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Fog en una oración (en ingles)

1. When we have a fog.
2. There was a thick fog.
3. It was a bank of fog.
4. She faded into the fog.
5. I ran off into the fog.
6. Hal peered into the fog.
7. Hal yelled into the fog.

8. And when the fog horn.
9. A sculpture in the fog.
10. They only fog my brain.
11. Simon was in a fog again.
12. And the fog is clearing.
13. Soon the fog will come.
14. The fog was fading away.
15. Then the fog would clear.
16. Not for this shitty fog.
17. The ISLAND OF FOG series.
18. Many people are in a fog.
19. Thorough the fog it came;.
20. The fog still doesn't lift.
21. A fog obscured his vision.
22. But yet not quite like fog.
23. That bring the fog and mist.
24. The moon fled behind a fog.
25. The fog is gone, clear road.
26. This fog is so disorienting.
27. When the fog lifted, I saw.
28. Besides, the fog was lifting.
29. In the beginning was the fog.
30. A fog had started to spread.
31. There was fog over the land.
32. The fog began to clear and.
33. This fog is really creepy.
34. He switched the Fog Horn off.
35. Shrank backed off in the fog.
36. Already the fog was thinning.
37. It was in a time of dense fog.
38. And therough the fog it came;.
39. Even entering the fog or the.
40. Did sudden lift of fog reveal.
41. In her exhaustion and fog she.
42. My daemon broke through the fog.
43. VIII - Fog on the Barrow-Downs.
44. I must re-enter through the fog.
45. The fog swirled around his feet.
46. The tom cat re-entered the fog.
47. A low fog hung about the wagons.
48. There is a thin fog on the city.
49. Snakes of river fog creep slowly.
50. He squinted through the fog in.
51. Louie drifted into a febrile fog.
52. Frank tried to look into the fog.
53. Anyway, then the fog arrived.
54. The fog had rolled in, with one.
55. Raw and penetrating was the fog.
56. There’ll be more on fog later.
57. Her face was the color of the fog.
58. They drifted in the fog for hours.
60. The Forest was hidden under a fog.
61. Just seems a long way in this fog.
62. Chapter 8 Fog on the Barrow-Downs.
63. In addition the rear fog lamp is.
64. It was large, and filled with fog.
65. The morning fog kept the dust down.
66. A sudden fog appeared over the lake.
67. She was hot desert air, he was fog.
68. I now let myself transform into fog.
69. In a fog, I must not have responded.
70. A thicker fog reached the surf-line.
71. The Fog Horn and the monster roared.
72. Then there was a fog bank down there.
73. A thick fog of smoke hung in the air.
74. This fog shows no sign of leaving.
75. And don’t forget the fog, Mrs.
76. With strips of fog and lost sentiment.
77. Dad, what happened to the fog?
78. His life has become a meaningless fog.
79. In seconds I stare through a blue fog.
80. The weather: fog, wind, rain and cold.
81. So you learn how to cope with the fog.
82. The fog seemed to clear from her eyes.
83. It was a damp morning, there was a fog.
84. The fog was dense as the minutes passed.
85. Alex waits to see if the fog will clear.
86. Thro’ the Fog, the Reply came back:.
87. The forest floor was matted in thick fog.
88. But, sometimes it becomes faded with fog.
89. I forgot about the darkness and the fog.
90. Within seconds, a fog circled her brain.
91. He’s a will-o-the-wisp behind the fog.
92. As I move slowly within this velvet fog.
93. The four of them stared out over the fog.
94. Now it was fog rather than snow and ice.
95. Here I’ll only consider the word, fog.
96. Tom didn't bat an eyelid at the warm fog.
97. The top of the fog reached for our wheels.
98. There came a fog as thick as cream that.
99. It was now afternoon, and a fog settled.
100. The fog was deep and gray green in color.
1. The car windows were fogging up.
2. As he drove up to the gate his windows began fogging and.
3. Humidifiers - are a variation of the misting or fogging system.
4. His glasses began fogging up and he had to wipe them several times so he could see.
5. Very humid, shower steam pours from the open bathroom fogging the mirrors closest to it.
6. His comm was muted, but through his fogging faceplate, I could see his face contorted in anguish.
7. The misting ring, the use of humidistat, and the fogging systems are best employed for efficient greenhouse misting.
8. There was more than that fogging up your brain, Elm! Again, Elm cringed at the disdain in the pronunciation of his name from Pine's lips.
9. Felix’s capsule (below) climbed for over two hours – during which time he noticed some unexpected fogging of his visor as he exhaled.
10. The Heavenly shook his head, the poison of the land plus the one that was already flowing through Dryan’s veins was fogging his mind to the truth.
11. Hunter felt Sophie shiver and he held her closer as they all stood in the graveyard, a silent crowd gathered, their breath fogging over the prayers.
12. Khaled Hosseini The Kite Runner Twenty-five years earlier, I had stood behind that same window, thick rain dripping down the panes and my breath fogging up the glass.
1. His breath fogged the glass.
2. Steam fogged up the little room.
3. His eyes were so fogged that he couldn’t read it.
4. Professor Astor took off his glasses, fogged up the.
5. His breath fogged the glass, cleared, fogged it again.
6. To make a long story short, Juneau was fogged in again.
7. I was a bit fogged at first—and then I guessed how it was.
8. Pier's mind fogged over as Guy leant forward and asked his name.
9. The plastic bag was already fogged and starting to cling to the face.
10. I could see her white buttocks, but the glass panel fogged up quickly.
11. In two worlds he sat alone, fogged blind by the cataracts of self-interest.
12. He had set a pot of water boiling on the stove, where it had fogged the windows.
13. His voice sounds blurry somehow, as if explosions inside have fogged her hearing.
14. At least the set of her tears in her eyes fogged her view of the sick bastard!.
15. Her fogged intellect suddenly causes her to realize he is just deviling her.
16. Things fogged over: and in the fog he kept seeing Alice lost and calling his name.
17. Things fogged over; and in the fog he kept seeing Alice lost and calling his name.
18. Sometimes airports are fogged in for days on end, with no planes making it in or out.
19. Alas, Juneau airport was fogged in again and after some circling we flew on to Anchorage.
20. He stayed in until the entire bathroom was fogged up, letting the hot water pulsate his sore muscles.
21. This time I hit two targets by mistake, even though I couldn't see them, my glasses were that fogged.
22. The windows are fogged with sweat and breath, and the sound of the windshield wipers fades into the background.
23. He shaved slowly and then stood in the bath while the hot water pummelled his body and the steam fogged the mirror.
24. In his fogged imagination he could picture himself upon the gallows and the rough rope noose being placed around his neck.
25. Through the fogged windows he saw the blurred gas lamps dancing past, with occasionally the broader glare of a shop front.
26. Through the misty tears that fogged her vision she could see Sarah’s face through the crack in the partially closed door.
27. The temperatures were very cold, up so high---her breath fogged in white clouds and a sheen of ice clad the stony landscape all around.
28. Condensation drew lines on the fogged parts of the glass, and beyond these lines, birds floated in a clearing sky, the gulls of Jamaica.
29. He looked down at his wrist watch to confirm, but it to left him down, the crystal being fogged over from the dip it took in the water just minutes ago.
30. She says that she can see everything as it is, but as if through a pair of glasses that have fogged when you come into a warm room after being out in the cold.
31. The blur of arms and blue jackets fogged his eyes; all he could hear were a series of screams, shouts, and the sound of metal sliding from the bed of the wrecker.
32. His mind fogged and addled by her spells, Mickey was incapable of thinking straight and reacted on a purely emotional level, while he was experiencing intense desire for her.
33. This one had paint peeling on all sides, moss growing across fogged glass windows, and pretty much reminded me of the house from the movie Psycho, the creepy one behind the Bates Motel.
34. Nearly two years earlier, before the mass murder at the Green Moon Mall, the lesser coven, that quartet of maniacs led by Officers Bern Eckles and Simon Varner, had distracted me and had fogged my understanding of what was soon to happen.
35. The airport being fogged in, there was nothing for it but the birds cage themselves on the Dun Laoghaire boat bound for England, and there was nothing for it but the inhabitants of Finn's and myself should be down at the dock to watch them pull away late in the evening.
36. Bruiser pulled up to the Laundromat and I tried to see if they were there yet, but I could barely see inside the fogged up glass windows, except for the yellow cabinet of the Pac Man machine, a neon sign that was in the shape of a hanger, along with another neon sign that was flickering, OPEN.
37. It was probably single digits outside, but the windows were fogged up and it was hot,.
1. Penetrate the morning fogs.
2. Soon the fogs thick embrace.
3. It does not belong to London fogs.
4. Air flows in, out, fogs the plastic.
5. The clouds are grey and the fogs cover your shrine.
6. As his vision cleared, the fogs beneath him momentarily parted.
7. To clear the fogs in your mind don’t let sickness control you.
8. People using the FTSE as a proxy fogs up the picture of the equity market’s trend.
9. How sad to have to come away from the flaming Spanish chestnuts of Italy, and turn your face toward London fogs.
10. One who understands the world as it is, and doesnt get lost in the innumerable fogs of what the world could be.
11. They saw tiny blue fogs in the shadows of trees and hedges, all the time that there was bright sunshine elsewhere.
12. Namilia shone most of them all and she stared at its light until the contours blurred and created fogs before her eyes.
13. I wish I had heard and followed that advice on that night in a Chinese restaurant somewhere in the fogs and rains of Dublin.
14. Anne roamed through the pineland alleys in the park and, as she said, let that great sweeping wind blow the fogs out of her soul.
15. They could then see the faint summer fogs in layers, woolly, level, and apparently no thicker than counterpanes, spread about the.
16. New Orleans, maybe, with enough fogs, rains, and swampland mansions to run up cold sweats and dig graves, while the Saints march forever out.
17. It was cold enough for a white Christmas, but we had to make do with freezing pea-soup fogs that suited my feelings in regard to that festive wank.
18. The steamer soon disappeared, and in an hour afterwards, as the count had said, was scarcely distinguishable in the horizon amidst the fogs of the night.
19. The airport there is located in a bowl that often fogs in completely, even when the weather is relatively clear in the city itself, only a few miles away.
20. It is a notorious fact that the transatlantic steamships are not navigated with due regard to safety; that they steam at practically full speed in the densest fogs.
21. The precise origins of the Mage Wars have been lost in the fogs of Time, but disc philosophers agree that the First Men, shortly after their creation, understandably lost their temper.
22. It rained out his arms to loosen his hard-mouthed hands on the shuddering wheel and sit him with grace and ease in his horsehair saddle as he gentled through the fogs that kept us and Dublin apart.
23. The coast of the Namib-Bi-man Desert is called the Skeleton Coast: populated by ships wrecked by the fogs, treacherous currents, and westerly storms that make this entire coast feared and uninhabited by man.
24. There came a dull pall, like that of her own black fogs, over social London, and the stucco-fronted languors of Baker Street and Portland Place are no worse than were the dull monotony of the interiors behind them.
25. Fogs and rains and warmer suns are gradually melting the snow; the days have grown sensibly longer; and I see how I shall get through the winter without adding to my wood-pile, for large fires are no longer necessary.
26. The recollection of other years and days in rains and fogs, the mother and her small creature, and the soot on that tiny face, and the cry of the woman herself which was like a shrieking of brakes put on to fend off damnation.
27. The recollection of other years and days in rains and fogs, the mother and her small creature, and the soot on that tiny face, and the cry of the woman herself, which was like a shrieking of brakes put on to fend off damnation.
28. Is it unsympathetic not to like fruitless, profitless, barren things? Not to like fogs and blights and other deadening, decaying things? From my heart I pity all the people who are so made that they cannot get on with their living for fear of their dying; but I do not admire them.
29. Along both ranges of hills, which bounded the opposite sides of the lake and valley, clouds of light vapor were rising in spiral wreaths from the uninhabited woods, looking like the smoke of hidden cottages; or rolled lazily down the declivities, to mingle with the fogs of the lower land.
30. She said there was nothing as good for one as being stirred up, that only the well stirred ever achieve great things, that stagnation never yet produced a soul that had shot up out of reach of fogs on to the clear heights from which alone you can call out directions for the guidance of those below.
31. That this current of air should be very warm may be readily conceived, when we reflect that it comes from a hot tropical region; and that it should be very moist, excites no surprise, when it is considered, that in its passage upwards it passes wholly over water, and through the warm mists and fogs constantly ascending from the Mississippi and its tributaries.
32. You feed yourself on great slakes of cod and minnow, on rivers of jellyfish, and you rise slow through the autumn months, through September when the fogs started, through October with more fog and the horn still calling you on, and then, late in November, after pressurizing yourself day by day, a few feet higher every hour, you are near the surface and still alive.
33. In Saint Stylites, the famous Christian hermit of old times, who built him a lofty stone pillar in the desert and spent the whole latter portion of his life on its summit, hoisting his food from the ground with a tackle; in him we have a remarkable instance of a dauntless stander-of-mast-heads; who was not to be driven from his place by fogs or frosts, rain, hail, or sleet; but valiantly facing everything out to the last, literally died at his post.
34. They turned and saw from the misty fogs,.
35. Contagious fogs; which, falling in the land,.

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