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    1. ‘In that case, if we could get Drens to bring the boat into that bay there …’ he points to an indentation in the coastline near Ciutadella

    2. resting in the very small indentation of her waist

    3. He wasn’t there but I could see he had slept there as the pillows were all scrunched from the indentation of his head

    4. She stopped by the deep indentation in the sand where they’d been playing

    5. Train this habit of indentation; otherwise you would end up writing

    6. “You see that wide U-shaped indentation on the

    7. indentation from the previous explosion was so large that it could

    8. Damon’ on his left bicep with an indentation of a Dove with its’ wings up above the inked letters

    9. Limpy was sniffing at an indentation in the wall of the gully

    10. The rock wall that was being constructed was around the dark indentation

    11. Limpy growled at the indentation

    12. Will continued pushing the rake into the indentation

    13. The indentation is done for readability, so that someone looking at the program can more easily follow the logic of the program

    14. This is called indentation

    15. Leading whitespace (spaces and tabs) at the beginning of the logical line is used to determine the indentation level of the logical line, which in turn is used to determine the grouping of statements

    16. This means that statements which go together must have the same indentation

    17. One thing you should remember is how wrong indentation can give rise to errors

    18. Choose any of these three indentation styles

    19. use that indentation style only

    20. and reduces the amount of indentation required

    21. indentation on the pillow that would have been from his guest

    22. appeared from the indentation on the pillow and the sheets that Marie

    23. There was no blood or readily noticeable wounds, except for the awkward indentation on the left side of his head that resembled a damaged melon

    24. As he approached the indentation in the sand he came to a halt and then dropped to his knees

    25. Yuff was one of the few guys that had that goofy hole indentation in

    26. There was an indentation in the wall where a three-fingered hand would fit

    27. indentation into the next 5 pages

    28. charges had left an indentation in the solid rock, but the doorway to

    29. lines to spider out from the small indentation

    30. But instead of the entire print, it looked like just the heel of a shoe made an indentation in the dirt

    31. You mean the indentation in the ground?”

    32. “Subjectmade? Govicide Agent Locke, that is a simple indentation in the ground

    33. A comical indentation of a bemused man was left, as he slid down the wall, falling to a slump

    34. His thumb traced the indentation

    35. Pedro pressed Cristian into the indentation in the wall, punching him

    36. They both seemed at a loss for how the indentation occurred, stating that it was an accident

    37. "What could have done this?" he asked examining an indentation and crack at the rear of

    38. Brinkman flipped it around till he found an indentation in the shape of

    39. I saw there was a deep indentation in the center of the flower

    40. indentation to hold some jam

    41. an idol of Lord Brahma had been installed on an indentation in the wall, at the north end of the chamber

    42. Chandraketu went to a side wall, took off a ring from his forefinger and pressed it into an indentation

    43. was an indentation, wide enough for Ronan to fi t his fi ngers

    44. Setting off the charges had left an indentation in the solid rock, but the doorway to the Well from this side of the mountain had its gold mining shaft up higher and the rocks were cut from above in a downward direction

    45. It is an extremely painful condition that can result from hairs being trapped in an indentation located above the cleft of the buttocks

    46. My eyes caught sight of the indentation on the old warrior’s finger where the ring must have rested for many years, without being removed before it had been given to me

    47. His nose was a large, fleshy, hawklike beak, and from the side of each nostril a deep indentation extended downwards until it disappeared in the drooping moustache that concealed his mouth when he was not speaking, but the vast extent of which was perceptible now as he opened it to call out the words of the hymn

    48. Simeon showed him the back of the cross and pointed to a shallow cup-shaped indentation just below the

    49. again, into the queer element I offered her, one of her plunges of submission; then I pointed out that the boat might perfectly be in a small refuge formed by one of the recesses of the pool, an indentation masked, for the hither side, by a projection of the bank and by a clump of trees growing close to the water

    50. The leather cord bit into his neck, making a deep red indentation

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