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Cleft in a sentence

cleft into the cataract.
In the eternal holy cleft.
Again, he came to her cleft.
Oh! his soul felt that it was cleft.
Benign as he appeared, Cleft had his.
lay slumbering in thy stony cave cleft.
Cleft had a fetish for patriotic songs.
A dumb belch of hunger cleft his speech.
The Universe is a smiling eternal cleft.
I’ll give you moisture in the cleft.
The cleft in the chin, the dimples that he.
space and not dopamine in the synaptic cleft.
The tunnel was some way behind; the Cleft a.
concealed beach inside the cleft of the cliff.
because Cleft was always a step ahead of them.
Above this natural cleft would be a fissure,.
right above him, on the left hand of the Cleft.
He broke out from a cleft to confront the bay.
The cleft was longer and deeper than it seemed.
She pressed it there as her moist cleft parted.
cleft in the nucleus accumbens of the rat brain.
To the far left in somewhat of a cleft, was my.
at the top of the cleft, just clear of the water.
Within this fissure immediately above the cleft,.
She walked out of the cleft wincing with each step.
THE LOITERERS: (Guffaw with cleft palates) O jays!.
Slowly it began to separate, to cleft in the middle.
people could have been washed into a cleft in the rock.

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