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Cleft en una oración (en ingles)

In the eternal holy cleft.
Again, he came to her cleft.
Oh! his soul felt that it was cleft.
Benign as he appeared, Cleft had his.
Cleft had a fetish for patriotic songs.
A dumb belch of hunger cleft his speech.
The Universe is a smiling eternal cleft.
I’ll give you moisture in the cleft.
The cleft in the chin, the dimples that he.
The tunnel was some way behind; the Cleft a.
The cleft was longer and deeper than it seemed.
He broke out from a cleft to confront the bay.
She pressed it there as her moist cleft parted.
To the far left in somewhat of a cleft, was my.
THE LOITERERS: (Guffaw with cleft palates) O jays!.
She walked out of the cleft wincing with each step.
Slowly it began to separate, to cleft in the middle.
Gasping, he broke out from a cleft to confront the bay.
Then darkness fell, deep and black in the mountain cleft.
The head of the orc-company appeared in the Cleft right.
We didn’t stop until we reached a cleft in the hillside.
Finally, the creature thrust his cold nose into her cleft.
It goes up to a high cleft and so down to -- that which is beyond.
The servant was prophesied to place the anointed child into the cleft.
Cleft projected enthusiasm and his smile was as inspiring as his baton.
Up close, she noticed his unusually square jaw and the deep cleft in it.
Even when cleft or bored through it is not comprehended in its entireness.
She was facing the cleft in the rock where the Ghost Raider had ambushed them.
When the steppe came to an end, the road entered a cleft between two mountains.
Having said that, the conquering Ashura cleft his enemy in halves from within.
Someone had filled the largest cleft in its mud bricks with shards of pottery.
Out of the cleft, hesitantly, came the hooded figure they had seen by the stream.
Bryce’s nose was slightly crooked and there was a white scar near his chin cleft.
The avalanche had swept past the spot and had flowed into a deep cleft in the mountain.
But the demand for cleft repair often outstripped the supply that Operation Smile could offer.
It was at a point where the face of the cliff was for the first time split into a narrow cleft.
It wasn’t really a cave at all; more of a cleft; although it was roofed with stone in places.
You know, I think you’re ready, he commented when his cock rubbed hotly against her moist cleft.
There was a sooty cleft in the wall a few feet from the floor, and some of the smoke found its way out there.
Robert is buried at the bottom of that cleft, under all the rocks and dirt that came down with the avalanche.

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