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Counter en una oración (en ingles)

1. She sat at the counter.
2. I hopped off the counter.
3. Paul went to the counter.
4. Roy looked at the counter.
5. If you counter attack or.
6. Back to the counter I went.
7. They paused at the counter.

8. They led him to the counter.
9. I slump against the counter.
10. The counter down the drain.
11. Put it on a floured counter.
12. The boy behind the counter.
13. To counter the E radio noise.
14. A boy stepped to the counter.
15. In the counter top above it.
16. Jake walked up to the counter.
17. Hello, I’m on the counter.
18. Dar leaned against the counter.
19. More of something to counter.
20. She set her cup on the counter.
21. He looked over to the counter.
22. We must leap onto the counter.
23. Ruby leaned against the counter.
24. Peering over the counter, she.
25. Needed to try and counter that.
26. He looked at the Geiger counter.
27. Betty leans against the counter.
28. She set her bag on the counter.
29. I sat at the counter and waited.
30. He put the beer on the counter.
31. She leaned against the counter.
32. She set it on the counter and.
33. Philpot's porter on the counter.
34. Keys looked on from the counter.
35. I joined him behind the counter.
36. I could leave it on the counter.
37. She placed a bag on the counter.
38. There is also a slayer counter.
39. I went to the air ticket counter.
40. He was a counter, a numbers man.
1. Wa couldn’t help countering him at once.
2. Repair enzymes within the cell act by countering the damage.
3. Crowley was busy countering the spreading of a cult of Apophis.
4. Ben turned to his right and kept countering with defensive moves.
5. Son continued to elude attacks, countering them and using the weapons.
6. We spent the rest of the day working on new moves and countering strategies.
7. Crowley focused on countering the strange rituals formula, and achieved some form.
8. This means taking her questions, ignoring them, and countering them with personal tests.
9. Countering all of the purported benefits of formal education are the costs and limits of.
10. It took our companion Povon a few months to crack it, but she’s formulated a countering spell.
11. Jack’s attack was as swift as a viper, Reese spun beneath it, countering, and the fight was on.
12. Longer bodies for Belt Hold lines will offer more resistance to the trend that they are countering.
13. Whatever moves the Saxons made, we were faster, countering them even if they split their forces to face us.
14. In the last few days our profits have come from FCUK, countering general losses in what remains a bear market.
15. As for countering laser-guided bombs, we have added another useful piece of gear to the shipment for that purpose.
16. And it was clear you were countering other magic as well as attempting to save the lives of your fellow recruits.
17. He used the opening to swing at one’s head, but it ducked beneath the bat, countering with a shallow cut on Joey’s chest.
18. He felt sort of familiar with the controls, instinctively countering rotor torque and easing forward at a gentle climb, south west.
19. Bart took to her immediately, countering inquisitive coquetry with gallant attention and an apparently bottomless pit of good humour.
20. Countering the constant pitch and roll of the cruiser with his body and gripping the helm hard, for 4 hours left him numb and disorientated.
21. The Science Fair had won Jason extra recognition, but a couple of the teachers clearly objected to his clandestine methods at countering Mr.
22. Thus, we will concentrate on countering their project ‘Olympus’ first, the one most dangerous for the integrity of history since it touches at timeline ‘A’.
23. He finally breaks down her defenses, countering all of her arguments about why they shouldn't be together and showing her, in great detail, how incredible they are together.
24. The right hands: clockwise, the left hands: countering in alternating cadence in front of each twin as she moved very, very slowly away from her corner down the length of the deck.
25. It is going to take education, personal self development, and the pursuit of dreams and aspirations for us to begin the process of countering and defeating the ills that are destroying us.
26. You can imagine how important that will be in diverting attention and countering any allegations that might start flying around about the Government having instituted a ‘shoot to kill’ policy.
27. Apart from having psyonic powers that will make the job of countering them vastly more difficult, they have already proven that they won’t hesitate to fiddle with history, as was the case with Yeshua.
28. The rationale of time! It does take its toll! I, myself, was hardly the super-kid that for a short spell held her marriage together by countering one adultery with another, providing a safety-valve to stave off the disintegration.
29. The mental health community's awareness of such dependencies as "consumption addictions" led UCLA's Neuropsychiatric Institute to recently sponsor a conference on "Mental Health and Simple Living: Countering the Compulsion to Consume.
30. He was resentful that far from countering the 'infamous fascist slander against the USSR', the Sikorski government had not found it necessary 'even to address questions to the Soviet Government or to request information on the matter'.
31. Nobody gave him any credence, with the head of the Polish delegation countering him with a harsh response, mentioning the enormous disproportion of forces between Poland and its allies on one side and the Soviet forces on the other side.
32. Surely even a base mortal such as yourself might intuit the magnitude of what he bears witness to? This marks the first perfect balance between the countering forces---the lull of darkness and the salve of light---since that day three centuries past when Blacke Sorcerer Alon Malagar was immolated.
33. After all, the Americans had only recently set up their own Homeland Security Department, and although this was primarily designed to defend the country against WMDs, the so called Weapons of Mass Destruction, it would also be capable of preventing and countering just the sort of terrorist attacks that the UK had been enduring since ‘the troubles’ started.
34. He also wondered who among the American senior commanders he could blame for all this: contrary to the dismal combat performance of the British and Dutch troops in other parts of the Pacific and Asia, the American forces in the Philippines had consistently outsmarted the Japanese forces, either guessing in advance the Japanese attack plans or countering Japanese attacks with new and unpredictable tactics.
1. This too can be countered.
2. Rowan, to you,' he countered.
3. She sternly countered with a.
4. I dont know, I countered.
5. This can be countered by Recall.
6. Whose to say? countered Ray.
7. Because of you also, he countered.
8. I do! She countered bluntly.
9. We must stay, countered Suzuki.
10. Sure, why? he countered with.
11. Another word so strongly countered.
12. Fuck it then, Nugget countered.
13. Are you agreein? he countered.
14. I countered quickly that I thought.
15. Are you kidding? Jerry countered.
16. How about a glass? she countered.
17. Much better odds! Wendy countered.
18. It has its purpose, she countered.
19. It’s not boring, he countered.
20. I’m not a hoarder, I countered.
21. And you, Nicolette? he countered.
22. We heal fast too, Iggy countered.
23. Good, she countered with a smile.
24. A bunch of old fish, countered shorts.
25. Tribute, the old dwarf countered.
26. Reese stood by me, she countered.
27. Right then, I will, she countered.
28. The way Hamza countered and fought back.
29. Why would you say that? he countered.
30. If it is not countered swiftly, I deem.
31. Ellis countered with a shake of his head.
32. If that was him, Warlock countered.
33. You’re tellin’ me! He countered.
34. That’s a switch, Martin countered.
35. She countered my animation with passivity.
36. Yes, you do, countered Herr Gotthilf.
37. What one of us has not? he countered.
38. Thus it was countered as wastage of money.
39. The stiff, somewhat formal voice countered.
40. I wouldn’t say that, Faye countered.
1. His bean counters will look.
2. But the ship counters that action.
3. You move, the woman counters.
4. With cabinets, counters, a sink and.
5. Fecking matches from counters to save.
6. Boxes swamped the kitchenette counters.
7. I cruised the buffet counters with Ananya.
8. An unknown force counters his every move.
9. The floors, counters, and walls were marble.
10. Maybe I should move in here, he counters.
11. This controls rotation and counters shortening.
12. They are used to set up constants and counters.
13. Paul followed him round the rectangle of counters.
14. The operation of divide-by-n counters will now be.
15. He had seen them, maybe, behind counters and bars.
16. Retreat and we’ll let you live, she counters.
17. One of the chief counters to Polish nationalism was.
18. Because this counters the volatility of the stocks.
19. Casinos love drunken gamblers but hate card counters.
20. Let me take care of the counters, at least, William.
21. There are Tupperware containers on the kitchen counters.
22. There were one hundred and seventy counters in grades one.
23. Blapak was two counters back going thru a bag of raw beans.
24. Amaranthe leaned on one of the counters and frowned at Akstyr.
25. Get away from cluttering the counters with too many appliances.
26. She peered past counters and drying bills but did not see him.
27. And on one of the counters was an open box of Tiberian cigars.
28. To love and be loved counters an awful lot of Black Dog bites.
29. Your trading platform will provide an array of counters for you.
30. She walked into the kitchen and started to wipe down the counters.
31. The kitchen contained two counters, a small fridge and a microwave.
32. Division, the Counters were now shifting their attention to carrots.
33. Yorthops went off to the cook's counters and Ava leaned over the rail.
34. It is a truth that does not need a type of faith that counters common.
35. She looked for him and saw that he had crouched behind one of the counters.
36. Chef Luc amused himself as he watched Charlie decide which counters to move.
37. He’d been placed in a different room, one with white tile and blue counters.
38. Counters were now shifting their attention to carrots and potatoes, while the.
39. Graphite occupies a greater volume than Iron, it counters the shrinkage of Iron.
40. Drawing stares as she walked up and down the check-in counters in tears, Grace kept.

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