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Murky en una oración (en ingles)

1. I see murky visions of.
2. In this murky world of.
3. The murky river water was.
4. The air is thick and murky.
5. Both were lost in the murky.
6. My feet sunk into the murky.
7. The murky tendrils pul ed him.

8. But this one is brown and murky.
9. It was too murky to see anything.
10. I started fishing in murky waters.
11. Accustomed to the murky cave, the.
12. Mountains at their murky foundations.
13. The air had a murky war-torn atmosphere.
14. The miller peered into the murky waters.
15. The haggard old man had a vial of the murky.
16. Monica stood up and walked into the murky pool.
17. They were reeled away into the murky nothingness.
18. Byron murky darkness, restless for an explanation.
19. The weather was fine and the sea was calm but murky.
20. A face loomed over me like a moon in the murky night.
21. The river itself was a wide, murky green piece of glass.
22. He glanced down, only to see dark, murky water slowly.
23. I was either locked somewhere alone or in murky waters.
24. Cronack led the orphans through a warren of murky yards.
25. Carrie could only stare into its murky shadows reflect-.
26. This was the thing with the murky world of the Internet.
27. Protruding from the murky water was the trail end of a car.
28. Murky, speculative stuff, a smear campaign on a dead woman.
29. Keller eased the door open and peered into the murky trailer.
30. He did so and slid into the murky depths—the wrong tree!.
31. Down and down they went, ever deeper into the murky darkness.
32. It reflected the chalk sky already infused with murky smears.
33. His eyes held still long enough to see they were a murky brown.
34. And last the murky yellow cars of the Chicago, Milwaukee and St.
35. Through the murky forest, Ziad drove the car, the groundings of.
36. The Super Constellation was painted a murky gray, it’s windows.
37. The room was hot and eerily murky, illuminated only by the gas fire.
38. It had grabbed Hassan by the ankles, dragged him to the murky bottom.
39. His green eyes sparkled intensely against the street’s I murky gray.
40. Unless she filled her eyes with the Oneness, the world was a murky blur.
41. Lady Redthorne observed lich folk who fished in the murky pools with nets.
42. But there was a ladder underneath, plunging down into a murky blue light.
43. As they stood gazing into the murky depths Ken Evans arrived to join them.
44. Just as water is murky on top, but the deeper it is, the more transparent.
45. And if that is not bad enough, their water has gotten a little murky, so.
46. His agate had dribbled down the bank and into the murky water by the edge.
47. The water sprayed angrily, and yet, not one drop of it was murky or tainted.
48. See how dark and murky they run? Only venomous reptiles live in that river.
49. He had a murky feeling that he was seeing the payment for the Victoria bomb.
50. It lay on its side in the murky sediment of the ocean floor, broken in half.
51. His house, so long murky with widows, was now a bright place because of her.
52. Murky rivulets and streams trickled through the compacted soil at their feet.
53. Not in order to keep my murky past a secret, but so that you wouldn’t be hurt.
54. Unless very still, water higher than your thighs will be too murky to see through.
55. Credit stood waist deep in the murky channel, concerned that he hadn't stopped to.
56. Gigantic arms stretching forth from a central point somewhere in the murky shadows.
57. The Vogon stared down at him as sluggish thoughts moiled around in the murky depths.
58. When her father closed the trap door behind her, murky shadows appeared on the walls.
59. The trench was filled with liquid: a murky liquid with an ominous greeny tinge to it.
60. From the point of my mother's death onwards, I slipped head and heart into the murky.
61. The boys would never bother to follow him into the murky water, that much was certain.
62. Nerissa lay within the murky shed so long, she began to imagine the dripping of a water.
63. The doctors pulled out two long hypodermic syringes and filled each with a murky solution.
64. Parker’s fish tanks were still by the window, still casting murky shadows over the room.
65. Edwin watched, mute with horror, as his stepsister disappeared into the murky green liquid.
66. She gazed across the murky space at the shadowy outlines of the corvettes nearest at hand.
67. An individual saw you head for the river and actually throw yourself into the murky water.
68. The flesh on the carcass was falling off the bone and murky water gurgled out of its mouth.
69. It was shrouded in a murky green mist, but as it got closer, the campers and Hunters gasped.
70. The murky shapes in the sky took substance, and suddenly they weren’t murky shapes anymore.
71. When he came back a few minutes later Teller could see the tin was full of brown murky water.
72. Angela hurriedly ran the dishrag over the faces of the plates, slopping in the murky dishwater.
73. He looked into the murky waters of the heavens, mesmerized by what they held in store for him.
74. A murky red and yellow sky, and a rising mist from the Seine, denoted the approach of darkness.
75. So, before I completely disappear into the murky depths of my own digressions, back to the plot.
76. But so is the murky footprint of the Western buyers, and their pernicious demand for cheap goods.
77. She was also looking at the sky, and could see murky shapes forming in the swirling black clouds.
78. His gaze registered me in the murky light, as I stepped up close bringing a knife up to his face.
79. We had a better look at the hellhounds, no longer silhouettes but creatures bathed in murky light.
80. Sipping a murky vegetable concoction, Veronica told her that it had been going on for about a year.
81. As the news stories had noted, however, the exact motives behind Carney’s actions remained murky.
82. Jigs on the other hand are usually used in clear water to murky with temperatures below 60 degrees.
83. In one final effort before giving up, he again willed his eyes to see into the murky distance.
84. How exactly it came to be the residence of all the McAllister primas since then was somewhat murky.
85. The carnivores followed the advice of their Leader and descended into the murky depths of the ocean.
86. Even the musicians had stopped warming up their instruments and glared at her across the murky room.
87. Terence guided his steed back from the edge of the sinister, murky river and leaned closer to Feltus.
88. Behind their home is a large murky lake, with lily pads and hot pink flowers floating on the surface.
89. One car pulled on to the bridge further, firing up the spotlight on his car to search the murky water.
90. The walls of the prison where Curra had been held could only be seen as shadows beneath the murky water.
91. He sat there staring in the direction of Big Muddy, his thoughts mirroring the murky depths of the river.
92. Even the law must change from individual rights to that murky concept of State-defined collective rights.
93. We exited the murky trees and there was a large opening where a house sat surrounded by the colossal trees.
94. Dazed by exhaustion, she wandered into the moat, wading into the murky waters until they were at her waist.
95. Another binge drinking vampire, with an unremarkable story in the midst of the murky swampland of the South.
96. It is still murky outside, but from the deep pinkish hue in the sky, dawn seems to be right around the corner.
97. The water was a murky brown, and as D’ata stepped into it, he could not see the bottom, even in the shallows.
98. They’d been content with the murky fog for so long, always dreaming of a blue sky but never expecting to see it.
99. He is just looking for his cat, but as he is drawn into the murky atmosphere of the Miyawaki place, I was as well.
100. It was a much happier father that I left in that murky studio than had unwillingly met me only ten minutes before.

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