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    1. · Regular, active exercise such as swimming and running, raises our heart rate and may greatly reduce hardening and blockage of the arteries, a condition known as arteriosclerosis that is a major cause of heart disease and stroke

    2. Mental illness is no more severe than any other human flaw and to pity us or to belittle us is an insult to someone with most likely a lot of potential behind that wall of mental blockage

    3. we were causing a blockage at the doorway, we passed

    4. With a beating heart, Darkburst took a deep lung-full of air and ducked beneath the surface again, staring at the lighter patch of water further along the tunnel that marked the place where the floor rose again– the other side of the blockage

    5. blockage to the arteries which leads to a heart attack

    6. it hits the blockage

    7. where he or she thinks the tree root blockage is

    8. The blockage was rapidly removed by the medical staff, which allowed Marjie to breathe normally, but she was still mildly incoherent and her speech was slurred

    9. snoring is caused by unnecessary blockage in the nasal septum

    10.  Saltwater, this is good to eradicate the blockage problems caused by

    11. A blockage in the pipe further up must have been swept away, releasing the full torrent

    12. „Sink blockage on the second floor

    13. The blockage was caused by the sudden accumulation of a mass of sludge mainly made up of particles of rubber residue

    14. The fault had corrected itself when the pressure of the accumulated water inside the pipe work forced the blockage through

    15. “Any road, it turns out it was neither feed line blockage or the temperature sensor

    16. • Once you have identified your weak spots or discovered a blockage on the site

    17. This is only to help you believe in your feelings, so you are free again to express your self without blockage in its flow

    18. My sister Pat drove me to the emergency room of Sisters Hospital in Buffalo and it turned out that I had a blockage and colon cancer

    19. In September 1998, I entered the emergency room of Sisters Hospital in Buffalo for a blockage in my colon

    20. The bottom line of this advice was for Bonnie to attack the source of the blockage in her students’ thinking, which is invariably self-importance

    21. While attempting to deliver a lesson, as we walked with her black Lab, Maya, up Grouse Mountain, I realized what the critical blockage was about

    22. If all goes to plan, the bulk of the overhang will shear off and drop down to provide the majority of the blockage

    23. Water would soon rise above the blockage they had caused, and their way out would be gone

    24. They couldn’t start the motors with the blockage, and could not venture outside to clear it because they would be eaten alive

    25. If they cleared the blockage and restarted the motors with the fish swarming around, it might cause a further blockage

    26. “If the grid could be fixed at the ends of the propulsion tubes, it would solve the future blockage problem

    27. “What about the dead fish blockage and the live fish in the tubes?”

    28. If auto body repairmen have a higher tendency to develop some type of cancer, or if toothpaste swallowers are prone to stomach problems, or if joggers and vegetarians suffer lower incidences of arterial blockage, or if antibiotics trigger hyperglycemia, or if breast-feeding reduces the incidence of illness, or if cell phone users develop brain tumors, or if spinach eaters suffer a lower incidence of influenza; those relationships may be readily recognized through simple statistical lifestyle analysis

    29. We carried all the require equipments of disaster management and in very quick time we cleared all the blockage of roads with ice and snow

    30. But before I reached to her bus, the bus was started and left the main blockage national high way road

    31. Then I was busy in clearing the blockage of national high way road with ice and snows

    32. blockage will obviate the necessity for the split and indeed heal any split which has occurred

    33. I went into the abdomen and found a blockage on

    34. The removal of the energy blockage implant

    35. with a blockage was able to make her

    36. Where All Normal Training Fails is that it does not deal with Man's Energy Blockage Propensity for Egotistical, Selfishness and

    37. the apparent lack of progress with this blockage and the negative

    38. You need to breathe through this base chakra blockage

    39. I guess this is what you would call a blockage

    40. out, projected onto the situation at hand! In a way any blockage will affect your life in a very bad way

    41. The problem is not that breathing through the blockage in the

    42. Enhancement teachings and focused sufficiently on the blockage to

    43. Pain is a presentiment of disease and if not removed this Blockage

    44. blockages for themselves, sometimes a really heavy blockage can

    45. blockage in her heart to the solar plexus

    46. This blockage in the Base Chakra was the last one there!!!

    47. resistance, a blockage, to the flow of pure cosmic energy

    48. Many are the student’s blockage created psychic attacks on the

    49. in quality and height and thus can remove any blockage if the

    50. These blockage sub

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