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Blur en una oración (en ingles)

1. So much was a blur.
2. His mind was a blur.
3. The world was a blur.
4. The afternoon was a blur.
5. The day passed in a blur.
6. And Onn moved like a blur.
7. The words blur into one.

8. The world started to blur.
9. It was all a blur for Zoe.
10. It’s pretty much a blur.
11. Then the scene would blur.
12. The dinner passed in a blur.
13. Peter felt his memories blur.
14. Otherwise he was just a blur.
15. The next few days were a blur.
16. The rest of the day was a blur.
17. The next few hours were a blur.
18. The day went by in a slow blur.
19. The journey passed by in a blur.
20. After that, was a bit of a blur.
21. Most of what was said is a blur.
22. Everything passed in a blur again.
23. Things went by in a blur as I ran.
24. It was a blur and extremely brief.
25. The lead mare does not blur this.
26. So much about that night is a blur.
27. But the frame showed no such blur.
28. After that it was a bit of a blur.
29. The blur gives off a turbine sound.
30. It was just a blur, a white streak.
31. But this year had passed in a blur.
32. The ride to the hospital was a blur.
33. Her wings buzzed and became a blur.
34. Things blur and fade into the years.
35. There was a sudden blur to his left.
36. Behind him, a blur of green lights.
37. The next week was a blur of activity.
38. The next few months passed in a blur.
39. The front sight, and the blur beyond.
40. The next few actions happen in a blur.
41. The trip back to the States was a blur.
42. What happened after that became a blur.
43. The movement was so fast it was a blur.
44. The next few minutes were a blur for Ted.
45. Suddenly, I see a blur of blue and white.
46. But he moved in a blinding blur of steel.
47. The whole incident was still a blur to me.
48. His world was a blur when he got to shore.
49. All he saw was a blur of green and white.
50. All I saw then, was a blur of bodies –.
51. He met the pack in a blur of motion, his.
52. The run through the street had been a blur.
53. The rest of the day passed like a blur as.
54. The rest of the afternoon passed in a blur.
55. And after that, it’s all just a blur of.
56. She moved through the house in such a blur.
57. Thereafter, everything that I did was a blur.
58. Harry was crying now, it was a complete blur.
59. Everything immediately after that is a blur.
60. That night and the days to follow were a blur.
61. But they were all a blur in those early days.
62. It had all been a blur since the warden’s.
63. But they didn't blur the runes carved below it.
64. I saw a blur and he was knocked out of my view.
65. The noises around him became a blur, that's al.
66. The bang on the head had made everything a blur.
67. As I stared at Troy, Jay’s voice became a blur.
68. After demobilization things flashed by in a blur.
69. Olivia spun across the floor in a blur of motion.
70. And the next few seconds just happened in a blur.
71. D) The blur on the road continues towards the pit.
72. She became, herself, a blur of bewildering motion.
73. We walked into the house, and the rest was a blur.
74. A blur, quicker than he could react, up behind him.
75. Conrad Hunter’s hand crossed the table in a blur.
76. The ground directly beneath was a blur with speed.
77. So much had happened it had already begun to blur.
78. There was a blur, and then someone was shaking him.
79. I was so exhausted everything after that was a blur.
80. The next few weeks were a blur of frenzied activity.
81. Dark steel grey eyes attempt to penetrate the blur.
82. She sat up, causing the white room to spin and blur.
83. He opened the door and headed down stairs in a blur.
84. Thomas was a blur of motion asking Daphnie to check.
85. The vampires moved in a blur, Damien almost as fast.
86. His eyes watered, turning crisp details into a blur.
87. The rest of the shift passed in a blur of happiness.
88. She wondered why he didn't break the cuffs and blur.
89. Life became a blur that consisted only of distraction.
90. The drive home was a blur as my mom yelled and whined.
91. Fingers twirled in a blur as she spun the can opener.
92. Practiced fingers worked, joining and tying in a blur.
93. The day flew by in a blur of study sessions for finals.
94. Vera and Juliet could only hear the blur of his voice.
95. The next part of the journey passed in a bit of a blur.
96. Trees, rocks, bushes all seemed a blur as he ran on by.
97. From a distance, she looks like a blur of silver light.
98. Chevalier was out of his chair and in her room in a blur.
99. A) A blur in the distance moves at great speed down the.
100. I needed to turn up the heat, blur the lines of reality.
1. Trees faded, the whiteness blurring.
2. Was there something blurring his sight?
3. And maybe the rain was blurring her vision.
4. Her vision still had a little blurring, but it.
5. There are three ways that you can use blurring:.
6. And as we share tongues, the ancient moss is blurring.
7. Focusing on their destination, they reached a blurring speed.
8. Step 3: Use Blurring Techniques to Meld with Their Doubts and.
9. What had just happened? Whispering questions merged, blurring.
10. His eyes fixed on the door, his gaze blurring in the hot steam.
11. Another drop hit his eye, blurring it, Another splashed his chin.
12. On the following days the blurring of his image occurred a few more.
13. The near-frozen rain splattered on the windshield blurring his vision.
14. Tears had filled her eyes without warning, blurring the pages on her lap.
15. I struggled to find my car through the blurring of the water in my eyes.
16. As cloud computing grows, the differences between IaaS and PaaS are blurring.
17. The buildings loft the sound toward the sky and smear it, blurring the edges.
18. Blurring is a useful technique for dealing with statements that have a grain.
19. It sounded different, the blurring now a deeper pitch than a few moments ago.
20. Women’s rights groups are hell-bent on blurring the natural roles of men and women.
21. My vision was blurring with something my body had not produced since early childhood.
22. She could practically see the waves of his heat signature blurring the air around him.
23. It was deepest black in the center and blurring out into lighter shadows on the edges.
24. I heard voices on the street, some shouting, and saw trees blurring past in the window.
25. Gazing over Ryan’s shoulder she watched the blurring tree tops as they passed overhead.
26. Adem’s emotions were a blurring of pain and bliss, the Power was taking control of him.
27. Yes, Eric! If you love me, I want to hear it, she said, the tears blurring her vision.
28. I just sit there, my eyes blurring over, a wash of noise in my ears, thinking, They had him.
29. The illuminated figures flowed along the clouds to surround the demon men in a blurring of blades.
30. The night pressed in, blurring the sounds of the soldiers outside the blockhouse, dimming the fires.
31. You're too emotionally involved here and you're blurring the lines between different types of Remorii.
32. I stared out of the windscreen at the greys and browns of the wintry English countryside blurring past.
33. A low mist blanketed the ground, blurring the fields and the yard in watercolour shades of grey and green.
34. Symptoms include : redness in the white part of the eye, eye pain, blurring vision and sensitivity to light.
35. His vision was blurring and waves of nausea were starting deep in his gut threatening to turn him inside out.
36. Most online banks now offer checking accounts with interest, blurring the line between checking and savings accounts.
37. Politics in the twenty-first century demands a near-complete blurring of the lines between your private and political life.
38. Little did she realize that these were the effects of Shiva himself blurring the line between Sivaloka and this middling realm.
39. Lady Swan became Cross Cleave in a blurring of the blade that reflected the light, becoming Shadow Dancer followed by Night Hawk’s Wings.
40. She would normally never be so familiar with the woman, but due to her drinking, the lines of courtesy were blurring along with her vision.
41. I ran, dodging smoothly through the trees and bushes that were scattered haphazardly around the grounds, the grassy surface blurring beneath my feet.
42. The interior/exterior blurring contains the ambivalence in the desired and the forbidden, in satisfaction and denial, in the visible and the invisible.
43. Shaking her head to try and get rid of the black dots that were blurring her vision, she made a move to roll away as he reached for her, but was unable.
44. With eyes still blurring in and out of consciousness, he saw Denver and Rancor to his right, in front was Captain Rumello his face red and puffed in rage.
45. She turned to check behind her and saw Graisse following at her heels, tongue lolling out, legs blurring, appearing as though he was enjoying this exciting, new game.
46. She could hardly see, her eyes having filled with two blurring tears drawn forth by a grief which, to this her best friend and dear advocate, she could never explain.
47. A slight blurring of the picture, that might have denoted a passing of time, and then Conan saw Prospero and his knights filing out of the gates and spurring southward.
48. She pulled a switch-blade out from her purse, her arm blurring as she opened it and ran into him, stabbing his chest, her teeth bared and gritted, eyes wide with insanity.
49. He dismissed the vision as nothing, just a slight blurring of his vision and he continued forgetting that he should be concerned, that he should be wondering as to where Pine could be.
50. Nevertheless, the possibility to fix the number of selected combinations eliminates the blurring effect of this factor thereby significantly increasing the reliability of our investigation.
51. He passed under the hydra at their first intersection, over at the next, pressing for more speed, more power, flying in a blurring circuit, a ray of blue water racing the red dragon, a ray of light.
52. In spite of the pain blurring her vision and making every move an ordeal, immediately upon dropping out of hyper drive, Sabrina fired the missiles she had prepared an hour ago for exactly this moment.
53. Not to mention all the other ways the blurring of indoor and outdoor would work against her, as when six-legged forest creatures came lumbering out of the broiler grate the first time she turned on the oven.
54. Others he’d known growing up had already died in car accidents, been married and divorced, found themselves addicted to drugs or booze, or simply moved away from this tiny town, their faces already blurring in his memory.
55. The bustle of the city blurring past me reminded me of a busier, more crowded version of the Kabul I knew, particularly of the Kocheh-Morgha, or Chicken Bazaar, where Hassan and I used to buy chutneydipped potatoes and cherry water.
56. Then he turned round and called out to the dejected little figure standing where he had left it in the sandy road with the grey curtain of mist blurring it: It really is _everybody's_ duty to know at least something of what's being done in the world.
57. They’d paddled their kayaks over the grassy surface of the marsh while the full moon reflected off the water’s surface, blurring the line between sea and sky so they felt as if they were gliding through the air, rather than over the still, shallow water.
58. It says that the film available today is a copy of the original with the deletion of frames, blurring of frames, use of traveling mattes to offset the foreground (limo party) from the background (with possible artistic overlays), and reconstitution through the use of an optical printer to provide a seamless copy with dubious content.
1. His eyes blurred with tears.
2. Her eyes blurred with tears.
3. I see blurred shapes hovering.
4. Sudden tears blurred his vision.
5. Her vision became blurred, her.
6. Then just her blurred lips moved.
7. I look up at the blurred red void.
8. It's only our vision that's blurred.
9. Ash stared at her blurred reflection.
10. THE TIME ON Rykus’s comm-cuff blurred.
11. Kyle nodded and blurred down the stairs.
12. Everything in front of him was blurred.
13. He growled and blurred down the stairs.
14. Everything, except her face, is blurred.
15. The world is filled with blurred voices.
16. The words on the page blurred and danced.
17. Janelle fell silent as her vision blurred.
18. The recruits all blurred into the stables.
19. Raven’s vision blurred and his head spun.
20. Damon nodded and blurred away with the head.
21. The panes were blurred with streaming rain.
22. Tears scalded my eyes and blurred my vision.
23. His own gaze blurred with hot, salty tears.
24. Emily watched as Kyle blurred and the heku.
25. Tears tightened her throat, blurred her eyes.
26. Fiction and reality blurred into each other.
27. He blurred to them and ripped Travis off of.
28. Tears blurred her eyes as she signed her name.
29. Without another word, he blurred to Emily's.
30. As his blurred vision settled on the maroon.
31. Through blurred vision she saw a fourth tor-.
32. He looked at the cattle, blurred in silver heat.
33. All of his other thoughts seemed to be blurred.
34. The stars blurred into the outline of a man, a.
35. The days blurred together and time meant nothing.
36. The soldier’s vision and hearing were blurred.
37. Although his vision was blurred by the blowing.
38. Your judgment could be blurred by your emotions.
39. The letters blurred but the words flowed easily.
40. Now come here, he said, and blurred behind her.
41. His eyes were blurred and his body hurt all over.
42. He trotted a blurred route and never saw her again.
43. Fine, he roared, and blurred into the palace.
44. She fell to the ground and he blurred out the door.
45. Damon nodded and blurred from the palace with Kyle.
46. A sharp burst of stars blurred his field of vision.
47. Chevalier picked Emily up and blurred to their room.
48. He was letting the present go all fuzzy and blurred.
49. His vision focused, blurred, cleared, refocused on.
50. Not only that, but his vision was becoming blurred.
51. Tears blurred her vision as she slapped at his hand.
52. Suddenly Hal was free, but his vision blurred again.
53. Hours turned into days and those blurred into weeks.
54. Thomas’s vision and hearing blurred as he fainted.
55. Chevalier stood up from the chair and blurred to her.
56. Natasha often blurred the lines, she recalled.
57. Emily, Kyle called and then blurred to her side.
58. The city was beginning to look more and more blurred.
59. Chevalier blurred up the stairs the moment Kyle spoke.
60. He looked at Kate, but his vision of her was blurred.
61. Trying to focus, I waved my hand at the blurred image.
62. There was an obvious blurred reference by the walkway.
63. Tears pricked his eyes and the gold lettering blurred.
64. Doctor? Chevalier called, and he blurred to them.
65. All they could see were dark cloud and blurred images.
66. Melvin pointed to the blurred x on the back side.
67. He blurred back to the bed and held Emily's legs down.
68. Tiny woods and fields blurred into a rushing patchwork.
69. Pixie blurred from underneath the bed to Ashley’s lap.
70. The image of the young red-haired boy was blurred and.
71. Though my vision was a bit blurred I was still able to.
72. Kyle, Chevalier said, and Kyle blurred to his side.
73. No, they were of Berniam, but the lines have blurred.
74. It was an oddly familiar noise, blurred and indistinct.
75. Chevalier blurred into the bedroom, What's wrong?
76. Faces blurred through the shadows like ghostly whispers.
77. Charles’ words blurred the voices she strained to hear.
78. Her eyes welled with tears and the floor became blurred.
79. Blurred wings flapped just over the surface of the water.
80. A darkening blue mist blurred the outlines of the foliage.
81. His vision was blurred and was slowly being enveloped by.
82. They both blurred off to try to find the required clothing.
83. She was spinning faster and becoming nothing but a blurred.
84. He opened his eyes, and there again his vision was blurred.
85. The haze of August blurred the apartment buildings opposite.
86. As he blurred closer to the form, he could tell it was Emily.
87. Chevalier, Mark, and Kyle blurred to the other side of the.
88. Chevalier heard Kyle approaching and blurred out to meet him.
89. Through blurred, tear-filled eyes he looked at them blankly.
90. Mark blurred out of the room, and the door slammed behind him.
91. Why? Emily asked, but the heku had already blurred away.
92. My vision starts to blurred, and then there he was beside me.
93. He kissed Emily softly and then both blurred to the council.
94. As the streets blurred by I tried to take in as much detail as.
95. The shiny wooden floor blurred as the tears returned to my eyes.
96. A sudden jolt of fear rang through him, and he blurred to her.
97. Damon blurred to the Encala and tore his head off in one swift.
98. What was real and not was getting fuzzy and blurred in my mind.
99. He watched as Chevalier blurred up and quietly opened the door.
100. Kyle blurred into the room a few minutes later and sat by Allen.
1. The world blurs.
2. The blurs didn't slow down.
3. The pain in my forehead blurs.
4. The far wall blurs into inconsequence.
5. Yellow and black blurs streaked across the sky.
6. Before I can react, the alley blurs in front of me.
7. No shadows, no blurs, thanks to our artificial light.
8. The snarling blurs accelerate, darting this way and that.
9. Claire felt a sharp pain in her chest as the blurs turned into men.
10. Images became more clear and faces came out of the colourful blurs.
11. Huge ancient pines stood out as vague sombre blurs in the darkness.
12. In the darkness, stuff outside the window was just a series of whizzing blurs.
13. I study the blurs, concluding Jada now has the stones and is trying to place them.
14. But I find it not one thing but many—one printed over another until the whole thing blurs.
15. I am questioning the universal manifestation of God to all the world with all those misty blurs.
16. What were before undefined, vague blurs in the distant countryside could now be distinctly seen.
17. The fact that asset characteristics evolve over time blurs the boundary between static holdings and dynamic strategies.
18. The game makes use of a unique active combat system that blurs the lines between a hack-and-slash and menu driven RPGs.
19. The bubbly texture of the icy blue glass blurs the outside slightly, but not so much that I can't make out the landscape.
20. This somehow blurs the line between and among the different types of credit cards mentioned in the first paragraph of this article.
21. Obviously it will become difficult if he is also the case manager or officer for it blurs the lines of investigation as we will see.
22. Then watch it in reverse as you rewind it, and then view it fast forward again and again and again, until it blurs and becomes totally chaotic.
23. Now drops of rain flew in at the window from the trees and bushes; it was dark as in a cellar, so that he could only just make out some dark blurs of objects.
24. A thick fog rolled down between the lines of dun-coloured houses, and the opposing windows loomed like dark, shapeless blurs through the heavy yellow wreaths.
25. Whenever any form of delusion, attachment, or aversion is present, it blurs the view and increases the likelihood of unskillful karma for an individual or group.
26. When I first see it, a haze blurs the air, but now that we’re closer I can pick out individual houses and roads in the suburbs hidden within the forest’s thin canopy.
27. I never saw it land, because the other three hellhounds attacked together then, large black blurs with burning eyes, their sharp claws scraping on the pavement as they charged at us.
28. Unaccustomed to battle, they were ridiculously slow and clumsy compared to the tigerish barbarian whose motions were blurs of quickness possible only to steel thews knit to a perfect fighting brain.
29. She remembers her great-uncle said that they would need to watch out for looters, and the air stirs with phantom blurs and rustles, and Marie-Laure imagines charging past the bathroom into the cobwebbed sewing room here on the third floor and hurling herself out the window.
30. That blurs the grace and blush of modesty,.
31. Day, when all here are awake, is measured by blurs,.

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