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Comprehend en una oración (en ingles)

  1. That the mind can comprehend.
  2. To comprehend that you put.
  3. Man could not comprehend the.
  4. We have heard you and comprehend.
  5. I couldn't comprehend his logic.

  6. One day you'll comprehend though.
  7. What was it? He did not comprehend.
  8. It is puzzling to comprehend how the.
  9. Comprehend it? Not in a billion ages.
  10. She simply could not comprehend the.
  11. He could barely comprehend it all at.
  12. That I just can’t seem to comprehend.
  13. Ah, you don't comprehend, friend John.
  14. Still, he said, I do not comprehend you.
  15. Do you comprehend the imaginary case?

  16. For the life of me, I cannot comprehend.
  17. Once more the bishop failed to comprehend.
  18. It’s almost too beautiful to comprehend.
  19. She simply could not comprehend what had.
  20. I took me a moment to comprehend the issue.
  21. If you can comprehend that, it is still me.
  22. But they could not comprehend his teaching.
  23. Failing to comprehend the wordings of Mei.
  24. I could not comprehend why he would not be.
  25. Apparently unable to comprehend his message.

  26. It teaches me how to comprehend these things.
  27. I hear what he says but can’t comprehend it.
  28. David to them but they couldnt comprehend Him.
  29. Very few minds comprehend the divine language.
  30. My mind was too anxious to comprehend anything.
  31. He could not comprehend what had just happened.
  32. I can’t comprehend Aaron, with his stunning.
  33. How to comprehend easily? Scan the chapter first.
  34. He heard the words, but did not comprehend them.
  35. I still couldn't comprehend what his problem was.
  36. It's a former lover trying to comprehend ….
  37. But would any be left alive to comprehend them?
  38. How difficult is that concept to comprehend?
  39. I cannot comprehend someone standing next to me.
  40. James could not comprehend his brother's demeanor.
  41. Maybe I have not been able to comprehend that my.
  42. It is so important that you ful y comprehend the.
  43. He could not comprehend the meaning of the change.
  44. The eyes can only see what the mind can comprehend.
  45. It was almost too much to believe or to comprehend.
  46. It was going to take a while to comprehend all this.
  47. Do I always try to comprehend the parent's point of.
  48. You do not comprehend how important this project is.
  49. Katsuya can’t comprehend what she is trying to say.
  50. The clown suits would have been easier to comprehend.
  51. We stood there, unable to comprehend, or to believe.
  52. For reasons he couldn’t comprehend, the words stung.
  53. I could not comprehend any alternative than that of.
  54. I began to comprehend what its inhabitants were about.
  55. She had done some ill, but couldn’t comprehend what.
  56. I sat quietly trying to comprehend what had come to me.
  57. Indeed, which none could comprehend, much less explain.
  58. It was hard to comprehend that Silvia no longer existed.
  59. Elowen struggled to comprehend the sheer scale of the.
  60. Unless we seek to comprehend these mysteries, what.
  61. To a kid already struggling to comprehend his teenage.
  62. But those who could not comprehend the delicacy of her.
  63. And on another account, too, I can perfectly comprehend.
  64. She shook her head, unable to comprehend this situation.
  65. It is impossible for you to truly comprehend what Roth.
  66. It has taken me a long time to comprehend that he hates.
  67. I interrupted Yum's story, because I couldn't comprehend.
  68. All of it was too much to comprehend and so the remaining.
  69. Max was shocked and unable to comprehend what he had heard.
  70. Mysteries that I can’t fully comprehend, if I ever will.
  71. It must have been difficult to comprehend through my sobs.
  72. Sometimes, it's hard to comprehend the illogical thinking.
  73. Homer did not fully comprehend the implication of what he.
  74. If these things be so, we can comprehend the urgency of S.
  75. Even for you it is difficult to comprehend your existence.
  76. Hillary, I don’t think you entirely comprehend where.
  77. He cannot comprehend this logic because he is so consumed.
  78. I didn’t have time to fully comprehend what’d happened.
  79. It is for this reason that I really cannot comprehend!.
  80. She wouldn’t let up and nobody could comprehend what was.
  81. For instance, through play, a child is able to comprehend.
  82. We cannot even begin to comprehend the smallest part of God.
  83. They were bewildered; they could not comprehend these words.
  84. It is too complicated for you to comprehend the vast details.
  85. I did, and I could not quite comprehend it: it made me giddy.
  86. But at least we can comprehend that the unity of the Master.
  87. Frankly, it is the only way I can comprehend what happened.
  88. However, there are times when we may not comprehend without.
  89. Then, in a way she couldn’t comprehend, time itself stopped.
  90. When the shot came, Rory didn't immediately comprehend what.
  91. But they could not comprehend the establishment of the kingdom.
  92. But I needed the details to try and comprehend what I had heard.
  93. She turned, fast, and he saw something he couldn’t comprehend.
  94. The KGB man stood transfixed, his dark eyes trying to comprehend.
  95. They can't comprehend heroism as we can, but they enjoy helping.
  96. Most of humanity on Earth cannot even comprehend their existence.
  97. Franz read it twice before he could comprehend what it contained.
  98. He couldn’t comprehend the vile implications of this revelation.
  99. Wide eyed, I could not comprehend how He did know where I had been.
  100. It was hard to comprehend that Amos would ever wil ingly channel.
  1. He frowns at me not comprehending.
  2. Greg stared at her not comprehending.
  3. What? She asked, not comprehending.
  4. I was passt comprehending any of that now.
  5. Samual looked at the man dumbly not comprehending.
  6. Dolly looked at him with her shrewd, comprehending.
  7. I was a young girl then, not wholly comprehending her ways.
  8. Boulatruelle committed the error of not comprehending this.
  9. I pondered some time without fully comprehending the reason for this.
  10. I stared at him, not comprehending the meaning of what he was telling me.
  11. Comprehending, that matriarch called on her younger sister in this wise:.
  12. Only the paradox comes anywhere near to the comprehending fullness of life.
  13. The nephew replied no; perfectly comprehending the meaning of the question.
  14. The very act of comprehending a proposition puts one relatively closer to.
  15. There is no comprehending that night—or, for that matter, the house itself.
  16. Mabeuf was totally incapable of comprehending it, of willing or of directing it.
  17. And all this is true, regardless of your difficulty in comprehending such matters.
  18. The loss of Mary I must consider as comprehending the loss of Crawford and of Fanny.
  19. They are not comprehending the breadth and the depth and the lengths and the height.
  20. I knew you'd chicken out— Harvey spluttered, finally comprehending Silas’ words.
  21. That makes us even, because I had trouble comprehending his feeling sometimes myself.
  22. He was born in a country he did not fully understand and had no hope of comprehending.
  23. Kathleen was blinking her eyes rapidly, not comprehending what had just happened to her.
  24. Max carefully opened it and read the page three times before comprehending what it said.
  25. Comprehending full well Upaya settled cross-legged onto one of the guest mats and waited patiently.
  26. Something seemed to dawn within his eyes and his face flushed, as he emitted a comprehending, Oh!.
  27. There is for us no hope of comprehending Christ's religion except as explained by the New Testament writers.
  28. It makes defining the exact scope of the graph much easier, not to mention comprehending what you've graphed.
  29. I see, said Krimshaw, only barely comprehending the significance of all of these nuggets of information.
  30. This partisan half-wit would be no more capable of comprehending Rickman’s complex machinations than Durrani was.
  31. What Lee was having trouble comprehending was how his indebtedness to Doc made it necessary that he give credit to Mack.
  32. Imagine a baby trying to crawl across a busy freeway, totally incapable of comprehending the technology it is dealing with.
  33. When you do that, you could prevent your mind in comprehending the signals that are sent by your body that it is already full.
  34. But gas has been $5 a gallon or something like that in England for years with no revolution, Levi said, not comprehending.
  35. Don’t ask me how such things can be, I still have trouble comprehending it now, so leave such matters to the magicians I say.
  36. Until, when they arrive, He will say, "Did you reject My revelations without comprehending them? Or what is it you were doing?".
  37. Mary flipped through the pages of an old magazine without comprehending what she was looking at; she sat there as if in a trance.
  38. What? my voice held a note of wariness, as if I didn’t comprehend what he was saying, but oh, I was comprehending just fine.
  39. I stared into his knowing eyes, seeing the wealth of a future that I could only imagine, but falling short in terms of comprehending.
  40. She must not be touched by the buffoons, nor by the ignorant vulgar, incapable of comprehending or appreciating her hidden treasures.
  41. She next reminded me that the key to comprehending any her lessons on behavior, in the swiftest time, was to supplant reason with logic.
  42. I can’t go Levi she pleaded, praying that he would just leave it at that, comprehending how stupid she was for thinking it possible.
  43. There are men who have such materialistic minds that they are absolutely incapable of comprehending the philosophy set forth in these books.
  44. But grander far the unseen soul of me, comprehending, endowing all those, Lighting the light, the sky and stars, delving the earth, sailing.
  45. One would say that it punished you for comprehending it; but no, it rewards you; for it places you in a hell, where you feel God beside you.
  46. What will she do? The surprise bewilders me---it will put her out of her head! And you are Heathcliff! But altered! Nay, there's no comprehending it.
  47. Stiles, shows that the words "extreme cold" were marked on the thermometer (which was probably Hauksbee's) as comprehending a region, on the scale, of 20° H.
  48. This exhibition of primordial fury chilled the blood in Valeria's veins, but Conan was too close to the primitive himself to feel anything but a comprehending interest.
  49. But Congress, as has been shown, has already made this annexation the limits of the Orleans Territory, as prescribed by Congress, comprehending the country in question.
  50. Then Ingeborg would open her dictionary and look up the words salient in the enlargement, and when she had found them smile back, brightly comprehending and appreciative.
  51. He had previously seen this subterranean building, or one similar (he'd been unconscious before entering this one), but the sheer scale of it still took some comprehending.
  52. When the first creature ventured into Jason’s carry cot and bit him, the baby woke with a gurgle and flap of his arms, as though not quite comprehending what was happening.
  53. The second class are taxed at seventy ; the third at fifty ; and the fourth, comprehending artificers in villages, and the lowest class of those in towns, at twenty-five florins.
  54. However, one of the difficulties in discerning or comprehending karma is due to the fact that it often does not ripen in one lifetime (if one considers the possibility of rebirths).
  55. In my case, because my own worldview gave me no way of comprehending the Listeners as the myth portrayed them, my mind simply fabricated a meaning for me that made them comprehensible.
  56. They assumed an air of fully comprehending the import and force of the situation, of accepting and even approving of it, but of considering it superfluous and uncalled for to put all this.
  57. But though the interest of the labourer is strictly connected with that of the society, he is incapable either of comprehending that interest, or of understanding its connexion with his own.
  58. Because the programming of computers requires a certain logic in one's thinking, you can rest assured that if you have trouble linking steps together, you will have trouble comprehending computer programming.
  59. This vocal organ was in itself a rich endowment; insomuch that a listener, comprehending nothing of the language in which the preacher spoke, might still have been swayed to and fro by the mere tone and cadence.
  60. Images of other automated birds such as the Die Zwitscher-Maschine of Paul Klee and the mechanical nightingale of the emperor of China came to mind but posed no insight into comprehending the key to the wind-up bird.
  61. Naturally very timid, a proper and pleasant familiarity with them is a sure inroad to their confidence, and the knowledge of them thus gained convinces us that they are capable of comprehending and grasping ideas of knowledge.
  62. We find no difficulty in comprehending these requirements now; they seem perfectly simple and natural, with nothing mystical or alarming in their aspect; but five or even three thousand years ago, such demands seemed intolerable.
  63. It was said that the text had recurrent mentions such as a leader must be �serene and inscrutable� and capable of comprehending �unfathomable plans�, which was confusing for Western readers who lack the awareness of the East Asian context.
  64. Less than an hour after this, the verdict of the jury freed the said Champmathieu from all accusations; and Champmathieu, being at once released, went off in a state of stupefaction, thinking that all men were fools, and comprehending nothing of this vision.
  65. As Felt stood there dumbstruck, not fully comprehending what had had just been said, the lieutenant commander on bridge duty understood with a shock that Ingrid had been ready all along to relieve his admiral and had even brought military policemen with her to arrest him if need be.
  66. It is not that we have merged the various conceptions of the significance of life into three arbitrary divisions, but that there really have been but three distinct conceptions, by which the actions of mankind have been influenced, and save through these we have no means of comprehending life.
  67. After a time, Fanny found it not impossible to direct her thoughts to other subjects, and revive some interest in the usual occupations; but whenever Lady Bertram was fixed on the event, she could see it only in one light, as comprehending the loss of a daughter, and a disgrace never to be wiped off.
  68. There could be no harm in what had been done in so many respectable families, and by so many women of the first consideration; and it must be scrupulousness run mad that could see anything to censure in a plan like theirs, comprehending only brothers and sisters and intimate friends, and which would never be heard of beyond themselves.
  69. If we once abandon ourselves to the fancies of dreamers who see every thing through an intellectual prism, for whom no word retains its natural signification, but every vocable is surrounded with an aureola or many-tinted halo of mysteries and 'inner senses,’ we might as well abandon at the same time the hope of comprehending Christianity.
  70. People of our time and of our society are delighted with Baudelaires, Verlaines, Moréases, Ibsens, and Maeterlincks in poetry; with Monets, Manets, Puvis de Chavannes, Burne-Joneses, Stucks, and Böcklins in painting; with Wagners, Liszts, Richard Strausses, in music; and they are no longer capable of comprehending either the highest or the simplest art.
  71. Her hat was hung against the wall, and she seemed perfectly at home, laughing and chattering, in the best spirits imaginable, to Hareton---now a great, strong lad of eighteen---who stared at her with considerable curiosity and astonishment: comprehending precious little of the fluent succession of remarks and questions which her tongue never ceased pouring forth.
  72. Her hat was hung against the wall, and she seemed perfectly at home, laughing and chattering, in the best spirits imaginable, to Hareton—now a great, strong lad of eighteen—who stared at her with considerable curiosity and astonishment: comprehending precious little of the fluent succession of remarks and questions which her tongue never ceased pouring forth.
  73. This was quickly lowered to Ahab, who at once comprehending it all, slid his solitary thigh into the curve of the hook (it was like sitting in the fluke of an anchor, or the crotch of an apple tree), and then giving the word, held himself fast, and at the same time also helped to hoist his own weight, by pulling hand-over-hand upon one of the running parts of the tackle.
  74. It cannot be too often repeated, that if Cuba on the one hand, and Florida on the other, are in the possession of a foreign maritime power, the immense country belonging to the United States, watered by streams discharging themselves into the Gulf of Mexico—that is, one-third, nay more than two-thirds of the United States, comprehending Louisiana, is placed at the mercy of that power.
  75. But each power is not a general authority to attain a particular object, and comprehending, of course, all the means or powers applicable to its accomplishment; but, in most cases, it is a specific means for effecting some particular end, and all other means or powers (for means and powers are the same thing) conducive to the same end, are expressly excluded by the restrictive clauses of the constitution.
  76. When such is the style of thought among men of education; when numbers are protected against similar views only by their incapacity to understand the atheism of their betters; it is scarcely to be wondered at that many of the working classes, always more resolute in opinion than the money-making bourgeoisie, should imitate the atheology of the scientific luminaries whom they admire without entirely comprehending.
  77. The first misapprehension which relates to the impracticability of the Christian doctrine arises from the fact that men who believe in the social life-conception, not comprehending the rule obeyed by men who hold the Christian doctrine, and mistaking the Christian standard of perfection for the guiding principle of life, believe and declare that it is impossible to follow the teaching of Christ, because implicit obedience to this doctrine would end by destroying life.
  78. Logic was taught first; ontology came in the second place; pneumatology, comprehending the doctrine concerning the nature of the human soul and of the Deity, in the third; in the fourth followed a debased system of moral philosophy, which was considered as immediately connected with the doctrines of pneumatology, with the immortality of the human soul, and with the rewards and punishments which, from the justice of the Deity, were to be expected in a life to come: a short and superficial system of physics usually concluded the course.
  79. When he was not asleep, or playing a complicated kind of Patience with a ragged pack of cards of his own,—a game that I never saw before or since, and in which he recorded his winnings by sticking his jackknife into the table,—when he was not engaged in either of these pursuits, he would ask me to read to him,—"Foreign language, dear boy!" While I complied, he, not comprehending a single word, would stand before the fire surveying me with the air of an Exhibitor, and I would see him, between the fingers of the hand with which I shaded my face, appealing in dumb show to the furniture to take notice of my proficiency.
  80. The domino, after a little discourse, in which Emily doubtless distinguished her good nature and easiness more than her wit, began to make violent love to her, and drawing her insensibly to some benches at the lower end of the masquerade room, got her to sit by him, where he squeezed her hands, pinched her cheeks, praised and played with her fine hair, admired her complexion, and all in a style of courtship dashed with a certain oddity, that not comprehending the mystery of, poor Emily attributed to his falling in with the humour of her disguise; and being naturally not the cruellest of her profession, began to incline to a parley on those essentials.
  81. And assuredly no one will argue that there is any other method of comprehending by any regular process all true existence or of ascertaining what each thing is in its own nature; for the arts in general are concerned with the desires or opinions of men, or are cultivated with a view to production and construction, or for the preservation of such productions and constructions; and as to the mathematical sciences which, as we were saying, have some apprehension of true being--geometry and the like--they only dream about being, but never can they behold the waking reality so long as they leave the hypotheses which they use unexamined, and are unable to give an account of them.
  82. But since, in the first place, men do not stand still, but incessantly move forward, comprehending the truth more and more, and approaching it with their lives, and, in the second place, all of them, through their age, education, and race, are predisposed to a gradation of men, from those who are most capable to comprehend newly revealed truths in an internal way to those who are least capable to do so, the men who stand nearest to those who have attained the truth in an internal way one after another, at first after long periods of time, and then more and more frequently, pass over to the side of the new truth, and the number of men who recognize the new truth grows larger and larger, and the truth grows all the time more and more comprehensible.
  83. I am speaking, as before, of injustice on a large scale in which the advantage of the unjust is most apparent; and my meaning will be most clearly seen if we turn to that highest form of injustice in which the criminal is the happiest of men, and the sufferers or those who refuse to do injustice are the most miserable--that is to say tyranny, which by fraud and force takes away the property of others, not little by little but wholesale; comprehending in one, things sacred as well as profane, private and public; for which acts of wrong, if he were detected perpetrating any one of them singly, he would be punished and incur great disgrace--they who do such wrong in particular cases are called robbers of temples, and man-stealers and burglars and swindlers and thieves.
  1. I could have even comprehended.
  2. At least not in a way he comprehended.
  3. I saw his fallibilities: I comprehended them.
  4. Of all who heard him, the Greeks comprehended most.
  5. Th ey cannot be completely grasped or comprehended.
  6. He had been with the Father and comprehended him fully.
  7. The beauty of MY love cannot be measured or comprehended.
  8. I glance over momentarily to see if he comprehended the.
  9. Her eyes widened as she comprehended what I was referring to.
  10. After awhile I comprehended that I was not going home, that I.
  11. Duncan did listen, and on the instant comprehended her meaning.
  12. Stepan Arkadyevitch comprehended, looked at him, but said nothing.
  13. A fright which can be comprehended, a wrath which can be pardoned.
  14. And that takes a lot of blasting, Nadir suddenly comprehended.
  15. And when I clearly comprehended all this, it struck me as ridiculous.
  16. Once the understanding of death is comprehended, then and only then.
  17. And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not.
  18. Edmond did not lose a word, but comprehended very little of what was said.
  19. Here the author saw and comprehended this suffering and showed it to men.
  20. Even when cleft or bored through it is not comprehended in its entireness.
  21. Oak comprehended the leader knew there were more than just the two of them.
  22. They knew Mophi never comprehended the technical parts and Grimes said to him.
  23. The insight that God cannot be seen or comprehended, or the realization that.
  24. The insight that God cannot be seen or comprehended, or the realisation that.
  25. Lachey limped over with her cane, immediately comprehended and spoke to the woman.
  26. I regret to state that I was not afraid of telling the enormous lie comprehended.
  27. Olin finally comprehended the reason for what had seemed to be outrageous behavior.
  28. There could be no way, she thought, that he hadn't comprehended what had come to pass.
  29. Attributes of nature namely OM, space, time and cosmic forces are easily comprehended.
  30. It was like an intuition; he comprehended it with his clear and sagacious promptitude.
  31. This instruction on the rays is of deeper significance than can as yet be comprehended.
  32. Oh, there have been some throughout time who say they have been there and comprehended.
  33. This was a courage that Madame Defarge so little comprehended as to mistake for weakness.
  34. By dint of reflection, I think I have comprehended what was passing in my brother's heart.
  35. Gabby turned and heaved into the gutter, as she comprehended the fate of the werewolf pack.
  36. Damien winced at the sharpness of her words and wondered if he had comprehended them wrongly.
  37. His pounding brain barely comprehended the shriek of anguish that was cut short by the wind.
  38. In quick order, Ravan comprehended the hatred that all—given enough time—felt for Adorno.
  39. She’d never truly comprehended the global implications of her role in the Damascus bombing.
  40. Earnshaw and I, the sexton, and six men to carry the coffin, comprehended the whole attendance.
  41. When he had heard and comprehended all to the fullest extent, he replied that he was a royalist.
  42. I skimmed and absorbed and comprehended charts and lab notes and monographs describing the pills.
  43. The eyes and the smile of Stepan Arkadyevitch showed Levin that he comprehended that feeling fittingly.
  44. If you think of that you will find in one seed millions of trees that can not be counted or comprehended.
  45. Zardino said, ‘You reasoned that one day the TE wave would be detected and then its nature comprehended.
  46. When Louisiana, under the treaty of 1803, was delivered to the United States, Florida was not comprehended.
  47. I have no idea if I smiled back, but before I actually comprehended my situation I was invited into her home.
  48. Our wants are many and our faults innumerable, but they are all comprehended in our lack of the Holy Spirit.
  49. He already knew about the strange death and rebirth, but neither of them fully comprehended its meaning, yet.
  50. But now his speech showed that he had absorbed and comprehended what was explained to them about the program.
  51. His eyes budged in terror as he suddenly comprehended the full danger of the situation that he had walked into.
  52. Trevain comprehended the hand signals for these three simple words, having learned enough to remember the basics.
  53. Among those commodities would be comprehended all the necessaries of life, and all the materials of manufacture.
  54. Had Bloodtooth noticed the wraithlike movement of the grass, he would not have comprehended its determined source.
  55. I was still deep in the fugue of selfish misery, and I barely comprehended the importance of this simple movement.
  56. Her ailing brain comprehended nothing, but the only thing which she did not doubt was that he had come to get her.
  57. Some could not be comprehended, some were understood in part only, but much was considered, digested and absorbed.
  58. Anyway, in a single glance, he comprehended a body bigger than the bodies around it and somehow distinct from them.
  59. He sees no hope of happiness or peace for mankind until all nations of the earth are comprehended in a single empire.
  60. He then perceived that, up to that moment, he had comprehended his country no more than he had comprehended his father.
  61. I will not disgust you with a recital of the vices of my youth, which can scarcely be comprehended by female delicacy.
  62. However, this relief was short-lived, as she groaningly comprehended the message her mother was leaving on the machine.
  63. If you think of this, you will find that in one seed there are millions of trees that cannot be counted or comprehended.
  64. Under this denomination were comprehended timber fit for masts, yards, and bowsprits; hemp, tar, pitch, and turpentine.
  65. I agreed with her, and it seemed to me that, after this, I comprehended his character more clearly and much more calmly.
  66. Notwithstanding the high resolution of Hawkeye he fully comprehended all the difficulties and danger he was about to incur.
  67. My credentials, entries, and memoranda, are all comprehended in the one line, `Recalled to Life;' which may mean anything.
  68. The smile comprehended Monte-negro’s troubled history and sympathized with the brave struggles of the Montenegrin people.
  69. Whose throne is inestimable; whose glory may not be comprehended; before whom the hosts of angels stand with trembling, 22.
  70. This is the lavatory, toilet, and bath, Natalia explained, looking for any signs he comprehended what she was telling him.
  71. The captain of the boat leaned close, attempting to discern the man’s words, but they were in English and he comprehended little.
  72. Let me explain my understanding of a power which exists by implication, by an example which will be comprehended by all who hear me.
  73. These must in their turn be comprehended intuitively and adapted to individual need, and thus be assimilated into the life practice.
  74. To the untrained ear it was chaos, but to Garcia it was this magnificent mathematical formula needing to be comprehended and solved.
  75. They comprehended that he was not yet ready for an open clash with established religion, and that he did not seek to become a martyr.
  76. Hawkeye, who comprehended their meaning glances, turned and perceived that his party had been followed thus far by the singing-master.
  77. Iván Fedótov completely lost his composure and began to move restlessly, but when he comprehended it all, he smiled a gentle smile:.
  78. She heard a half crazed scream come from the creature as it struggled and then a gurgling, which she comprehended was its dying breath.
  79. A mile over the border we headed north and by now every one of the soldiers I commanded fully comprehended the gravity of the situation.
  80. At least, that was my experience, and judging by the results, it seemed that the dealer I went to for advice, comprehended no more than I.
  81. De Beausset closed his eyes, bowed his head, and sighed deeply, to indicate how profoundly he valued and comprehended the Emperor’s words.
  82. What is really going on out there in the universe cannot in any way be comprehended by mind and its intellectual constructs (thought forms).
  83. That being true, which every argument warrants, the lake of fire—whether real or no—can be comprehended, because it will utterly consume.
  84. That’s exactly what we do when looking at God’s Word from the literal standpoint of view, and not seen or comprehended by the man within.
  85. Africa, however, as well as several of the countries comprehended under the general name of the East Indies, is inhabited by barbarous nations.
  86. When his shocked eyes and tired brain finally comprehended what it was that he was looking at, a sick sense of dread hit him right in the stomach.
  87. Nor is the pre-eminent tremendousness of the great Sperm Whale anywhere more feelingly comprehended, than on board of those prows which stem him.
  88. But had they referred it to the Messenger, and to those in authority among them, those who can draw conclusions from it would have comprehended it.
  89. When Olin was satisfied that he comprehended the basic design of such a bridge he asked the mayor, "Is there is a second design to be considered?".
  90. They only vaguely comprehended what he said about his death, while his statement about rising from the dead utterly failed to register in their minds.
  91. Then, filled with his own dark intentions, he spoke in the language of the Canadas, a tongue that he well knew was comprehended by most of his auditors.
  92. She herself was not exempt from internal emotion, and without having done anything wrong, yet fully comprehended that Luigi was right in reproaching her.
  93. It appears that previous to the war which terminated in 1763, Louisiana comprehended nearly the whole country watered by the Mississippi and its branches.
  94. For example, it is now comprehended that the presence of our European apostles in the ports of China, bringing with them the 'good news’ of Xavier and Dr.
  95. Since geniuses, like demons, recognize the presence of a superior God by certain signs, Thenardier comprehended that he had to deal with a very strong person.
  96. On arriving in the vicinity of the colossus, Gavroche comprehended the effect which the infinitely great might produce on the infinitely small, and said:—.
  97. Under the power to regulate commerce, Congress has exercised the power of erecting light-houses, as incident to that power, and fairly comprehended within it.
  98. I should suppose that no man, who spends only a few days in this city, can be at a loss to determine what is comprehended under the term other needful buildings.
  99. His eyes showed that he comprehended her perfectly and with that realization she watched the dawning of the fact in his eyes that she was completely at his mercy.
  100. Perhaps, however, the manner of the scout would not have been so passive, had he fully comprehended the language in which the preceding dialogue had been conducted.
  1. Surely He comprehends everything.
  2. It comprehends some bringer of that joy;.
  3. My Lord comprehends all things in knowledge.
  4. The Supernatural comprehends neither (material) form nor color nor race.
  5. His consciousness is of so extended a nature that it comprehends at once all.
  6. This is for the sake of one who comprehends in his person my feelings to Edgar and myself.
  7. Without insulting him, they diplomatically reframe the discussion until Reagan comprehends.
  8. The first comprehends those which it is scarce in the power of human industry to multiply at all.
  9. When a simulation is running, your eyes still see and process the actual world, but your brain no longer comprehends them.
  10. Overhead the dome tint darkens by some unknown mechanism that only Master comprehends, almost completely blocking out the sun.
  11. If a person comprehends the rules of her game, however, then this person may choose to diminish her rule in some areas of life.
  12. A great man (Sir James Mackintosh) has said, the paramount interest of every State, that which comprehends all others, is security.
  13. What is called gross profit, comprehends frequently not only this surplus, but what is retained for compensating such extraordinary losses.
  14. The public trade of the company extends no further than the trade with Europe, and comprehends a part only of the foreign trade of the country.
  15. Have you a government which comprehends the identity of morality and politics? You have reached the point where you grant amnesty to heroes! Something very similar has been done in France.
  16. As will be perceived from this letter, these two women understood how to mould themselves to the Bishop's ways with that special feminine genius which comprehends the man better than he comprehends himself.
  17. For when once admitted, the text comprehends that death followed by no resurrection would be an everlasting death, and as it is to be inflicted for sin, it would consequently be an everlasting punishment.
  18. It is true, the honest and sincere expression of any painter will be of some interest, just as the biography written by Darwin's gardener might be; but there is a vast difference between this point of view and that of the man who thoroughly comprehends his subject.
  19. This proposition presents a great, an elevated and essential topic of discussion, due to the occasion, and claimed by this people, which comprehends within the sphere and analogies of just argument, the chief of those questions, the decision of which, at this day, involves the peace, the happiness, and honor of this nation.
  20. The power to raise armies and provide and maintain a navy comprehends, beyond the possibility of doubt, the right to make rules for the government and regulation of the land and naval forces; and yet in these three cases, the constitution, after making the grant of general power, delegates specifically the powers which are fairly comprehended within the general power.
  21. When on the other hand the Qur'an becomes, for the believer, as a reminiscent and a guide, it reminds him of the facts he has witnessed by his spirit's eye, and the more he comprehends of the facts, the more he finds ampler and deeper facts in the Qur'an which seems to be as a translator of his spirit's contents, or of the facts he has witnessed and got by his thinking of the cosmic signs (Al'lah's make) before.
  22. The gross revenue of all the inhabitants of a great country comprehends the whole annual produce of their land and labour; the neat revenue, what remains free to them, after deducting the expense of maintaining first, their fixed, and, secondly, their circulating capital, or what, without encroaching upon their capital, they can place in their stock reserved for immediate consumption, or spend upon their subsistence.
  23. The gross rent of a private estate comprehends whatever is paid by the farmer; the neat rent, what remains free to the landlord, after deducting the expense of management, of repairs, and all other necessary charges; or what, without hurting his estate, he can afford to place in his stock reserved for immediate consumption, or to spend upon his table, equipage, the ornaments of his house and furniture, his private enjoyments and amusements.
  24. Therefore, when Messiah Master (cpth) shall come again, he will not bring with him a Gospel that comprehends the civilization of this century, nor will he correct the Holy Qur'an as it is a book which falsehood can not reach, yet, he shall come to clear the rust that causes people to shun the Holy Qur'an of those many shallow and misguiding interpretations reported from Israeli interpolated sayings or from other false sources, which are clearly conflicting with the Qur'an, Al'lah's speech, and which has divided people into parties and sects, each is pleased with its own beliefs.

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