Oraciones con la palabra "chap"

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Chap en una oración (en ingles)

So if this chap --.
There is also a Chap.
There was a chap in.
For I am an ugly chap.
Nice young chap he is.
He's a very good chap.
Oh, what a clever chap.

No? Queer kind of chap.
Hear what John says, chap.
The 15th Charles II, chap.
Best get hopping old chap.
No better than that chap!.
He was a good chap, really.
As we point out later (Chap.
By the 8th of Elizabeth, chap.
You can have my best chap here.
John also it occur, thus, chap.
In our earlier discussion (Chap.
One chap bought six sports cars.
The version in the Acts in chap.
Matt and the new chap, Larry.
The chap who used to sit here.
This proved true with this chap.
See also the Supplement to chap.
See notes re casseroles in Chap.
He was not a nice chap at all.
I suppose that chap would think.
Still he was a courteous old chap.
No, it has to be the same chap.
Josephus (compare Wars, book V, chap.
And the old chap will agree at once.
He's a clever chap, too, with the pen.
Thanks for the suggestion, old chap.
The chap in the macintosh is thirteen.
Brave chap, observed the Captain.
Next chap rubs on a new batch with his.
In Book xviii of the Antiquities, chap.
John in the phrases of the proem, chap.
That chap must have been a superb actor.
Don't try it again, there's a good chap.

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