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Conformation en una oración (en ingles)

1. Senate for conformation.
2. Conformation of this is.
3. Conformation of this is to.
4. Conformation of this is to be seen in 1 Chronicles 1: 31 and 1.
5. Start with conformation, her disposition is a little more up to.
6. Courtney was shocked by the conformation of Monica's eating disorder, but she had had her suspicions.
7. If you’re looking for undying conformation of our feelings, you are not going to receive it with comments like that.

8. Yet I did not heed the bleakness of the weather; I was better fitted by my conformation for the endurance of cold than heat.
9. Would Donald have followed her out if he had been successful and then reported back to Malik a conformation of her betrayal?
10. I can tell that by the conformation of your brain and the strange location of your internal organs and the shape and size of your heart.
11. The concepts of Hell and Satan are spiritual ‘tools’ that can, have been and are, used as leverage for personal compliance and conformation to cultures, cults and religions.
12. We have discussed the concepts of the First and Second Attentions, the First being anything and everything we have come to know, imagine, and are able to describe through our conformation to physical experience.
13. Although they are all watered with the same water and they all grow in the same soil yet they differ from each other concerning the conformation, the dimensions, the color, the taste, the chemical construction, and the benefits for nourishment.
14. I have moved over a great part of Texas and I know that within its borders I have seen just about as many kinds of country, contour, climate, and conformation as there are in the world saving only the Arctic, and a good north wind can even bring the icy breath down.
15. The Qu’ran also is remarkably comparable to the Bible in that it relies heavily on an emphasis and preoccupation of violence, punishment and hell as a threatening lever for the driving motivational force to instill a particular belief and subsequent reform, conformation and obedience.
16. Still, against those patent blemishes, a judge of conformation would have set the splendid sloping shoulders, the reaching forearm, the bunches of massy muscle in the long loin, the quarters well let down into perfect houghs, the fine, clean bone of knees and ankles, the firm, close-grained hoofs spreading faintly from coronet to base.
17. In the previous address of God to His Prophet cpth, there is an agreement from Him upon his correct behavior, as there are a conformation and a furtherance for him to keep on acting in this way, that is to say, to give the preference to the one of dangerous state and delay the believer who has entered the safe fort of faith to another time.
18. Let us suppose that in our time the Matterhorn, or lovely Jungfrau, had been found on all its flanks to be covered with a city of cottages and houses, suited to the succession of climates occurring, from the icy summits down to the temperate region of the rhododendrons; and that these structures all bore traces of one internal useful plan, varied according to the heights of the mountain, or the special conformation of the rocks at each point of the ascent.
19. Once you see one with good "butt-first" conformation,.

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