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    1. walk with God you need to learn and embrace this

    2. need to keep, embrace, teach and remind ourselves of, all

    3. Athnu excused himself, but Ava knew Kulai would know every detail of their embrace and who it was that initiated what

    4. with eyes locked in their own soul-deep and soundless embrace, the couple began to

    5. twirled into his firm embrace

    6. He falls happily on Ricci’s neck to embrace him

    7. They fall into a clumsy, sleepy embrace

    8. embrace he let himself be lead to the far corner of the olive grove

    9. Ricci comes in and Ahmed jumps up, speeds to his embrace

    10. In the bar, wrapped in the warm embrace of alcohol and the fantastic promise

    11. The drive home is relaxed, Stephen’s arm round me, I nestle into his embrace and rest my head on his shoulder

    12. ’ I commiserated, responding to her warm embrace with difficulty – my arms full of her son

    13. With a passionate embrace young couple born together their

    14. The scheduling the staff of this place alone is a nightmare!" As they leave, I stand to embrace Apollo, but he surprises me yet again

    15. They all have huge smiles on their faces but Apollo instantly inquires, "Where's Grace?" As soon as he speaks two arms embrace him from behind and she spins around him, a planting her lips to his

    16. I felt the uncomplicated warmth of his embrace once again

    17. With his hand held firmly in her soft, white and cool embrace he let himself be lead to the far corner of the olive grove

    18. In the bar, wrapped in the warm embrace of alcohol and the fantastic promise of the boy with the tousled hair and that cheeky smile, she had suddenly felt compelled to decline the offer of more fun

    19. What is the outcome of such beliefs? What are the practical implications of believing in a trinity instead of a monotheistic god? It is my belief and conclusion that God is only represented fully – even if we want to say that the cross is His core character – only when we can embrace this view of the trinity

    20. Likewise, the Church will only have its full stature and character when we embrace this pattern for ourselves

    21. You will learn to move forward while you embrace all these

    22. to embrace fear rather than conquer it

    23. embrace which only a mother’s love could bring

    24. down to embrace her daughters in a warm hug

    25. the mellow embrace of warming candles softly lit,

    26. locked in the eternity of this hard embrace,

    27. When that people will go to those nations, they will offer the sacrifice of love to be servants and embrace with many tears the very people that were their persecutors

    28. carried in the soft embrace of my pink gummed teeth,

    29. ’ I bantered, turning to face him, twisting in his embrace

    30. At the sound of Berndt clearing his throat noisily, I jump, immediately trying to extricate myself from Joris’ embrace, but he gently restrains me, turning to face his friend without any embarrassment

    31. I do not seek death, but I shall embrace it with joy when it comes

    32. The Dancing Pig philosophy is simple – embrace technology and use its broad ability to create presence

    33. Half wrenching myself out of Berndt’s embrace, I turn to see Deris standing there, Adamant’s reins in his hand

    34. The blonde snapped her fingers again and the cage disappeared in a puff of magician's smoke, allowing the two lovers to embrace for the very first time

    35. To my amazement, there are tears in her eyes as she returns my embrace

    36. Just then the doors to the boardroom crashed open and the combined weight and wealth of the Cameron and Flashman-Pebble clans surged into the room, waving glasses of bubbly and cheering loudly as they celebrated the perfect society couple locked in true love’s wonderful embrace

    37. Tom saw in her faded looks and in her dimming eyes a future that he was not inclined to embrace

    38. As this sex goddess took him in a quick embrace, he felt the firmness and suppleness of her shape, even the hardness of her nipples thru both sets of clothing

    39. future that he was not inclined to embrace

    40. Breathing in the gorgeous scent of the man, I bury my face in his shirt, relaxing in his embrace

    41. Agilely avoiding his embrace, she smiled her thanks and spun out of the room

    42. The house encloses her like an embrace

    43. Jameson was quicker than the flash of lightening which struck out at the same moment, and held her in his embrace, safe from gravity and and the fall

    44. Once their embrace subsided, and Chloe joined them, Samuel introduced his traveling companions, beginning with Lawrence and Yolanda Spelman, then their daughter Kaitlyn and last but in no way least, Mr

    45. Then making his way on to her he folded her chilled body into his chest and laid a soft kiss on her cheek as well, but the embrace was cold and lifeless

    46. Harry saw Kaitlyn to the door of her boudoir and gave her an embrace of great satisfaction

    47. There she beheld Kay: she recognized him, flew to embrace him, and cried out, her arms firmly holding him the while, "Kay, sweet little Kay! Have I then found you at last?"

    48. were too distracted by life to embrace the call

    49. agree with His word and embrace change

    50. We have no choice but to embrace it or

    1. It took a long time, it took a lot of energy, it took money, it took commitment, it took integrity, it took focus, it took a lot of things that are a challenge, but I embraced those challenges

    2. embraced the same arts and wielded the same powers

    3. embraced his father, told him he loved him, and then sunk his mouth to the old man’s

    4. When she died he neither embraced the opportunity nor

    5. I embraced the empty

    6. Because of the shortage of the servant spirit, congregations have embraced all kinds of

    7. Then Apollo says something that helps my spirits and definitely confirms he has fully embraced his gifts

    8. In a flash both Beniamin and I embraced, and then all four of us, arms around each other’s shoulders, huddled together and so began the insane babble of briefly-realised freedom

    9. The boy child had, when the time came, embraced his father, told him he loved him, and then sunk his mouth to the old man’s neck to taste the acrid, metallic taste of heaven for the first time

    10. embraced him as a brother before

    11. When she died he neither embraced the opportunity nor did he slaughter himself in her memory so that he could be with her always

    12. Son embraced his brother and invited his family to

    13. Beth stared at Kate for a long time; she went to her and embraced her

    14. The world has seen many marvels during recent years, and one of the many things that helps to illustrate the fusion of technical modernism with the established status quo is the way in which England’s ancient feudal institutions have embraced the social and political structures of modern times

    15. A sizable number of women entered the competition too, for the country has, in recent times, embraced social inclusiveness and is open to a wide variety of ideas

    16. Tarak’s warriors embraced the news saying it was only natural that two great warriors mate as one

    17. The entire crew had embraced the Ogatu and all seemed to going well

    18. I slid closer to her on the bench and embraced her

    19. She met him on the front patio, embraced and let him take the produce inside

    20. When he introduced Lady Rayne, she immediately threw open her arms and embraced her in a genuine hug

    21. England’s ancient feudal institutions have embraced the social and

    22. competition too, for the country has, in recent times, embraced

    23. The people embraced the kindness of Lady Sera and hovered in protection of her whenever she went among them

    24. There were those few who lived in the little village of Tahoe City who had not embraced the Livingsons as full members of the community, but had merely grudgingly accepted their lesser place in the economy of the town, though with unreserved suspicion

    25. He stepped into the great room, weary of the road, and Belle greeted him, embraced him unexpectedly and informed him that that was from Great-grandmama

    26. She embraced him warmly, followed by a kiss on the

    27. Allcock, who was several years younger than her husband, embraced Harry as an adopted son, and took his arm as they entered her home

    28. “I did too,” he said, and they embraced right there in the front hallway near the room where Ava and Tahlmute were still arguing in a lower register

    29. Chloe was embraced and praised for her discernment and future distinction

    30. Kaitlyn and Harry embraced and then kissed---real passion is the mere shadow of true love requited---and theirs was the very heart, blood, and soul of that rarest of all treasures

    31. The smile that embraced his face made him irresistible

    32. and I embraced and attempted a vague approximation of

    33. but then the Master came and embraced them in His arms and

    34. that their forefathers and mothers embraced

    35. He embraced his friend, before going over to

    36. He couldn’t help but find it amusing that so recently he embraced hope, and now there was naught but hopelessness

    37. Often they embraced

    38. opportunity, she would have gladly embraced for the rest

    39. ‘Jean!’ As the husband and wife embraced, it would

    40. Mine embraced her’s in a waltz

    41. ” They embraced and kissed tenderly, her lips soft on his and her tongue warm inside his mouth

    42. But she could readily perceive the deeply felt emotion of them, noticing his eyes watering as he embraced each of DRAFT

    43. Helez embraced her and they clung together for comfort

    44. ” Her mind flitted back to the memory of her father’s empty-casket funeral, in which she was sincerely and lovingly embraced by the Emperor himself

    45. She shall be embraced

    46. ” She put her arms around the Elf and embraced her

    47. “Spoken like a true Princess of the realm!” and she embraced the Elf again, held her hand and led her to a seat

    48. We sat like that for a long time, embraced awkwardly in the parking lot

    49. He pushed it back into Joss's hands and they embraced in a brief hug

    50. That minister had unfortunately embraced all the prejudices of the mercantile system, in its nature and essence a system of restraint and regulation, and such as could scarce fail to be agreeable to a laborious and plodding man of business, who had been accustomed to regulate the different departments of public offices, and to establish the necessary checks and controlls for confining each to its proper sphere

    1. He embraces her tightly

    2. It embraces it, but then says that unless there are clouds and darkness we cannot see God in His fullness and glory

    3. The warmth of embraces me

    4. Restrained embraces fluttered from one to the other out of respect for my loss

    5. I think that Camus is telling us that the absurd person is fully aware of the irrationality of existence, embraces it, and exploits that irrationality to find happiness where there should be none

    6. An enlightened soul is therefore one who embraces all of life, the “now” and the “hereafter”, for the separation that appears to most of us, does not really exist

    7. Carter‘s consistent pandering to South/Central American, Caribbean and African Marxists and Middle Eastern Potentates, is understood in part as the product of a tormented ―conscience‖ that, for political reasons, conveniently embraces a Christian/Marxism mindset that combines the religious instincts of his youth with Mr

    8. Lengthy embraces would be broken when sudden awareness of yet another potential disaster would cause one to stare into the other’s eyes at arm’s length

    9. It appeals to the West because it has no dogmas; satisfies the reason and the heart alike; insists on self-reliance coupled with tolerance for other points of view; embraces science, religion, philosophy, psychology, ethics and art; and points to man alone as the creator of his present life and sole designer of his destiny

    10. 20 He looks with his eyes and groans, like a eunuch who embraces a virgin and sighs

    11. It is a journey that embraces His

    12. One segment of society embraces radical change, and precipitates among those defending liberty acts and ideas that cause one, then another, and another, of the anchor holds of social stability to be let go

    13. Insanity embraces the universe with open arms

    14. The most ancient, Fort Montagu, constructed in 1741 to protect eastern Nassau is about two miles away at the eastern end of the island and embraces Montagu Bay

    15. One of the reasons this town stirs Roger’s curiosity is that it embraces the southeastern part of Revillagigedo Island

    16. A sudden excitement embraces me

    17. matter, because it embraces a proven methodology of getting complex things done quickly and

    18. He stands and embraces her with affection

    19. My brother is coming home, Alex!” Sean embraces me again, trying to kiss me on the lips, but I stop him

    20. ” Mother embraces me

    21. ” He steps forward and embraces me

    22. ” She extends her arms and embraces me as I reach her

    23. He hesitates as his head leans closer, and just as I open my lips to receive his, he embraces me instead, his hands holding me tight to his chest

    24. “Thank you,” she says as she embraces him

    25. And Mary said My soul does magnify the Lord and my spirit has rejoiced in God my Saviour Who has looked on the low estate of his handmaiden: note from now onward all generations shall pronounce blessing on me; For he has done great things for me who is mighty and holy is his name; And his mercy embraces those who fear him throughout the ages and the times

    26. Then, unable to stop himself, Johan embraces him

    27. 1 Since therefore we are a portion of the Holy One let us do all such things as pertain to holiness avoiding evil-speaking foul and impure embraces drunkenness disorderliness abominable desires detestable adultery execrable pride; 2 For God he says resists the proud but gives grace to the humble

    28. He exited his small truck into their embraces and suddenly

    29. embraces they were talking a thousand words a minute

    30. year and excitement exploded in embraces and greetings

    31. They have had their share of troubles with independent moderators but as a whole, Reddit embraces their community to the fullest

    32. warm embraces on the dance floor contributed to a mounting

    33. embraces the neophyte as described above, and expands Himself to include

    34. increased and widened until it embraces all with the same degree of fervour

    35. Knowledge pertains to things observed, but truth transcends such purely material levels in that it consorts with wisdom and embraces such imponderables as human experience, even spiritual and living realities

    36. " It embraces patience and forbearance and is motivated by an unshakable faith in a lawful and friendly universe

    37. His instruction embraces the ideal principles of living near God in all ages and on all worlds

    38. Wisdom embraces both the fact and the ideal and therefore saves its devotees from both of those barren extremes of philosophy -- the man whose idealism excludes facts and the materialist who is devoid of spiritual outlook

    39. Religion embraces thinking, feeling, and acting reverently toward some reality which we deem worthy of universal adoration

    40. That, I submit, is the highest concept of religion the world has ever known, and I pronounce that there can never be a higher since this gospel embraces the infinity of realities, the divinity of values, and the eternity of universal attainments

    41. 6 It is our sincere belief that the gospel of Jesus' teaching, founded as it is on the father-child relationship, can hardly enjoy a world-wide acceptance until such a time as the home life of the modern civilized peoples embraces more of love and more of wisdom

    42. It would help you much if you would learn that true wisdom embraces discretion as well as courage

    43. I knew that apart from whatever embraces he might have shared with

    44. of love with the embraces of horny

    45. Some of the companies that Bronner embraces are Patagonia and Working Assets

    46. I highly recommend it since it embraces what this book is all about

    47. the universe which embraces these black holes and the 3 "subuniverses" which could

    48. He allows, welcomes and embraces his fear to be as it is

    49. And that instrument of discord and deceit is aided in its course by the human desire for self aggrandizement that fully embraces the argument of competition

    50. only in the universal Way that embraces the enormous variety of myriad

    1. embracing it and merging fear into the heart of love

    2. embracing our natural curls and seeking the

    3. Can you imagine the Islamic and Moslem extremist nations that desire the death of Israel seeing this take place? Can you imagine what will happen when those nations hear the Jewish people admitting their failure before God – and that their judgment was due to their sin – and in love embracing their enemies and blessing them that cursed them?

    4. ROBERT: During dancing and after the dance, was there a considerable amount of embracing and touching?

    5. Standing by the rail, gazing at the waters which had swallowed Joris as though embracing him, I’d heard Drens and the other crew members giving their thanks to Berndt; naturally, he’d had a personal word for each of them

    6. From time to time she watched the new world of alien features and fads strut and crow and found it all strangely attractive, but the rules of the game quite prevented her from embracing such energy and liveliness

    7. Just as she stretched out her arms as if embracing the storm Tarak knocked and stepped into the room

    8. 3) Embracing the essence of the feeling

    9. Most of us are so used to running away from painful emotions that the thought of embracing

    10. In the dream, Tom had no hesitation in embracing both mother

    11. the image of the embracing couple

    12. bounding down the stairs and embracing him with her

    13. To dream that you are embracing someone else indicates that you are in need of more affection or that you need to show more love

    14. You may be embracing something that you may not be familiar with

    15. He had to restrain himself from embracing her

    16. Embracing the absurdity of an objectively miserable situation is a way to be happy

    17. Embracing differences is honoring the truths of life

    18. Inside, Raven shivered on the sofa, knees tucked into his chest, embracing himself in a hug, searching for some security

    19. Only recently had there been a true experience of aliveness, the sense of embracing the combined consciousness, to feel the organic perceptions, once beyond the narrow remit of his former purpose

    20. By this argument alone, worldly and eternal cannot be separated otherwise such equivocations that must inevitably follow would negate the eternal order of things that transcends, although embracing, the worldly order of things each in conjunction with Eternal Designs

    21. When a society begins to lose its moral compass or becomes less critical of questionable points of views or unseemly behavior that diminishes an individual‘s intellectual and moral character, however, and when principled and far-sighted judgments(s) become increasingly muddled and uncertain and when that society fails to exercise reasonable discretion by indiscriminately embracing every hare-brained idea for tolerance sake or taking every (novel) proposition at its face value without giving serious thought to the matter and when an individual, lest he or she be perceived as close-minded or confrontational, remains on the sidelines as a casual observer rather than an active participant, such actions or inactions, whatever the case may be, must inevitably usher the moral and intellectual decline of that society

    22. We would read and reread that letter over and over again, savoring that special moment, embracing every word because who could say when we might expect another?

    23. We are the joy that keeps the Earth lovingly embracing the sun

    24. After embracing me with her now slightly enlarged tummy she turned to Spencer and with one look burst into tears

    25. Embracing The Promise and abiding in The Hope of Salvation, says The Holy One of Israel

    26. embracing the Call of The lord

    27. The origin of Modern Conservativism lies in Liberal traditional principles that respected religious and individual freedom and property rights, supported free and open markets, were suspicious of big government and encouraged a strong national defense up until the time a band of influential (socialist) thinkers began embracing centralized forms of government

    28. It will need to embrace and retain its core base by focusing on conservative principles rather than embracing political strategies that have alienated its natural supporters

    29. An attachment to any individual divested of his or her essential qualities, however problematical, is equivalent to embracing an empty suit, thereby frustrating our intended purpose inasmuch as the inseparable idea(s) forming the character of that individual of our liking and the manner such (ideas) are properly received represent the fundamental components internalized by that individual who we (ironically) find so appealing to begin with

    30. As was the case in Vietnam, we note a troubling embracing of our nation‘s enemies

    31. ) When he did emerge into the busy happy home, with the love of his parents and grandfather embracing him, the sounds of his children in his ears and Lucia’s tender warmth through the nights, it seemed a beautiful dream

    32. in embracing all of this, however, realize that learning to re-

    33. Instead of embracing him, she just touches his shoulders, like she remembers the Abnegation’s distaste for casual physical contact

    34. Someone's arms outstretched across it, embracing the whole earth

    35. We were still embracing and separating to look at each other and embracing again while Theodore and Ganook passed by and continued on to the house

    36. 13 And when they came Shechem went out to them with his men and drove them from his house, and he would not suffer them to come before Dinah, but Shechem was sitting with Dinah kissing and embracing her before their eyes

    37. “Then I’m here,” he said embracing me; I smiled trying not to cry at his tenderness

    38. So the individual trusting his senses and independent thinking is wrong, stupid, unenlightened, and delusional, whereas the collective embracing the scientific method is correct, intelligent, enlightened, and realistic

    39. ” He added softly, embracing me again

    40. Jesse picked him up embracing JT as he silently cried; I stood there watching the heartfelt moment

    41. It’s a sting of heat embracing my spine

    42. 13 And when they came Shechem went out to them with his men and drove them from his house and he would not suffer them to come before Dinah but Shechem was sitting with Dinah kissing and embracing her before their eyes

    43. “Daisy!” shouted Yania, tears streaming down her face, embracing the lifeless body

    44. “Kami, no! No!” she screamed in vain while embracing her friend and trying to heal her with her mind

    45. “Brothers and sisters, hello, everyone! Ilky, do you recognize this girl?” the guardian angel asked while embracing the child she was carrying

    46. The other four couples of elves sat quietly, embracing and considering what they’d learned

    47. He stood embracing his wife, as he watched the flames incinerate the remainder of his childhood home

    48. "As you can see, this dead man is embracing a Bible

    49. Embracing me with arms that never tire

    50. After embracing Halfdan, Fisk said to everybody, "I have news! My brother Ole just got off a ship that was in Eid yesterday, where Ole heard that King Gunvald is dead! People say that King Njal killed him -- stabbed him in the back while they were drinking together, or so folk said

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