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Cloudy en una oración (en ingles)

1. It was cloudy and dirty.
2. Now the skies are cloudy.
3. Today it was unusualy cloudy.
4. It was mostly cloudy, with.
5. It was cloudy when we woke up.
6. Her eyes were pale and cloudy.
7. Today was cloudy and blustery.

8. The weather was cloudy and cool.
9. Sky cloudy with mist in the air.
10. The evening sky is partly cloudy.
11. Use them even when it’s cloudy.
12. The sky was cloudy and the moon.
13. They made the cloudy sky reappear.
14. It was a cloudy, gusty, rainy day.
15. It was kind of a cloudy, misty day.
16. He looked up at the dark, cloudy sky.
17. It was to remain cloudy throughout.
18. It was a cloudy but dry and warm day.
19. The waxing moon sank into the cloudy.
20. It was chilly in the morning, cloudy.
21. They looked into his cloudy eyes that.
22. I glanced up at the ominous cloudy sky.
23. Topside it was a cloudy, dank day, the.
24. The cloudy substance was straight ahead.
25. Her cloudy hair as golden as the leaves.
26. I feel a little cloudy this morning though.
27. Her eyes were too cloudy to tell their color.
28. The sky was cloudy, but the clouds were well.
29. She had the cloudy memory that made her think.
30. Don't worry about the cloudy water that results.
31. The cloudy overcast held in the summer-like heat.
32. On a cloudy day, it's more common than you think.
33. The bathroom is now cloudy with steam… and hot.
34. Few stars glittered in the partly cloudy night sky.
35. That much I remember, but everything else is cloudy.
36. These thoughts ran through Mark's cloudy mind as he.
37. Now it didn't matter if became cloudy or covered in.
38. While the storm had passed, the skies remained cloudy.
39. However, I had seen the cloudy sight in mother’s eyes.
40. His mind, however, was still somewhat cloudy from the.
41. Not cloudy, not twilight, not the early minutes of dawn.
42. The words reverberated in Alex’s cloudy, drifting mind.
43. Now the cloudy Eyes of the city moved out of fog and mist.
44. A cloudy family picture hinted at three missing brothers.
45. His vision grew cloudy, Carl swimming in and out of focus.
46. The night sky was cloudy, and it was hard to see anything.
47. One that leads the Nautilus on a cloudy night within a short.
48. Iratus thoughts drifted through cloudy seas of memory, before.
49. She could tell immediately upon waking that it was a cloudy day.
50. It was still dark outside and the moon shone through the cloudy.
51. I still remember it was a cloudy day, but the light troubled me.
52. The sky is very cloudy and the wind is howling in all directions.
53. The night of the attack had been cloudy, rainy, cold, and moonless.
54. At first there was the cloudy gray sky with its tiny patches of blue.
55. I saw several of our group already heading up into the cloudy skies.
56. The weather was less friendly today – cloudy with a chilly breeze.
57. For ideas on how to correct green cloudy water, please read cloudy.
58. He entered a cloudy mist and gradually lost the feeling of movement.
59. The cloudy sky was an advantage, but they would need light in the hole.
60. Berty Best poured another stream of the cloudy muck into McGuire's glass.
61. He returned a few minutes later with a flask full of a luke-warm, cloudy.
62. Trying to recall who he was, that detail eventually penetrated a cloudy.
63. Already the short afternoon was past, and a dim cloudy dusk was closing in.
64. The sky had been cloudy all day as if, at any moment, a storm would break.
65. It is pouring with rain, and you can't see the lights if the sky is cloudy.
66. It was mostly cloudy, some leaves of various colour sticking to the window.
67. It was his mother, Elsa! She looked brilliant even in the cloudy afternoon.
68. It was cloudy; dark gray clouds in the sky threatened a storm of some kind.
69. The river was stirred up and cloudy, rushing pretty fast over the concrete.
70. It was the perfect weekend for such a trip as the mountains could often be cloudy.
71. A slightly cloudy late morning she sat in the little grove and waited for Gawavolf.
72. Unfortunately, it was a moonless and cloudy night and the darkness was unremitting.
73. It was now beginning to get dark and cloudy and cold, as they climbed passed Kendal.
74. Fortunately, the day was cooler than usual for the middle of the summer, cloudy with.
75. Arkaneh looked at the cloudy afternoon sky, wondering if she was up there, watching him.
76. Large, but few, snowflakes sailed from the partly cloudy heavens as they stepped outside.
77. The blade cuts through and questions all cloudy thinking you may have about a situation.
78. THE SUNNY DAY HAD TURNED cloudy and raw by evening, the first real flirtation with winter.
79. The sky was cloudy, but here and there breaks in the grey allowed stars to shine through.
80. Dawn started to illuminate the cloudy sky and light penetrated the stained-glass windows.
81. That don’t mean shit, and you know it, Tim said staring off into the cloudy skies.
82. Her cloudy unseeing eyes looked up at me, It is a noble thing that you are doing Zevin.
83. They extinguished their glows, because ahead was a barred gate, and cloudy, dying daylight.
84. Seven pods from three ships spurt into the cloudy space of the Waghtnin and became invisible.
85. The light was bright and cloudy at once, and the glass put coloured reflections over her arm.
86. As they approached the Small Mountains, snowflakes started falling from the cloudy, white sky.
87. When she went outside on a sunny day, she wore white gloves – on a cloudy day, black gloves.
88. It was cloudy, filled with a foreign substance to such a degree, it could not all be absorbed.
89. Strangely enough though, despite its cloudy appearance and odd bouquet, it actually tasted ok.
90. It was a pleasantly brisk and partly cloudy day in Gimoosh, and the ship was indeed magnificent.
91. Her eyes were cloudy as if a permanent veil had only just materialized and obscured her vision.
92. He did the best he could, though his memory may have become cloudy and colored since that time.
93. His vision was cloudy, just hazy blobs, his mouth dry and rough and with a vague taste of blood.
94. His memory was cloudy on when he actually went there, or how he got up to that height at Mt Hutt.
95. He got up from his seat and instead moved to the kitchen window, looking out at the cloudy horizon.
96. The cloudy reflection staring back was no longer the same man those tender words had been meant for.
97. Below them the moon broke through a partly cloudy sky, casting a bluish silvery look over the ocean.
98. A wispy stream of blue wove its way out from beyond the cloudy depths of the glass’s 3-D interface.
99. So obviously they are working together but this is where I am bit cloudy on what exactly is happening.
100. Further, the nights upon which sheep disappeared were invariably very dark, cloudy nights with no moon.

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