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    1. ” He shoved his hands in his pockets, then went to the end of the block to play pachinko

    2. The two patrol cars are positioned to block the drive

    3. He had sat with him at merchant's association block meetings

    4. chip off the old block

    5. He spent an hour selecting the right timbers to block in the crate exactly

    6. ‘The annexe is that block above the garage, Liz

    7. Those screens did not block her view of the latest boat Ava had generated to play with

    8. Keogh hated it, but he didn’t have a choice and somehow he just couldn’t block it out this morning

    9. For about two years now I have entered a very interesting phase of my life, since I have more and more psychic experiences; yet, I have also perceived certain paradox incidents which appear more and more frequently, surrounding me like a Sonic War: At daybreak, when I do the most important meditation exercise of the day, there is incredible mobility in the block of flats next to my house: A number of cars come and go continuously in and out of their outdoor garage, which happens to be right next to my bedroom window! Even earlier, from 4:00 to 6:00 am (no exaggeration) they race engines incessantly and/or slam car doors uncountable times! Why, indeed? Only God -or Satan- knows! The fact is that more often than not I can hardly sleep, I feel exasperated and I can't meditate properly

    10. It's implemented with block move cells using three quanta redundancy technology

    11. He couldn't find even a block diagram with the female veron store in it

    12. But I also know she went through the same Program my mother did, and she could block me out just as easily

    13. Given that we were held in an old office block we surmised that this must be in or close to a major town or city

    14. The lead guard, Steven, a relatively new guy on the block, seemed confused, alternating between real concern and short-tempered, bullying frustration

    15. I tried to block out this sense of pointless waste by focussing on the shapes and forms of my new friends

    16. Just the fact that his home was proudly built out of cut timber and earthenware block was enough to mark it as foreign

    17. “Jews demand miraculous signs and Greeks look for wisdom, but we preach Christ crucified; a stumbling block to Jews and foolishness to Gentiles

    18. "I've been on big water and been on that kind of ship," Desa told her, "the whole length of the 'Toz from the Yakhan south to Kleggain Block

    19. that it has become their greatest stumbling block

    20. in a bare laid room, heavy with block grey walls and

    21. ’ He explained as I stiffly lead my mount towards the mounting block

    22. When he rides into the yard I’m out in the stable block ostensibly grooming Sefir, though the effectiveness of my so-called grooming would be called into doubt by any half-capable stablehand but Sefir doesn’t seem to mind

    23. One block over was a flower shop

    24. We could uncover some simple task that in itself could be a major stumbling block to reaching success, something such as a special license, insurance or legislation

    25. Orens leads me over to a mounting block and steadies Sefir while I swing my leg over her back

    26. Either that or the illness causes a block in distinguishing between healthy good moods and mania

    27. At the block level he saw it was one fiftieth of the main store, which was currently pretty flush

    28. " He stood back and crossed the room to block the door to the labs

    29. I’ve come to a full stop in the middle of the pavement but he takes my elbow and, jolting me back into motion, steers me towards the park that backs onto our office block

    30. These are delimited by <%= and %> and the content of this code block becomes the parameter to the

    31. Therefore, the code inside this type of code block should be an

    32. What symbol would you use to denote, the start of a code block in razor views?

    33. What symbol would you use to denote, the start of a code block in aspx views?

    34. Karen has to drive round the block before she can find a parking space

    35. Involved in their conversation, neither woman noticed the small little man a half a block away staring at them in disbelief

    36. Even at Lucy’s tender age the seeds of cynicism had begun to take root, especially now that hope seemed so far away, and she mentally went “whatever” as the DJ waxed lyrically about the new voice on the block

    37. "She was able to explain something that made sense to me, but it was at the block diagram level

    38. sequence that when heard while being guided into a deep meditative state, will assist in the reprogramming of your non conscious mind to block unwanted thought and behavior patterns

    39. Thom attached his gear with a DNA, a Diagnostic Network Adapter, and one of the functions in that device is a remap block

    40. entire block with the torrential fizz and sparkle unleashed from his

    41. Trapped emotions distort and block the flow of this

    42. The first was on the first floor of a modern apartment block set down a side street leading from the main Via degli Aranci (Orange Tree Way) towards the old town

    43. The view of the fields and the brook and the mountainside in Wescarp was better than these plain block walls

    44. block in the back of my head because we almost lost

    45. heart that can block you from living life to the

    46. To block others from viewing your directories, please check out this tutorial on

    47. And let me finish with this: There is a new 19-year old KID (KING) on the block, and as I have previously mentioned, he is already making over

    48. She was glad that two hours was only enough time for the basic theory of operation and a block diagram of a typical simulate installation

    49. DJ waxed lyrically about the new voice on the block

    50. “Oh, I truly hate that sometimes! Love to fling him into the next block and forget had proud warrior ass!”

    1. The sword once reflecting the sun, now blocked it

    2. Scar inadvertently blocked their aim as he advanced on her with his gun

    3. Silence blocked the punch and skipped up the wall a bit higher before jumping off it and hurling herself through the air at him

    4. plastic bags, garbage, blocked drains, blocked ‘Nalas’, unauthorized constructions blocking free flow of drain water and sewage and non-removal of materials after building constructions

    5. He blocked in the whole afternoon

    6. The caller ID was blocked but Sergeant Biggs was not one to screen calls

    7. and a thousand other essentials for the great day, had blocked her only escape route

    8. home under His cover and blocked the way of the destroying angel

    9. The bundles of control conduits feeding into Horcheese blocked the projection in a few places, but the bridge’s tactical display covered half the bridge

    10. The triumphant look on the witch's face meant that she had just blocked my weapon with her psychic powers

    11. She blocked it all in until she couldn’t take it anymore

    12. “Sorry folk, but unfortunately this door is blocked off

    13. The path ahead blocked not by wet ground but by a large sheet of lon-covered water, a lake nearly a mile across

    14. He saw Kate and immediately took a step in her direction only to be blocked by Big John

    15. The water is low and sluggish, brackish in the pools which have formed along the bank where trees have fallen and blocked the flow

    16. It followed the base of a plug that might well have blocked our way had it fallen a little more toward the wall

    17. "Do you think Ava has that breach the spy exploited blocked?" Kelvin asked

    18. Ish bolted the door and blocked it with the sofa

    19. Ish blocked him with his bat

    20. He blocked me but his eyes watched Mama and Ali

    21. “We can’t any more, since you blocked it off

    22. which often blocked the route

    23. but looked as if it had been blocked up some years ago

    24. He seemed to want to help, but systematically blocked learning anything about Tdeshi while sounding sorry that he didn’t know

    25. ” She performed a crouch and step with her staff passing over head as his blow was again blocked

    26. He then proceeded to blow up every electrical device in his home, blocked every entrance, and boarded up his windows, then went to cower in his bedroom…

    27. All roads ran to the main one, if that were blocked, they would have to— "It's Rosie, she's in labor

    28. The Christmas she’d blocked from her memory, “Sixteen and a half

    29. Johnson countered as before, but every time he blocked, Roman’s

    30. He found another door, this one as solidly blocked as the other

    31. Roman blocked and ducked, but his back was to the wall

    32. And blocked out the screams of terror

    33. Carl blocked and maneuvered with a grace I had seen only in

    34. The plaza was well set up for shows, they and the center of the audience would be out of direct sunlight, blocked by the spine's last, great, fifty-story turret

    35. Except the road was blocked off

    36. The streets were literally blocked off so that tables could be set up, and all the guests were talking and

    37. The coach they needed blocked them from view by the pedestrians passing by

    38. They found one but it was unfortunately being blocked by Grandpa

    39. The reset hadn't touched it and she had all the input buses blocked, but that did nothing either

    40. A maze of mountainous roots blocked his path, but with his newfound abilities, he quickly ascended them

    41. "You could have," Ava said, "Alan just blocked your knowledge of it

    42. The hallway was blocked

    43. After he realized it was blocked

    44. I pretended to be drunk like usual, but the moly had blocked the tonic’s power

    45. And then the light was blocked entirely

    46. After a short wait the door opened and two sentries ushered them into the throne hall and led them on a long, plush Persian runner to within 10 steps of the throne, where they were blocked by two more sentries

    47. Who else had been in there and could still be in there? And now, with the entrance blocked by rocks and debris scattered by a particularly pernicious dragon, who knew what else they would find as they pushed further on

    48. If such circulation is blocked, it creates pain even leading to heart attack, paralysis, fainting etc

    49. As long as the way wasn't blocked by cars, I should be able to navigate the highway

    50. That meant there weren't a lot of spots on the interstates that were completely blocked

    1. plastic bags, garbage, blocked drains, blocked ‘Nalas’, unauthorized constructions blocking free flow of drain water and sewage and non-removal of materials after building constructions

    2. "The radiation from the battle is blocking the signals from the containers

    3. with the blade while blocking another blade that was directed at his heart

    4. I was washed out, panting my way back up like an old dog stumbling through the rubble, watching every step, until I came to the threshold where I almost bumped into a couple of men blocking the doorway

    5. He wondered if she was still there, or would he find an empty virtual object where her instance had been stored? He wondered why Thom was blocking him

    6. “Do I have a trapped emotion that is blocking me

    7. emotions can create a wall around your heart, blocking

    8. trapped in her body for all those years, blocking her

    9. He had always been a smart boy, but he was blocking

    10. Heavy mist covered the land blocking

    11. He couldn’t see her, the brush of branches and roots effectively blocking his view of the top of the cliff

    12. Roman moved into it, blocking with his

    13. Still that wall was unmoving, blocking the width of the doorway

    14. Titania and Hipolyta were hidden by the clot of bodies blocking their escape route, but a moment of jostling gave Jameson an instant's glimpse of two small figures nearly with their backs to wall at the far end

    15. An immediate lump swelled in the back of Emma's throat blocking her response, but she wasn't to worry

    16. Doorway after doorway opened onto it, but he had seen there was nothing blocking the way for as far as his feeble lighter could show him

    17. While blocking a punch

    18. The only video action was when one of the girls, who was round-faced with cute dimples on her cheeks and curly brown hair, rummaged in the bag and then put it back blocking the whole lens completely

    19. trees blocking the view

    20. The water of God is always flowing and we are the only thing blocking the flow

    21. ' He stood for a few seconds until madame sitting next to me rose and joined the male blocking the pathway

    22. A huge boulder lay blocking the entrance to the Wild Wood but on it someone had scrawled a note in rock-chalk

    23. That lab's treatment is much more intense, aggressively seeking pathways to aggression and blocking them

    24. demonstrations in public space, blocking the

    25. Alternatively, it indicates that you are blocking something out or you are shutting yourself out

    26. You are blocking off the harsh reality of daily life

    27. A man stood at the rear entrance to the tunnel, almost blocking it with his seven-foot mass, his broad shoulders rippling with muscles straining under a white shirt

    28. defense, there is a lot of practice involved blocking attacks in many different

    29. Instead of simply blocking an attack, stylists will learn how to block in a way that executes a strike

    30. Now I was in front of the neighboring house and had managed to keep the face-eaters out of striking distance, but there was a cluster of six standing ahead of me under a tree, blocking the sidewalk and my path

    31. The cancer-protective compounds in kale have thus been the subject of intense research, particularly their role in blocking the growth of cancer cells and inducing cancer cell death (apoptosis)

    32. The heat between them was blocking out the whole world, and neither one of them could see anything but each other

    33. It was beneficial in one way because their bodies covered up the first floor windows, blocking the demons from entering

    34. A large section of the wall in this corridor had splintered and collapsed, partially blocking their way onward

    35. ” She looked over their shoulders, and Sebastian turned to see demons standing there, blocking the exit

    36. “GO!” With that word, Russell was flung into the exit tunnel and a shower of rock fell behind him, blocking the way back in

    37. pressure, and when he closed his eyes, blocking

    38. blocking his path, and kissed him on the mouth

    39. And finally blocking the past so that they could maintain their separateness and their dignity

    40. The music, the woman’s singing, and the noise of the crowd still filled the air within the common room, blocking out the words of anyone in particular to Adem’s hearing

    41. Four was the standard number of wielders for blocking a single Alit’aren or Ael Tarael from holding on to the Power

    42. It was now that the Colonel turned to us as we finished blocking off each end of the trench so we could defend it better he said

    43. A light wind whispered across the grass and a cloud drifted over, blocking the sun from her face

    44. There was no chance of communication with Zolla at this point since the blocking signal held

    45. Had he been blocking this from his memory, because it had hurt him? Another figure, another voice, and so familiar as well

    46. After the previous experience, when he had literally become boxed in to something coffin sized, L-Seven-Six claimed it had been a residual effect of the blocking field, causing distortion to signal-feed updates

    47. He drew his knees up further, blocking the view of his lap from Hollowcrest

    48. Between one eye blink and the next, he was simply there, standing in front of Akstyr, blocking Tuskar’s path

    49. * This is actually important for dedicated “chase channels” existed and the dispatcher would command it (with the duty sergeant) almost as a chess game blocking exits and keep everyone else informed where to go next

    50. Eric dropped his hand to his hip in response, swore as it swept empty air, and instantly moved in front of Em, blocking her with his body

    1. After running down several blocks, they came to a stop and tried to catch their breath

    2. His yard boy, who was friendly with Estwig, though half a decade younger, ran a few blocks after them, then snatched off and waved his shorts as they rumbled out of sight

    3. himself out of the blocks, rising on the upward pump of his arms, feeling his flabby

    4. blocks of solid rock and the space was illuminated by the soft glow of candles,

    5. I could visualise the blocks in the walls and the ventilation grill in the door based only on memories of things from another time, from another world

    6. Then, by counting up the blocks that rose along the door frame next to my mattress I calculated the total number of blocks

    7. I made an educated guess for the number of blocks missing because of the door itself and so arrived at a number

    8. I measured time in solid blocks of obscurity punctuated by the slide of battered tin across concrete

    9. It was a pretty good imitation of what he would have liked back home, a sprawling ranch built out of earthenware blocks with a tile and beam roof

    10. Unlike a Highland Elf, he was not about to wait four hundred Earth years for his home to be completed, with clay blocks and cut wood he was able to get a fine home done in the outrageously short time of a dozen Earth years this way

    11. vortex will eventually consume us because it blocks us from

    12. To get thru behind the main pier and Lastriss Point there is a canal of stone blocks, covered by the streets and plazas above except in a few atriums

    13. The walls, like those in the corridor below, were hewn out of huge blocks of solid rock and the space was illuminated by the soft glow of candles, candles that, in this simulacrum of past glories, illuminated the stone in a wash of yellow and amber

    14. It is like the Jenga game when we start pulling out the blocks

    15. There were also steps on the sides of the blocks leading up to the second floors of the buildings … separate storage? Glancing up, Kara saw that more guards were evident on the roofs of the buildings

    16. They walked in silence for a few more blocks and then Kate turned towards Daniel; she took his hand and held it to her breast

    17. In the end they set it up on blocks in the garage, and removed the battery, drained it and stored it on a shelf

    18. "No pins," the redhead said, "see these plastic pinch blocks? Just pull a rope thru here and it stays, better than you can belay it, til you pull back this lever here

    19. Interaction with the page from these blocks is limited, since the code is executed during the render

    20. Let’s have a look at the different types of syntax we can use for code blocks in ASP

    21. really four types of code blocks, and the first one is different from the others:

    22. It was a big house of rough stone in big blocks, but pretty well fitted and chinked where it had to be

    23. The street was paved with blocks so ancient that the cart tracks were worn deep

    24. Blocks Ability to Give and Receive Love, 254

    25. In the instrumentation update log you will find some updates I made to blocks 516762 and 101754 on January 23

    26. He wished his cabin was seven city blocks instead of just a few doors down because he had to break that spell by turning to open the door

    27. These were built during a revival of that style in the late 50's when cast limestone blocks were popular

    28. A series of immense concrete blocks lined the high-water

    29. see that it was constructed of vast stone blocks, now weathered and

    30. That had become a major barrier on this quest, but at last it was only three blocks to the last address where Tdeshi ever lived

    31. It was three blocks back from the canal on an inner corner of a path barely wide enough for two people or a push-cart to pass

    32. But these people probably lived within a few blocks, the song sounded like a cover

    33. Cut stone steps went up a whole story between the massive intertwined roots, the blocks had grown in a century ago and had to be periodically chopped clear

    34. The remaining area was blocks and blocks of quadrangles, twenty stories deep or more, and the hallways within them

    35. White Feathers's supply of ice blocks was nearly exhausted before the last week of August, which prompted discussion of an alternative plan to the tedium of retrieving the blocks from beneath their scattered holding buoys in the lake

    36. The main building itself was constructed from heavy blocks of

    37. Tom thought that the blocks resembled a

    38. Low walls of thick stone blocks

    39. stone blocks which seemed as ancient as the bridge itself

    40. The girls got to their knees and each started to push the blocks in their hands pell mell over the planks

    41. Then he placed each girl at opposite corners of the deck, and like Harry's 'frog work' in the gardens, they squatted and made large circular patterns with the blocks over the deck's surface

    42. accommodation blocks to the main building unpleasantly cold and

    43. “Well, the 'pretty much' of it is this: the great knowledge I have referred to is nothing less than a view of the world which accounts for everything from how atoms fill their orbitals and the periodic table of elements, the construction of the building blocks of life, to the inner world construction of man and his relationship and responsibilities to and with the Universe at large

    44. blocks were of a different material to that used to construct the arch

    45. shortly moving to another part of the brick-built barracks blocks at

    46. The block had no water access, but wide well-paved streets went only a few blocks to small commercial centers

    47. The city buzzed in the streets and blocks away from it,

    48. He walked up as far as fifty-seventh street and turned a corner east, in a couple blocks he was at the Merchant's Gate to the Central Park

    49. The party used the few blocks for a stretch of the legs after so much sitting during this first day of their arrival

    50. They walked the few blocks from the station to the steps of the Main building on Malvern College campus, and remarked on the pleasing state of the grounds, the impressive architecture of the buildings and naturally, constantly reminding Harry that 'he would do exceedingly well' on his tests

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