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Dim en una oración (en ingles)

  1. Belts along the region dim.
  2. It was dark and dim all day.
  3. Dim light filled the place.
  4. The lantern cast a dim light.
  5. His batteries were getting dim.

  6. Rhett turned in the dim hallway.
  7. The restaurant had dim lighting.
  8. It was dim in the vast theater.
  9. Clare waited, with a dim sense.
  10. A dim light flickered on inside.
  11. There was a dim light everywhere.
  12. He could see nothing but the dim.
  13. A dim light came in from the yard.
  14. Wolfe was a dim shadow on his left.
  15. The house lights were on, but dim.

  16. Only dim silhouettes of old houses.
  17. He disappeared into the dim forest.
  18. Inside, all was dim, musty and cold.
  19. Kenichi sat in the dim control room.
  20. Light spilled into the dim hallway.
  21. Instead, I saw a dim light come on.
  22. She looked around in the dim light.
  23. And tears his swimming eyeballs dim.
  24. Nothing would ever dim that memory.
  25. From its dim light, she could see.

  26. The intellect which has only a dim.
  27. In the dim light I felt intimidated.
  28. When she entered the dim place, the.
  29. Moshe counted twenty dim figures as.
  30. A dim lay of the land slowly emerged.
  31. What is love in this dim underground.
  32. The sky had been too dim to reveal it.
  33. Then he ran on through the dim forest.
  34. It shed a dim pool of light around it.
  35. It is good to dim emotions and be merry.
  36. To an ordinary human, it is quite dim.
  37. A nearby star that is actually dim can.
  38. The afternoon was so gently warm and dim.
  39. Can’t you see the house is dim?
  40. Posh restaurants often have dim lighting.
  41. To the cold constellations dim and high:.
  42. But the Orcs were out of his dim sight now.
  43. He squinted at his watch in the dim light.
  44. It just stared back at me in the dim light.
  45. The dim light revealed a potential weapon.
  46. It was all black with dim lavender lights.
  47. She was looking pale, and her eyes were dim.
  48. He swung his sword, and crashed into the dim.
  49. If the fires began to grow dim, they’d be.
  50. No tears to dim the eyes with sad remembrance.
  51. When Isaac was old, and his eyes were dim, so.
  52. Riker the lights in the room had been kept dim.
  53. She looked away, grateful for the dim lighting.
  54. Even in the dim light, they are an intense blue.
  55. She’d say, This was the choice of a dim wit.
  56. The dim reflection of a remembered splendor, a.
  57. Israel were dim for age, so that he couldn't see.
  58. Dim light entered through small openings in the.
  59. Less-wealthy areas had flickering, dim gaslights.
  60. From the entrance hall, he could see a dim light.
  61. The light is very dim inside the upstairs bedroom.
  62. When her eyes focused in the dim light, what she.
  63. The music stopped and the candles seemed to dim.
  64. He had a dim perception of the following budget:.
  65. We have become dim men, half of what we once were.
  66. A few dim lights had been turned on for the search.
  67. He sensed the connection to his master growing dim.
  68. Everything slows down around the ship and gets dim.
  69. It seemed to glow under the dim lights of the night.
  70. This will never ever dim but it will remain the same.
  71. His face seemed slightly paler in the dim lamplight.
  72. The blinking of a dim flashlight played on the road.
  73. The moon rose higher, making a dim light in the path.
  74. Instantly, I noticed that the place was dim, full of.
  75. It was very dim and the walls were still not visible.
  76. In the dim light, I noticed that the dial behind the.
  77. This man was able to ignite a fire that wouldn’t dim.
  78. There was a flickering dim light of candle in the room.
  79. Beyond, the low lands lay dim and flat under the stars.
  80. Only a few boys and girls waited in the dim old choir.
  81. There in the fragrant pines and the cedars dusk and dim.
  82. She lay still, listening, watching in the dim moonlight.
  83. In the dim distance, he makes out what seems to be land.
  84. There, on the bedside table, seen in the dim glow from.
  85. He opens his eyes and squints through the dim lamplight.
  86. There is also some dim red sunlight shining behind Jaden.
  87. Everything looked strange in the pulsating, dim red glow.
  88. Who are they? I can't see their faces in this dim light.
  89. As the biggest star appears, the smaller ones become dim.
  90. A fine restaurant, dim lighting, excellent Majorcan wine.
  91. In the dim light of the room, her face seemed almost waxen.
  92. The mouth of the gully was a black notch in the dim cliff.
  93. At first I could hardly see anything, it was so dim inside.
  94. Her son died because she lay on him when the light was dim.
  95. In the dim light he spied the top of a fire escape ladder.
  96. What was she like? At the moment she was just a dim memory.
  97. Where the dim light came from, Yasmina could not determine.
  98. Betsy entered the tattoo room and squinted in the dim light.
  99. The light was dim in the oppressive darkness of the tunnel.
  100. As he became used to the dim light he noticed his sincere.
  1. Air dimming as night fell.
  2. I think it’s dimming now.
  3. Outside, the dawn was dimming the stars.
  4. As the lights were dimming, I could see B.
  5. The Big Dipper dimming in the sky was my.
  6. By then I could see the light was dimming.
  7. Their chances of rescue were already dimming.
  8. He left me and I noticed that the sky was dimming.
  9. There was a loud click and a dimming of the light.
  10. Let us be a sun’s heat in their dimming and cold world.
  11. Resa pulled back, her smile dimming as her eyes narrowed.
  12. Twilight was dimming and their journey was almost at an end.
  13. We entered the hall and found our seats as the lights were dimming.
  14. Everything faded, it was as if the lights of an auditorium were dimming.
  15. Still, any minute … The stars that peek between the bodies are dimming.
  16. In the dimming light, there was a different crowd turning out than the day.
  17. The world went silent and still as a cloud blocked out the sun, dimming the room.
  18. A rush of wind pushed him into the ground, followed by a momentary dimming of light.
  19. Or is that only an effect of the dimming of the light? he wondered as he approached.
  20. Some scientific dissenters argued the status quo, but did not mention global dimming.
  21. The cold sucked the energy from him, exhausting his strength and dimming his thoughts.
  22. Her glazed eyes focus eastwards on an imaginary dot resting on the dimming distant horizon.
  23. The sun was already high overhead, dimming the light that was coming in through the windows.
  24. The trips stopped after she wandered off and I had not realized it until daylight was dimming.
  25. Tandrick bowed his head, his eyes sparking and dimming, the magic responding to rage and grief.
  26. Tom saw in her faded looks and in her dimming eyes a future that he was not inclined to embrace.
  27. The night pressed in, blurring the sounds of the soldiers outside the blockhouse, dimming the fires.
  28. Reluctantly, she drove into the van park, with the dimming twilight giving the place a spooky feeling.
  29. He looked to Kitara and Kletsova, admiring their faces in the dimming light as they studied the enemy ship.
  30. Streaks of red in the dimming sky caught and held his attention for several seconds after tying up his horse.
  31. Or is that only an effect of the dimming of the light? he wondered as he approached where Youssaf had come to a stop.
  32. She was suddenly small and not at all powerful, a few remnants of magic fading from her hands and then dimming into nothing.
  33. I also took the liberty of dimming the environmental sounds as well but I could let more of it seep through if you would like that.
  34. We made a full search of the field and the day fell late, sky dimming, growing cold and fresh, and we could not stay here any longer.
  35. They topped a couple of rises, and in the distance spied through dimming light the fields and huts of their destination for the night.
  36. He had only paused a moment, when he noticed the light dimming slightly, and when he looked up to witness the cause of the disturbance.
  37. He sighed and pressed the button, and to the accompaniment of a sizzling electrical hum and dimming of lights the wailing abruptly ceased.
  38. My previous life is becoming a blurred vision, and memories of the above world are dimming and shrinking the farther I crawl into the Earth.
  39. Eilidh staggered towards the dimming torch and her helm, considered pressing on down into the pitch black tunnel, but then thought the better of it.
  40. He was fully aware of the independent nature of the young spirit within her and he knew how to teach it restraint, without dimming it in the process.
  41. Yet the mad black eyes glared up at Conan with no dimming of their feral light, the lips writhed awfully, and the hands groped, as if searching for the severed head.
  42. The thought of them entering his fantasy worlds, enjoying things that were tailored specifically for him, ignited some anger from the long dimming embers of despair.
  43. The ceiling is gone, but starlight dimming through the vaulted windows at either end of the concourse reveals shapes like vultures huddled under the departure boards.
  44. The flashing strips of coloured bulbs began to hold their own in the dimming twilight, the sea continuing to creep, the sandcastles and the plans all washed away to nothing.
  45. Still, the cat seemed to get hungry about the same time every day and the lights were programmed with a normal terrestrial pattern, dimming down for about eight hours at ‘night.
  46. For an instant a dimming witchfire glimmered in those dusky depths; then it disappeared and Conan lay staring down into the blackness of the ultimate abyss from which no sound came.
  47. And now the wizards had turned toward him; they raised their arms, and to his horrified sight, he saw their outlines fading, dimming, becoming hazy and nebulous, as a crimson smoke billowed around their feet and rose about them.
  48. If there existed no external means for dimming their consciences, one-half of the men would at once shoot themselves, because to live contrary to one's reason is a most intolerable state, and all men of our time are in such a state.
  49. I would rather hear a guy tell me that he did something cliché and overused like dimming the lights, lighting candles and putting on romantic music and then initiating sex, because at least he understands that her emotional state is a factor.
  50. They still flew high and out of sight of all save Legolas, and yet their presence could be felt, as a deepening of shadow and a dimming of the sun; and though the Ringwraiths did not yet stoop low upon their foes and were silent, uttering no cry, the dread of them could not be shaken off.
  51. Once in a while, when Slider had had enough toneless flat note yodelling from the locals, he would, dimming the lights, adjusting his stove-pipe pants and singing perfectly over the top of the microphone, deliver gut wrenching, tuneful, note perfect renditions of songs no longer remembered by the younger locals.
  1. The lights dimmed at 7.
  2. When the stars are dimmed.
  3. The lights had been dimmed.
  4. The lights have dimmed and.
  5. I’d dimmed the lamps and was.
  6. Light dimmed as it passed through.
  7. The lights were dimmed for privacy.
  8. Her eyes widened, then dimmed a little.
  9. The lights dimmed over and over again.
  10. His magic sight dimmed as fear took over.
  11. The lights in the conference room dimmed.
  12. Its fires were now dimmed, and it stood.
  13. The thought of him dimmed my ecstatic mood.
  14. Time and space had dimmed his anger towards.
  15. The lights dimmed as the curtain was lowered.
  16. The tone changed as the lights dimmed a little.
  17. Within moments, my feelings of exuberance dimmed.
  18. The Illusionist asked for the lights to be dimmed.
  19. I accidentally ran into Baloh in dimmed hall lights.
  20. Not a cloud, not a misgiving has dimmed my worship.
  21. Behind him, the oil lamps suddenly dimmed to near.
  22. I could not bear the idea of that Light being dimmed.
  23. The voltage of her upbeat smile dimmed as she al owed.
  24. She was out cold in his home, he dimmed the lights and.
  25. The years had not dimmed the memory of how she had felt.
  26. Casanova dimmed out and spotlights zeroed in on the stage.
  27. No, my son, you see nothing,—malice has dimmed your eyes.
  28. I slowly removed my outer clothes and dimmed the lights as I.
  29. As the afternoon slid into evening, the forest colours dimmed.
  30. Most of the overhead lights in the Crisis Room had been dimmed.
  31. Somebody dimmed the lights for Sutto’s PowerPoint presentation.
  32. The lights had been dimmed to hide the fact that he was worn out.
  33. The lights dimmed and the sixteen-millimeter projector flashed on.
  34. Even the Devata became gaunt and his splendor perceptively dimmed.
  35. Then the tempo of the music altered and the lights dimmed some more.
  36. I began to read it, and each word dimmed once I’d said it aloud:.
  37. Within seconds all the external lights on the ship dimmed to darkness.
  38. But it was impossible to read his expression in the dimmed torchlight.
  39. The light from her skin dimmed slowly until it was noticeable no more.
  40. At this point, the lights had been dimmed, there was rap music in the.
  41. Soon the lights dimmed, the walls moved, and the stone structure rocked.
  42. The lights were dimmed and the slide projector at the end of the table.
  43. The sun dimmed soon after we stopped for our noon meal and a short rest.
  44. As soon as she hit, the world dimmed, quieted, and ultimately disappeared.
  45. I just nodded and her smile never dimmed as she started to close the door.
  46. The lights embedded in the ceiling of my station dimmed for half a second.
  47. The lights dimmed and were replaced with dark red emergency back-up lights.
  48. Dave nodded with a warm smile as the lights dimmed, and Max Eubank started.
  49. He thought of Rosalba, whose memory burned brighter as the other’s dimmed.
  50. Whilst hearing this, the vision dimmed, the hall turned light as it had been.
  51. As the light dimmed, the painting appeared to float closer and closer to her.
  52. The smile dimmed as he approached and he took on a wary expression in his eye.
  53. Leah stood up in the window-seat, rubbing the panes of glass dimmed with smoke.
  54. When the lights dimmed he slid his fingers into my shirt and caressed my belly.
  55. But the cl?ar consciousness that had flickered up for one moment was soon dimmed.
  56. The green light dimmed slightly as he entered and the two men filed in behind him.
  57. Hooper’s green traffic light face dimmed as he spoke with a tremble in his voice.
  59. The voices reluctantly dimmed as Psyche turned to gaze coldly at Elaine and Stephan.
  60. The lights dimmed and the monitor in front of them lit with the images of the planet.
  61. The moon dimmed as the trees grew in stature, their roots in the channel beneath the.
  62. The power still lived in her bones as all over the carnival grounds the lights dimmed.
  63. Both animal and human parts of him understood as the seconds passed and his eyes dimmed.
  64. Under the pillow, the rocks colors shimmered and gave off a faint glow, and then dimmed.
  65. The scent had dimmed but his wolf was still on alert searching for the tantalizing aroma.
  66. The lights dimmed, the shadows departed, and he found himself alone, paralyzed but aware.
  67. Chris cleared it, dimmed the screen to its minimum setting and turned to leave the bridge.
  68. Then his senses swirled and his vision dimmed, the darkness surrounding him becoming deeper.
  69. The shares have declined 30% since our initial investment, and the profit outlook has dimmed.
  70. Someone turned off the big lamp next to my bed, and my world dimmed and became more manageable.
  71. The lights dimmed as a planet, nearly ten feet across, materialized in the center of the bridge.
  72. The stage lights dimmed again and the closing turn entered to the MC’s halfhearted acclaim.
  73. As she dimmed the light and left the room, Joseph’s body begged for sleep, but his mind raced.
  74. The car’s interior lights dimmed and flickered for a moment and then returned to steady light.
  75. Even though I knew that it was wrong to do so, I leaned again on his chest and dimmed the lights.
  76. Behind me though, what I didn’t notice was that someone was trailing us with their lights dimmed.
  77. The sphere suddenly dimmed and dropped towards the water, where it disappeared beneath the surface.
  78. Then somewhere in the darkness a glow began, like a firefly that rhythmically dimmed and quickened.
  79. The walls of her bedchamber suddenly shimmered and dimmed as if they were but a see-through curtain.
  80. He operated entirely on rage, and based on the expression on his face, the decades hadn’t dimmed it.
  81. His sight was dimmed, his legs sank under him, and he would have fallen had not Florentin supported him.
  82. An hour later, as the evening sky dimmed, the two of them drove off in my father's car to attend a party.
  83. A light that had suddenly dimmed significantly, thanks to the overly assumptive media and his cruel father.
  84. He reentered the bridge, which immediately dimmed to a hushed murmur as they all looked to him expectantly.
  85. The lights of the cabin were dimmed and the passengers who were not already asleep prepared to give it a try.
  86. Perhaps, it's just that all the paper and milieu of books have dimmed his or her view of making the purchase.
  87. The meeting room lights were still dimmed, and they had to get across the doorway before they turned back on.
  88. The lights dimmed, leaving only one shining on Andrina’s face, which looked like a pale moon in the darkness.
  89. The light dimmed and before I could react again I felt Smiler’s breath against the rough cloth covering my face.
  90. When, later, the elders left the park, taking the now dimmed mind-circle with them, she waited until they had gone.
  91. The lighting in the room dimmed as thirteen girls around my age proceeded down the aisle from the back of the room.
  92. He clapped his hands, and the light in the chamber dimmed still further, so it was difficult to see very much at all.
  93. His arms hung powerless, and his eagle eyes flashed and were dimmed again, struggling against overwhelming darkness.
  94. The lighting from the rose-window dimmed as thirteen girls proceeded down the center aisle from the back of the room.
  95. Nisaba gone? Ea gone? How could I have let this happen? How? How? He felt his face contort as tears dimmed his vision.
  96. The lights are dimmed and a computer generated holographic image of Master stands rising four hundred feet into the air.
  97. She held out hope the Major would retake the ship, and restore proper order, but as the time went by, her hopes dimmed.
  98. The halo then dimmed out progressively, leaving Nancy holding the face of a young man apparently in his early twenties.
  99. Yet Ted and his clientele at the Wombat’s Den seemed to have no problems when the wind dropped and the lights dimmed.
  100. So a child was coming from those moments of high rapture—even if the memory of the rapture was dimmed by what followed.
  1. Her beauty dims the new sunrise.
  2. That dims the greying end of night;.
  3. Lights flash and the interior light dims.
  4. Each light dims as shop keepers close early for the night.
  5. A shade of mauve tissuepaper dims the light of the chandelier.
  6. The light for hundreds of thousands of square miles around dims and the stars fade.
  7. The imminent darkness dims the flicker of hope his heart was fanning just moments ago.
  8. My fingers slide off the metal's velvety, almost frictionless, surface, and an instant later the white light emanating from the wall dims.

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