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    1. Fifty eight miles was too far to hang out, more than an all-day journey by coach and lakerunner

    2. Just drop me off there and I'll catch a coach

    3. She could catch a lakerunner from wherever the coach would drop her on the north shore

    4. "We all make mistakes but sending me off in your coach is not one of them

    5. "We need Yarbeem and the coach to take miss Ava to dock 281," Herndon called to her

    6. A tyre blew on their coach and it went off the road

    7. coach, holding his Winchester

    8. One practice session after school, my coach wanted to try me as a pitcher

    9. You should have no trouble with him," coach said

    10. Before Jimmy went up to the plate, the coach told him to bunt down the third base line because the third baseman was playing way back, protecting the line

    11. Strike one! Jimmy checked with the coach

    12. Again, checking with the coach, Jimmy saw that the bunt sign was still on

    13. The real profit from the excursion: As the coach was passing through the village of Kranidi, I recognized the narrow street and the old houses I had dreamt of on the 26th of July; a little later I saw a blue car with the number 2504

    14. the things that no Law of Attraction trainer, teacher, coach or

    15. become a teacher of teachers, a coach of coaches, a healer to

    16. in the passage of the bone coach driven on in the round

    17. watch the bone coach pass in silence, its wheels blazing

    18. This coach, the bone coach that follows on

    19. After dinner, we went to a bar where I met some of my teammates and the coach

    20. ERICK: Thanks for your support, Coach

    21. ERICK: What's the matter, Coach?

    22. By the look on his face, Rayne could see he was truly distressed; she took pity on him and followed him to the coach

    23. The large animals had started off at a slow gallop, but their speed increased until the coach was speeding along at a fast clip

    24. The tightness in your gut and shoulders before watching your team‘s football match – learned from your coach or your father as a child

    25. You see, we are doing a coach and student

    26. Your coach knows that,' Mr Cutler

    27. Now he wants the coach number

    28. there's always at least one kid who 'forgets' and you have a last minute frantic phoning session trying to get in touch with Mum or Dad so that little Johnny - who is in tears by this time because he doesn't want to be left out of the trip - can actually go while the rest of the class try to tear the coach to bits

    29. Coach Demera made it

    30. He liked using the common lavatory at the other end of the coach; it gave Mr

    31. Their bills paid, they ambled with full stomachs toward their own coach

    32. When they again came out onto the street, it was Harry who hailed a cabbie, handed each woman into the coach, and announced their wish to return to Chelsea House to the driver

    33. Kulai was generous to lend her an enclosed coach that his business had at their disposal

    34. When they were settled in the train coach and at liberty to discuss the sudden trip, he passed the wire to Harry

    35. With that aim they hired a coach and set off

    36. The coach deposited them at the gates of the great gothic enclave

    37. The ride from Gare Montparnasse to the Splendid Etoile Hotel, near the Arc de Triomphe was without a doubt the most fabulous coach ride the trio had yet experienced

    38. “Some,” Jorma answered, and listened to a description of a machine used to make coach wheels, something called a rotary laminater

    39. Maybe he should see what she was up to and save Himla for later? Maybe he should find out what she and Himla talked about first? Where could Ava go but to pick up a public or a coach at Eleknane? He let her go and burst into Himla’s

    40. Your fastest and easiest overland route is on the streets of the valley in a coach

    41. Hipolyta roomed with Mandy, Kaitlyn stayed with Titania, leaving the Bessamers and Jameson to their own individual cabins in the next coach

    42. Coach Demera knew it too

    43. Coach Demera would take the twenty guys he thought had no chance in hell

    44. After about thirty minutes Coach Demera

    45. Coach Grouse looked at me

    46. Coach Grouse motioned for Coach Demera who was watching Sam

    47. Coach Grouse ran over to Roman before he made it out of the fieldhouse

    48. Coach Grouse rummaged through his coaching bag and

    49. Coach Grouse spit his

    50. Coach Demera took his hat off and scratched the top of his

    1. The best way is to be coached

    2. Hipolyta coached Titania through the account books' inner workings so that were it to become necessary she also would be able to step in at a moment's notice and serve as a most adequate surrogate bookkeeper

    3. They both knew he didn't get any of this from his own observations, yesterday he had to be coached to know what was plant and what was soil

    4. coached for the IIT entrance, by an act of providence or of Mr

    5. ” They had been coached on this scenario over the recent days, but the twist the Elf included now was inspired

    6. In conversation with one of the people I coached a few

    7. more I coached people, the more aware about how different

    8. Crouched over on her knees a low moan built up from the depths of her throat, as behind her he added his other arm for the comfort and balance that it might offer as memory from his background coached him

    9. I suspected the children were being coached to do this by their father and Susan, but it still worried me

    10. My mother coached me

    11. She encouraged me to enter and coached me in the techniques of singing in the three different genres required: opera, art song, traditional

    12. ” she coached, panting as she

    13. He himself coached his three oldest sons’s team and Carlos’ team and worked as a referee during one or two games on weekends

    14. He played with them… He coached them in soccer… He took them to the mountains, to miniature golf… He taught them all how to swim… Once a week he dedicated part of a day to each child individually so that each could be “alone with dad”…

    15. never occurred to her that the teams may have been coached in any

    16. where you can be coached on healthy eating

    17. “Come on,” he coached

    18. He had coached Tress over several years – perhaps teaching her too much, honing her skills in assisting his pursuit of attaining relics of power

    19. out on walks in the area, then coached her up and down six flights of stairs, all in an effort to

    20. If you answered yes to these questions, just as the hundreds of individuals that I have coached, trained and advised as a certified Fitness Expert have, then this is going to be the most important report you have read in a long time

    21. While the nurse, calling me, was an experienced midwife, she could not remember the last time she had been involved in a breech delivery, so I stayed on the telephone and coached her along until the baby was actually delivered and all was well

    22. He was coached in how to

    23. One coached Blackfin on his bird’s use and only then did I realize he was going to fly them across without their pilots

    24. Their activism as a company is not engineered; it wasn’t coached by a public relations firm

    25. discuss how he or she would like to be coached

    26. Individuals that are coached from an appreciative perspective

    27. a learning experience for the person being coached in which that

    28. My father loves hunting and coached me when on our Scottish estate of Balmoral

    29. Since my return, our house has been a bustling place with visitors coming and going all through the day, some to see Mother, some to stand and stare at Coatl who took it in good grace, he seemed to have a special affinity with children, and soon had them riding on his back amid a bedlam of high pitched childish shrieks of fear and excitement, some of the visitors came to see me and ask my advice on a thousand every day problems, this I found difficult to comprehend, a couple of weeks ago I was a child now grownups were asking for my opinions, if the answer to any of these problems were outside my limited experience I always called on the wisdom of my mother, this daily bustle continued for about a month then one day a temple attendant came with a message from Yaotl putting himself forward as my instructor and adviser for the leadership ceremonies, I declined this offer and thanked him for his concern, I told mother of Yaotl’s offer on her return from the market, she spat on the chacmool, called an immediate halt to all social gatherings, explaining to everyone that it was time for me to get ready for the ceremony of official leadership, again my mother instructed me, a new chief was traditionally invested just before the planting started this ensured not only a good harvest but helped the new leader to grow along with the crop, I intended to keep this tradition alive and presented myself to the temple for this purpose, the villagers were all dressed in their finery, drums were beating, people were dancing, it was a beautiful day, and mother had coached me with regards to the moves to be expected from the wizard, I was confident that I was ready for any of the tricks that Yaotl thought he could pull to disrupt my investiture, this day was mine not Yaotl’s, I was no longer the frightened young boy that he expected

    30. Shannon could have coached her

    31. He played baseball and I coached a little, we both were learning

    32. She also told them that Garcia coached her on the sign language, her contribution to their band

    33. She had not coached Tammas on what to say, so she waited, now, wondering what words

    34. One step at a time, he coached himself

    35. That is the key – it is not just practice which produces the star qualities, it is coached practice

    36. John Nelly coached the

    37. A woman I coached wanted to learn patience

    38. It describes an individual, benefitting from the infrastructure of an invented amateur game evolving into a lucrative professional sport, who is both dependent and contingent upon everyone who coached practices, reffed games, bought tickets, sold concessions, made uniforms, and cleaned the stadium – which is paid for and maintained by tax payer dollars

    39. The best supervisors I have ever had were the ones that coached and

    40. Out on Maggie’s front porch, Barnes coached a female agent

    41. He was coached and

    42. Hit ‘em where it hurts, she coached herself, but she couldn’t seem to hurt them at all

    43. “Tell him you were waiting for us here, and that when we got here, you coached me on looking into the strait

    44. The tense moments before a fight always terrified Eilidh, no matter how many times Ruaidhri coached her through them

    45. The only reason they lord it over others is that they have been taught and coached better, and practiced longer, and trained at it longer

    46. "She was the head coach for Barrington last year and since we beat them at states last year, she was purposely coached us and tried to make us horrible so we couldn't go to states again!" Claire said, starting in barley above a whisper but was loud when she finished

    47. If you want to be coached to handle a scheduled job interview, it can

    48. gamut of emotions but because he knew that I had successful y coached others

    49. With an over 4-year career in the “people-development” business, he has coached, trained and developed hundreds of individuals and teams in maximizing their full potential - from housewives and ex-convicts, to SMEs and large corporations

    50. “Breathe out,” he coached

    1. coaches often bear much of that brunt

    2. become a teacher of teachers, a coach of coaches, a healer to

    3. and various schools of thought in the area of personal growth and achievement, he coaches

    4. 'And today the AIS has hundreds of staff - coaches, doctors and physios

    5. She could cut the time in half if she rode coaches thru the interconnects, but that would burn a good portion of what she could get back out of the house

    6. He separated out daily expense funds and then locked the bulk of his bank away as directed, and so joined his elder companion on the walk through a couple coaches up to the Dining car

    7. “ I had not conceived how rich were the appointments of the Pullman coaches

    8. front of radar guns and the eyes of coaches

    9. Everybody including the coaches just stared for a minute

    10. There was music coming from many establishments, and hired drivers yelling from the coaches which crossed this khume, often on bridges inside it on an upper floor

    11. Square, as most coaches stop close to it

    12. When the toll upon carriages of luxury, upon coaches, post-chaises, etc

    13. The tax of five shillings a-week upon every hackney coach, and that of ten shillings a-year upon every hackney chair, so far as it is advanced by the different keepers of such coaches and chairs, is exactly enough proportioned to the extent of their respective dealings

    14. In fact, most pros and coaches say you should start with your arms relaxed at your sides

    15. This was supposed to be the job of the defensive coaches and they started out telling Tony to mind his own business, just run the offense, but he kept doing it and after awhile they just left him alone because it was a positive influence

    16. That is a unique relationship because half the time I know the coaches are full of shit

    17. Before that first practice, Tony asked for a team meeting without coaches present

    18. My coaches and teammates made me better

    19. Greenberg‘s column (―Poll-itically Incorrect‖) criticizing the unsportsmanlike manner of some college football coaches who perennially run up scores against weaker opponents in order to impress pollsters, (and thereby secure higher national rankings), inconsistent with previous viewpoints expressed in earlier columns addressing the same issue

    20. No less thought provoking was his (ironic) reference to Penn State coach Joe Paterno, a gentleman whose regard for opposing coaches and players has precluded his running up scores in a manner that may have arguably cost his program a national championship or two over the years

    21. His latest ―outrage‖ centers on the paucity of African American head coaches in the National Football League (NFL) when measured against the disproportion of Black/White (70/30) players in the league

    22. law of attraction teachers and coaches to help us understand the

    23. teach in PlayAble to our coaches and instructors, is that inclusion is all about providing a choice to people with different abilities to play together in the way that they want

    24. It’s really about enabling trainers and coaches to actually

    25. I think even the coaches get more and more creative too, as we have to use what is available

    26. coaches after the course immediately have great attitudes and they really want to try their level best to help

    27. The team’s owners and coaches had to figure whether he fit the team’s mold, how to use the draft, the trades and the free agency

    28. Coaches and leaders have to infuse their questions with superlatives and passion

    29. In addition to this, on managerial and psychological level, in order to create superior questions, coaches, leaders and managers have to think in superlatives and believe in superlatives and hold them selves to their highest personal standards

    30. Coaches are charged with

    31. the support of teachers, coaches,

    32. In that capacity, he was in charge of coaches and referees

    33. Since he did not have enough coaches for the girl teams, he recruited a reluctant and expecting Josie to coach Suni’s team

    34. Mike did play football, but quarreled with the coaches

    35. He led a round of applause as each race’s contestants and coaches dispersed to the many event sites scattered about the crater floor

    36. team coaches, whilst the referee spoke with him

    37. business associates what consultants they use or what coaches they take advantage of?

    38. coaches, authors, and so on, it’s good to have more than one Web site and definitely more than

    39. Authors Wendy Sullivan and Judy Rees wrote Clean Language, a book that is helpful for life coaches to engage in helpful conversations by using metaphor as a way to elicit healing dialog

    40. At Raymond’s age I had lusted over men – from teachers to sports coaches to surfies and body-builders

    41. Now, one year later, we ind that the rates of abuse perpetration actually increased among youth who didn’t participate, whereas perpetration did not increase among the male athletes whose coaches delivered the program

    42. Miller, the CBIM program works with coaches to teach their male athletes about building healthy relationships and how to intervene when witnessing disrespectful and abusive behaviors among their peers

    43. “We’ve always known that coaches play a pivotal role in shaping young athletes’ attitudes about respect and healthy relationships,” said Esta Soler, president and founder of Futures Without Violence

    44. The CBIM materials train coaches to talk with their male athletes about stopping and preventing violence and abuse by using a series of training cards that guide athletes through weekly, 15-minute conversations during the sports season

    45. He only stared, watching the lantern-lit hackney coaches flit here and there through the streets; watching the candles-in-windows, symbols of Warock

    46. John M Berardi, PhD, CSCS - his philosophy is simple: people from all walks of life, from soccer stars to soccer coaches to soccer moms, should have access to the most recent developments in health, exercise, and nutrient science

    47. High school football coaches can shame their players into being tougher and playing

    48. allies within the school, like the coaches or even the principal

    49. The coaches might like him, but that didn’t mean they would give him their addresses or phone numbers

    50. He must have been smartmouthing one of the coaches, or maybe a friend of one of the coaches

    1. coaching and the tools will help you succeed

    2. introduction, but allow me to do the coaching and teaching

    3. In life coaching, we often call this negative voice (“It’s too cold to get out of the bed today”) The Saboteur

    4. I know this is a bit extreme; however, it happens, and with a reality check and coaching these people could use this need to be on stage to discover their talents, their strengths and change direction maybe end up presenting or judging a show

    5. said 'Stationery, Cricket Coaching and Maths Tuitions available'

    6. We kept the cricket coaching and tuitions at the same price -250 rupees a

    7. with their parents to let them try coaching for three months

    8. coaching, it is considered a waste of money

    9. accepted the chocolates but said no to cricket coaching, and a foot-stomping no

    10. 'We wanted to talk about coaching Ali,' Ish began after Ali left the room with his

    11. 'Cricket coaching? No, thanks

    12. missed coming to coaching, but he had promised his Mama to attend the

    13. Learn all of this? With Coaching:

    14. The problem for many is that coaching usually

    15. there is your coaching to help you along the way

    16. “Or we could stay in the coaching inn – the ‘Walled Garden’ –

    17. ‘I imagine it was originally a coaching inn on the main road which runs round the south of Bath

    18. Coach Grouse rummaged through his coaching bag and

    19. Demera had two major critics of his coaching methods: parents who thought the

    20. It's a week-by-week coaching program in which shows you, step-by-step, how to

    21. This is where coaching or software really sells well

    22. He gave it all he had and he knew she liked it by the way she responded to his coaching

    23. coaching, and so on

    24. higher end products such as Group Coaching Programs, Exclusive Small Group

    25. Coaching, or One-On-One Coaching that could be offered for $100/month to

    26. The coaching staff reluctantly agreed to come out in the no-huddle and see what happens

    27. Part of that reason is coaching

    28. It’s easy to assign blame here but, it can’t be put entirely on the backs of the coaching staff

    29. When was the last time you looked at film of what other teams are doing? When was the last time you suggested a different way of doing things because of what you saw on film from a team we’re not playing next week? Who is taking the extra effort it takes to win? Who is spending extra time in the film room? Who is doing more than required in the weight room? Who is here just collecting a pay check? You can point to the coaching staff and say it’s their responsibility to prepare us, but that isn’t going to help us win ball games

    30. What we were doing wasn’t working and I felt I could find receivers under pressure and the coaching staff let me give it a try

    31. But, he was persistent, coaching me along

    32. (After all, was Saddam Huessin responsible in any manner for the events of September 11th 2001? Isn‘t this really all about Oil?) Such notions are easily ascertainable by the emergence of racial/ethnic coalitions that have teamed-up with (mainstreamed) traditional ones coaching them from the side-lines

    33. Ross and Sabrina played a couple of games while we watched, Ross spending as much time coaching Sabrina as playing against her

    34. Government psychologists were working overtime trying to convince the kids they’d all suffered from mass hysteria, coaching them with stories of confusion and the strangeness of the attack, of the panther that had slipped inside somehow, unseen, until it burst out behind Tara Morland and killed her and their professor

    35. information on my coaching

    36. In my coaching

    37. meditations, money exercises and coaching methods and

    38. through college on his wits, coaching up just before

    39. people have correlated this to use in life coaching and management

    40. You will be great at this, as long as you apply the processes that you will learn, without getting too excited about life coaching and posthypnotic suggestions

    41. She wrote solos for some of her private students, coaching us in how to sing them

    42. community and mentoring and coaching

    43. You could use the coaching principles and questions mentioned before

    44. If we take the coaching approach and start creating positively focused questions, that will lead us towards the solutions of certain issue, the situation is becoming simple, promotes action and offers concreteness

    45. The coaching process is followed by creating the list of Options and choosing concrete actions that lead towards the solution

    46. language and the words have extreme importance in the leadership and the coaching

    47. with the awkward feeling of your coaching your partner on how to satisfy

    48. through a webinar or through group coaching; it’s al information, and this powerful

    49. In addition to a volunteer coaching staff,

    50. ents receive coaching in the Enterprise

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