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Corrosive en una oración (en ingles)

The corrosive is acidic.
but heals all wounds and corrosive.
PW, HPW and WFI are highly corrosive.
In addition, the corrosive atmosphere.
Corrosive resistance to sulfates and acids.
This is caused by acidic or corrosive diets.
Martyrdom is sublimation, corrosive sublimation.

This shows as corrosive wear marks on the teeth.
Remove clothing that may retain corrosive substances.
Spitting fat or corrosive chemicals may burn the eyeball.
Binet explained that he wanted a corrosive to make himself some.
The corrosive effect of clothing fashions is a constant problem.
Sulfur is a corrosive material that decreases the purity of a crude oil.
The look on the cripple’s face was too corrosive for the lil bomber to.
This is caused by corrosive diets, such as too much unnatural sugar in the diet.
and corrosive shame and fear of sexual failure was no more because my sentence of.
He sat there under the corrosive gaze of the secretary he’d blown past five minutes before.
Installation techniques are important because they can affect the mechanical, corrosive, and.
They share a habit of giving corrosive words that undermine their self-respect and self-esteem.
Liberty’s van lived under the carport, next to the house, exposed to the corrosive salty air.
Inside is a potent magic that is very corrosive and the container itself is also not as it first seems.
That meant in turn that she would be covered with hot, corrosive sulfur lava when appearing in the airlock.
The name meant honey in Parso, which Rob took for typical heathen cheek: her temperament was corrosive as quicklime.
Their bodies were slashed with open cracks that formed under the corrosive onslaught of sun, salt, wind, and fuel residue.
Binet explained that he wanted a corrosive to make himself some copperwater with which to remove rust from his hunting things.
There is a fluid in the eye and when this becomes overly acidic or corrosive it begins to eat away at the flesh it encounters.
The other war, the bloody one of twenty years, did not cause them as much damage as the corrosive war of eternal postponements.
The typical fund holds on to its stocks for only 11 months at a time, so trading costs eat away at returns like a corrosive acid.
Stress triggers collapse, but is not the corrosive agent that wore away at the cellular integrity of the collective's intra-dependency.

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corrosive caustic erosive mordant vitriolic