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    1. This was a problem he didn't know how to breach in this society, but he had to forge ahead

    2. The forge was very sooty

    3. back into the forge area

    4. There was loud hammering noise coming from the forge area

    5. wherein the masters of the world will forge the

    6. So renowned was he throughout the country, indeed throughout the world, that many famous and influential people came to visit the him at his London home, from where the man worked so hard to forge his shrine to political verisimilitude

    7. The bottom floor was a workshop with a blacksmith’s forge and both stone and wooden benches, a plethora of tools of all sizes, and a wide and burly man with a very deep voice

    8. The remainder of the ship is a machine, a machine to forge our silicon and collect our energy

    9. You forge a relationship based on

    10. They questioned him at length about technology, about the engines that drive starships and the foundries that forge silicon

    11. In a great iron-work, for example, the furnace for melting the ore, the forge, the slit-mill, are instruments of trade which cannot be erected without a very great expense

    12. He would forever walk with the Maker at his side, but it was clear now, he would have to forge his own path

    13. Still less could a bank afford to advance him any considerable part of his fixed capital ; of the capital which the undertaker of an iron forge, for example, employs in erecting his forge and smelting-houses, his work-houses, and warehouses, the dwelling-houses of his workmen, etc

    14. Thoughts confuses reality when two levels of unfamiliar consciousness merges in martial science we forge all levels of consciousness and motion into action

    15. We forge this through energy of one formless action

    16. The forge smoke drifted upward and twisted its wispy tendrils around his body with a slight lurch of the breeze

    17. The scent of the forge fires caught his nose anew, and he inhaled deeply

    18. And of course she escaped Lascor to forge her own destiny---a singularly potent destiny at that

    19. to come out of that difficult time, forge a path for

    20. There was, as usual, a hot fire burning in the forge and, on that cold morning, the heat felt good when I stepped over there to reheat an iron plate

    21. They had no choice but to forge ahead; and Jhordel’s option was really the only

    22. Forge also demands a voice in the government

    23. But if he did not give in to this Forge group, the emperor’s life could be forfeit

    24. What could she possibly do to stop Hollowcrest and Forge in so little time?

    25. She had no money, no weapons, no idea who comprised Forge, nothing

    26. The threat alone might be enough to coerce Hollowcrest and Forge into dealing

    27. Forge and Hollowcrest would not know that

    28. “What have you found out about Forge?”

    29. ” She needed whatever Forge information Maple had on file, so she thought fast, rearranging her story

    30. “At the least, we’ll get an address associated with Forge,” Amaranthe said

    31. Maybe they could lead us to other members of the Forge group

    32. If she was visiting Larocka’s home that night, there was more urgency than ever to learn everything possible about the Forge leader

    33. “I’m more concerned about the Forge folks than enforcers,” Amaranthe said

    34. It was the handwriting from the Forge note she had seen in Hollowcrest’s office

    35. Amaranthe wiped the alarm off her face as the Forge folks turned toward her

    36. It’s all supposition at this point, but some of the names that link most heavily amongst each other could indicate key players in the Forge organization

    37. If he was going to be more of a liability than a help, why keep him? But, no, she needed all the man power possible to finish printing bills and stage the meeting with Forge and Hollowcrest

    38. “What I need to know is if we’re all out there tonight, me and Hollowcrest and the Forge people, who are you going to back if there’s a physical confrontation?”

    39. “I have to collect reinforcements and go deal with Forge

    40. He must have infiltrated the business class and wooed Larocka into giving him a voice with Forge

    41. “All we need you to do is help with Forge,” Hollowcrest said

    42. But he could not and would not, until his Pilgrimage was complete, and his people had their Holy Forge anew

    43. ” He was familiar enough with the propensity of powerful families to forge bonds, and make political alliances through marriage

    44. After all, he had told him he had to enter the Holy Gardens and pay his respects in the Citadel of God to reaffirm his people’s faith in him, and be rewarded with the Forge of Stones

    45. He set out once again to reach the Forge of Stones, to end his pilgrimage and fulfill his mission and duties

    46. Constantine called three councils to forge compromises between the warring Christian factions

    47. it is time that we forge on with the Lord in all that He calls us to do

    48. There was a small print of Washington praying at Valley Forge and a photo of Churchill and FDR forging the Allied Alliance on HMS Prince of Wales

    49. The apprentices of Sorcer used to forge locks especially for her

    50. His eyes sparkled with heat borrowed from the forge

    1. Or even that the signatures were forged

    2. get forged by the strength of Christ

    3. me! No weapon forged against me will prevail! The Lord protects all

    4. Therefore, if your shield is a shield of faith, no weapon forged against

    5. Strapped under each arm he carried ornate forged steel blades, ceremonial daggers, razor sharp, designed for surgical accuracy

    6. iron forged, heavy with rivets of rain,

    7. Both began to follow Sarah and Jackson, and soon a lifetime friendship was forged between the two strong couples

    8. Michael naturally had gravitated towards the younger group of riders and he forged a strong friendship with Andrew

    9. Normally Thom wouldn't keep the company of full colonels, but they had known each other as mortals and that forged a bond more important than rank and wealth

    10. A partnership forged out of mutual suffering

    11. forged a bond between the two parties

    12. He stammered a bit, then forged ahead

    13. She stopped when she saw the crowd, then forged ahead once the surprise was over

    14. tails of the nearest person and forged ahead in his wake

    15. The pain was beyond her control and she knew the scream that forged from her lips, was inappropriate, but couldn’t control it

    16. possible, and forged ahead with his questioning

    17. Brushing the powder from her shoulders, she flipped her hair and forged towards the edge of the house, where she’d hoped to see him, but she couldn't see anything

    18. "I assure you that in all the millions of crystals forged in the golden age, none had the ability to build an imaginary universe, even with a helmet

    19. friendships forged on the road don’t necessarily translate

    20. Alfred took a slow breath and forged ahead

    21. bitter, it would have burned clean through forged iron

    22. But an unlikely friendship forged over Cyrodilic drink shared on a log in the middle of gloomy Hjaalmarch? Now that was something entirely unexpected

    23. Who else could a thief bond with, let alone trust to back him up at any given time - or at least, most times? Who else, but other thieves with whom the bond is strong and understanding is forged by time

    24. bat ears, elegantly forged, projection out of the side of the head without revealing the face

    25. Immortals received more thorough training with the Power during those years, though the mortal wielders were forged into weapons, using teron to tear demons apart with Air, blast them with walls of Fire, or strike them with bolts of lightning

    26. But how does anyone go about discovering (the) Truth? If Truth is predicated on Natural Law(s) understood as God‘s Eternal Law(s), because such laws (naturally) proceed from God, ―hidden yet pre-determined,‖ and if Humankind‘s problematical interpretation of God‘s Law has rendered its meaning less viable than what was arguably uncertain to begin with, then how or where does anyone proceed in recovering important points of reference? Conventional wisdom, forged by the (social) dynamics of customs and habits and experience, is insufficient

    27. From The Rock are they forged, and with a heart like adamant stone have I made them unwavering in My purpose

    28. For our bond is love, and any bond forged in My love can never be broken,

    29. Most relationships are oftentimes forged by chance encounters or events confined to time and space falling within an individual‘s immediate sphere of influence

    30. ” Herminia’s pleas for mercy and horrifying shrieks of agony reverberated in Beth’s head as other questions about log barges, kilos, Boston and forged checks, all of which she had no answers for, were fired at her

    31. The bond is forged

    32. She told me he started in bragging about his brother being a major drug smuggler, you his assistant and himself as the one who pays off the police and politicians, and that he and the guy we had dinner with want to rob Gordon’s money with forged checks

    33. He’s also the one Herminia said was going to rob Gordon’s money with forged checks! Don’t let it be that you told Gordon Edward about that and that’s why this has happened! Maybe she made up the whole thing! He was a nice guy, Truman; really: he loved his wife and his daughter

    34. One was the part concerning the forged checks

    35. He felt quickly through his Sandinista corporal’s uniform to ensure that his forged Sandinista identity card and leave papers were still with him

    36. “Then she says the politician’s brother was up to his nuts in a plan to rob 'ol Edward out'a six hundred thousand dollars usin' forged checks printed by some gringo fuck

    37. However badly this wonderful creature had behaved, she had forged a place in the deepest heart of his affections

    38. Once Madame Macziewskie had clattered off down the stairs, they opened their suitcases and removed their money and the extra forged documents

    39. As they forged the river, Beth noted that the water rose above the rider’s knees, soaking his pants

    40. I know of someone who is able to provide forged papers…for a price, of course

    41. Colling made one last check to make sure the Luger and extra ammunition, cash and the forged passports he had brought back from Zurich were still snug in their concealed receptacle

    42. He looked at himself in the mirror over one of the sinks, and silently hoped that his appearance would match the photo in his new forged passport

    43. He was uncertain as to whether the forged travel documents were still valid, and the American passports could prove to be a fatal giveaway, even though the cover story he had constructed was about as good as he could make it

    44. Fullerton was using Elena’s name from the forged passport Colling had had prepared in Zurich, so that she could play the role of the girls’ nanny

    45. He forged many compromises on the road to creating a unified Canon, forcing many, who dearly wished to reject, what others had only reluctantly accepted

    46. We can get whatever we need in terms of forged papers in that city

    47. It was taken from a shady source, backed with bogus (forged)

    48. International cooperation forged in Vienna and later in Montreal, led to the halt in production of halon and CFCs by 1996

    49. The predicament of their loved ones forged a team out of these quite different women

    50. His administration’s purpose was forged by Nine-Eleven

    1. And it seemed certainly implausible that a tribe of nomads on the brink of savagery could have fashioned a finely crafted blade without expert knowledge, foundries, forges and artisans capable of supreme craftsmanship

    2. It was not very much unlike the smell often found in blacksmith shops and forges, though its exact nature eluded him

    3. Squads of procrastinators stood behind masses of men of all ages who had been forced to wield whatever weapon could be found around the city forges and blacksmith shops

    4. were forges behind her where she could heat them, but she decided to display

    5. in the center, its water heated by the forges of the boiler room, conveniently one

    6. "At the forges of the Cyclopes

    7. The Lord of the Forges, Hephaestus

    8. The forges of the Cyclopes are under the ocean, which gives Poseidon some influence over the makers of his brother’s lightning

    9. The forges they used were covered in shining silver runes, and she could see a faint blue sheen where the hot air tried to force its way out of the furnace

    10. She believed they cut themselves short, keeping the elven smiths, a lot of whom were female, from their forges

    11. “He forges his silver with magic,” said Floy

    12. It was liquid and burned hotter than the forges of the Great City

    13. Whoever forges lies about God after that-these are the unjust

    14. But the most famous surgeons also made mistakes; and that is what no one would ever believe! People, on the contrary, would laugh, jeer! It would spread as far as Forges, as Neufchatel, as Rouen, everywhere! Who could say if his colleagues would not write against him

    15. The swancomb of the gondola, highreared, forges on through the murk, white and blue under a lighthouse

    16. We shall break out the jib and the foresail, the white houses on the harbour side will glide slowly past us as she gathers steering-way, and the voyage will have begun! As she forges towards the headland she will clothe herself with canvas; and then, once outside, the sounding slap of great green seas as she heels to the wind, pointing South!

    17. With his air of aimless, insect-like going to and fro upon the face of the rock, Don Pepe's figure kept on descending steadily, and, when near the bottom, sank at last behind the roofs of store-houses, forges, and workshops

    18. I looked on it and saw that, whereas it had once been green and fair, it was now filled with pits and forges

    19. realm of Sauron and the forges of his ancient might, greatest in

    20. First, a security forges a reaction high above the upper band

    21. American abolitionists grouped about the boat at Harper's Ferry, and in the ear of the patriots of Ancona assembled in the shadow, to the Archi before the Gozzi inn on the seashore; it creates Canaris; it creates Quiroga; it creates Pisacane; it irradiates the great on earth; it was while proceeding whither its breath urge them, that Byron perished at Missolonghi, and that Mazet died at Barcelona; it is the tribune under the feet of Mirabeau, and a crater under the feet of Robespierre; its books, its theatre, its art, its science, its literature, its philosophy, are the manuals of the human race; it has Pascal, Regnier, Corneille, Descartes, Jean-Jacques: Voltaire for all moments, Moliere for all centuries; it makes its language to be talked by the universal mouth, and that language becomes the word; it constructs in all minds the idea of progress, the liberating dogmas which it forges are for the generations trusty friends, and it is with the soul of its thinkers and its poets that all heroes of all nations have been made since 1789; this does not prevent vagabondism, and that enormous genius which is called Paris, while transfiguring the world by its light, sketches in charcoal Bouginier's nose on the wall of the temple of Theseus and writes Credeville the thief on the Pyramids

    22. Huge hills and mountains of casks on casks were piled upon her wharves, and side by side the world-wandering whale ships lay silent and safely moored at last; while from others came a sound of carpenters and coopers, with blended noises of fires and forges to melt the pitch, all betokening that new cruises were on the start; that one most perilous and long voyage ended, only begins a second; and a second ended, only begins a third, and so on, for ever and for aye

    23. Having finished this conversation, Siegfried seizes one of the pieces of what is meant to represent the broken sword, saws it up, puts it on what is meant to represent the forge, melts it, and then forges it and sings: Heiho! heiho! heiho! Ho! ho! Aha! oho! aha! Heiaho! heiaho! heiaho! Ho! ho! Hahei! hoho! hahei! and Act I

    24. The gnome Mime forges a sword in a wood

    25. Siegfried returns, forges his father's sword, and runs off, shouting, Heiho! heiho! heiho! Ho! ho! Aha! oho! aha! Heiaho! heiaho! heiaho! Ho! ho! Hahei! hoho! hahei!

    26. Is there any provision in the constitution directing it? We have erected forges and even purchased ore banks

    27. One episode in which Nancy, afraid that her lover has murdered the Duke of Borthwicke, enters the presence of the corpse, and there forges a letter in the interests of Danvers, might have been made into something strongly emotional, creepy and Sarah Bernhardtian

    28. It is of an excellent quality; but wood is so abundant that it is used only in forges

    1. Elden left Son to continue forging the sword

    2. For the next hour Ava sat thru the forging of the bronze age equivalent of a fake ID

    3. When they, as envoys, arrived in England, they immediately began to work in their own interests, selling concessions to which they had no right, and forging documents purporting to come from King Prempeh himself

    4. “That’s good, but any chance you and Sespian had of forging a relationship was dashed

    5. Such impressions, (oftentimes) guided by (opportunistic) political and social ―leaders‖ harboring a vested interest in maintaining the status quo in order to consolidate their political power base by forging racial alliances designed to sever popular accord, are unlikely to change anytime soon in the absence of alternative, more creditable viewpoints

    6. He needed to clear himself of any involvement with forging checks especially since he was hiding from Canadian warrants, but he couldn’t take sixty thousand of the casino’s cash without it being noticed and any irregularities in the casino’s balances could cost him his license

    7. There was a small print of Washington praying at Valley Forge and a photo of Churchill and FDR forging the Allied Alliance on HMS Prince of Wales

    8. the sounds of steam and forging to clear his head

    9. During the last round of the tournament, Sorcer decided he should be proud of himself and his apprentices: they have done a fine job in forging the weapons titans are using in the battles

    10. Sorcer has been forging weapons for the Three Kings ever since they were children

    11. So, putting one and one together, I would suggest the State is embarking on its most daring social experiment yet: forging a truly collective society by introducing a physical caste system, with the Occidental Union Administrators being the royal—elite—caste

    12. The steel is a knife blank, meant for further forging, but still a very strong alloy

    13. respect amongst your peers, forging allies with other marketers and… of course…

    14. If we succeed in turning these invaders I will set myself to the task of forging a proper seal in this breach

    15. Light flickers through your lids into the darkness, the flashes forging your subconscious into images rippling out of one another

    16. The forger taught Joe the rudiments of forging signatures

    17. Across the sea of heads and spears Conan's madmen saw Amalric's riders forging steadily through the rout, to the rise and fall of axes and maces, and a mad joy of victory exalted each man's heart and made his arm steel

    18. They rounded the mysterious bend that shut out the sight of the sea, and sunset found them forging steadily against the sluggish flow, avoiding sandbars where strange reptiles coiled

    19. An hour's ride and they turned north, forging through wild and rugged hills, following dim trails and tortuous paths

    20. We are building our homes on firm ground, forging the old bond in fire - the bond between Man and Earth…

    21. Now we should focus on forging a new Anglo – Polish relationship

    22. through the trees, nature was a beauty in itself, and Larry, with Bones forging ahead, his head

    23. one of Qin Shi Huangdi’s sons into committing suicide by forging the late emperor’s will

    24. And it was that charter granting exclusive rights to a private trade enterprize that would play a very instrumental role in forging what would become the mighty British Empire for the little island nation that had been overran by Germans, Romans, Norsemen and even Frenchmen with Norse

    25. But at the time the United States was in a detrimental trap of forging unhealthy alliances and creating new enemies by insisting on using every opportunity to oppose an old enemy

    26. harness this condition of non-referentiality to the use of forging a new kind of self, in an essentially linguistic transformation, free of the moral and psychological despotism of Modernism

    27. There was brief pressure on the UK government, which was accused of forging the documents in an attempt to discredit the Zimbabwean authorities, until Downing Street pointed out that the Finance Minister and the Governor of the Reserve Bank had both been accused of leaking the documents, which therefore had to be genuine

    28. As long as there is good gold and silver coin in the realm, so long there will be forging, coining, and counterfeit money

    29. once told me about someone he used to work with forging orders from a pharmacy for

    30. are forging a new philosophy out of the materials of the modern world

    31. ministry have been so long forging

    32. ” then in twain and twain and twain again, exponentially branching without end into people linked together forging a chain shackling Eartheart to each purchase

    33. Rolling and Forging are the operations made in solid state of Metal to

    34. Shouldering his way through, Clayton paused only long enough to take directions from Luke before forging onward into the dark shadows that apparently housed the roller coaster

    35. How gladly would I write them? How gladly would I see you in untroubled waters, forging straight ahead toward a full and fruitful life? But I am a foolish, ineffectual woman, and write you waspish letters when I might, if I had more insight, have found out what those words are that would set you tingling with the joy of life

    36. Forging the empire's coin – it was beautiful, he thought

    37. I can understand her hunting them, but forging alliances?"

    38. Dawn on Monday November 28, 1853 found Olin forging wrought iron latches from strips of metal stock

    39. He had been forging wrought iron hinges and continued to hammer the red hot metal into the required shape as he waited to hear the information sent from her grandfather

    40. She stumbled in that direction and opened her eyes to find Liam forging ahead with her in tow, half-stumbling along behind him

    41. After all, it was your urging that had led to the forging of Fleischaker

    42. The forging of Fleischaker was predestined

    43. The identity of the family had to be updated again, but just not at this exact time! Not just yet, thanks to Jeremiah forging their new identity back in ’89, when he was fed up with living the life of a poor immortal that couldn’t keep a job, especially after he found out his wife was sleeping with another man

    44. reduction and in forging new friendships

    45. without the necessity of forging shapes for itself

    46. was the forging of a firm alliance with the United States –an alliance that he

    47. forging a reality in which they win and you continue to be enslaved by their deceptions, regardless

    48. Christianity and have played an important role in forging the current state of world affairs

    49. by forging wise new behavior patterns that create better futures

    50. has driven the forging of empires through deception and conquest

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    forge smithy contrive devise excogitate formulate invent counterfeit fake fashion form mold mould shape work hammer spirt spurt produce fabricate falsify reproduce imitate duplicate transcribe