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Deliberate en una oración (en ingles)

  1. It was a deliberate action.
  3. I think her act was deliberate.
  4. His voice was calm and deliberate.
  5. He started out slow and deliberate.

  6. His movements were slow, deliberate.
  7. It was only with a very deliberate.
  8. It is deliberate act of misbehaviour.
  9. May have to deliberate over this one.
  10. Deliberate selection of death (even.
  11. Nolan took a very deliberate step back.
  12. May be it’s a deliberate ploy used.
  13. This is a deliberate change from both.
  14. And they deliberate to-morrow, at midday.
  15. The jury will leave now and deliberate.

  16. An action is a deliberate choice you make.
  17. It is a deliberate carefully thought out.
  18. This process of deliberate, self-imposed.
  19. So there's a danger with a deliberate and.
  20. He used a deliberate, thoughtful, slowness.
  21. Enrico did another of his deliberate pauses.
  22. Em shook her head with a deliberate movement.
  23. The students were to "deliberate" over this.
  24. Skeets spoke in a clipped but deliberate tone.
  25. I was worried about the deliberate road kills.

  26. His last words were said with deliberate effort.
  27. Nathan nodded slow and deliberate to his opponent.
  28. It will deliberate with the presence of at least.
  29. She can also be usually deliberate in her actions.
  30. They were organized, resourceful, deliberate, and.
  31. Max lowered her pistol in a slow deliberate manner.
  32. None of our houses will withstand a deliberate fire.
  33. It was a family trait, I learned and not deliberate.
  34. I think it was deliberate and it wasn’t a shotgun.
  35. There’s nothing to deliberate, said Stenarch.
  36. With pure deliberate notes spreading filling the night.
  37. The men were closing in on them with deliberate steps.
  38. With deliberate slowness, my hands slid down to his arm.
  39. But there are cases out there that are truly deliberate.
  40. She looked at him as if he was being deliberate awkward.
  41. I think we need to deliberate this matter, Marbury.
  42. He was not closed-minded, just cautious and deliberate.
  43. Two minutes later I heard Apollon's deliberate footsteps.
  44. Instead something soothing and deliberate took over my.
  45. Wait here, the warrior said in a deliberate manner.
  46. They lived a much more deliberate and less cluttered life.
  47. It was a deliberate decision to make field repairs easier.
  48. The BJP leader insisted that it wasn’t a deliberate act.
  49. The ricochet of her shoes on pavement is loud, deliberate.
  50. There was nothing deliberate or measured about his actions.
  51. He read the verse slowly and with deliberate emphasis and.
  52. There was a deliberate decision to first insure the entire.
  53. Most likely a deliberate mistranslation for in 1611 it had.
  54. Remember that the most effortless acts of deliberate.
  55. Honour killing is the deliberate and calculated killing (of.
  56. Inquiry involves the deliberate discovery of everything that.
  57. Neither was sure if it had been deliberate or just a mistake.
  58. Of what did the duumvirate deliberate during their itinerary?
  59. Her movements more from muscle memory than deliberate thought.
  60. His slow, deliberate speech made Godwyn fidget with impatience.
  61. It requires conscious, carefully planned and deliberate effort.
  62. Then he sat back in his chair and took a deliberate sip of tea.
  63. M: On the human scale of values deliberate effort is considered.
  64. Here now are a few useful, deliberate gestures that you can use:.
  65. What is at issue was a deliberate choice made by the RCMP not to.
  66. A very deliberate ploy, I felt, to show off her long, tanned legs.
  67. Then, in a very deliberate way, Alex reseated his champagne glass.
  68. Whether it was deliberate or accidental, you caused this to happen.
  69. And then he hears the man’s voice, slow and deliberate, icy-calm.
  70. Don’t know why … wasn’t deliberate, just didn’t mention it.
  71. So Arjun should deliberate well on his gains and losses, and pre-.
  72. Can’t be sure of anything, but I have a feeling it was deliberate.
  73. He flexed the muscles in his hands and head with deliberate motions.
  74. His deliberate abstinence was designed to draw the sexual energy of.
  75. The steps were slow and deliberate, as if they were trying to conceal.
  76. That print they left at the first scene had to have been deliberate.
  77. The committee, however, can deliberate upon the subject, and propose one.
  78. Therefore the order probably was deliberate and might then be the cipher.
  79. The current economic system is a deliberate and well-sculpted deception.
  80. And Locke knew Hamilton never said anything without deliberate intention.
  81. But it was now of the latest to deliberate, for, by this time, the young.
  82. Looking at the sea-blue floor, his mind began to deliberate possibilities.
  83. Again, nothing deliberate was intended on the part of the star of the show.
  84. Roman dabbled with his food, taking slow, deliberate bites not because it.
  85. Her mother walked up with a similar walking style, deliberate and confident.
  86. It was commenced in the prosecution of the best and most deliberate policy.
  87. In its deliberate actions, the United States federal government violated.
  88. Bright white light seemed to flow through them with slow, deliberate pulses.
  89. Some deliberate intention, incentive, goal or purpose is definitely involved.
  90. Richard's rejection of the term open source and his deliberate creation of.
  91. Ermák went to Stroganóv, and they began to deliberate how they had best go.
  92. With a deliberate slow pace, I take one step after the other moving toward him.
  93. That is deliberate for the Progressives want that to happen so that they can.
  94. His final chilling thoughts on the subject were that it could be a deliberate.
  95. With deliberate slowness, he takes a step toward me, and another, then pauses.
  96. John did as he was told with deliberate slowness and handed it to the sergeant.
  97. He didn’t deal just with your transgressions, deliberate actions against Him.
  98. Spock came slowly around the couch, moving as if each step required deliberate.
  99. Nancy looked down at her with near contempt, speaking in a very deliberate tone.
  100. However, since there was definite a pattern, they believed it to be deliberate.
  1. Grace paused as if still deliberating.
  2. He had never been one for deliberating.
  3. Him, and He said to them, Are you deliberating.
  4. He seemed to be deliberating on some means of escape.
  5. They gave their cold sweets an extra long suck, deliberating.
  6. We were deliberating here whether to tell you at once or not?
  7. While Gavroche was deliberating, the attack took place, abruptly and hideously.
  8. He had been gone for too long and he wanted to imply he had been deliberating.
  9. They went and sat down before Tiamat, deliberating about the gods, their firstborns.
  10. The troll unsheathed his sword, deliberating which of the three he should slice up first.
  11. Deliberating whether to disclose details about the vast entity that could ensoul the energy.
  12. Watching the streak of smoke, Sergey Ivanovitch walked gently on, deliberating on his position.
  13. I sat for an hour and a half alone, deliberating ; rather, not really deliberating but dreaming.
  14. Billy arched his eyebrow deliberating the strange behavior he’s witnessed from his best friend.
  15. The jury was still deliberating, he said as he pointed to a second-floor window in the courthouse.
  16. Now all of these three started deliberating and pondering over the most dangerous current situation.
  17. For several days before, Darya Alexandrovna was busily deliberating on how to dress all the children.
  18. It seemed like they had been deliberating for hours, and judging from the thick tension in the room, possibly arguing.
  19. She placed it on the floor and looked at Rosemary for a few seconds as if deliberating whether or not to say something.
  20. Then he stopped short in the dark porch and stood deliberating for five minutes; at last he made his way back into the house.
  21. The night following this affair--I was to go the next morning-- was spent by me in deliberating on what my future conduct should be.
  22. The night following this affair—I was to go the next morning—was spent by me in deliberating on what my future conduct should be.
  23. I will not waste time in this letter describing the trial, except to say that as I write to you now, the jury is deliberating the outcome.
  24. I asked them, 'What are you deliberating upon, gentlemen?' There did not seem to be any president, though Don Jose Avellanos sat at the head of the table.
  25. What was in there? Was there enough strength? Enough courage? How could she test it? She sat for some time deliberating then she went and sought out Shelagh.
  26. One afternoon, after deliberating over it for a while, she had a few drinks and then picked up the telephone to talk to Wilder, calling from New York to Los Angeles.
  27. Meantime, the Junta of the Notables in the great sala was still deliberating; only, one of them had run out in the corredor to ask the servant whether something to eat couldn't be sent in.
  28. After deliberating with other chiefs, Kakabo made up his mind to apply to the Queen of England, at first merely asking her to take the islands under her protection, but afterwards requesting definite annexation.
  29. Troup hoped the House would not be precipitated unadvisedly into a decision of a question of this kind; that they would not break in upon a system which had served them so well without maturely deliberating upon it.
  30. He’d developed a habit for surviving the empty interval at the close of trials between when jurors trudged from the courtroom to begin deliberating and the moment they marched back in, ready to announce their verdict.
  31. The operation to deal with the terrorist gangs would be launched as soon as possible and completed with all speed, while the constitutional change committee was formed and started deliberating on the steps needed to bring about a permanent political solution.
  32. And so, for those who are still deliberating whether to get merchant account or the third party merchant account, it is strongly suggested that whatever methods is used, remember to take into consideration the pros and cons of the two method so as to accept credit card.
  33. Having made an outline of a speech, which he was to deliver to the peasants the following day, Nekhludoff went to the manager's house, and after further deliberating upon the proper disposition of the stock, he calmly and contentedly retired to a room prepared for him in the large building.
  34. I can understand compulsory military service, which affects my children, my brothers, and myself, I am ready to deliberate on what concerns me; but deliberating on how to spend forty thousand roubles of district council money, or judging the half-witted Alioshka—I don't understand, and I can't do it.
  35. I can understand compulsory military service, which affects my children, my brothers, and myself, I am ready to deliberate on what concerns me; but deliberating on how to spend forty thousand roubles of district council money, or judging the half-witted Alioshka—I don’t understand, and I can’t do it.
  36. Bulstrode had rarely in his life spoken with such nervous energy: he had been deliberating on this speech and its probable effects through a large part of the night; and though he did not trust to its ultimately saving him from any return of Raffles, he had concluded that it was the best throw he could make.
  37. Off went this notable letter, and by return of post from London, we got our answer as we were all sitting in council; deliberating anent the rebuilding of the Crosswell, which had been for some time in a sore state of dilapidation; and surely never was any letter more to the point and less to the purpose of an applicant.
  38. I claim it not, sir, for myself personally, but I claim it in the capacity of a Representative of a free people, sent here, not like a member of the French Council of Five Hundred, for the purpose of voting merely, but for the purpose of deliberating on subjects of high concern to their peace, their prosperity, their happiness.
  39. Students deliberating on the National Guard,—such a thing could not be seen among the Ogibewas nor the Cadodaches! Savages who go naked, with their noddles dressed like a shuttlecock, with a club in their paws, are less of brutes than those bachelors of arts! The four-penny monkeys! And they set up for judges! Those creatures deliberate and ratiocinate! The end of the world is come! This is plainly the.
  40. Jesus knew that Sabbath breaking would be one of the chief charges to be brought against him when the final test came, and he desired to be brought before the Sanhedrin for adjudication of the charge of having healed a blind man on the Sabbath day, when the very session of the high Jewish court sitting in judgment on him for this act of mercy would be deliberating on these matters on the Sabbath day and in direct violation of their own self-imposed laws.
  41. Could that gentleman repose his head upon his pillow without returning thanks to God that he was descended from English parentage? Whence but from that origin came all the blessings of life, so far as political privileges are concerned? To what is it owing that we are at this moment deliberating under the forms of a free representative government? Suppose we had been colonies of any other European nation—compare our condition with that of the Spanish, Portuguese, or French settlements in America? To what was our superiority owing? To our Anglo-Saxon race.
  42. For what, sir, are we assembled here under a constitution the purest in the world? Is it not for the purpose of promoting "the general welfare" of the nation which we represent? And how is this to be done, except by a free communication of our sentiments to each other, on the various plans which may be proposed for that object? The peace, the honor, and interest of this country is confided to our care, and while we are here deliberating on the best means of preserving the one or securing and promoting the other, the constitution has very wisely thrown around us a shield of complete indemnity—"for any speech or debate in this House," we are "not to be questioned in any other place.
  1. He deliberated for a.
  2. I deliberated what to say to her.
  3. Gabe and Elle both deliberated on the topic.
  4. She deliberated only a moment, I wish to begin now.
  5. Frankie deliberated, wriggling in her mother's embrace.
  6. Then he deliberated again, got up and dressed hurriedly.
  7. As he deliberated, his eyes registered movement from above.
  8. She deliberated that it might pretty well be an entire year.
  9. I deliberated on what I wished to say, and then I said it:.
  10. The jury deliberated for exactly an hour, neither more nor less.
  11. He was in the very place where the judges deliberated and condemned.
  12. That was the easy part the clandestine Yogini deliberated, following Lady Tara.
  13. This question is one which has never been settled, or even fully deliberated on.
  14. I deliberated for a long time whether I had better cut down the bird-cherry, or not.
  15. I deliberated long and hard about whether to include this next example, because it is.
  16. I looked around the room while the Judge deliberated the request, my heart beating fast.
  17. The Tartars deliberated among themselves; the interpreter said, Three thousand roubles.
  18. For many moons they deliberated the vast issues of an existence in the Realm of Relativity.
  19. Join Me, I said, she deliberated for a while and then came to sit in the chair next to me.
  20. They had deliberated and voted for several hours before they unanimously agreed on the winning entry.
  21. A little judge and jury panel deliberated in their minds about whether or not I was telling the truth.
  22. He then turned to the other two and asked them to step outside while he deliberated his entire position to Emily.
  23. Because every reversal has to lose traction and stop before it changes direction, turns are either decisive or deliberated.
  24. Ben deliberated, as he was still putting together all the facts and probabilities, then he said, This is the way I see it.
  25. The book looked like it was at least a thousand years old, impossible he deliberated, but with this girl, he was never sure.
  26. Slikit trailed along behind, doing his best to hide his agitation as he deliberated on what he was getting himself involved in.
  27. The young man willingly believed that the Huron deliberated on the most eligible manner of eluding the vigilance of his associates.
  28. His person was now protected by immemorial and sacred usage, until the tribe in council had deliberated and determined on his fate.
  29. Eight had immediately informed the Board of the execution and had been confined to his quarters while they deliberated over his fate.
  30. When I said that I only came to see how Miss Havisham was, Sarah evidently deliberated whether or no she should send me about my business.
  31. Yet the idea had several times presented itself to him, and he had deliberated on it—for that we have facts, witnesses, and his own words.
  32. We deliberated on her name and finally chose Nawader, an Arabic word for rare thing, taken from a passage in Gérard de Nerval’s Women of Cairo.
  33. What I now wish you to understand is, that I accept no revision, still less dictation within that range of affairs which I have deliberated upon as distinctly and properly mine.
  34. Belinda, you well may ask whether I, who was e’er prone to Deliberation and Philosophical Debate within my own Soul, deliberated with myself about earning my Living as a Whore.
  35. I should, if I had deliberated, have replied to this question by something conventionally vague and polite; but the answer somehow slipped from my tongue before I was aware—No, sir.
  36. While he deliberated upon his next move, Gaspar observed one of the workshop doors being thrown open beyond the gate and a large, horse-drawn wagon emerge, laden with tools and materials.
  37. By certain signs and symptoms, I thought he seemed anxious for me to join him; but well knowing what was to follow, I deliberated a moment whether, in case he invited me, I would comply or otherwise.
  38. For that matter, though the Oneidas do serve his sacred majesty, who is my sovereign lord and master, I should not have deliberated long about letting off 'killdeer' at the imp myself, had luck thrown him in my way.
  39. The confusion, however, is not entirely over, for rather than accepting the carefully deliberated recommendations of the National Standards Board, Glickman declined to definitively prohibit three practices being used in producing organically grown foods.
  40. But the Unseelie Princes just shocked the hell out of me, proved themselves to be ambitious and goal-oriented, willing to adopt a mien of civility to achieve their aims, and channel what used to be a maelstrom of uncontrolled hunger into deliberated action.
  41. At Rome, on the contrary, the principal courts of justice consisted either of a single judge, or of a small number of judges, whose characters, especially as they deliberated always in public, could not fail to be very much affected by any rash or unjust decision.
  42. So subdued I was by those tears, and by their breaking out again in the course of the quiet walk, that when I was on the coach, and it was clear of the town, I deliberated with an aching heart whether I would not get down when we changed horses and walk back, and have another evening at home, and a better parting.
  43. It is not now necessary to speak of our injuries, of the necessity of resistance, nor even of the superior advantages of any particular mode of resistance; for it is, I believe, a very prevalent opinion in this House, as well as with the nation, that we have already deliberated enough, and that it is incumbent on us to act.
  44. I deliberated long and hard about whether to include this next example, because it is so controversial; but it is also the most perfect example I can think of to illustrate how our beliefs affect what we perceive out there and prevent us from seeing what is and how those beliefs can contribute to so much pain and suffering in our lives.
  45. As they continued their short journey to the end of the meadow where a large expansive copse and the dense forest formed the boundaries of the pristine, grassy fields, Feltus deliberated the descriptions he had been given of Terence who was riding slightly ahead of him with his shoulders pushed back as though he was determined to maintain his stiff upper lip.
  46. As if any price could change the atrociousness of the attempt on the part of Great Britain, or could extenuate in the slightest degree the offence of those citizens who entertained and deliberated upon the infamous proposition! There was a most remarkable coincidence between some of the things which that man states, and certain events in the quarter alluded to.
  1. As James Brady deliberates, Ronald Reagan spends thirty minutes alone in the Oval Office, tinkering with his upcoming speech.
  2. The assembly which deliberates and decides concerning the affairs of every part of the empire, in order to be properly informed, ought certainly to have representatives from every part of it.
  3. The person who has a capital from which he wishes to derive a revenue, without taking the trouble to employ it himself, deliberates whether he should buy land with it, or lend it out at interest.
  4. When the public deliberates concerning any regulation of commerce or police, the proprietors of land never can mislead it, with a view to promote the interest of their own particular order ; at least, if they have any tolerable knowledge of that interest.

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