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Turbid en una oración (en ingles)

1. All the streams became turbid.
2. Into his mind the turbid ebb and flow.
3. That is the reason why he has a clouded or turbid mind.
4. Elvira’s days grew turbid and her nights devoid of repose.
5. What if he was swimming past that rock at this very moment, not being able to see it in this turbid water?
6. Those were slow, silent, often turbid; flowing over beds of mud into which the incautious wader might sink and vanish unawares.
7. I remember how it called the Missi Sipi flowing earth shinning brilliantly in the sun, hiding all it washed before it under its turbid surface.

8. So spoke the Badger, not knowing what the future held in store, or how much water, and of how turbid a character, was to run under bridges before Toad should sit at ease again in his ancestral Hall.
9. They were going to look for him under water! Would they come till this rock to see? Anyway, you couldn’t see further than a meter or two in this turbid water, even with glasses! David decided not to get worried.
10. At length Uncas, whose activity had enabled him to achieve his portion of the task the soonest, raked the earth across the turbid little rill which ran from the spring, and diverted its course into another channel.
11. Their state became worse every year, until, at length, about three years since, some of them proved to be entirely dry, and most of the others had their water turbid, and diminished to the depth of only two or three feet.
12. I remember thinking that I don’t live close to a river or anything like that and I am on high ground so it should not be flooding like this, but rushing violently by was turbid brown water carrying along with it all types of debris imaginable.
13. The noisy seagulls were just as predominant though, and additionally there were the hollow splashing and clanking sounds of a multitude of these smaller boats being incessantly shifted around in their position by the turbid water and tugging at their moors.
14. Scattered islands of twisted metal, fragments of walls and roofs, bits of cars, telephone and electricity poles and thousands of unidentifiable lumps, reared through a stinking mess of sand and mud - a swampy plain fringed by stagnant pools and sluggish turbid streams.
15. Behind the fog there was the flowing of water, the cracking and floating of ice, the swift rush of turbid, foaming torrents; and on the following Monday, in the evening, the fog parted, the storm clouds split up into little curling crests of cloud, the sky cleared, and the real spring had come.
16. He does not moralize, he neither condemns nor praises; but like a fate, silent, passionless, and resistless, he carries the story along, allows the sunshine for a time to silver the turbid stream, the butterflies and gnats to flutter above it in rainbow tints, and then remorselessly draws over the landscape gray twilight.
17. When he had done, instead of feeling better, calmer, more enlightened by his discourse, I experienced an inexpressible sadness; for it seemed to me—I know not whether equally so to others—that the eloquence to which I had been listening had sprung from a depth where lay turbid dregs of disappointment—where moved troubling impulses of insatiate yearnings and disquieting aspirations.
18. These myriads of insects were so well suited to that monstrously lavish wild vegetation, these multitudes of birds and beasts which filled the forest, this dark foliage, this hot scented air, these runlets filled with turbid water which everywhere soaked through from the Terek and gurgled here and there under the overhanging leaves, that the very thing which had at first seemed to him dreadful and intolerable now seemed pleasant.
19. Nevertheless, upon Stubb setting the anchor-watch after his supper was concluded; and when, accordingly, Queequeg and a forecastle seaman came on deck, no small excitement was created among the sharks; for immediately suspending the cutting stages over the side, and lowering three lanterns, so that they cast long gleams of light over the turbid sea, these two mariners, darting their long whaling-spades, kept up an incessant murdering of the sharks,* by striking the keen steel deep into their skulls, seemingly their only vital part.
20. When the stars become turbid,.
21. Of the turbid pool that lies in the autumn forest,.

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