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    1. I do not know of any serious casualties from this technique except for a few fatherly talks between the drivers who felt insulted by the copycat methods of the other driver who "f obviously don't have f ears to hear his f engine running at f full revs and should have f braked first since he was f already in the f intersection

    2. the same company despite some of the copycat options

    3. copycat of Million Dollar Homepage with a difference,

    4. It also spawned countless copycat websites, but as the old saying goes, lightning never strikes twice, the idea only works once and relies on novelty, any copy-cat sites only have pure comedy value, so none of whom have found particular success with the business model

    5. Perhaps the first thing that comes to your mind is to imitate the successful sites, since copycat ideas are simple and practicable

    6. “That is simple; this whole project is top secret because of the fragility of a copycat construction that will eat into the profits

    7. you to copycat websites that are twins of the real website that belongs to the

    8. "Do you think it's the same person in both murders or is it still possible one was a copycat killing?"

    9. Kejriwal had already challenged Modi’s business links—Rahul looked like a copycat

    10. Maybe he is a copycat, maybe I inspired him,” Bohdan said

    11. Either the killer himself or a copycat killer

    12. But a copycat was unlikely because so far the full extent of the injuries to the other murdered women had not been made public, and this latest body had all the hallmarks of the same deranged murderer

    13. a mere copycat, a make-believe

    14. Every stupid idea in his book has been unsuccessfully attempted for 2,500 year by hosts of copycat mimickers

    15. It would take five thick books, just to go over the endless variations of Alexander’s copycat successors, and how these variations differed only slightly from his example; and were re-lived over and over since Alexander died

    16. Serbia’s greedy ambition for conquering more land and expanding its power was just one tiny little fucking copycat of a new upstart nation duplicating exactly what huge empires had been for thousands of years ever since civilization had been invented

    17. Since the flurry of copycat activity rarely materializes, especially once the targets have become expensive, it may then be a good time to sell

    18. I’d hardly known Calhoun, but I vividly remembered his optimism that morning at the check-cashing store where three copycat Windbreaker cops had been gunned down by passing patrolmen

    19. Cleveland was either a copycat killing, which was entirely possible, or this case had just broken wide open and could lead anywhere

    20. “It could be a copycat

    21. , backing up my theory that this was a copycat crime and that the terror might be spreading

    22. Maybe these were copycat crimes

    23. It was a special sort of bad taste for an admiral to go about advertising a name that translated into what sounded like a copycat pirate

    24. It’s also easy to copycat other high-rated members’ picks so you need to determine whether the “fool” you are following is the real deal or merely riding the coattails of others

    25. Since then, the Charles Schwab Corporation has ridden the wild bull and bear markets of the past four decades, bouncing back from the crashes of 1987, 2001, and 2008 that wiped out lesser firms, taking on the slew of copycat companies that eroded its market share, always finding ways to innovate and grow in every environment

    1. If low price is your only competitive advantage, I think you'd better give up your copycats idea

    2. In Real life fame inspires imitations and every famous criminal inspires copycats, but in the comics heroes and vil ains

    3. Copycats have no place in online dating sites

    4. He refused to share anything, and in no time at all he managed to destroy the rapport among the elite researchers at the company, especially when he started accusing people of being thieves and copycats

    5. They’re idiots, copycats who’ve heard about the Windbreaker cops but don’t know how to pull off any kind of robbery

    6. Warren Buffett, the ‘Sage of Omaha', is generally considered to be the world’s most successful investor and has inspired countless copycats and hangerson

    1. Then he copycatted an earlier attack Soneji had made at the house

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