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Train en una oración (en ingles)

  1. A kaboos is a train.
  2. The A train to 125th.
  3. The guy from the train.
  4. He got off the train.
  5. I hear the train horn.

  6. The train began to slow.
  7. But when a long train.
  8. I caught the train to.
  9. The Train Came On Time.
  10. That way you can train.
  11. He took the train that.
  12. The train began to move.
  13. The train began to roll.
  14. Schooling is a big train.
  15. The edges of the train.

  16. So stay on in the train.
  17. But I can’t train you.
  18. We could take the train.
  19. I am to board the train.
  20. The train kept on coming.
  21. She had a train to catch.
  22. Some crap on the train.
  23. The train rested at the.
  24. In their train came two.
  25. It is like a train that.

  26. I wondered if the train.
  27. But the train is faster.
  28. Did you train for it?
  29. I would have to train my.
  30. He was already on a train.
  31. The train started up again.
  32. The train was running late.
  33. And the train came to life.
  34. If Keever was on the train.
  35. This train would take me.
  36. I'm off by the first train.
  37. Is this the train / bus for.
  38. The train was nearly empty.
  39. I was outside of the train.
  40. The train was still coming.
  41. The night he went by train.
  42. We have to bomb that train.
  43. Back on the train to Heaven.
  44. I’ve seen the train, Zoe.
  45. The train was going slowly.
  46. Strangers on a Train (1951).
  47. The train station was grand.
  48. This is likely a road train.
  49. Is there a train to North.
  50. He missed his train with me.
  51. The train leaves in an hour.
  52. You should train more often.
  53. Raj boarded inside the train.
  54. The train picks up its speed.
  55. This place is a train wreck.
  56. They do train their leaders.
  57. T he train lurched to a stop.
  58. Were you ever on the train?
  59. We had to run for the train.
  60. It’s a Pole bound train.
  61. Wanted train fare to Galway.
  62. Traveling by train has been.
  63. My train of thought derailed.
  64. You on his train, too?
  65. But you could train yourself.
  66. I told you that on the train.
  67. The train was due any minute.
  68. He never had to ride a train.
  69. He likes to ride in the train.
  70. The train ride was difficult.
  71. The train was not far off now.
  72. At Samara, the train made a.
  73. Maybe they were on the train.
  74. They entered the train station.
  75. While they wait for the train.
  76. There’s a train leaves here.
  77. It was the whistle of a train.
  78. The train left almost a half.
  79. This is the Train Graveyard.
  80. You're getting off the train.
  81. The double decker train slowed.
  82. Take the train there tomorrow.
  83. A luggage train was coming in.
  84. The train shuddered and banged.
  85. On the train? Emily said.
  86. Here I caught a train to Leeds.
  87. But Mandy was hit by a train.
  88. On all of the valve train use.
  89. There was a train due to leave.
  90. Train them to a habit of faith.
  91. I saw you getting on the train.
  92. Roll Up for the Ghost Train.
  93. The train was practically empty.
  94. I Hear the Train a-Comin’.
  95. On Board the Special Train, Oct.
  97. Morel; he has missed his train.
  98. I think I could find a train.
  99. I'd be happy to train with you.
  100. No one else got out of the train.
  1. There is too much training.
  2. The guy had SWAT training.
  3. I have years of training.
  4. I say she keeps training.
  5. The last year of training.
  6. I think of all my training.
  7. My training also ramped up.
  8. That is not training though.
  9. Even those who had training.
  10. Training the mind to write.
  11. He was training me to have.
  12. There are no better training.
  13. Call it, on the job training.
  14. Our training continued at a.
  15. Training in relaxation as a.
  16. In training, she had resisted.
  17. I’m a scientist by training.
  18. Kyrin, this is for training.
  19. Her training began to kick in.
  20. There was no formal training.
  21. In fact that was his training.
  22. Hard training came to nothing.
  23. That meant even more training.
  24. You have to start training.
  25. It told us about your training.
  26. This is only a training ground.
  27. M: There is no need of training.
  28. We’ll give you the training.
  29. At the moment we are training.
  30. The faulty training led us to.
  31. Our journey is in the training.
  32. This training has two stages: 1.
  33. The level of training achieved.
  34. Yes, well, she needs training.
  35. Get Training and Acquire Skills.
  37. I will pay for her training.
  38. I went on a training course once.
  39. But Conrad’s training paid off.
  40. Faye Anne has been training her.
  41. The grey training suit she was.
  45. Jason’s training lasted a week.
  46. Ryzik about his training methods.
  47. Training starts in about an hour.
  48. The importance of crate training.
  49. This will be a training exercise.
  50. It’s integral to your training.
  51. From the potty training, to the.
  52. Just one, they are in training.
  53. It was part of survival training.
  54. How was training? I ask her.
  55. That day at the training ground.
  56. The training sessions that they.
  57. Louie threw himself into training.
  58. He had the same training as Sime.
  59. The training is to become capable.
  60. Enroll in a golf training course.
  61. This training has three stages: 1.
  62. The training point of the warrior.
  63. Lov stalked from the training room.
  64. What you’ve been training for.
  65. Training happens in every aspect.
  66. Do you have special training?
  67. If the sun shines, start training.
  68. We’ll need a training ground.
  69. Training can last for up to a year.
  70. Thank God for On-the-Job Training.
  71. The training session is for babies.
  72. Training the Mind in Seven Points.
  73. She’s done her training well.
  74. So the Bad Buck was into training.
  75. Tom despised this kind of training.
  76. The combat training was ridiculous.
  77. Our training mission just got.
  78. Jack, your training is now over.
  79. All part of the training I suppose.
  80. In training these often young men.
  81. Luckily, I have extensive training.
  82. So what is high intensity training?
  83. With all the training you’ve.
  84. I used this training method a few.
  85. In other words, they lack training.
  86. How you broke the loyalty training.
  87. Eventually, his years of training.
  88. She has no experience, no training.
  89. I guess all that training paid off.
  90. The date your training was started.
  91. He was training me to work with him.
  92. I have no training, he went on.
  93. Office of the female training staff.
  94. You still have training tomorrow.
  95. He went to many terrorist training.
  96. I really admired your training then.
  97. Strategy of training and transition.
  99. We are made what we are by training.
  100. I have been training to control my.
  1. I was trained for war.
  2. If we have trained in.
  3. They can be trained to.
  4. She is trained as well.
  5. His eyes trained on hers.
  6. If you become a trained.
  7. The girl had been trained.
  8. I have a well trained and.
  9. A Meisner trained actor, J.
  10. We were trained as MASTERS.
  11. Tony had trained as a sniper.
  12. She has been trained to war.
  13. Women have been trained to.
  14. Their eyes were trained on.
  15. They will need trained help.
  16. His eyes were trained on me.
  18. I trained with this stuff.
  19. All eyes were trained on the.
  20. She kept her gaze trained on.
  21. You have them well trained.
  22. I’m a trained field agent.
  23. I trained these guys, after all.
  24. Blondie and I trained on these.
  25. That brute was a trained killer.
  26. Nobody can touch a trained man.
  27. Adros had trained X’ander well.
  28. Only a trained eye can see them.
  29. They are then not trained, but.
  30. He trained an amused grin on her.
  31. As lawyers we are trained to be.
  32. They are not trained to protect.
  33. The highly trained staff serves.
  34. His crews were minimally trained.
  35. Paul was a Jew trained in Greece.
  36. I trained my dogs in these woods.
  37. Sam, I am a trained murderer.
  38. A mass of guns instantly trained.
  39. But she’d been trained to resist.
  40. Claire trained the gun at his head.
  41. She has trained in Carnatic music.
  42. He’s been trained to follow you.
  43. The counsellor is trained to get.
  44. Anomalies are trained in hack-sig.
  45. Patch said he was the best trained.
  46. Trained to kill, not to empathise.
  47. I have not been trained for this.
  48. This is what I’ve trained for.
  49. And then I had a gun trained on me.
  50. They’re trained to observe body.
  51. I could tell they were well trained.
  52. We had never trained in such a mess.
  53. I should have trained you better.
  54. Horses are also trained through the.
  55. I trained, and trained, and trained.
  56. He took twelve men and trained them.
  57. Jabar has probably trained you well.
  58. The rest kept their weapons trained.
  59. Animals are initially trained on a.
  60. They have been trained in subterfuge.
  61. Also, the troops were poorly trained.
  62. So, Pastor Taylor trained Jonas?
  63. But he had been well trained by his.
  64. I haven’t been formally trained.
  65. That is not how you have been trained.
  66. Tony had trained as a sniper.
  67. We were trained by masters, as masters.
  68. Murphy’s gun was trained on the girl.
  69. They all had guns trained on him and.
  70. We've never trained a Princess before.
  71. She has me trained, the way she wants.
  72. Shamen and the Guru as trained Healers.
  73. So you were trained in hand-to-hand.
  74. It is one of the signs of trained will.
  75. Let the heku do what they are trained.
  76. Sound dogs are trained to aid the deaf.
  77. Retail traders are trained to buy high.
  78. Master Guggenheimner had trained many.
  79. He keeps his eyes trained on the floor.
  80. They have him well trained, he thought.
  81. He was trained to be a killing machine.
  82. She kept her eyes trained on the floor.
  83. Human awareness is not trained this way.
  84. We trained a little bit during the break.
  85. The horses were trained not to run away.
  86. She kept her barrel trained on my heart.
  87. We’ve trained them the best we could.
  88. He has taught our children and trained.
  89. Some were as well trained as any Ranger.
  90. I trained them, the Ploughman said.
  91. Or could be trained to do circus tricks.
  92. They trained me how to walk on the ramp.
  93. He was trained for emergencies like this.
  94. He was trained and paid a good wage for.
  95. Here mind and heart and hand are trained.
  96. They lived, breathed, and trained soccer.
  97. Don’t we need seminary trained men in.
  98. I trained myself to wear my boots evenly.
  99. The O’Quins are proud of their trained.
  100. Rachel and Wendy trained to fly warships.
  1. The Trains of The Sky.
  2. I became terrified of trains.
  3. So it was with all trains, ever.
  4. And the romance of trains! Red.
  5. It’s a funny thing about trains.
  6. Give me a few late trains any day.
  7. He also trains me in martial arts.
  8. Dog Trains of the Northwest, 391.
  9. The pulse trains are too regular.
  10. I mean we have cars and trains and.
  11. Trains and aircraft crashed, ships.
  12. These wild men had no supply trains.
  13. I think trains are part of his ritual.
  14. Twelve bombs on trains in the capital.
  15. Trains and stations always fascinate me.
  16. There are no trains to Brest-Litovsk.
  17. It trains them how to use tools instead.
  18. This is the riding on trains song.
  19. Even as he sleeps, the trains are moving.
  20. Separate trains bringing what? he wondered.
  21. The trains pass overhead excitedly toward.
  22. A few of the trains slipped past Hiroshima.
  23. A mother typically trains her daughter in.
  24. It trains them to use their brains as tools.
  25. Trains were overcrowded, smelly, often slow.
  26. Mail bags to the forward cars of these trains.
  27. People must not jump on and off these trains.
  28. Trains have a special significance for him.
  29. The trains to Vancouver left every half hour.
  30. At first, I used to put it down to the trains.
  31. There were no trains going to Weirwold Skyron.
  32. There are no direct trains to Paris from here.
  33. The roads are closed and the trains are out.
  34. Chang said, There are other trains out of OC.
  35. There have been five trains before us today.
  36. There were no passenger trains in this station.
  37. Sleeping carriages are available on the trains.
  38. The fleet was in town, the trains full of sailors.
  39. But it works with these trains in the sky as well.
  40. She’ll beat most o’ the trains on this road.
  41. Partisans are hitting the trains, he explains.
  42. I have even sat tightly on underground trains with.
  43. This meant I would be helping with passenger trains.
  44. At one time, I loved trains more than anything else.
  45. He wanted a set of trains as a kid, but never got it.
  46. Resistance of the air to railway trains, xxxviii, 136.
  47. But trains are real y strong so they can rol 5 dice.
  48. Don't worry about it--I switched trains in the subway.
  49. Neil was sitting on the carpet playing with his trains.
  50. That is exactly what civilization trains people to do.
  51. It's not work for me; you know I've always liked trains.
  52. Doing this trains your brain to wipe away your confidence.
  53. By an inspection of the trains and by reckoning the time.
  54. Trains traveled on the outskirts of this restricted area.
  55. They can move laterally in cars and jet planes and trains.
  56. By an inspection of the trains, and by reckoning the time.
  57. How he was glad that you could not smoke anymore on trains.
  58. Roman’s Story Continued: The stunt with the trains.
  59. I’d forgotten, hadn’t thought of the trains in a while.
  60. The company supplied trains and tanks and uniforms and guns.
  61. Andre is an orphan and sells water and stones on the trains.
  62. We can readily see that music trains mind and body and gives.
  63. Profit teaches and trains people to be distrustful of others.
  64. Alastair is home before me; the trains were delayed yet again.
  65. There are buses and trains but we are unsure about using them.
  66. Meditation trains your awareness and your skills of attention.
  67. The sound of the trains vanished into the bluish green horizon.
  68. All major roads, buses and trains are under Police inspection.
  69. The heavier one trains, the greater the stress on the muscle.
  70. Train them remembering continually how God trains His children.
  71. Some of the parts on the trains are made in metric dimensions.
  72. Family after family of pulse trains came up, thousands of them.
  73. These trains travelled past the end of the park where they lived.
  74. There are no passenger trains that run on this side of the river.
  75. She can hear the trains stop, then resume their monotonous drone.
  76. She is also fascinated by trains, which were a rarity in Vietnam.
  77. Thankfully, the spot I was in was a required stop for all trains.
  78. It even trains the spectators out of the habit of pyramidal focus.
  79. Fiona’s son, her real son, had an expensive set of Lionel trains.
  80. Something about having watched the trains since the attack started.
  81. Being a killer is not easy when you have to rely on buses, trains.
  82. You had to be thicker than a bobeejan not to succeed on the trains.
  83. Gāndhiji always travelled by third class in trains all over India.
  84. You could spend your time saving me from buses and trains and cars.
  85. Reader, be not wiser than God; train your children as He trains His.
  86. In Tashkent, we had to change trains that would take us to Alma Ata.
  87. Spain was still hopeless for hitching so we caught busses and trains.
  88. Brothers came and went like trains in a station, talking and arguing.
  89. Other trains arrived on nearby tracks and I checked them out, as well.
  90. The roads and trains are out, and she doesn’t have enough petrol.
  91. The practice of our will trains our instinct to love, lie or kill.
  92. Johnson watched the distance between trains widening as his train was.
  93. Yes, sir, I fear that I am a little late, but the trains were awkward.
  94. Lived in bars and danced on tables, hotels, trains and ships that sail.
  95. Have faith that God trains His devotees through suffering of all kinds.
  96. And the princesses trailed their rich trains over the rough unpainted.
  97. There is a whir of wings as the suburban trains rush into the terminus.
  98. Yes, sir, I fear that I am a little late; but the trains were awkward.
  99. Arriving trains were noted, Departures updated, and platforms shuffled.
  100. The London Underground trains and stations had a life form of their own.

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