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    1. She re-enforced the avatar with as timely updates as she could devise

    2. We lost the Travel Devise in it” said Cosmicblasto

    3. “If I had the Travel Devise, I would say, it would put me off from

    4. All they will succeed in doing is dropping another metal devise to the earth; and we will pick it up and put it with all the others in the lava pit

    5. The wizards had extensive bionic enhancements to their minds, all their research could devise

    6. Inspired, Harry began sketches of the more remarkable foundations and buildings, trying for himself to devise the methods he might employ if he were to construct the imposing structures

    7. The exemptions offered through testing might make their concerns moot, yet each continued to devise alternate plans should an exemption for themselves not be forthcoming

    8. "It seems with a helmet and the suntower connection that she was able to devise, he can enter her world

    9. It is scarce possible to devise a tax which could produce any considerable revenue to the sovereign, and at the same time occasion so little inconveniency to anybody

    10. Thoughts turning over of the panicked state of his B’tari protectors – trying to devise a way to lift him out of this situation without attracting any attention

    11. What they did not realise was Simon always released an electromagnetic pulse devise each time he entered his flat

    12. Realising he had drifted away while morning the loss of Stuart he pulled out his mobile devise and began to play with it

    13. I worked hard to devise good working solutions for each of those glitches

    14. When scientists tested the first nuclear devise in White Sands New Mexico, ground zero became crystalized

    15. The sand turned to glass in a wide area around where the devise was ignited, a small “Sea of Glass” as it were, but only after the fireball of the explosion

    16. We had to devise a better method of communications

    17. What level for common sense? The following test is simplistic and I hope scientist will devise a much better one

    18. Then said he to me, Son of man, these are the men that devise mischief, and give wicked counsel in this city: 3 Which say, It is not

    19. 1 Woe to those who devise iniquity, and work evil on their beds! When the morning is light, they practise it, because it is in the power

    20. world with its inhabitants, you did devise and speak with a word, and immediately the works of creation stood before you

    21. 1) We are called to seek and to save the lost by any honest way that we can devise

    22. Woe to you, you obstinate of heart, who watches in order to devise wickedness, therefore fear shall come on you and there shall be none to help you

    23. Devise a point system that adds up to an allowance that lets kids spend their money the way they want to

    24. When I fear that things aren't going my way, I pray to God for His protection and guidance with one breath and devise my own plan with the other

    25. He asserted he wanted illegal aliens to “pay all outstanding tax liabilities” and “allow the IRS to devise a system”

    26. Woe to you you obstinate of heart who watches in order to devise wickedness therefore fear shall come on you and there shall be none to help you

    27. but are not, cannot be, would devise the different

    28. “My most frequent engagement with Roy, usually bright and early, was to devise what he called “talk sheets” to guide him in his phone calls to prospective sellers

    29. 17 When of old there was no world with its inhabitants you did devise and speak with a word and immediately the works of creation stood before you

    30. The intent of our study is not to devise a clinical application, but rather to provide empirical evidence for the hypothesis that savant-like skills can be facilitated in a healthy individual by suppressing part of the brain with transcranial magnetic stimulation

    31. We are forced to devise relative positioning systems based on relative locations from any arbitrary three celestial points

    32. would devise whatever inhumanity he could to teach her a lesson in

    33. They will devise a plan of action to set things straight for all of us

    34. I saw many artifacts and remnants of vampire activity in these castles but could not devise where they had gone or how they met their fate

    35. So the team had to devise another plan; and they came up with a plan called divide and conquer

    36. Those two haven’t the wit to devise such a scheme

    37. should devise a structure of 10 to 30 individual pages within each category

    38. should devise a structure of 10 to 30 individual pages within each of those

    39. I’m sure that you’ll devise a strategy – you can call me at any time on my cell-phone should you need help or wish to discuss a problem

    40. They would have to now devise a strategy to curtail Jenni’s activities and bring Hu Lyang to book!…but most important of all, they had to find Marianne! - James felt absolutely guilt-stricken about his non-success in rescuing her, as he shamefacedly recounted what he had seen on the video tape …

    41. Hu Lyang was incensed – he had tried to contact Jenni without success…not knowing whether the call from Amelia was a bluff or not – now he knew it was for real and he had to devise a plan of action to rescue her

    42. The captain, wearing a cynical smile, lowered his devise whilst waiting for a response and, when no reply was forthcoming, he tried again, a little wearily this time

    43. The severity of the damage meant that this ship was not going to be her ticket home, but if the standard drive worked, there was hope that she might escape to somewhere where she could devise a plan to free her crew

    44. Tylin gathered everyone around in a circle and began to devise a plan

    45. coach to devise strategies for organizing and presenting the

    46. most foul method I can devise, I will have the dogs half eat you

    47. Another is with a spear type devise

    48. devise the outline of our plan

    49. The agents assigned to that search should not depart before we devise an anti-psyonic waves protective device, though

    50. Before Feltus could devise an appropriate response, the reverend was more than halfway to the top of the wide and magnificent stairway at the top of which a large mirror resided on the landing to reflect the light and give the already-spacious lobby an extra depth and openness

    1. watchmen, prepare the ambushes: for the LORD hath both devised and done that which he

    2. Whole new ways of converting to binary and getting it written somewhere would have to be devised

    3. reasonably satisfied with the strategy he had devised

    4. Knowing that this form of evolution is constant, one can only come to the conclusion that there is out there an intelligence that devised such a system and disseminated it in nature to form the universe

    5. He has devised means to end the human experience

    6. All those ingenious plots they must have devised,

    7. The only change might be if he devised an even harsher punishment

    8. Staring into the eyes of a Lascorii is more addicting than any drug devised or refined---Even with the greater part of their atmosphere dampened down, their eyes can scramble your brains and before you realize it: you're a hopeless slave to their merest glance

    9. This system was devised in 1838 by Wilbur Chuff, a Belgian chemist working in France, over a Chinese laundry, next to a Turkish bath

    10. DOCTOR PLANKTON has devised a special course, which will help YOU to fly like a squirrel

    11. he devised a plan to divide the moon into

    12. and I devised a plan

    13. After Adam made the wrong choice, God had already devised a plan to correct the relationship that was broken through Adam’s choice, and through his plan to demonstrate to us how much he loves us

    14. With his hundred or so dedicated band of assistants, a way to circumvent Data gathering had to be devised

    15. So a plan had been devised

    16. For the next several hours (again, minutes, or probably just a few seconds), I devised my master plan: in the morning, I was going to stand toe-to-claw with the Devil, and I wasn’t coming back home until I was either victorious or dead…

    17. ‘Aren’t you talking about the theories we haven't devised, or those that have yet to be tested? Unless something has been deliberately hidden

    18. She thought of the last time she had hastily devised a scheme to pique his interest

    19. The carvings alone would have been enough to see everything throughout the great forest and surrounding district, but he was well satisfied with the answer he'd devised

    20. They devised a plan to assist each other in tracking down dissidents, even carrying out assassinations or torture on another nation's behalf

    21. The first proper system of flying instruction in the world was devised by Wing Commander Robert Smith-Barry

    22. A third possible candidate, John Calhoun as Secretary of State under Tyler, had devised the takeover plan on Texas

    23. Gordon had appeared expectantly pleased, laying out the plan he had devised for Truman

    24. devised another way out

    25. I did all that because I’ve devised a little plan to help us both, and I wanted to present it to you in private

    26. What would become of them then though? What had his mind devised? What end did the extravagant machinations serve

    27. In these caves, only faint distant echoes of water dripping down from some parts of the rocky ceiling could remind someone of time passing by, the sloshing sound of each drop on the cave floor like the tick of those terribly intricate clocks men had devised

    28. When the trap went off, it took me by surprise; the various defenses and built-in mechanisms failed to contain a series of pre-programmed attacks, attacks which could only have been devised by someone intimately familiar with my structure and design

    29. 5 And they answered the king, The man who consumed us, and that devised against us that we should be destroyed from remaining in

    30. devised of his own heart; and ordained a feast to the children of Israel, and he offered on the altar, and burnt incense

    31. It featured a doll's house they could walk into (devised from an ancient walk-in steamer trunk, painted white, up-ended so it even had a pitched roof)

    32. “In order to keep you safe, we devised a way for you to be separated from us

    33. The notions of “diversity” and “cultural equality” were devised specifically as a means to introduce the idea of “multiculturalism

    34. He had devised a make-believe illusion to compensate for everything that was

    35. the Agagite, and his device that he had devised against the Jews

    36. eyes, let it be written to reverse the letters devised by Haman the son of Hammedatha the Agagite, which he wrote to destroy the Jews

    37. 24 Because Haman the son of Hammedatha, the Agagite, the enemy of all the Jews, had devised against the Jews to destroy them, and

    38. 25 But when Esther came before the king, he commanded by letters that his wicked device, which he devised against the Jews, should

    39. How dull they would think my life! Somebody was talking again about a new drug that had been devised, which some of the members have taken and seemed to be highly enthusiastic and complimentary about

    40. and I knew not that they had devised devices against me, saying, Let us destroy the tree with the fruit of it, and let us cut him off from

    41. 2 There shall be no more praise of Moab; In Heshbon they have devised evil against it; come,

    42. 17 The Lord has done that which he had devised; he has


    44. 2 For truly desire of gain devised that, and the workman built it by his skill

    45. The test that the missioner devised for the bride to be was a cunning one, it would

    46. you begin to justify? or whom would you condemn? 19 I answered and said, truly it is a foolish thought that they both have devised,

    47. Whenever the final outcome is at risk due variation in intermediate phase outcome (ex: effort variance, defect rate, schedule variance, etc) the SQA based on the devised triggers can initiate the causal analysis along with the project manager

    48. Derek and Honey stared as the vilest creature ever devised in

    49. creations that had been devised by his very own pupils

    50. 2 And now, Enoch, all that I have told you, all that you have understood, all that you have seen of Heavenly things, all that you have seen on Earth, and all that I have written in writings by my great wisdom, all these things I have devised and created from the uppermost foundation to the lower and to the end, and there is no counsellor nor inheritor to my creations

    1. ' She could see that Aoife was measuring her tolerance in anticipation of being left to the devises of a baby-sitter

    2. Finally, towards the end of the month Susan authorised a break in by the MI5 officers to look around Simon’s flat and to plant cameras and listening devises in his room

    3. That night as the team listened and watched Simon come into his flat they suddenly heard a high pitched noise then a bright flash that knocked out all the listening devises and cameras in one quick ostentatious blaze

    4. Unless your electronic devises were protected, they became useless little more than dead devises

    5. Meanwhile Akbar set about shooting every single last remaining survivor as he ransacked the floor with bullets and small incendiary devises

    6. 4 He devises mischief on his bed; he sets himself in a way that is not good; he abhors not evil

    7. devises mischief continually; he sows discord, therefore his calamity shall come suddenly; suddenly he shall be broken without

    8. shed innocent blood, the heart of one who devises wicked imaginations, feet that are swift in running to mischief, the false witness

    9. than having great incomes without justification; man's heart devises his own way, but the Lord directs his steps; A divine sentence is

    10. In that chamber, where a gaunt, hairy beast of a man in leather breeks squatted gnawing a beef-bone voraciously, stood the machines of torture—racks, boots, hooks and all the implements that the human mind devises to tear flesh, break bones and rend and rupture veins and ligaments

    11. indicating devises with hands are

    12. devises a scheme whereby official knowledge is delineated: some

    13. 32:8 “The generous man devises generous things and by his generosity he will stand” NKJ

    14. "You're going to need to be the one who devises the plans pretty soon, you know

    15. However, I can't stand the type who constantly devises new rules, just to prove his expertise

    16. In Athens I was left to my own devises

    17. Devises houses and lands to his children, bequeaths stocks, goods,

    18. A man in motion always devises an aim for that motion

    19. A very poor English writer, whose works are all forgotten, and recognized as the most insignificant of the insignificant, writes a treatise on population, in which he devises a fictitious law concerning the increase of population disproportionate to the means of subsistence

    20. So it happened that, a little later, in one of those nooks which the genius of decorators devises, and the man of discernment discovers, Margery and I were having that talk—“all to ourselves

    1. But there is one hidden danger of inflation, which many of us forget or ignore while devising the financial strategy for retirement

    2. however, as they all concentrated on devising a plan for

    3. They took as their doctrine a strict set of rules and guidelines know as the Temporal Directive, devising rules for minimal intervention and interference, which then had to be adapted for each assignment

    4. The salesmen used high-power techniques, mostly of Bernie’s devising, to sell

    5. Fiendish tortures were also often resorted to, especially with prisoners of war, when the executioners vied with each other in devising fearful methods of torture, such as flaying alive, plucking out eyes, and even more original devices

    6. Once Colling knew where Tomasz’ wife and daughters were, he gave his attention to devising a scheme to bring them to the von Brechstler estate

    7. In fact, as I mentioned yesterday, the lack of evidence, either way, was what led to me being an agnostic for several years before devising my test

    8. It seems to have only been when an appeal was made to the Presence that has always seemed to lurk just beyond the natural senses of mankind for the guidance that was beyond Man’s ability to give himself, that he has been successful in devising and maintaining this “Book of Wisdom

    9. 12 For the devising of idols was the beginning of spiritual fornication and the invention of them the corruption of life

    10. those things which the king of Assyria was devising, that is to come and seize him and destroy his people, the two and a half tribes

    11. “Astronomers have watched the sky with spells that magnify their vision for millennia, always devising better spells for it, and they have seen stars explode, and seen worlds destroyed by collisions with other worlds, or enveloped in clouds of dust so dense that the light from their stars was blocked, and they froze solid

    12. Devising such spells is fiendishly complex and requires the cumulative effort of thousands of researchers

    13. 3 When moreover Hezekiah the king heard those things which the king of Assyria was devising that is to come and seize him and destroy his people the two and a half tribes which remained; no more he wished to overthrow Zion also; then Hezekiah trusted in his works and had hope in his righteousness and spoke with the Mighty One and said: 4 "Look because note! Sennacherib is prepared to destroy us and he will be boastful and exalted when he has destroyed Zion

    14. 23 For when he heard the cry and saw them all on the verge of destruction with tears he angrily threatened his friends saying 24 you have governed badly; and have exceeded tyrants in cruelty; and me your benefactor you have laboured to deprive at once of my dominion and my life by secretly devising measures injurious to the kingdom

    15. I spent my days devising new strategies for capture-the-flag and making alliances with the other cabins to keep the banner out of Ares’s hands

    16. Scientific Method - a rational method for forming a hypothesis and devising tests to disprove the hypothesis

    17. Secretly, she was devising a plan that would make him hers

    18. Skinny was devising a plan in her head

    19. A rich man ended up getting richer, and spent his days and nights devising ways to protect his new wealth

    20. Worse, Ghormley had proven to be a defeatist, lacking aggressiveness and constantly worrying about the enemy’s moves instead of devising strategies to take the initiative

    21. for devising the plan for Operation Counterpunch, while I won the V

    22. Good analytics can also help in devising early checks in the implementation process

    23. She also proved to be a tactical and strategic genius of the first order as she went up quickly in rank, devising and executing numerous air and joint operations in the Pacific, such as the taking by helicopter air assault of Lae and many other important Japanese airfields in Papua New Guinea and the sinking of the battleships YAMATO and MUSASHI in Rabaul Harbor

    24. I would like you two to start devising a plan to quickly break Laplante out of prison in Quetta if that becomes necessary

    25. And, he was confident that the plan he was devising to escape would work

    26. I realize she must have stashed of them, and she’s leading everyone into traps of her own devising

    27. From the sound of the whispering and giggling, they seemed to be hard at work devising something

    28. “There are counter-measures, of course,” said Stevens, “and we are constantly devising new methods of encryption and layered defences to combat increasingly sophisticated threats

    29. In devising a way to steal the soul the djain conspired with a human woman

    30. Leeds on a poxy course in Birmingham? How could he cheat on me while I was devising a scenario on

    31. For the devising of idols was the beginning of spiritual fornication [ i

    32. I, too, think that the devising of idols was–and still is--the major human error

    33. Button had such a man as Sebastian in mind for what she had been devising to do

    34. Everyone who had ever known him recognised his great power of thought unmatched by any other man in that era, and his ingenuity in devising a plan in order to achieve success and for the greater good

    35. What is the most pragmatic way of devising a unique

    36. “Hoenir gave it to me; Mimir said he’s been devising it since the last time you were here

    37. If they’re not hassling about the press being gagged and political films being censored, they’re devising their own plots to undermine us

    38. measuring the amount of CO in the air including devising

    39. He could not look at her but his mind was already analysing the situation and devising his next move

    40. practical and helpful process, which focuses on problems at hand that need to be dealt with, by devising a

    41. He vowed to escape from Illium and set about devising a plan

    42. Salman is famed for devising the

    43. Unhappy, shortsighted Anselmo, what art thou doing, what art thou plotting, what art thou devising? Bethink thee thou art working against thyself, plotting thine own dishonour, devising thine own ruin

    44. She replied that it was a beneficiary of the town who had a nice taste in devising things of the sort

    45. Don Quixote's host was one Don Antonio Moreno by name, a gentleman of wealth and intelligence, and very fond of diverting himself in any fair and good-natured way; and having Don Quixote in his house he set about devising modes of making him exhibit his mad points in some harmless fashion; for jests that give pain are no jests, and no sport is worth anything if it hurts another

    46. What would you say again to the tale of Zeus, who, while other gods and men were asleep and he the only person awake, lay devising plans, but forgot them all in a moment through his lust, and was so completely overcome at the sight of Here that he would not even go into the hut, but wanted to lie with her on the ground, declaring that he had never been in such a state of rapture before, even when they first met one another

    47. I conceive, I said, that the true legislator will not trouble himself with this class of enactments whether concerning laws or the constitution either in an ill-ordered or in a well-ordered State; for in the former they are quite useless, and in the latter there will be no difficulty in devising them; and many of them will naturally flow out of our previous regulations

    48. In his return to the camp, his acute and practised intellects were intently engaged in devising means to counteract a watchfulness and suspicion on the part of his enemies, that he knew were, in no degree, inferior to his own

    49. During the six years which had passed since Noirtier first fell into this sad state, Valentine's powers of invention had been too often put to the test not to render her expert in devising expedients for gaining a knowledge of his wishes, and the constant practice had so perfected her in the art that she guessed the old man's meaning as quickly as if he himself had been able to seek for what he wanted

    50. She inherited her mother's gift for devising drapery and costume

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