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Acid en una oración (en ingles)

  1. See boric acid in index.
  2. May 8 was the acid test.
  3. It is a natural acid trip.
  4. The acid melted her flesh.
  5. The acid was up in his gut.
  6. Centaur blood is like acid.
  7. Kinic acid, detection of, J.
  8. Her voice was cool but acid.
  9. I love acid with the protein.
  10. The acid test was to occur on.
  11. Shell need B12 and Folic Acid.
  12. Reese, it’s acid, watch out.
  13. Where does this acid come from?
  14. Surfin’ the internet on acid!.
  15. Boric acid has antiviral activity.
  16. The acid was down to the weather.
  17. It has started to rain acid but.
  18. Boric acid should not be ingested.
  19. Acid burned the back of my throat.
  20. These were the acids of acid rain.
  21. Holy fuck, Acid snapped back.
  22. Also known as ascorbic acid, this.
  23. Do you still have some acid?
  24. She would slip him Acid, go for a.
  25. Modify the acid intake in the diet.
  26. But boy, did I have an acid stomach.
  27. It helps neutralize acid in the body.
  28. Lucy’s first acid trip was not fun.
  29. The phosphoric acid found in these.
  30. How are you Cassidy? Acid asked.
  31. You didn’t have a bottle of acid.
  32. He drops a tab of acid in each mouth.
  33. See index for more info on boric acid.
  34. Then they poured this acid over a man.
  35. What you should know about acid rain:.
  36. The hum turned to a weird, acid sharp.
  37. The shots turned to acid in her stomach.
  38. Folic acid can help repair this damage.
  39. Of her childhood; little pieces of acid.
  40. She had been crossed and now her acid.
  41. Acid fear burned the back of her throat.
  42. Acid and 300-600 mg of magnesium per day.
  43. They burned like I’d breathed in acid.
  44. The sulphur in the coal causes acid rain.
  45. Oh I get it, Acid said with a laugh.
  46. Formation of kidney stones of uric acid.
  47. It’s like being grabbed by pure acid.
  48. This short-chain fat y acid also induces.
  49. On his part, Wa felt acid burn his stomach.
  50. The next day, Ajit, a beginner, drops acid.
  51. She happened to meet the acid guy when they.
  52. There’s a reason he didn’t use the acid.
  53. In temper he is naturally acid and sceptical.
  54. He released a bolt of green acid at the Hive.
  55. Bailey's mode of testing for Nitric Acid, 86.
  56. Be fully aware that valproic acid can cause.
  57. Were they all little mouse cartoons on acid?
  58. Some teas can also be helpful for acid reflux.
  59. AC that has not been acid washed might leach.
  60. We have two sources of acid with which to deal.
  61. My ribs felt like they’d been dipped in acid.
  62. His side felt as if it had been dipped in acid.
  63. The acid can come from either of two sources -.
  64. Vulcano, boracic acid in the waters of, ii, 349.
  65. Having much previous experience with acid, the.
  66. But there’s mildew and formic acid in the vats.
  67. Farah felt her stomach turn acid on hearing that.
  68. Her stomach seized, flushed her throat with acid.
  69. What are you doing with that? Acid asked Ed.
  70. She clutched the vial of mystic acid in her hand.
  71. The first new drug she came across was acid, also.
  72. Its minerals are good for neutralizing acid waste.
  74. Termit Pruff is a boric acid formula for this use.
  75. If the acid had leaked I‘d have digested myself.
  76. The problem with lactic acid is that it restricts.
  77. Common pantothenic acid has not been reported to.
  78. Boracic acid, from the lakes of Cherchaio, ii, 349.
  79. I’m not, Acid said with a smile on her face.
  80. Salmon is rich in tryptophan, the amino acid that.
  81. Folic acid is essential in preventing birth defects.
  82. Urea, on the preëxistence of, in uric acid, xli, 46.
  83. Really? Acid replied with a droll in her voice.
  84. Therefore, evidence that high levels of folic acid.
  85. That all depends, Acid said with a muted smile.
  86. His stomach reacted by spewing acid into his throat.
  87. He was also brought a fresh glass of sulphuric acid.
  88. These foods are rich in amino acid that aids in the.
  89. It shot out its mandibles and sprayed a mist of acid.
  90. Folic Acid is well absorbed from the intestinal tract.
  91. The impact of acid rain on forests was overestimated.
  92. A hot acid from such a leaf leaves burn for few days.
  93. Surely nothing would get past the stomach acid alive.
  94. Ramming Mass with Boric Acid as a binder for Grey & S.
  95. The liver contains half the body stores of Folic Acid.
  96. He’s just coming off some bad acid, Desa added.
  97. What Rambie found was that high levels of lactic acid.
  98. Her clammy hands clung to the acid vial in indecision.
  99. Professor Summerlee gave an acid smile as he picked up.
  100. A couple of bottles of nitric acid should do the trick.

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