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    1. storage cavity, but in an anxious fuddle he fumbled

    2. still some infection inside the cavity but it could

    3. the middle of the rotting chest cavity, and grabbed

    4. Drau’d thought he saw an inner glow from the hammer as his father collapsed the being’s chest cavity

    5. It wasn't long before Alec was fast asleep, his nasal cavity booming louder than a thunderstorm, and soon afterwards his students began yawning, one after another, as though the weariness was an infection

    6. Consumption of natural fruits rich in flavonoids helps to protect from lung and oral cavity cancers

    7. He sat on the edge of the hole and swung his partially exposed legs into the cold cavity

    8. inside a cavity he'd carved along the body of the phallus, underneath, so there was nothing more

    9. Unfortunately, his appendix ruptured during surgery and pus spread throughout his abdominal cavity

    10. The tip of the match had slipped into the cavity, jangling an already thrumming nerve

    11. Hartle pushed on it and the panel hinged up automatically to reveal a small cavity

    12. Snap the roll into position, feed the end of the wire into the cone-shaped cavity, press the trigger once

    13. They rose from the depths of the inferno of molten rock and lava up to the level of the unique gangway that traversed the astounding cavity

    14. It was not so much a room as it was a crevice, a hollowed out cavity of rock somewhere underneath the city, just another small cave forming part of a complex network whose size she could only guess

    15. As she was about to ask her young guide how much longer they would have to walk, the girl stopped short of a small corridor that led to a somewhat brightly lit cavity

    16. An early arrival at the well and storage cavity was the best guarantee of unchallenged access, she knew by past experience

    17. What I wouldn’t give to drink a nice Vodka or gin fresh out of an ice shaker in that little cavity

    18. Finally it is to fill the cavity of the mind, once so emptied, with passion, hot and irrational

    19. what wasn't already starching my underwear--into the far reaches of her heavenly cavity

    20. Smirking, Adrian re-inserted his fingers into my cavity

    21. open up a brain cavity on the living as there were

    22. A cavity may be filled with air, but that air is easily displaced by other objects, such as cement

    23. When the cavity is filled with cement and the cement hardens, it be-

    24. sense, the cavity is more tightly bound by cement than by air

    25. coming in from the wall cavity behind a cut-out

    26. these wingbacks in relation to the open cavity

    27. timber in the wall cavity to take the screws of

    28. cavity for the dishwasher

    29. the wall cavity as there are plumbing pipes

    30. there's only an empty, gruesome cavity left there for my belly

    31. The heart's aorta blood pumped furiously inside the chest cavity but could not squeeze out the small stiletto hole as the thin blade was withdrawn

    32. A great circle of Healers put their minds together and came up with a spell that cancels one resonance of my vocal cavity, and eliminates the effort of remembering which sibilants to vocalize

    33. But the cavity wasn’t too deep

    34. The front slid sideways to reveal a small cavity behind the body of the butterfly

    35. nasal cavity, mixing with the general medley of liquids collecting

    36. hollowed out the inside and pumped cold water through it body cavity

    37. had a head this big, with a HUGE brain cavity, Ha hah hee! Like one of those wise men in a Chinese

    38. ” the woman said when the door closed then something seemed to tug at my heart, as if an invisible force had invaded my chest cavity and was pulling at my organs

    39. For a moment, I thought that I would stifle; the thick concoction was left in my mouth and whatever efforts I made to swallow it didn't move one iota from my oral cavity

    40. bed, into her gut cavity and between her and Gary, before pulling the

    41. Put the hard boiled eggs into the cavity of the

    42. impaled on his hardness, to eventually plunge his hand into her chest cavity and

    43. He took x-rays and they showed exactly where the shaft hit into the pleural cavity, just missing the heart and the great veins

    44. “The only thing left for them to do to us is cavity searches," Sheila said in disgust

    45. By cutting into the stomach cavity they were preventing the build up of gasses as the body decays and preventing the bodies from becoming too buoyant and floating along on the current or even floating to the surface

    46. Operated wirelessly from a transmitter installed in his chest cavity Grailem transmits a low pitched signal that alters the distant orbit of the starship around the planet

    47. The container receives the other end of the plastic tubing that is to be inserted into Lewis's chest cavity

    48. When the tube is inserted into his chest and Lewis coughs; forcing air out of the cavity along the plastic tubing, the non-return valve in the water prevents the air from returning

    49. As the doctor removes the tape that is holding the tube to his body where it enters the chest cavity Lewis notices the plastic tubing is kinked

    50. As the now motionless body hits the floor, the cavity reveals things usually not welcomed as treats

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    bodily cavity cavity cavum pit caries dental caries tooth decay enclosed space hollow depression basin indentation crater bowl recess