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Pride en una oración (en ingles)

  1. No, I have no pride.
  2. Took pride in it too.
  3. And take pride in the.
  4. So much for pride then.
  5. He that is low no pride.

  6. The sins of pride and.
  7. She had hurt his pride.
  8. She still had her pride.
  9. God hates pride and He.
  10. It is my pride, you see.
  11. Our pride has ruined us.
  12. His pride held him firm.
  13. Pride it was killed him.
  14. It was his pride and joy.
  15. It was her pride and joy.

  16. Cast out pride and vanity.
  17. It healed her hurt pride.
  18. Eh? he asked, with pride.
  19. Pride comes before a fall.
  20. Pride would not allow that.
  21. No! I have too much pride.
  22. If that pride is earned:.
  23. Hers, she said, was pride.
  24. The witch filled with pride.
  25. Pride was a sin he enjoyed.

  26. And it was a massive pride.
  27. He was our nation’s pride.
  28. So, Steve did it with pride.
  29. They were his pride and joy.
  30. He takes pride in his craft.
  31. This national pride ran deep.
  32. He appeals to her pride and.
  33. He gained no pride from that.
  34. I’d show it off with pride.
  35. But his pride got in the way.
  36. Pride in seeing a Black man.
  37. They were their pride and joy.
  38. Biobull – the pride of the.
  39. At the expense of your pride?
  40. His wounded pride tortured him.
  41. Pride is also known as Vanity.
  42. He was Hermes's pride and joy.
  43. New colors shining with pride.
  44. It leads to pride and elitism.
  45. You had your pride, after all.
  46. He felt a sudden burst of pride.
  47. I tread on the pride of Greece.
  48. But her pride revolted at this.
  49. He that is begging has no pride.
  50. Pride cast Adam out of paradise.
  51. The Fairies pride was at stake.
  52. He felt a sense of pride that.
  53. She looked at Jamie with pride.
  54. Yet, he felt a sense of pride.
  55. His pride had been his downfall.
  56. But Dragons and their very Pride.
  57. I don't speak of this with pride.
  58. This it is my pride to boast of.
  59. You fill us with pride and honor.
  60. A brief flash of pride hit Aesa.
  61. Amid the soulless sons of pride.
  62. But his eyes glinted with pride.
  63. It was necessary to my own pride.
  64. The pride with which his mother.
  65. That I was the hope and the pride.
  66. Hurt is pride issue in influence.
  67. This was Thorn’s pride and joy.
  68. Dad’s face is flush with pride.
  69. We turned and left, my pride hurt.
  70. And it all comes from your pride.
  71. I have too much pride to say that.
  72. Pride ill becomes a beggar, ser.
  73. The pride and joy was its school.
  74. Which made it more duty than pride.
  75. Amram looked with pride at his son.
  76. Her chin was held high with pride.
  77. Her pride was crushed by his words.
  78. He was an evil man and his pride.
  79. Kay glowed with pride at his words.
  80. Jill hugged her mother with pride.
  81. Lucien felt pride swell within him.
  82. Benedict, with some show of pride.
  83. I sign this resolution with pride.
  84. Warren smiled with reflected pride.
  85. His pride and dignity were wounded.
  86. Satan and his angels fell by pride.
  87. He is the pride and jewel of India.
  88. Who will pin them and their pride?
  89. They took pride in their home and.
  90. Six teams, she thought, with pride.
  91. Pride and hate were conquering him.
  92. He took pride in the fact that he.
  93. A deception, inspired by her pride.
  94. Inside himself he felt a new pride.
  95. He rules the Pride, his will be done.
  96. She was tingling with pride and joy.
  97. I could see the pride in Ish's face.
  98. And the pride of her village was she.
  99. Pride is the oldest sin in the world.
  100. But that was not the case: my pride.
  1. Priding themselves on earth, and scheming evil.
  2. Rome, the metropolis of heathenism, or Corinth priding itself on the.
  3. I don’t like those fashionable churches, she said, evidently priding herself on her independence of thought.
  4. On the contrary, she seemed continually priding herself on her luckless lover's action as though it were the loftiest heroism, though she tried to avoid all dis-.
  5. The foreman’s wife kept looking in at the door, whilst the frightened maid with the earrings brought in the dishes; and the foreman smiled more and more joyfully, priding himself on his wife’s culinary skill.
  6. The education of Greece generally, even when the Greek mind had attained its highest culture, was still largely physical—philosophers, statesmen, and poets priding themselves as much upon their athletic feats as upon their intellectual endowments.
  7. Priding himself on uncompromising religious neutrality, rugged anti-Congress-ism and plebeian rootedness, Nitish had lost no opportunity after breaking with the BJP to heap veiled scorn on those relying on PR machines, media and advertisements to build their image.
  8. This ideal of glory and grandeur—which consists not merely in considering nothing wrong that one does but in priding oneself on every crime one commits, ascribing to it an incomprehensible supernatural significance—that ideal, destined to guide this man and his associates, had scope for its development in Africa.
  9. Our Lord in addressing Himself to the Jewish people, Luke in writing a Gospel for the Gentile world, Paul in writing to Rome, the metropolis of heathenism, or Corinth priding itself on the Grecian tongue, James, Peter, and Jude writing to Christians wherever scattered over the earth, all alike use this word as universally understood.
  10. Suppose we had descended from those nations—from the last, especially, which stood self-condemned, on her own confession, as incapable of free government, hugging her chains, glorying in her shame, priding herself in the slave's last poor distinction, the splendor of her tyrant master? Had we sprung from the loins of Frenchmen, (he shuddered at the thought!) where would have been that proud spirit of resistance to Ministerial encroachment on our rights and liberties, which achieved our independence? We should have submitted to the tea tax, the stamp act, and the whole train of Grenville and North ministerial oppression.
  1. He prided himself on his.
  2. One of the things he prided.
  3. Petra prided herself on grand exits.
  4. Not that he prided himself on a deep.
  5. He prided himself in thinking he was the.
  6. All of the bravery and courage she prided.
  7. It was something I always prided myself on.
  8. He had always prided himself on his politics.
  9. He prided himself on what a stroke of genius it.
  10. And the slaves prided themselves on their master.
  11. Bill had always prided himself on his self-control.
  12. Caramarin prided himself on being good for his age.
  13. The agency prided itself in reliability and low cost.
  14. I have always prided myself on being a fighter, and.
  15. He had always prided himself on his skill as a swimmer.
  16. She prided herself on never being a burden on any one.
  17. They prided themselves on openness and freedom of choice.
  18. As athletes they prided themselves on their self-discipline.
  19. The door, as always, was open; she prided herself on always.
  20. Canberra prided itself on its harmony with the natural environment.
  21. It was clear that Chervil prided himself on knowing his rabbits by name.
  22. The Epanchins prided themselves upon the good opinion people held of them.
  23. Earlier, perhaps, Arjun had prided himself on the excellence of his skill.
  24. Time was when I prided myself on being and being called a British subject.
  25. Sylvia always prided herself on her ability to identify people’s character.
  26. They’d always prided themselves on being able to read each other’s thoughts.
  27. Inside the movie theater, I prided myself on not being afraid of anything, or not.
  28. It hurt to lose in something I prided myself about, but I got over it, just barely.
  29. I knew a gentleman who prided himself all his life on being a connoisseur of Lafitte.
  30. Maria Alexandrovna prided herself on this room, and always used it on state occasions.
  31. He prided himself on them, and was quite a specialist on the mechanism of the revolver.
  32. They prided themselves on maintaining, unblemished by alcohol, the fastest of responses.
  33. The Greek prided himself on his smarts and felt the equal of any man in the game of wits.
  34. Although I prided myself on our productions, I saw now that we were barely professionals.
  35. Riz prided himself at being the best, so arriving a week before anyone else was nothing new.
  36. Madam Agnes prided herself on her understanding of men, but Jamie McGregor was a puzzle to her.
  37. Her skin had a youthful glow to it and she prided herself in the way her new cloths fitted her.
  38. He wrought the victory with his arm and scattered those who prided themselves in their opinions.
  39. He was an elderly gentleman, obviously intelligent who prided himself on being frank and upright.
  40. They believed that they were the descendants of Satan himself and prided themselves on being evil.
  41. I nodded, Chantry has always prided himself on sending his people out with the best of everything.
  42. His comments were all slanted toward moving what I prided as my objectivity to a more liberal viewpoint.
  43. He prided himself on seeing a greater picture than other people, an encompassing understanding of humanity.
  44. Stellar Interstellar prided itself on the confidentiality with which it conducted its clients’ business.
  45. Casey Jones had prided himself in making such fast time, that he’d named his locomotive The Cannonball.
  46. He was before all things a European, a modern man, who sampled the newest ideas and prided himself upon them.
  47. She unmistakably prided herself on her courage, and wished Anna to appreciate the fidelity of her friendship.
  48. He had always prided himself on being able to bring men home to their wives and children at the end of the season.
  49. Johnson prided himself on being a responsible person and he saw that giving Mia away was evading his responsibility.
  50. He’d never experienced a recruit like this one, not in all his days, and he prided himself fiercely on his acquisition.
  51. Big Ed prided himself on knowing all of our names because authoritarian figures have more power when they know your name.
  52. Madeline prided herself on not caring what other people thought, but she cared about Renata thinking less of her daughter.
  53. Even in a city that prided itself on its pleasing architecture, the temple’s majestic appearance stood out like a sore thumb.
  54. He prided himself on the flavors he could imagine from them, and was interested in souls with highly developed culinary senses.
  55. Undoubtedly, poor preparations by a military force that prided itself on thoroughness was a major factor that contributed to failure.
  56. When he’d been younger and more foolish, he’d prided himself on his ability to drink other men, men twice his size, under the table.
  57. She worked herself up to GS-9 lab technician and prided herself on being the first woman to supervise men there, back when that was unusual.
  58. This DOL grant was competitive and I always prided myself on getting our grant writing staff to outline and submit the best grants in the nation.
  59. They prided themselves on the professions they pursued without regret, nor with any feelings of personal sacrifice or loss of womanly opportunity.
  60. My sister prided herself on her morals and taking money for a séance where the ghost was a friend of mine probably bordered on unethical in her book.
  61. She should have felt embarrassed at showing such emotion—Aazuria had always prided herself on being stone-faced, as was expected of undersea royalty.
  62. The men of Helium have prided themselves that they have ever shown Barsoom how a nation of red men should live, now is our opportunity to show them how they should die.
  63. He prided himself on conquering white females; something his grandfather could not lay hands on—combining sizzling Kamasutra experiments with artistic and sensitive foreplays.
  64. It seemed difficult to believe, but Robin prided himself on being ready to believe anything at a moment's notice, especially if it was the worst, and he called it having an open mind.
  65. Though with us she prided herself on her hero, Liza perhaps behaved quite diSferently alone with him ; I suspect so indeed from various facts, of which, however, I will also speak later.
  66. Pierre and Susan prided themselves in being open-minded, tolerant people, but the way their daughter’s career as a field agent of the Time Patrol was turning was not much to their liking.
  67. In fact, he rather prided himself on his narrow escapes, and liked to thrill the girls with graphic accounts of his triumphs over wrathful tutors, dignified professors, and vanquished enemies.
  68. Then Lyamshin, who prided himself on playing the fool, took a bunch of grapes from the plate; another, laughing, followed his example, and a third stretched out his hand for the Chateau d'Yquem.
  69. The cheese too was potent, a local blending, he assumed, not one he recognised, but every village he had ever travelled through always prided itself on the distinctiveness of its own local cheeses.
  70. The pub prided itself on the table service and diners would come from miles around to enjoy the traditional meals and pleasant ambiance that resulted from an elegant décor and soft carpets underfoot.
  71. But, in short, it is very manifest that he had one alone whom he made mistress of his will, to whom he commended himself very frequently and very secretly, for he prided himself on being a reticent knight.
  72. He prided himself with the production figures of the German armaments industry, which he had boosted to an amazing extent; preferring to overlook the fact that the enemy's armaments figures were immensely higher.
  73. Businessmen didn’t stay there with their families; they visited and stayed for a few days; software people there were young couples and childfree; but musicians lived there and prided themselves on their houses.
  74. One day she was polishing a set of two sterling-silver tankards that she prided having in her possession and realized that apart from her wedding ring they were the only two valuable material things that she possessed.
  75. Kara signed herself out of the records office and the two women walked in silence along the street towards the little café – one of the larger chains that prided itself on the quality of its coffee, Kara noted with dismay.
  76. And at the confectioner’s, and at Fomin’s, and at Foulde’s he saw that he was expected; that they were pleased to see him, and prided themselves on his happiness, just as every one whom he had to do with during those days.
  77. The regiments had entered and left the town with their bands playing, and by the Grand Duke’s orders the men had marched all the way in step (a practice on which the Guards prided themselves), the officers on foot and at their proper posts.
  78. He remembered how he once had prided himself upon his rectitude; how he always made it a rule to tell the truth, and was in reality truthful, and how he was now steeped in falsehood—falsehood which was recognized as truth by all those around him.
  79. Her shoes were the newest thing in footwear (Edy Boardman prided herself that she was very petite but she never had a foot like Gerty MacDowell, a five, and never would ash, oak or elm) with patent toecaps and just one smart buckle over her higharched instep.
  80. Terrorists seen as heroes among the disenfranchised, prided themselves on suicide missions, giving their lives happily as ‘patriots’ who hoped their acts of murder and destruction would force the powers-that-be to return their ‘homeland’ to their own people.
  81. Wade prided himself first that the family fortune had been made honestly, by the rise in Manhattan real estate; and last, that the Wade name stood in the business world to-day as a symbol of integrity that erred, if it erred at all, on the side of over-scrupulousness.
  82. Her men companions knew it, and if they felt attracted by her never permitted themselves to show it to her, but treated her as they would a man; but with strangers, who often molested her, the great physical strength on which she prided herself stood her in good stead.
  83. If present attitudes are any indication of contemporary society‘s harsh assessment of its past, our society should not expect much sympathy from future generations that can only wonder how a society that called itself civilized and prided itself on its ―evolving standards of decency‖ could have condoned such barbarous practices.
  84. But who are these evil men from whose violence and attacks the government and the army saves us? If such men existed three or four centuries ago, when men prided themselves on their military skill and strength of arm, when a man proved his valor by killing his fellow-men, we find none such at the present time: men of our time neither use nor carry weapons, and, believing in the precepts of humanity and pity for their neighbors, they are as desirous for peace and a quiet life as we are ourselves.
  85. But who are these evil-disposed persons in our midst from whose attacks we are preserved by the state and its army? Even if, three or four centuries ago, when men prided themselves on their warlike prowess, when killing men was considered an heroic achievement, there were such persons; we know very well that there are no such persons now, that we do not nowadays carry or use firearms, but everyone professes humane principles and feels sympathy for his fellows, and wants nothing more than we all do—that is, to be left in peace to enjoy his existence undisturbed.
  86. But besides all this, he reminded him that if he prided himself on being a gentleman and a Christian, he could not do otherwise than keep his plighted word; and that in doing so he would obey God and meet the approval of all sensible people, who know and recognised it to be the privilege of beauty, even in one of humble birth, provided virtue accompany it, to be able to raise itself to the level of any rank, without any slur upon him who places it upon an equality with himself; and furthermore that when the potent sway of passion asserts itself, so long as there be no mixture of sin in it, he is not to be blamed who gives way to it.
  1. In a country that prides itself in exem-.
  2. He prides himself on getting his merchandise out quickly.
  3. Lions live in groups called prides consisting primarily of.
  4. To guard his territory from other encroaching males, and other prides.
  5. As we suffer death and suffering in our own lives and prides, we start to see what the resurrection truly is.
  6. On my third try, I found an owner who said that her business prides itself on meeting the needs of all of its customers.
  7. The man coming is big and fat, about fifty years, with regular features, and proud, contemptuous manners, on which he prides himself.
  8. There’s gravity in his low voice that makes me more than uneasy; a young man that prides himself on his courage, I taste the sudden ash of fear.
  9. The man who for decades has delivered invitations for all the exclusive parties prides himself on knowing every person worth speaking to in the city.
  10. The Illustrated Man bent violently above the old old dead dead thing, his prides of beasts drowned deep in sweat, his right hand thrust in hammering demand upon the air: Live, live.
  11. Maybe there’s a simple explanation? Maybe Will and Cate decided just to walk home? Seeing Dad was two hours late? Or went over to their granddad’s, like last time? The even temper Keith prides himself on is evaporating.
  12. She was a magnet that invisibly drew good-luck charms, saints' medals, Roman coins, theater stubs, handkerchiefs, stickpins, while the audience ran riot, convulsed as these rabbit men stood peeled of all prides and protections.
  13. We walked back in silence, each feeling resentful, and keeping along the cliff passed, just before we came to Sellin, a little restaurant of coloured glass, a round building of an atrocious ugliness, which we discovered was one of the prides of Sellin; for afterwards, driving through the forest to Binz, all the sign-posts had fingers pointing in its direction, and bore the inscription _Glas Pavilion, schönste Aussicht Sellins_.
  14. For the enlightenment of those who are not so intimately acquainted with the minutiae of the municipal abattoir as this morbidminded esthete and embryo philosopher who for all his overweening bumptiousness in things scientific can scarcely distinguish an acid from an alkali prides himself on being, it should perhaps be stated that staggering bob in the vile parlance of our lowerclass licensed victuallers signifies the cookable and eatable flesh of a calf newly dropped from its mother.

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