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Contour en una oración (en ingles)

1. The contour of her face had become.
2. This will show up clearly the contour.
3. The contour felt better than it should.
4. I noticed a figure, someone’s spectral contour.
5. The highway rose and fell with the contour of the land.
6. As the use of shading became systematized the contour.
7. Contour colors come as gels, creams, sticks, or powder.
8. In the map view (contour map) of the structure (B), the.
9. New sea ice is rough in contour and milky-white in colour.
10. Suddenly, Phoenix arched her arms and the contour of what she was.
11. The decline of Π will follow the same contour of the circle at 70.
12. The contour made by her hand turned to fire in the night, a burning.
13. The abundant contour of her breast plate showed that she was female.
14. Compassion spilled out from Her eyes, then down the contour of Her face.
15. Her body pressed against his and she could feel every contour on his body.
16. Ross Browne are pretty correct in contour; but they are wretchedly engraved.
17. Use a darker tone to define the shape of the eye socket with a contour shadow.
18. Conversely, greater spaces between the contour lines indicate gentler slopes (b).
19. Using a depthfinder, locate the contour changes that form these troughs or ledges.
20. Easing into the chair, he felt the soft cushion mold to fit the contour of his body.
21. Contour search allows mountains and valleys to be searched with maximum thoroughness.
22. He watched my brother panning a stream that raced along the contour of the mountain.
23. At other points, where the contour is almost lost, the line can be soft and blurred.
24. Chloe was only a year older than me, but a world away in the ripe contour of her body.
25. Contour signs denote data for which the relationship was statistically insignificant.
26. Contour color should always be subtle, blended with a light touch and not applied in harsh lines.
27. Bathymetric chart: a chart indicating depths of water by contour lines and shading; a bottom contour chart.
28. A hulking metal beast with ferocity in every contour, being this close to it was like kissing jaws of steel.
29. His dark eyes fixed themselves on her again drinking in her every contour, literally worshipping at her shrine.
30. It was, as seen from this height, of an oval contour, with a breadth of about thirty miles and a width of twenty.
31. There may therefore be features that, because they fall between the contour lines, make no appearance on your map.
32. Crossing the coast at low altitude and subsonic speed, Robert then turned north, following roughly the contour of the coast.
33. Thus, they had a stroll of nearness in that vast compound before the contour of the place brought them back to where they started.
34. Mitchell studied his face; the square jaw line, pug nose, thin lips, and every contour he could record into his visual based memory.
35. He was lef t with his singularly appropriate education; the vague contour of Jay Gatsby had filled out to the substanti-ality of a man.
36. The contour lines on the map represent a series of points at the same distance above sea level and do not record what happens in between.
37. The shape standing before me had never crossed my eyes within the precincts of Thornfield Hall before; the height, the contour were new to me.
38. The Duke of Eastshare stood at the enormous table, looking down at the contour map his staff cartographers had constructed out of papier-mâché.
39. It was five floors of stone, probably put up in the late 40's when this was a separate town on the contour eleven miles northeast of the Kassikan.
40. She thought every line in the contour of his person the perfection of masculine beauty, his soul the soul of a saint, his intellect that of a seer.
41. He got up and put it back on the bed, and then turned and watched the waves rolling in towards shore, wrapping around the contour of the outer wall.
42. However, you do not have a record of exactly what happens between those contour lines and there will not necessarily be an even slope connecting them.
43. He was gaunt, but knots and cords of muscles stood out on his arms and legs, without that fleshy padding that presents a pleasing symmetry of contour.
44. It was as if she gazed upon another Taramis, identical with herself in every contour of feature and limb, yet animated by an alien and evil personality.
45. His lips and tongue lovingly explored every contour and line of her naked body, finding their way inevitably lower to the pouting crevice of her desire.
46. The effect of contour will be considered: by studying the ground the search party may assume that survivors were forced off route by the lay of the land.
47. She began to pant heavily into the bedspread while his fingers traced every contour of her foot and then explored in detail, the spaces between each toe.
48. Her fingers were resting on the side of his face and as she lowered her hand, she slowly followed the contour of his face and across the bottom of his chin.
49. Contour formed brass balls for feet were fashioned onto the corners as added protection from idle scuffing and a brass locking latch was fitted to the front center.
50. Then he set them round with three bands of iron rod, roughly mimicking the the contour of the base, and proceeded to stand the numbered staves around its perimeter.
51. Not wanting it in the landscape, he has boldly made the contour of the seated female conform to a rigid straight line, accentuated still further by the flute in her hand.
52. Subsequent layers are shifted lower and to the left, whereas points not belonging to the first 20 layers (shown as contour circles) are in the area of low criteria values.
53. She stared over his shoulder at the blank wall and the wall was like her life in this moment, a wide expanse of nothingness with hardly a bump, a contour, or a feeling to it.
54. Remember that the intervals between the contour lines are the distances between horizontal points at the same theoretical height—not the actual distance on the slope of the ground.
55. Her features, the contour of her head, which no expression of pleasure had ever altered or wearied, were like the lines of the horizon softly traced in the far distance across the tranquil lakes.
56. I am afraid that as a nation we think rather more of our eating and drinking than is reasonable, and this no doubt explains why so many of us, by the time we are thirty, have lost the original classicality of our contour.
57. Not getting it in the contour, Watts has boldly introduced it by means of shading the farther arm and insisting on the light upper edge of the outstretched arm and hand, while losing somewhat the, outline of the head beyond.
58. Height cannot be reproduced on flat sheets of paper so altitudes are recorded at regular intervals (usually every 50ft or every 15m according to the measure used) and every point at this height is joined up by a line—the contour line.
59. The head of the brush is place on the surface that is to be cleaned and held there with a little movement around the contour of the surface and move to the next surface, and so on as indicated in the Bus Route Rule for brushing as mentioned earlier.
60. I have moved over a great part of Texas and I know that within its borders I have seen just about as many kinds of country, contour, climate, and conformation as there are in the world saving only the Arctic, and a good north wind can even bring the icy breath down.
61. Up to now, the trip had gone well, thought Foulques, a young, energetic 23 year-old man, as his horse and those of his two sergeants-at-arms trotted on the old stones of the ancient Roman road following roughly the contour of the coast, visible a few kilometers away.
62. The only contour line that you can see in nature is that of sea level along the coast (and even that is not quite true because of tidal variation) but you can imagine the contour lines as the edges of flat disks and that these are ranged equidistantly above each other.
63. His form was of the same strong and stalwart contour as ever: his port was still erect, his hair was still raven black; nor were his features altered or sunk: not in one year’s space, by any sorrow, could his athletic strength be quelled or his vigorous prime blighted.
64. There appeared, within three feet of him, a form clad in pure white—a youthful, graceful form: full, yet fine in contour; and when, after bending to caress Carlo, it lifted up its head, and threw back a long veil, there bloomed under his glance a face of perfect beauty.
65. Whereas the figure of Death is all square lines and flat crisp planes, the whole hanging on a dramatic right angle; this figure is all subtle fullness both of contour and modelling melting one into the other, the whole hung upon a rich full curve starting at the standing foot of the advancing figure.
66. Thus it threw shadows of these obscure and homely figures every evening with as much care over each contour as if it had been the profile of a court beauty on a palace wall; copied them as diligently as it had copied Olympian shapes on marble façades long ago, or the outline of Alexander, Caesar, and the Pharaohs.
67. In each of the sisters there was one trait of the mother—and only one; the thin and pallid elder daughter had her parent’s Cairngorm eye: the blooming and luxuriant younger girl had her contour of jaw and chin—perhaps a little softened, but still imparting an indescribable hardness to the countenance otherwise so voluptuous and buxom.
68. And, not to speak of the highly presumable difference of contour between a young sucking whale and a full-grown Platonian Leviathan; yet, even in the case of one of those young sucking whales hoisted to a ship's deck, such is then the outlandish, eel-like, limbered, varying shape of him, that his precise expression the devil himself could not catch.
69. The thick clouds followed the contour of golden hills, moving with a flock of sea ghosts,.
70. Wind direction, contour of the land, sand traps, bunkers,the rough, other players mocking you,.
1. Byron rubbed his eyes with forefinger and thumb, his hand shielding the regeneration of his skin to it’s former less disfigured contouring.
2. Even faces that do not need contouring will look better with a little blusher, and mature skins are enhanced by soft shades of matt blusher.
3. Arthur scrambled up on to one end of the excitingly chunky pieces of moulded contouring where the curve of the wall metThough your dreams be tossed and blown… sand Eddie.
1. Soft, warm sand contoured around the shape of his body.
2. The transparent material contoured itself to Alistair's head.
3. Not hard like a cock, but contoured to me, exploring and pressing and reaching into every moan and gasp.
4. Athene’s eyes fixed on a pasty white face and contoured expression that revealed large conjoined translucent fangs.
5. On one side is a rock garden of small gravel and with large boulders placed here and there with the gravel contoured about them.
6. Shifting uncomfortably in the contoured plastic chair that was too high to easily cross her legs, she resented even his choice in furniture.
7. The teenager had a young, angelic face framed by brownish-red hair, had big blue eyes and a sexy and fit body well contoured by a custom-fit flight suit.
8. In fact it wasn’t perfectly oblong: the two long wallswere raked round in a slight parallel curve, and all the angles and corners were contoured in excitingly chunky shapes.
9. The suns now stood high in the black sky, the pyrotechnics of dawn were over, and the surfaceof the planet appeared bleak and forbidding in the common light of day – grey, dusty and only dimly contoured.
10. He stopped suddenly, noting with malicious satisfaction how the elegantly contoured river of humanity found its way smoothly around him, to come gently to a halt at the red pedestrian light ten metres ahead.
11. There also were stony masses buried beneath carpets of axidia and sea anemone, bristling with long, vertical water plants, then strangely contoured blocks of lava that testified to all the fury of those plutonic developments.
12. Using the contoured sand pit, Coatl outlined the strategy to be employed, the collectors would be allowed through to take possession of the taxes, the trap would be sprung two hours into their homeward journey, at a narrow defile they would have to pass through.
1. His eyes drifted over the smooth contours.
2. Awake-life has the hard contours of earth;.
3. I watched the road to Marston chase contours.
4. Ahead of them the contours of the Gate appeared.
5. Her contours morphed as the dark waves washed.
6. You could see the contours of the eyes beneath.
7. There were no recognizable contours to his body.
8. The gentle contours of her youthful face were gone.
9. The sweet contours of his body were far too tempting.
10. She traces the contours of his arm with a finger nail.
11. It was a man, and his strong contours were embraced by.
12. When dried the wooden pieces retained their new contours.
13. The contours shimmered, but she recognized them in spite.
14. Through her tears, she could make out contours of cabinets.
15. CT scan also reveals bumpy contours of the renal pelvis.
16. He struggled upward, seeing the strange cave contours overhead.
17. Its contours looked more like the construction of the stealth.
18. When our souls’ contours with delicate care you gently molded.
19. She scanned his face, searching for contours or shadows of hope.
20. Although details vary, all of the series share similar contours.
21. His body was a perfect fit for the sudden contours of the stone slab.
22. Note the way the contours have been searched for expressive qualities.
23. Chevalier studied the curves and contours of her body while she bathed.
24. Both approaches give broadly similar contours for inflation expectations.
25. She wanted to map him with her hands, learn his contours with her mouth.
26. Now he could see something besides the radar contours of the land below.
27. With nothing to obscure the body’s contours I looked as sleek as an eel.
28. He shivered as her hands traced the chiseled contours of his chest and he.
29. She stared at his body shamelessly, taking in the contours of his muscles.
30. Silent, wet faced, memorizing the feel of my body, the contours and smell.
31. The Countess ran her free hand along the contours of her body, tracing the.
32. I nod to the bulge in her coat pocket, the unmistakable contours of a weapon.
33. When the contours are closely grouped the change in height is more rapid (a).
34. Use only old sea ice, which is blue-grey in colour and with rounded contours.
35. Constellations swam about their heads and they relished each other’s contours.
36. His lips moved down the contours of my face leaving a path of a smoldering fire.
37. Deeper in the cave, in the semi dark, I saw the vague contours of a human figure.
38. Brigit watched the hunter course the contours of the hill in a steady crouching jog.
39. What happens now? she asked, running her finger across the contours of his bicep.
40. He felt the prickly stubble of the tattered strands and the contours of the wound cords.
41. Now she saw the contours of the shapes out there and her heart sank as she saw he was right.
42. He relaxed into the well-upholstered seat and marvelled at how well the contours suited him.
43. Over the ages we wood elves have become quite familiar with the contours of the mountains.
44. So remember always to look out for high lights within the contours of forms, not on the edges.
45. Garcia paced the inner contours of his cell as his friends watched from their respective cells.
46. Now I give you my knowledge of the contours of the seafloor and the reefs that surround Hilia.
47. All series peak during the Great Depression but also exhibit similar contours in postwar data.
48. He felt the smooth contours of Sandhya’s delectable frame gave waviness to the sari she wore.
49. She watched the contours of his face in the darkness and felt his warm skin beneath her fingers.
50. She reached up and brushed them away to reveal the contours of his strong cheekbones and jaw line.
51. Strings of glittering white lights defined the contours of the suspension bridges across the river.
52. The screen flickered as it displayed a map showing the contours of walls, corridors, and staircases.
53. She looked at the almost perfect round moon, the clear stars, the vague contours of trees and bushes.
54. They are connected by wide canals that follow the contours of the relatively flat land in this area.
55. A convex slope (b) (where you cannot see the top from the bottom) has the low contours close together.
56. A concave slope (a) (where you can see the top from the bottom) has the higher contours close together.
57. The contours of the walls curved differently than those he remembered studying only a few days before.
58. Her scanty silk tunic, girded at the waist, displayed the marvelous contours of her magnificent figure.
59. The single flame threw patterns of light and shadow over his face, highlighting his beautiful contours.
60. Note the desire to express form as a felt solid thing, the contours resulting from the overlapping forms.
61. In flight, she liked to follow the contours of the ground, flying amongst the trees or between buildings.
62. The contours of the limbs illustrate another form of line variety—what may be called Variety in Symmetry.
63. The sun shone from directly overhead, its heat pressing down evenly, suffused over the contours of his face.
64. The robe covered only my stays, which were a very thin cotton and did little to hide the contours of my figure.
65. They maintained the atmosphere was chaotically driven by the continental contours and their details were unknown.
66. She glanced down to where her newborn son had fallen fast asleep against the warm comforting contours of her chest.
67. Very, very far down he could see the contours of a Transport Ship, and he realised that he had been extremely lucky.
68. He was like a god in her presence--he still was--but now, she could really stare at the artistic contours of his face.
69. Namilia shone most of them all and she stared at its light until the contours blurred and created fogs before her eyes.
70. It gave contours to a shadow which was not distinct or meaningful, but which felt eerie, perhaps for that very reason.
71. Stazl looked at him, puzzled, but Grobut merely stared ahead at the contours of Noffi rising against the evening horizon.
72. Her hair was blond and short, hanging slightly past the tops of her ears and lying flat against the contours of her skull.
73. And the consciousness thus formed would also affect in return the contours of your faith and the future development of it.
74. After the coal is extracted, the removed material is put back onto the ridge to approximate the mountain's original contours.
75. The Countess ran her free hand along the contours of her body, tracing the curve of her firm, full and neatly upturned breasts.
76. On the rear-view monitors, he could see the hazy contours of Plesent fading away in the darkness, and he drew a sigh of relief.
77. Twin blades allow for a very close shave and many come with flexible heads allowing the razor to follow the contours of the body.
78. After the last lesson, he treaded softly on her lily white skin with his artistic fingers exploring all the curves and contours.
79. I caressed her hair and face and then touched her lovely breasts, lightly tracing their contours, feeling their priceless weight.
80. Roy looked tenderly at me while tracing the contours of my face, his left thumb softly grazing my lips, and spoke in a low murmur.
81. This inner path is fixed one in its major contours but it is always open to be mended by external conditions in its minor details.
82. The beauty that is the particular province of line drawing is the beauty of contours, and this is marred by heavy light and shade.
83. Waves of intensity swept over him and he sank lower and lower, almost melting into the soft contours of the flat couch where he lay.
84. All colors and contours vanished in a vortex and when she could see something again, she saw that all other beings but the humans left.
85. They both contain lines, but in the one case the lines are the contours of felt forms and in the other the boundaries of visual masses.
86. Their blue soles were malleable as dough and so thin that when I walked I could feel the contours of pebbles and sticks beneath my feet.
87. As the contours of her cheeks and jaw moved slowly, the smoothness of her brow and neck seemed to move in a gentle but agonizing rhythm.
88. The broad contours of the results using modern data are similar to those obtained using Moody’s yield spread data, but details differ.
89. It could just have been the contours of the sand underneath them though, and anyway, it wasn't enough to help her easily distinguish them.
90. In the distance he could see the contours of Noffi against the evening sky, but something in the middle distance had caught his attention.
91. The UPS switched on the landing lights, and suddenly, below them, they could see the contours of a small platform, half-hidden in the mists.
92. After you have laid base color with foundation and powder, you can emphasize the contours of your face with blushers, shades, and highlighters.
93. They both had long, blue-black hair, and their faces had the same oval contours, with soft, pale blue eyes, gently sloping upwards at the edges.
94. Although Emily’s foot was substantially bigger, the sole stretched to fit, then slowly wrapped around the contours of her heel, arch and toes.
95. Now it also shows mountains, plains, forests, rivers, and the contours of the bottom of the oceans, and major nations and cities are shown and named.
96. These furnishings followed the contours of the room, their lower parts leading to huge couches upholstered in maroon leather and curved for maximum comfort.
97. From the air the pattern of the land may show plainly but its contours are flattened out; without interpretation, a map looks rather like that to many people.
98. The makers of large church bells jealously guarded their manufacturing techniques, the alloying of the bell metal and the design of the contours of their bells.
99. The machine flies low, following the contours of the ridge, and, suddenly the view opens up, and beneath us the ground drops from a few feet to several hundred.
100. As I stepped over the discarded garment my eyes all the while roaming across the bare contours of Raya’s back I asked huskily, What are you doing Raya?

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