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    1. vast, immeasurable forest, and in that paradisiacal garden the ape walked, simply and

    2. He looked down upon the bright and savage earth for the first time in countless measures of eternity and there Smith saw something quite unexpected; the utterly familiar shape of loneliness embodied in the outlandish shell of the hairless ape who dared to contemplate creation, baying at the stars, calling out in utter desperation for the companionship that comes with that first sparkling moment of harmony within the song of songs

    3. and the ape monkey HIV

    4. "Fucking ape!" he hisses

    5. with the body of a lion, the head of an ape, and the wings

    6. Another one was about people who were half ape, half machine, and yet another took her underwater where squids were swimming around her

    7. 'She had just married that ape Roleston and there was no getting through to her at the time

    8. He was a large hairy fellow and the beer matted the hair on his body and made him look like a drowned ape

    9. And the poor, sticky, stinking ape, unable to borrow a coat, had to streak down the street to retrieve them, followed by a jeering, hooting, mob of drunken mates

    10. Inside the boxes was a long dead ape full of maggots

    11. “Altaf and that big ape of his, Farris

    12. It was obvious that Chantelle had either been caught, or had sold him out, and that the big ape sitting next to him was part of the gang running the girls

    13. From the heavy footsteps, he guessed it must be the big ape that had carried him into the house

    14. The shoot out going ape shit

    15. We do seem to be connected to the animal kingdom, but how? And with such a tremendous gap, if there is a connection what is it? What members of the animal kingdom are we closest to? Would the prideful exclusionists rather be seen to be connected to dogs, or cows? There was a time when Man would have given almost anything to be like any one of his animal totems, so why not an ape?

    16. In another reference he has an English professor, Jonathan Gotshall, recounting his experience reading Homer’s Iliad while under the influence of Desmond Morris’s The Naked Ape

    17. The way humans have learned to use sight as a metaphor for understanding everything else, including the experiences that we encounter all around us, is that complicated choreograph that I referred to in the Naked Ape portion of this essay

    18. This is the dating of a Jawbone of an Australopithecus (southern ape) found in a cave in Northern Spain

    19. Hey, if you knew you were going to have a round with an ape that outweighed you three to one, you’d pay attention, whether you had a conscience or not

    20. Link evolve from let’s say an ape, or let’s say that Australopithecus back there, whichever you want

    21. Shame he’s hanging around with that ape

    22. An oversized ape of a man was busy mopping up the floor in the long term care ward at Edinburgh Royal Infirmary; he was receiving plenty of stares from bemused patients who joked between themselves about whether to mention he had missed a bit

    23. Princeton Professor of Bioethics Peter Singer and a co-sponsor launched the Great Ape Project some 15 years ago

    24. Smith sees the Great Ape Project as having the goal of obtaining a United Nations declaration “welcoming apes into a

    25. Once stripped of his dignity and worth, the “naked ape” is raw meat to be manipulated, exploited, or destroyed at the impulse of those able to grasp and hold power

    26. One pregnant ape has brown hairs around its body and the other has grey

    27. That grey ape reminds me of myself back in the day

    28. Regarding the latter, the question is if evolution is true and man is the modern ape, who then created the ape?

    29. He stated (privately) he would “become an ape among

    30. In that ape

    31. I’ll have things to say in private to that infant ape, and to your military high command

    32. “And if the alternative is that we are forced to abandon the agreements that have cost us so much effort to forge, in order to follow the policies of this barely-born infant ape?!! What then, Falgaroth?!”

    33. "God, the radio goes ape with all these guys trying to help

    34. Suddenly, arms swinging like a hairless ape, he bounded round the stage and, with a shout of triumph, pounced onto the woman"s back, dragging her to the ground

    35. She could not hold her breath any longer, as the huge ape looked on

    36. She went ape shit, arms windmilling, body heaving

    37. Start here as an ape

    38. In the body of an ape


    40. The ape maintained his grasp in Conan's hair, dragging him toward the tusks that glistened in the moonlight

    41. Now the blazing eyes of the barbarian glared into the bloodshot eyes of the ape

    42. Olivia, half fainting, saw the ape heaving, thrashing and writhing, gripping, man-like, the hilt that jutted from its body

    43. In the chariot stood Natohk, his robes flying; and gripping the reins and lashing like mad, crouched a black anthropomorphic being that might have been a monster ape

    44. And once an inhuman voice was lifted in awful mockery—the cry of an ape, Bêlit said, adding that the souls of evil men were imprisoned in these man-like animals as punishment for past crimes

    45. But Conan doubted, for once, in a gold-barred cage in an Hyrkanian city, he had seen an abysmal sad-eyed beast which men told him was an ape, and there had been about it naught of the demoniac malevolence which vibrated in the shrieking laughter that echoed from the black jungle

    46. He sat, not as an ape would crouch, but cross-legged as a man would sit, but his aspect was no less simian for that reason

    47. I called—then I saw that—that black thing squatting like an ape among the branches, leering down at me

    48. A bull ape

    49. It was no ape, neither was it a man

    50. They raced up the stair that wound up from tier to tier, roaring vengefully; but he slung the girl unceremoniously over his shoulder, dashed through the tunnel and went down the cliffs like an ape himself, dropping and springing from hold to hold with breakneck recklessness

    1. The little boy aped my move, and luckily, he resumed eating

    2. Now, I realised, it was my own peak which aped those snow capped hills and, recalled to my anxieties, I shook my white head and moved on

    3. aped what they see done by the fully-grown

    4. What were the two basic examples that our ancestors saw and aped in Africa before we came out of Africa?

    5. Who aped the elite social order of the Class B Lions: became the underdogs

    6. What were we doing committing all these sins? We just aped the volcanoes that we had been worshipping for millions of years… What’s so wrong about that? What’s so bad about it? What is bad about it: is that we are not volcanoes: we are monkeys

    7. To be copied and aped and followed in whatever they do

    8. Why? The masses aped the hypocrisy of the rich

    9. Did the Romans learn from this self-destructive culture? Instead, they aped it and made it even worse

    10. So the peasants aped the Kings

    11. As the human walking apes watched in sick awe and fear at how these murdering, killing beasts dominated their own animal Kingdom… and then aped them… and fattened themselves on the corpses of the dying, starving animals they hunted down and slaughtered, and ate, and devoured

    12. The dominance of the human species on earth: is a dominance that was aped by apes who watched other criminal predatory killers getting away with killing all other animals… and getting away with it because they were bigger, faster, more cunning, more sneaky, more intelligent, more cowardly

    13. It irritated her so much that during one formal call she aped Gerald’s brogue to her aunt’s distress

    14. Clutching his weapons, he aped down the hidden ivy rungs and dogged the wet grass

    1. ages ago, back when the apes crawled out of the trees and first began to name the

    2. The hairless apes sweat and spit out good humoured

    3. This smal island is dominated by the Rock of Gibraltar, known for its protected apes who receive a daily supply of water and food, plus regular vet care and microchipping

    4. “Hey, don’t be insulting the apes, will ya!” I retorted

    5. “I mean, the apes have got their act together

    6. “Yeah, I got you on that, but you didn’t get me on this—those apes are hangin’ with the Big Band while us Homo sapiens are all into solo acts

    7. Planet of the Apes, n

    8. “Hands off me, you filthy apes!” barked Coal, looking pleadingly at Foolscap

    9. Were these low looking creatures real humanity? The humanity which God created? Surely not! They were more like apes than human beings

    10. I would like to propose a hypothetical question to the progressive reader: If given a choice, which of the following options would you choose: having been created in God‘s (own) Image or having descended from the apes? Should you choose the former, how come so many of you are willing to embrace evolutionary arguments that have been widely discredited rather than entertain the Divine Wisdom of scriptural teachings that offer a more plausible explanation for our existence? Why restrict your beliefs to worldly perceptions or ideas encumbered by the limits of your (finite) senses rather than explore the wondrous miracle of the human imagination, both moral and intellectual, or ―a capacity for self-transcendence‖ (Reinhold Niebuhr) uncommon among the Beast?

    11. Legislators have recently introduced a bill seeking to extend primatial citizenship rights to apes

    12. “No one doubts,” Berlinski states further, “that human beings now alive are connected to human beings that lived thousands of years ago…And no one doubts that human beings are connected to the rest of the animal kingdom…Why, then, has the kinship between human beings and the apes been so avidly promoted in contemporary culture?

    13. “It is entirely safe to assign the differences between human beings and the apes to their regulatory systems

    14. The apes seem to have been satisfied over the millennia to use their voice to indicate specific emotional states, in defending territory and access to females

    15. So what if the apes did precede our complicated choreography with a lesser one?

    16. He wrote poetry to his wife Jenny, and he wrote of the oncoming class struggle in apocalyptic terms: “We are the apes of a cold God,” he said

    17. Smith sees the Great Ape Project as having the goal of obtaining a United Nations declaration “welcoming apes into a

    18. One may wonder when these anti-human “ethicists” will begin hiring apes as laboratory assistants

    19. We evolved from other organic primitive animals similar to apes over a 500,000-year period

    20. ‘Look at the two pregnant apes walking closer to the two male apes

    21. Three of the male apes are climbing a tree

    22. For the king's ships went to Tarshish with the servants of Huram: every three years once came the ships of Tarshish bringing gold, and silver, ivory, and apes, and peacocks

    23. Planet of the Apes

    24. (1) No wild mammals, apes and monkeys of the order of primates shall be used

    25. came from the apes, which caused a great scandal among the religious and,

    26. Sam, Jane and Samantha rode the current of the stream to the temple, holding their breath and going underwater, they passed the huge apes guarding the entrance

    27. For a minute, one of the apes noticed something and headed toward the water

    28. The faces of the apes were very scary and caused Jane to use more oxygen than normal

    29. We are hairless apes walking around on a space rock (that’s alive) going thousands of miles per hour around a giant burning mass of chemicals in strange alignment with a bunch of other space rocks

    30. When apes ask to leave the jungle

    31. Ravuth was mid thirties and a happy round faced Cambodian who looked like General Urko from planet of the apes

    32. Maybe an occasional demon cut loose from some wizard and further in, snow apes and cave jackals

    33. Aside from their wings, in physical appearance they resembled man only as man in his highest form resembles the great apes

    34. Snow apes and ice giants,” he was told

    35. “Snow apes, probably

    36. They had left two of the men to guard the camp and the horses but all of them knew that if the snow apes attacked, two men could never hold them off

    37. “That’s why the snow apes didn’t attack us,” Corwin stated

    38. Half mythical and altogether horrible, these apes were the goblins of Hyborian legendry, and were in reality ogres of the natural world, cannibals and murderers of the nighted forests

    39. Creatures of night and the silence, the gray apes of Vilayet were voiceless

    40. Jean’s ex-husband had dismissed the idea of evolution as repugnant, insulting him by linking him to apes

    41. It was the apes who should have been insulted, she thought to herself

    42. To the Continental kingdom of the Atlanteans, from sunken areas, swarmed myriads of beasts and savages – ape-men and apes

    43. One that we are all descendants of apes or ape-like creatures that migrated from Africa and replaced similar species in Europe and Asia either by extermination or assimilation

    44. apes are known to be the most intelligent of the forest creatures

    45. They were believed to have changed the DNA of apes to push the evolution in the right direction, which had also developed some of the paranormal abilities that were lying dormant within us

    46. Due to that a certain species of apes evolved into a human species

    47. As far as I"m concerned humans are nothing more than civilized apes

    48. apes are being obliterated in order to be eaten as a „meat

    49. Many great apes and monkeys have lost a hand or

    50. Orang-utans are the clumsiest and wobbliest of all apes

    1. His mouth moves, jagged, aping

    2. "reasoning") may be simulated in test situations in which emotional participation is minimal, that rational factors alone by an accurate aping or stereotyping can produce in vitro, so to speak, what they

    3. We can learn from the Mayans, not by mindlessly aping the outward shibboleths of their cultural traditions, but rather by taking a hard look at our own personal behavior and assumptions

    4. I n modern times we Indians are criticized for aping the west

    5. However, the primeval instinct of aping each other has now created a potent

    6. The instinctive aping has its sorry fallout too

    7. And the aping instinct makes millions follow it as fashion

    8. 12,000 years of Human History has shown our two classes mimicking and aping and copying the same exact Class behavior as animals in Africa on the Serengeti Plains have been acting out for millions of years in their Class

    9. He was angry at these monkeys aping his behaviour

    10. We are aping something that is inorganic: we are organic

    11. “They"re out for the fun of it, aping their puerile boyfriends

    12. It was only when European village communities became so dysfunctional; that the European masses began aping the exclusive ‘love’ of the rich and powerful knights

    13. Unions and mass movements of the lower classes have always tried to fight the concentrated wealth and power of the upper classes by mimicking them, by aping them in the stupidest ways possible… by concentrating themselves into huge unarmed crowds: with their leaders exposed and vulnerable

    14. The lower class aping the upper class

    15. Who is fooling who; in this travesty of a survival tactic that has been obsolete for over three billions years? Are the sponge stores fooling themselves that they are being upwardly mobile, or supremely cunning and smart? By getting rich off wandering customers? So the mobile masses can be sucked dry of their wealth by being sold services and products that are supposed to label them as having a special status? With special, exclusive upwardly mobile services and products that only rich people can afford… to display their excess conspicuous consumption in public? Aping the rich nobles of the past, who defined the idea of conspicuous consumption by flaunting their obscene wealth in front of the starving masses, while sneering at their poverty?

    16. Suddenly the poor began aping the rich

    17. They are still backwards, raped peasant societies: with powerful robber barons oppressing them, robbing them, and killing them: still aping and copying the tactics of Alexander the Great

    18. The introduction of every episode tells you that Satan, cast down from Heavens is now roaming the Earth, a grotesque caricature, aping human emotions but always getting them wrong because it is not human

    19. When they begin aping and copying and mimicking the western nations and become as corrupt and as evil as they are

    20. Here was a daughter whose child—even according to the ordinary aping of aristocratic institutions by people who are no more aristocratic than retired grocers, and who have no more land to "keep together" than a lawn and a paddock—would have a prior claim

    21. “Because I believe in marriage,” he said, aping Nana’s voice

    22. There, aping Gulnare's bard, he spanned

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