Oraciones con la palabra "vitriolic"

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Vitriolic en una oración (en ingles)

  1. This vitriolic remark pierced into his heart.
  2. What strikes us strongly is the pungent vitriolic tone of the.
  3. She had been relentless and vitriolic, but he had staunchly defended his corner.
  4. Anger, vitriolic and abusive, is directed toward Lomborg particularly in regard to global warming.
  5. Within two months his vitriolic diatribes against the Directory and exhortations to class war had the police at his door again.

  6. A quick thought about Wal-Mart and the vitriolic attacks directed against the retail chain in recent years by the liberal community.
  7. With vitriolic curses, his voice now a shrill screech, he ranted and raved against the prophets in general and Isaiah in particular.
  8. I flirted with a southern belle named Savannah, was enticed by the plight of a missionary in Ghana, got hooked by a vitriolic robot called Rob.
  9. Ted’s voice had risen several octaves and with his heart condition neither this vitriolic angered outburst or this manual exertion were good for him.
  10. He was quite fearful of another reoccurrence of the awful vitriolic voices, especially in company; he didn’t know how many more times he would be able to conjure up excuses on the spur of the moment to conceal his condition.
  11. To the ‘faith’ believing reader, these ‘holy’ scripture verses contain literature that appear to consist of a complement of specific words and statements dictating harsh and vitriolic sentiments that threaten ‘physical’ violence, including the ultimate punishment, eternal hell.
  12. There is a legend that over a thousand years ago, the venerable Matriarch, perhaps Reja Grenassia III, like our own present Matriarch has to some degree, initiated a program of 'public relations' to curb the vitriolic suspicion and loathing the other peoples of the Spur continued to maintain toward us.

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