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    1. orthodox allopathic treatment by medicines or surgery, natural or home remedies and alternate methods of treatment

    2. Every other household was Greek Orthodox

    3. The whole story of his origins, what Earth was created for, why mankind developed science and why the Orthodox Christial Church picked 61 Cygni as the destination of their expedition found its purpose in that song

    4. by Orthodox Church just because of that part of his

    5. declined by the Orthodox one, is that of the

    6. Calvary, while the Orthodox – more optimistic - point

    7. and implore the mercy, the Orthodox sees in

    8. there is an Orthodox Church, as wel

    9. Orthodox believers in the world

    10. Nevertheless, when some of the smells that Chuff had predicted began to be identified by independent researchers, orthodox science had no option but to accept his theory

    11. Should the sovereign have the imprudence to appear either to deride, or doubt himself of the most trifling part of their doctrine, or from humanity, attempt to protect those who did either the one or the other, the punctilious honour of a clergy, who have no sort of dependency upon him, is immediately provoked to proscribe him as a profane person, and to employ all the terrors of religion, in order to oblige the people to transfer their allegiance to some more orthodox and obedient prince

    12. Indifference to customary (religious) attitudes is a cause of grave concern; especially among practicing Christians and (Orthodox) Jews alike who perceive the gradual erosion of the underlying principles and teachings of proud (religious) traditions and its demoralizing effect on society; of Christians and Jews in name only who are routinely abandoning their churches and synagogues while shedding their religious customs and beliefs in alarming numbers to worship before the alter of the ―golden calf‖

    13. Being the central part of the collection, �The Art of War� formed the bases of orthodox military theory in China

    14. [17] The so-called Auchterarder Controversy around the same time focussed on the problem as to whether or not it was sound and orthodox to insist that a man must forsake sin before he can come to Jesus Christ

    15. The more conservative evangelicals and the more liberal liberals were curiously united in their opposition to the new Statement – the former because it was a cultural step too far to cut loose from the Confession and the latter because there was no conscience clause to accompany the new Statement which, though relatively brief, was entirely orthodox

    16. It had to do with the difference between the Western (Roman Catholic) and Eastern Orthodox (Byzantine) interpretations of Adam and Eve’s original sin

    17. To this very day, among Eastern Orthodox and Western Catholics, you can’t have a satisfying ritual without a few candles being lit — of course, the Fundamentalists consider them Heathen too!

    18. documents, to show it is authentic, though the head of the Greek Orthodox Church in 2011 AD in Los Angeles, United States claims

    19. The Book of Enoch; 1-3 Meqabyan ; 1 Enoch, (2 Enoch is The Secrets of Enoch in the Slavic Orthodox Church)

    20. It should not be forgotten that orthodox cooks put all green and root vegetables, except potatoes, to cook in boiling water

    21. I even think that Judaism benefited a lot by splitting into orthodox and

    22. He became an ordained priest in the Eastern Orthodox Church, and served

    23. This party was divided between a militant revolutionary left wing, an orthodox center that held to the classical Marxist doctrine of economic determinism, and a right wing moving toward a position of open reformism

    24. by the orthodox center and its principal theorist, Karl Kautsky

    25. Ironically, but in a way that pointed toward the subsequent fate of Marxist doctrine, the orthodox center in the German party

    26. The French socialist party, which had long since abandoned its orthodox Marxism, allied itself with the Communists during the 1960s, but under the leadership of Francois Metterrand, it won the presidency on its own and

    27. dynasty grew less and less orthodox

    28. The rabbinate was more orthodox than the priesthood

    29. The Slavic Orthodox Church and the original Christian Church in Ethiopia held thes books of Enoch but these could be located in Israel also as in the case of the Books of Adam and Eve

    30. One key element that we cannot lose sight of here is that orthodox belief is that all the ideas that are searched out in texts redacted after the Pentateuch are already present in the original text, albeit in hidden form

    31. We will see in the nineteenth century that Marxism had its greatest hold among educated German Jews, and least appeal among the poorer and less assimilated, and less university-educated Eastern European orthodox and Hasidic Jews

    32. very orthodox codification of Torah Law, and also wrote The Thirteen Principles of

    33. There is clearly a variance between the philosophical Maimonides and the orthodox

    34. Orthodox faith, and permitted the committal of unspeakable atrocities on the Jews and Roman Catholics

    35. Monasteries in the Roman Catholic Church and in the Eastern Orthodox rite have existed for centuries

    36. This recognition of different hereditary classes is explained in the orthodox prayer book as follows:

    37. It is basically split between the orthodox, who follow tradition, and the reform and assimilated types who do not

    38. So when the issue of saving the one million arose, the fact that most of them were orthodox sharply reduced their value in the eyes of the Jewish establishment, whose political views ranged from moderate Socialist to hard-line Communist

    39. To this Marxist-impregnated leadership, the orthodox were chaff, and not only dispensable, but undesirable

    40. Within Orthodox Judaism, the Kabbalistic approach is in contrast to the traditional orthodox practice

    41. The more traditional orthodox consider the Kabbalists to be “too far out

    42. Among orthodox Jews, the law governing who is a Jew is much more strict

    43. Olin Foundation, pointed out in a Wall Street Journal opinion article in July 2004 that organized philanthropy, like the academic world, remains firmly in the grip of orthodox liberalism

    44. It appears the unique details of this book are the really the truth and authentic but it is difficult judging it as with all documents to show it is authentic though the head of the Greek Orthodox Church in 2011 AD in Los Angeles United States claims this book of Jubilees as authentic and as part of 'the real bible'

    45. The Book of Enoch; 1-3 Meqabyan ; 1 Enoch (2 Enoch is The Secrets of Enoch in the Slavic Orthodox Church)

    46. We need to use olive oil for orthodox services, of course -- we are not in the days of Saint Cuthbert anymore, when fish oils were acceptable substitutes! The convent had a large supply of olive oil; enough to last all this year, and some of next

    47. “Whatever the fundamental Christians and the Orthodox Jews say, you say the opposite

    48. If you would like to attend religious services the city has many different denominations such as Catholic, Episcopalian, Baptist, Jewish, Greek Orthodox, and others

    49. Their pain was too overpowering to be worrying why a Greek Orthodox priest was in the car with them

    50. The reform will not come from reviling the orthodox

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    orthodox jewish-orthodox eastern orthodox greek orthodox russian orthodox unyielding dogmatic puritanical traditional conventional straight approved established sanctioned authoritative pious religious doctrinal