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    1. "Oh stop," Ava said

    2. “Probably the lonely one who can’t stop kicking himself over things in the past

    3. yourself thinking a disempowering thought, stop

    4. We wanted to help in any way we could to stop this from happening to others

    5. He did have to stop there

    6. I jump off the bike before #2 comes to a complete stop

    7. I won’t stop

    8. I can’t stop

    9. We both stop at the graves

    10. I’m going to teach you how to never stop

    1. Venna and Ava stopped to chat while Herndon watched him start the fire

    2. He had pulled up as the tide stopped its flow, in a few hours it would start its ebb from this inlet

    3. “I know what you’re going to say already, but Kevin stopped by today

    4. realised that it must have stopped

    5. When she returned to the house she found Yorthops had stopped by

    6. 2Chr: 32:30: This same Hezekiah also stopped the upper watercourse of Gihon, and brought it straight down to the

    7. " Then she stopped and thought about that, an iron a year? Venna spends more like an iron a day

    8. The anteater stopped and blinked at the little ant

    9. As Nancy stopped to watch, water started pouring down like heavy rain from the ceiling

    10. After that, he closed the blinds and stopped looking out the window

    1. Tom stops a moment and points so he can catch his breath

    2. Aiko's father blows a reed whistle and the fighting stops

    3. A stomach poison that stops insects from feeding and become paralyzed

    4. A few months later, the preacher stops by again to call on the farmer

    5. Clove stops most insects from eating

    6. Similarly they should praise within limits and definitely not in such a way that the child stops believing you

    7. Zitteraal stops in front of a door, puts his hand on the door handle

    8. He stops thrashing about, his eyes focus on Clarisse

    9. John stops, gets out of his car

    10. He turns to get back in his car, but stops as Enoch speaks

    1. The stopping was what woke her

    2. ‘Paul and I had the devil of a job stopping her mounting an assault on the police station where they were holding you

    3. Ordinarily ‘Rest’ means stopping all voluntary activities (you still have to breath or digest food or cause the blood to circulate)

    4. "No, that's not what's stopping me, it's looking ahead to where this questioning will lead

    5. ’ He said rushing into the room and stopping dead

    6. Russ sees the explosion at the front of the car, starts over to help John, but Ahmed clings to his leg with both arms, stopping him

    7. He tumbles and flips in the dirt before stopping near a fence

    8. "We're just stopping to use the rest rooms,” Sarah told her, "and I need some more coffee

    9. She considered stopping her to let her know

    10. From the outside, she looked like a slapstick comedy routine, lurching this way and that, stopping and starting, turning around

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    stop in English

    stopover stay sojourn cessation end halt termination arrest standstill pause check terminate discontinue restrain interrupt intermit hinder impede obstruct prevent thwart delay preclude cease desist finish quit surrender withdraw relinquish depot station terminal

    Sinónimos para "stop"

    layover stop stopover stoppage block blockage closure occlusion catch diaphragm full point full stop period point occlusive plosive plosive consonant plosive speech sound stop consonant halt arrest check hitch stay break break off discontinue hold on contain hold back turn back intercept bar barricade block off block up blockade stop over kibosh cease end finish terminate give up lay off quit sojourn cessation termination standstill pause restrain interrupt intermit hinder impede obstruct prevent thwart delay preclude desist surrender withdraw relinquish depot station terminal