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Chap in a sentence

That new chap Mr.
See Part 3, Chap.
Odd chap, really.
verse or two (chap.
Tall balding chap.
- See book v, chap.
Decline, poor chap.

Call the young chap.
So if this chap --.
There was a chap in.
We pointed out (Chap.
There is also a Chap.
‘Steady on, old chap.
The poor chap looked.
Nice young chap he is.
For I am an ugly chap.
Pretty nigh, old chap.
Oh, what a clever chap.
No? Queer kind of chap.
He's a very good chap.
9 As pointed out in Chap.
Hear what John says, chap.
The 15th Charles II, chap.
A remarkable chap enough.
Best get hopping old chap.
He was a good chap, really.
chap was not amused when he.
As we point out later (Chap.
(See our discussion in Chap.
Dreadfully sorry, old chap.
By the 8th of Elizabeth, chap.

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Synonyms for chap

chap blighter bloke cuss fella feller fellow gent lad crack cranny crevice fissure