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Crevice en una oración (en ingles)

I hid it in a crevice.
She’d scaled the damn crevice.
She looked back through the crevice.
Filling every crevice, of the heart.
It is in a deep crevice in some rocks.
I see the crevice, he informed them.
Andy got out and felt around in the crevice.

Raw emotion fills every corner, every crevice.
The body was out of sight, caught in the crevice.
I put the scimitar in a crevice among those rocks.
Thing: Cameras installed in every crevice in house.
A few paces away, the tall shadow became a crevice.
Hidden deep within the crevice she found—nothing_.
In the morning the words read, ―A crevice is a pod.
Joey made a mad dash out of the crevice and into the open.
Carmen rolled over and worked her foot out of the crevice.
He searched every item, corner and crevice of the suitcase.
Sam absorbed her beauty as his eyes feasted on every crevice.
He watched her head back to the crevice while he buckled them.
Stooping down into a crevice of the rocks, I tried one of them.
It was paved and clean, but grass was growing in every crevice.
It clinked and clattered onto the rocks, falling into a crevice.
There should be a blanket wedged into a crevice right above it.
The crevice that she had just come from was the heart of the Blue.
He pushed the scimitar into the crevice as far as his arm would reach.
Andy and I threw our IDs in the same crevice of a dilapidated building.
Within that crevice waits a personal journey, unique to each individual.
I put it into a rock crevice that seemed as if it would be a very dry place.
All the while he rested his eyes on the open flower, the furry crevice, the.
Ahmed moved to the crevice opening, reached in and then withdrew the scimitar.
At the entrance of the crevice he took aim and threw a stone into the opening.
With a gesture he ordered us to crouch beside him at the foot of a wide crevice.
Where his foot struck, a crevice opened in the solid rock that widened instantly.
Roger was also bloodied and sweat poured copiously from every crevice of his body.
I found a little family of mice building a nest within a small crevice in a dead tree.
This crevice, the hiatus of a gulf of mire, was called a fontis, in the special tongue.
The clothyard shafts found every crevice in their armor and the housings of the steeds.
At a point about three quarters of the way to the top he found a narrow but deep crevice.
He’d lost friends who would have given him hell for not being able to climb the crevice.
There was a stream exiting the lake and flowing off into the a crevice in the cavern wal.

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