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    1. The sharp glint of light reflecting off a school bus stabbed at his eyes

    2. Well, put me on the tour bus, hell!

    3. including Russ, John and Bolt, pile off the bus as one of the doors of the building begins to creak open

    4. MAJEED, the bus driver, listens to his I-POD, occasionally loudly sings a verse of whatever Arabic song he happens to be listening to at the moment

    5. He swings his prayer beads lazily back and forth while he steers the bus with his knees and smokes a cigarette

    6. Terry Bolt, now dressed to the hilt in traditional garb, sits on one side of the bus, furiously studying a copy of the Koran and mumbling to himself

    7. Bolt, his face wedged against the side of the bus,

    8. Majeed tries to stand unsteadily, picks up his I-POD lying on the roof of the bus

    9. Bolt snatches it away, retreats into a corner of the bus, face twitching wildly

    10. About 20 or so workers from the Subcontinent struggle with the overturned bus, trying to push it back up onto its wheels

    11. The officer waves them away and the two head to the bus

    12. He starts to wave, thinks better of it, turns back and gets on the bus

    13. Majeed starts the bus and it pulls away, crosses the median and is soon far away

    14. Stu stepped off the coast road bus at Adelianos, having left the boys to their

    15. pain on an overcrowded bus and not always having a seat…

    16. He left a bit later than usual to get the last bus home to his mates flat and that's the last he was heard of

    17. 34 bus, going over the Charles River when a harsh voice drilled into his ears from behind

    18. The bus was stuck in traffic on the bridge

    19. The bus jerked forward a foot or so and stopped again

    20. He opened his mouth ready to shout her down and just as the words found his lips, the bus gave a great jerk forward, whiplashing Keogh in his seat and aborting his outburst

    21. “Did all of you hear that? Hah? Did you? You should of just got off the bus security guaaard

    22. You should a just got off the frickin’ bus

    23. She flung the collar out of the bus as far as she could

    24. By the time he had it in his hands, soiled and sopping wet, the bus had moved on

    25. But what about that kid on the bus? Would he deserve to see that? Of course not

    26. The cruel voice of the big fat bully on the bus resounded in his mind and he fully expected to see her time and again on his way to work every day

    27. Following the Power Bus

    28. Surprisingly, the next time I call at Betty’s house, she’s not only in (a rarity as she’s usually got the early bus somewhere) but she invites me in for a cup of tea – the first time since Brenda and I called when I first arrived here

    29. Having finished work this afternoon, I was walking along Academy Avenue to the bus terminus, when I suddenly saw Persephone and her mother just a few metres away, waving at me happily! They looked thrilled to see me, they ran towards me at once and I could do nothing to avoid them

    30. I have no other alternative but run all the way to Vouliagmenis Avenue together with her, wait for the bus to Glyfada and finally end up in a colourless cafeteria of the common run

    31. For some months now I have been meeting Christina on the bus to work every day

    32. He was called to emergency duty because the bus width for the number of personifications that are interacting within sight of each other was in overload

    33. But instead, he went down the power bus into the female side and followed every single pin

    34. As the bus squeezed and wheezed its way through streets full of bars and girls Stu hoped that his chosen destination might have something at least a little different to offer tonight

    35. When she had the avatar as deep and as broad as she could get it, she had to make sure that all of her real self was across the bus before decoupling began, it was no longer possible to be sure who was what

    36. When she restored bus contact, she was on the Biology side

    37. Then she realized it was going to take a whole bus to carry the output of this probe if the signal were full

    38. Closing her eyes, fighting against the sharp disinfectant smell of the hospital, she forced herself to picture the interior of the bus … nauseating diesel fumes … a dingy, well used fabric covering the seats, chipped and faded paint on the accoutrements of metal … or was it plastic? She found it hard to tell sometimes … she heard again the chatter and laughter of the young people as they swayed along the aisle towards the door as the vehicle approached the bus stop

    39. She’d stayed seated until it stopped, uncertain and unfamiliar with the motion … yes, the bus had stopped and she’d risen, turned to pick up her bag … walked quickly down the gangway to the door … there’d been footsteps behind her … heavy ones – the men

    40. They hadn’t moved until she did … that much was clear … So she’d stepped off the bus, stood for a moment to get her bearings and then set off down the road … there’d been no pedestrian pathway, but she didn’t expect one

    41. The bus had passed her within a few steps of the bus stop and she’d watched it as it continued down the road, reading the advertisement stuck on the back

    42. The bus driver says he remembers you and saw you start walking along the road but the last he saw of the men was them just standing by the bus stop

    43. The bus trundled steadily along the country lanes and eventually dropped them in the High Street

    44. The windows of the bus, set higher than in a car, had offered excellent views of both the land and the houses and Kara had taken advantage of having a companion, whispering puzzled queries to Angie as they passed things she didn’t immediately understand

    45. ‘We passed a tea rooms on the way from the bus stop

    46. By the time she was walking up the cobbled slope, having negotiated successfully the vagaries of the Bristol bus service, she was feeling quite pleased with herself

    47. Reality kicked in as she cut a plateful of sandwiches for lunch and, by the time she was ready to set out for the bus stop, normality – as she knew it – had reasserted itself again

    48. She found a seat at the back of the bus, watching the other passengers as they got on and off at the various stops; the vehicle finally reached the town

    49. One of the girls at the bus stop chatters away

    50. It is now a training ground for agents going across, giving them somewhere to stay while they experience migraine effects and also allowing them to negotiate their way across country by train and bus

    1. Steve bused it to Washington Heights

    2. For a few days, those children were bused daily from their home-base parish to a day camp in Brea which included as one of their activities one hour of swimming in the Fernández pool

    3. The body of our Lord beaten, bloody, and bused,

    4. Silas bused out with a caw of laughter

    5. The main entrance at 450 Bauchet opens into a clean, well-lit, and tiled lobby called the Inmate Reception Center, as if the IRC were a hospitality suite at a convention center rather than central booking for the two thousand inmates who are bused in daily and warehoused in this cesspool until their arraignments and trials

    6. Friday afternoons, the boys who’d behaved were bused thirty-five miles east to metro Boston, where for a few hours they were free to walk around Harvard Square and breathe the air into which, God willing, they might one day matriculate

    1. Across the street, they count buses and tattooed girls

    2. Most of what was installed was actually in the instrumentation buses and signal processing, so it was unlikely anything else would be noticed

    3. "He got into the hardware data of the perception buses, we can't trust anything we saw with our own eyes

    4. He knew that she insisted he be very careful to make sure nothing could get from his condensate read-out chambers to any of the buses in her systems without going thru the filters she put on

    5. I couldn't find any autos or buses

    6. I questioned Emanuele about the public transport facilities because I don’t want you to be isolated, and it seems that here the Italians have got us beaten – there is a cheap and frequent local bus service from the main road at the top of the lane and there are also the long distance buses which run along there as well

    7. Shelley then starts asking about the public transport … she hasn’t got a car and decides that it just would not be feasible to live out here and have to rely on two lots of buses to get her to the university over the other side of the town

    8. She loved the cottage but would be dependent on public transport; she couldn’t hack the thought of two buses just to get to uni and it would be terribly difficult if she wanted to get involved in any social life

    9. I heard a mob burnt two buses down in

    10. About the only concepts she gave away was basic OS theory, schedulers, time slices, the sensory input and motor output buses

    11. Not a lot of business for buses around here, he thought to himself

    12. The bus rider would only have to change buses once to get from my house to Incarnate Word University which is about 12 miles away from my house

    13. All the system really knew was the data in the sensory input and motor output nerve buses, nothing else in the inner layers of the soul was understood

    14. The reset hadn't touched it and she had all the input buses blocked, but that did nothing either

    15. "Because I figured out how to alter the hardware data layer for the perception buses and re-route them to what I was supposed to report about

    16. Buses and trol ey buses are rare

    17. producing such buses like babies to which he replied, “That’s

    18. Fortunately, the windows of buses are large,

    19. there are buses going far away, but I did not

    20. I was lucky! Buses depart normal, from the station

    21. “A production capacity of hundred buses a day?”

    22. Buses and trolley buses are very good and, more

    23. buses are manufactured in Poland

    24. the buses are called "Solaris Urbino", I thought

    25. the buses began to pull up

    26. dismissed the class to go to the buses

    27. Cars, buses and taxis flashed by at thirty or more, honking when they felt their territory was invaded

    28. The concrete, the shops, the car fumes, the screech of buses

    29. School buses on Maxine Street…only about three rounds left…(Squeals from other radios cutting in again

    30. and forensic boys didn't find anything when they first checked these autos out?� Steve remarked as he moved his vehicle ahead of some buses who were slowing down the traffic on that street

    31. At the opposite side of the square, where the rag-tag fleet of buses serving nearby mountain hamlets used to line up, were parked a long, double row of jeeps, tanks and armored personnel carriers

    32. Eventually as the protest built up the Police started harassing the assembly point where buses and the campers had made their base

    33. He doubted even whether such buses ran anymore in these times of universal car ownership

    34. Back at their guest house in Curridabat, they packed the bare necessities for traveling light, intending that night to slip aboard El Tiburón Limon and hopefully be in Bluefields before it’s disappearance was noticed and, from there, travel overland aboard local buses and trucks through tiny, forgotten pueblos in Nicaragua’s eastern expanses

    35. “Well, two blocks behind it, is the station for buses to Peñas Blancas, the Nicaraguan border

    36. If I’m able to get away from whatever might delay me, I’ll be at noon on Monday in the central market where all the buses are

    37. The buses to Rivas leave every half hour

    38. Three times, she hobbled through the crowded open square, which was simply a block in the pueblo’s center without buildings, trees, or pavement: just a hot, lumpy, dusty, place where buses arrived, departed and throngs of people milled about

    39. All we need now is for the cars and buses to move across to the sidewalk and there will be plenty of room in the road for us foot-sloggers

    40. If you‘d saved all the money you spent on hotels, clothes, phone cards, buses or whatever, you would have been able to send the money I need

    41. That was something that had not occurred to either of us – that there would be no buses running in Shrewsbury this late at night

    42. Both of us were used to living in London where buses ran all night

    43. “We’ll need to get some buses to evacuate the elderly,” said the mayor

    44. “All the buses have been hired by the

    45. The case involved a New Jersey statute that provided reimbursement to parents for money paid to transport their children to school on the public transit system rather than on school buses

    46. As lightning slashed in the distance, and the roads started to flood, bustling Boston residents splashed around to their cars and buses, hushing one another with silent whispers as they passed Levi and I

    47. Around the same time this thing with Bill was going on, another friend of mine was telling me about riding the buses into Pittsburgh

    48. Some of the buses didn't put out enough heat to take care of the extreme cold we had on certain days

    49. "You see it was like this, the express buses that travel through parts of Oakland, East Liberty and Homewood are not supposed to discharge passengers until they reach the outer limits of Homewood

    50. While Monica was watching the traffic of people, buses and streetcars traveling in all directions, Harry's attention was focused on the corner of Liberty, which was the direction he expected his subject to come from

    1. It falls into the same category as busing

    2. They depend upon the forces of the state to redistribute wealth, to create a whole new category of “hate crimes,” to implement group rights, forced busing, and a host of other

    3. She called her bat to come and scoop her up, but it did not respond; it was too busing being chased by Steve and Michael

    4. “Concurrently, we should prepare, but not use, a host of themes which attack McGovern’s strategy on domestic spending, inheritance, welfare programs, busing, aid to schools, national defense, etc

    5. Concurrently, we should prepare, but not use, a host of themes which attack McGovern’s strategy on domestic spending, inheritance, welfare programs, busing, aid to schools, national defense, etc

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