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    1. Whilst I understand the risk I am now a fully-fledged conformist even though I have to smile when I am in a business meeting with a group of very smart businessmen with no shoes on!

    2. It was intended to shake up the safe and conformist attitudes shared by the class, and Our Class of people

    3. The duty of the language police is to clamp onto the minds of American students from first grade through the colleges and universities an iron vice of conformist thought

    4. But one of the crucial aspects of MVP discussions – which are typically interactive and animated – is that focusing on specific cases of abuse can often lead to open, wide-ranging discussions about masculinity, gender relations, abuses of power and conformist behavior

    5. Refusing to become a conformist, he found himself entirely out of place in

    6. Regrettable it is that on the name of religion, mediocre and conformist

    7. lazy conformist instructor will give the canned reason:

    8. An austere Victorian Andy Warhol who, instead of Marilyn Monroe"s image, duplicated his architectural blueprint ad infinitum and gave it away for free to the rigidly conformist Englishmen of that era

    9. News organizations are mostly like a bunch of conformist chickens: primarily interested only in crisis situations, continually trying to peck at the shiniest pebbles or crisis around them; and usually all choosing the same one at any given time, while ignoring all the other thousands of crisis situations

    10. For thousands of years all over the world: Robber Barons tried to force the masses of the poor to become as conformist as possible using the tactic of pure terror

    11. Trying to outrage their parents and create a unique identity in a conformist consumer culture… subconsciously screaming for the attention they do not aware they want and need

    12. Besides, civilization is so corrupt that everybody does it, so who cares? Do what everyone else is doing, be a conformist sheep

    13. Babies raised from birth to become good little corporate slaves, good little obedient conformist employees

    14. The entire mass of conformist sheep subside back into apathy, and ignorance

    15. � The seeming rewards of living the dominated and conformist life do exist, and we can feel that children lose something of value if they don�t enter into it

    16. � It affirms them and their power over us as a self because our violation stems from our surrender of responsibility for our acts to conformist institutions and the domination that its law represents

    17. When I did that, where would I locate my locus of control when I drove without the pass?� Did I control my driving out of my choice to drive carefully because it was the right thing to do, or did I drive that way only because I feared the punishment of receiving a ticket and all the grief that went along with a ticket?� My control of my driving, the location of that control, would have been in the hands of the law and the conformist dominator model that validated and substantiated the law

    18. � It found its basis in my subordination to the dominator model's conformist enforcement and my fear of that enforcement

    19. � We have made ourselves into a conformist identity

    20. When relationship exists solely through our being judged through our successful conformist attitudes and action, unconditional positive regard finds no place in that community

    21. � As a result, we further substantiate, feed, and feel we need a strong, clear, conformist identity and an ego to act for it and defend it from other identities and egos

    22. � The force exerted by a conformist, dominator society or culture works against the becoming self because that self appears as an individuating being

    23. � They must find a place defined by the dominator and its conformist culture

    24. � That kind of story telling may also arise from the "human nature is nasty" meaning perspective that the dominator, conformist model of life wishes to promote

    25. � At a very early age, we have begun to learn to shift attention and concentration from the becoming self to a more conformist being, a conformist identity and ego

    26. "� That's quite a mouthful, but it avoids saying something about a relationship that defines it as an outlier relationship, abnormal in some way from the conformist norm

    27. [101]� The use of the right language, conformist language, can save us from our perceived danger in expressing our being, expressing our becoming self in the face of dominating conformity

    28. � We make the right choice because that's the choice every decent person would make within the conformist community

    29. � We can signify our acceptance of and our relationship to the conformist norm by unconsciously using the normative language of that community

    30. The language of being forms almost no part of our typical, conformist way of speaking and thus thinking

    31. � When we use such language, we say an implicit "Yes" to the conformist attitude of having

    32. � Later, Silvia heard her mother talking to someone and the mother made this definitional statement about Silvia and her outside the conformist meaning perspective behavior: "Silvia always seems to find a way to turn her toys into something else

    33. � The mother held a meaning perspective that wanted normative or conformist behavior

    34. � When people accept domination and conformity, they deny their own right to stand and perform as an end in themselves and become a means to the end of the dominator and its conformist structure

    35. � We also know that what follows will come out of creating a fear of loss in us and will continue to teach us how much we "have to" fear in order to live our lives in a proper, dominator, conformist way

    36. � Everyone who lives in a conformist structure will feel these ideas in reality to a greater or lesser degree

    37. � Gossip reinforces the presence and power of conformist judgments on conduct or perceived conduct

    38. � That experience of vulnerability can propel us even more deeply into the act of gossip to better show how deeply we can show our belonging to the "us" group, to maintain our identity in the conformist norm

    39. � The more we concentrate on an identity that will please others, the more we surrender to the dominator, conformist meaning perspective for the world

    40. � Individuation finds expression in unconditional positive regard, forgiveness, compassion and acceptance�not dominator or conformist structures

    41. But a few dozen less conformist (or more antisocial) individuals had chosen to sit much farther back, either by themselves or in scattered small groups

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