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    1. you don’t ever spark the match can you create fire? Yes, I get it, you can rub sticks together, but you’re still taking action when you’re rubbing the sticks together

    2. That spark is what you need to create the A in the ABCs of Success

    3. Can he create that same cavern that consistently flowing water will form over time? No

    4. show you how to create six days of time in your life this year

    5. I’ll show you how to create 30 days of time if you need that, but here's what I want to show you about consistency

    6. create your thoughts the way that you need them to be in order to create the life that you want to have? Well, that's done through affirmations

    7. So use that affirmation tool to start training your brain and to create ‘I am’ statements

    8. Re-word the statement in a positive way and you’ll begin to create a new habit of being optimistic

    9. com you'll see that you can create a specific goal, by writing down specifically what you are going to do

    10. success in their life, have everything they ever wanted, create the life they want to live, do the things they need to do to achieve everything they want to achieve are different? Are you telling me they have more time than you?

    1. sympathy sessions, an event actually causes the scales [controls] to be tipped in the other direction thus creating a different and, very

    2. creating the mindset that you need to be successful

    3. I don’t want you to be interested in creating your life

    4. living that life is nothing more than creating goals, achieving those goals, and doing that over and over and over again

    5. right now that is creating the life that I have?” In this moment, at this time, what everyone has right now in their life is a result of how they are being

    6. Creating your life is your responsibility

    7. Sarah smiles back, even though she’s still panting from the exertion of creating life

    8. He was hunched over his desk, shifting through piles of paperwork and tossing it around with abandon, creating a bigger mess than he had before

    9. Men need to learn to deal with stress through mental shielding which involves developing the ability to disengage from hostile comments and remain in control, first by achieving a calm, relaxed state, and then creating a mental shield between yourself and person responsible for causing stress

    10. Vald's blade sunk below the wall and into the earth, creating a rift in the earth

    1. the way God created the earth, animals and human

    2. This is created [with time] by your

    3. The tool we created that will help you put the smack down on your goals is GoalTrax

    4. Let me tell you exactly why I created The LifeTrax Success System

    5. may have created a step like, lose 1 pound, and you continued adding in

    6. are full of special effects created by computers

    7. Our tribe was created with one single purpose, to help reduce al

    8. We have created a number of products that teach girls to be

    9. "You said you were created in that lab?" Jorma asked

    10. "You didn't want to hear that I was created from the Yingolian ghost, so I just never came right out and said it

    1. creates in this way and teaches us

    2. creates, changes and corrects everything… God gives us instructions:

    3. The Holy Spirit within us creates His super-

    4. NEA is a mental and emotional virus that creates within

    5. It is this kind of mental clutter which creates the reflection the

    6. Craving is the life-‐depleting force that creates negative

    7. It’s an addictive melodrama that creates more and

    8. It’s a mental hack that creates a

    9. It creates a better, more complete you, and this goes well beyond

    10. The blind at the window is pretty manky too – not surprising I suppose with the amount of steam which gets generated in here sometimes and the fire in the range creates a fair amount of soot

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    make constitute produce effect form erect build forge give birth to cause author invent occasion conceive devise formulate

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    create make produce constitute effect form erect build forge give birth to cause author invent occasion conceive devise formulate