internet, financial television channels such as CNBC, and, of course, other forms of news media all serve as potential squawk boxes that can take you away from your focus.
41. The poor outboard petrel embedded just above the rudder was flapping ninety to the dozen, letting out the occasional squawk of protest, but Ambrosius was in the mood for speed and he kept the throttle threateningly tight round the unfortunate bird's neck.
42. Scott Nations is best known as one of the cast of CNBC’s Options Action and from his regular appearances on CNBC’s Fast Money, Futures Now, and Squawk Box programs, but he was an option trader in the pits of the Chicago Board of Trade and Chicago Mercantile Exchange for over two decades.
43. Hey, the smart ones go right in when opportunity knocks… right? Who’s gonna notice or complain, when everybody’s eyes are on all that rubble still settling? Besides, everyone knew right away who did it… Arabs! So, who’s gonna squawk if Israel lowers the world’s Arab population by a few more?

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