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    1. The greatest action is not conforming to the world’s ways

    2. These inalienable rights offer expression to multi-lateral decisions conforming to the right of every citizen to make comparable decisions

    3. The hole she made stayed perfectly in shape, conforming to her finger’s size

    4. Where has it been written that a Great Nation must commend itself to the parochial interests or jealousies of ancient traditions that have lost their comparable standing or concede its leadership position among the Community of Nations, rather than conforming to its (own) enlightened self-interests? Such designs must inevitably tarnish that nation‘s highest historical achievements that it should (otherwise) enjoy and (rightly) pass along to posterity

    5. Truth is correctly understood as the systematic arrangement of thoughtful ideas and reasoned assumptions conforming to factual standards prescribed by the (Eternal) Law(s) of Nature

    6. ‖ Such role-playing is neither cynical nor disingenuous however a conforming agency that seeks to manage or regulate a variety relationships among individuals having different values and interests that would otherwise alienate most

    7. This in addition to liberal judges who have routinely used the bench to advance their own private prejudices without the formal consent of the governed; by judicial fiat and questionable constitutional interpretations conforming to their world views

    8. Looking outside the window, he saw that the weather was conforming to his moods

    9. The lower specification limit (LSL) is the smallest value that is still conforming

    10. · Non conforming product (Defective) must be identified and controlled and appropriate resolution to be provided

    11. The greatest action is not conforming with the worlds ways

    12. Many Christians are sincere in their efforts to help and even can give to some extent, but conforming to the Christian faith-based society is the bottom line motivation

    13. I hated conforming to the backward rule of society, but I did it for the sake of William and my parents

    14. Lady Equemev holds Sir Silaran’s Shielding tight to him and conforming to his shape as he moves, blocking the impacts of two heavily spelled giant swords, two arrows, and a similarly treated pole-axe

    15. 6 Put confidence in me then and you shall receive places of authority in my government if you forsake your national ordinance 7 and conforming to the Greek mode of life alter your rule and revel in youth's delights

    16. She has a conforming hull, and I prefer the chevron shape

    17. conforming to the identity of others, to the identity imposed by the mother,

    18. Only in the perfection, harmony, and unanimity of will can the creature become as one with the Creator; and such a state of divinity is attained and maintained only by the creature's continuing to live in time and eternity by consistently conforming his finite personal will to the divine will of the Creator

    19. This is a poem written in the conforming classical

    20. about conforming to the masses and you stepped out in the direction of your

    21. I just don’t see you giving up and conforming to someone else’s idea of living

    22. A resounding nod came from the conforming Brandy

    23. After performing the lab study (examinations) on all the samples, the findings were completely conforming to the primary studies

    24. The foolish, knowing the teaching of the higher level still chose to get theirs from the world of buying and selling, from reputation, from having good morals, having respect, moving up in this world and conforming to the social rules of society, therefore not possessing oil, or the understanding of the higher level of truth

    25. They were in a trap of their own design that prevented them from conforming

    26. legitimate itself by conforming to the rigors of a materialistic science

    27. The problem of conforming is that the ego gets in the way of

    28. Our Engineers had no problem conforming to the tender specification but battled

    29. And as a chef, a culinary school graduate, what was I? A slave apprentice begging for indentured employment, conforming to an old world patriarchy, dressed in uniforms denoting status

    30. leaders have been effectively conforming to Shariah slander laws for some time now

    31. But we do know that by conforming to the requirements of the law by which electricity is governed, it will be our obedient servant; that it will light our homes, our cities, run our machinery, and serve us in many useful capacities

    32. She was grateful for Mitch’s willingness to deal with the money woes, but still found it a chore conforming to his bud-66 KEN MERRELL

    33. staff member you closer by conforming your lick to positive overlooks and actions

    34. On the contrary, the motivations for conforming to

    35. conforming to the second course of seasons are valid not only for men, but also for

    36. And instead of protecting and rewarding you… it either ignores and neglects you if you conform… or it punishes you for the sin of not conforming

    37. Perpetuating old dead cultures and religions at the expense of every new generation that is brainwashed into conforming to whatever brand of insane reality your civilization holds as sacred and unchangeable… only for later generations being completely incapable of fathoming why people would live in this insane manner

    38. Why did America become so successful? Why did it become a multi-cultural Nation without a single conforming and unifying ethnic identity and religion except the amoral ethic of greed?

    39. They were conforming mindless sheep

    40. Put them into any group, and they become conforming idiots

    41. Conforming to idiotic, dead ideas and traditions that are thousands of years out-of-date

    42. They are fed a host of addictive numbing processed foods and drugs to deaden their pre-natal pain… and are fast becoming just as mindless and stupid and led, and conforming as the roman Populi was… and just as fat, and lazy, and just as spoiled

    43. � Obedience and good behavior signal the conquest of the becoming self by a dominator model which desires to devour that self and make it a conforming part of that domination

    44. This does not apply to liars and hypocrites and psychopathic personalities who mask themselves by conforming to whatever social norm happens to exist

    45. By brainwashing ;living humans to live in massed hordes of cities all conforming to each other: they have solved the problem of having to deal with billions of souls individually and having their charades stripped naked

    46. Such a "No" denies us real access to the becoming self because we wind up conforming to that "No" in situations where "No" distorts the situation and our response to it

    47. “I know I was just conforming” I waited for a minute to answer, but stil the words weren’t true

    48. Dashwood, however, conforming, as she trusted, to the wishes of that daughter, by whom she then meant in the warmth of her heart to be guided in every thing, met with a look of forced complacency, gave him her hand, and wished him joy

    49. It was a round room, conforming to the shape of the tower in which it was situated, with a low ceiling, a single narrow, ivy-wreathed window, and the simplest of furniture

    50. ” While we sympathize with the historians and semanticists who argue against it, we see no harm in conforming to what has become the accepted usage

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    conforming conformist accordant consistent constant orderly methodical invariant fixed