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Crusade en una oración (en ingles)

  1. Was he on a crusade?
  2. Or of the Children's Crusade.
  3. To the boys it had become a crusade.
  4. Hector continued his crusade for health.
  5. A progressive linking of the great crusade.

  6. Someone was afraid of Carton and his crusade.
  7. There is, however, one crusade that we are.
  8. But this year the ladies went on a real crusade.
  9. Roman church, which is why the crusade was called.
  10. I attended EVERY meeting of the crusade and when.
  11. Where I ran into the Franks, I was back on crusade.
  12. Patron Saint of their party, and began a crusade to.
  13. Captain Gulliver, it was to further this crusade.
  14. Richard had started the Third Crusade in conjunction.
  15. How is the crusade going, she muttered instead.

  16. Morte many years ago to join the Crusade to the Holy.
  17. Give us our freedom and join with us in Holy Crusade.
  18. Students and residents massively attended the crusade.
  19. She jokes that it’s because marriage is like a crusade.
  20. Captain Gulliver, it was to further this crusade that.
  21. Crusade, widespread massacre of Jews was rare in the west.
  22. The first Crusade happened in 1096, but in 1071 is when the.
  23. Crusade: the Official History of the American Cancer Society.
  24. She jokes that it’s because marriage is like a crusade.
  25. Some people are afraid a Grey Angel Crusade might be coming!.

  26. The professor was carrying on a hot crusade against materialists.
  27. Vishnu) and the Devatas swept the realm in a crusade that nearly.
  28. If this guy was the one launching the crusade, there’d be harm.
  29. She knew he didn’t want her involved in his save the Bible crusade.
  30. The result of their crusade was all too apparent to Alec's generation.
  31. Wasserman was on a crusade to keep same-sex couples from having children.
  32. Perhaps it was time to send them back, and start the whole crusade over afresh.
  33. He is not on any kind of crusade, and jealously guards his knowledge from others.
  34. The princes’ crusade was much more successful: On July 15, 1099, they captured.
  35. During the crusade, his red cross was honor to be placing in the union jack flag.
  36. M'Coy had recently made a crusade in search of valises and portmanteaus to enable Mrs.
  37. Was she now a conspirator in her brother's crusade for a policed society? It seemed so.
  38. The echo in the gallery that followed seemed to have led him to the crescendo of his crusade.
  39. Emancipation transformed the war from one of self-preservation to a great crusade for justice.
  40. They should then join together in a vast anti-European crusade and drive the white people out.
  41. In their fancy clothes, the television Evangelists were on a crusade for a God that needed them.
  42. The legal status of the Jews and their security remained unstable as the result of the First Crusade.
  43. He thought about stopping this whole crusade and settling down to a steady job or rejoining the Army.
  44. When the FDA approved Dominex’s new sedative, Sandra Jenkins had gone on a crusade with Carol Freeman.
  45. Besides it appeared very unlikely to me that he could get Europa to undertake such a crusade for us to join.
  46. Thereafter, we put out banners and posters at strategic locations to publicise our first fellowship crusade.
  47. The whole crusade arena became very silent at that point, to the extent that one could hear the drop of a pin.
  48. The entire crusade went into intensive prayers for the restoration of his health as directed by the man of God.
  49. Thoughts and memories, the noble images of a thirty-year crusade, swirled and melted from the fires raging inside.
  50. Each story was about a case, a triumph, a defeat, a crusade, a financial windfall, a financial disaster of a loss.
  51. The large crowd of believers that graced last year’s crusade no doubt gave the organisers great cause for concern.
  52. His reason was candid; his motives, loudly proclaimed, gilded his actions with something of the glamor of a crusade.
  53. His family members had given up on the chances of his recovery and had looked forward to the crusade as their last hope.
  54. General Ludlow has carried out a crusade against disease and dirt in Havana, undoubtedly the filthiest city in the world.
  55. It never for one minute occurred to me that we might have killed his mates for I was on a crusade now to avenge my friends.
  56. In recent years he has expanded his writing and works with another author, Jim DeFelice, to continue his bestselling crusade.
  57. The presiding man of God ordered the man to go home and bring all his charms to the crusade ground before the end of the crusade.
  58. This happens during our crusade tours and conferences that took us to various parts of the country,’ I said, feeling satisfied.
  59. His gratitude for Matthews’s information was beyond expression; God would undoubtedly bless him for his services in the crusade.
  60. He kept urging me to write to the Khakhan and convince him to join Europa in a crusade against the Ottomans to free the Holy Land.
  61. Surely, he argued, the Western Powers would realise that Bolshevism was their real enemy and join Nazi Germany in the common crusade.
  62. If the Grey Angels went on crusade every time there was a little plotting, said a second, supercilious voice, they’d never stop.
  63. The priest ordered him to comply with the directive without further delay; and it was then he rose to his feet and left the crusade venue.
  64. Pope Innocent III initiated a crusade against the Cathars of Languedoc which terrorized the region with wholesale slaughter of Cathar cities.
  65. By the time of the Fourth Crusade from 1202-1204, Christian resolve was so half-hearted that preparation for the crusade was a comedy of errors.
  66. The parish council usually invites powerful men of God, including European priests, to preach sermons one after the other, while the crusade lasted.
  67. The presiding priest would intermittently stop the prayer sessions to change prayer-point and then give more motivation and vibrancy to the crusade.
  68. As it happened, the crusade against Christianity was fashioned some two decades prior to the sixties uprising, but was eagerly adopted by the rebels.
  69. The rebellion’s leader, an ex-Legionnaire himself, had become violently disillusioned and lead in no small part by his pride to carry on a crusade.
  70. It was our first time of attending the crusade as a couple, but prior to the year’s crusade both of us had attended as children in company of our parents.
  71. Where is Dad? I queried her, just to let her understand that we could not discuss anything at the crusade venue, and in Austin’s presence for that matter.
  72. John Ritchie closed the file and thought about Sam Ferris who, over the years since the end of the war, had become a one man crusade to bring Beck to justice.
  73. What's more, the progress reports he regularly sent to Vanaprastham about his own crusade at Tihar insensibly lightened Gautam’s burden of guilt by degrees.
  74. I remember disgracing myself with some evangelical brothers some years ago in Aberdeen when a crusade was promoted in the city entitled Christ the Answer.
  75. It’s just that it’s given rise to a campaign that started a few days ago and which now, thanks to Twitter and Facebook, has become a movement, or a crusade.
  76. Sergey Koznishev had been following this crusade with interest, and after reading the professor’s last article, he had written him a letter stating his objections.
  77. The principle casualty of the Fourth Crusade was the thin bond of Christianity that had hitherto tentatively united the eastern and western Christians against the 68.
  78. But a Grey Angel Crusade is more terrible than anything! Fina had a broad superstitious streak, which she hadn’t gotten from her father, an all but overt agnostic.
  79. Be still my child, remember it may be the mightiest, the fastest that wins the feud, but it is the sharp of wit, the thinker that is triumphant in the omnipresent crusade.
  80. If ever the Musalmans came to dominate the Western world again, the predictable Christian response would be a crusade all over, maybe a guerilla war, if not with the fidayeen force.
  81. I believe this because the ACLU is the single most powerful weapon possessed by the Jewish Left in their crusade to destroy America as we know it and to rebuild it into a Communist state.
  82. They had to carry him on a stretcher to the crusade venue because he could no longer walk on his two legs on account of his prolonged degenerating poor health that has weakened his bones.
  83. He concludes that no one is willing to pay the enormous cost of reducing the CO2 emissions said to cause global warming to the degree that the frantic global warming crusade would require.
  84. Convinced that I have told him the ‘truth’, he suggested we should watch the video clip of the last crusade, which I took out from the cupboard and quickly slotted it into our video machine.
  85. We discovered what actually transpired during the crusade after watching the video-coverage of the crusade activities, which the organisers distributed to worshippers through different parishes.
  86. The revelation shocked all worshipers present at the crusade arena, who wondered silently, some aloud, as to why a woman in her right senses would sacrifice his only son in such atrocious manner.
  87. After that it ground against its Christian [Byzantine] adversary with little effect until the first Christian Crusade in the 11th century caused them a temporary setback (Encyclopedia Americana; Mohammed).
  88. Crusade was diverted from a mission to Egypt and recapturing the Holy Land, to settling old scores in the growing Latin and Greek schism that led them to sack a number of Greek cities, and finally Constantinople itself.
  89. The crowd stretched up to one and a half kilometres starting from the pulpit; but for the loudspeakers, some of the believers that attended the crusade would not have heard the sermons and other activities that took place.
  90. With the end of World War II, a period of over fifty years passed in which journalists had depicted war as an honorable pursuit, a gallant adventure, a noble sacrifice and a glamorous crusade against the enemies of freedom.
  91. A month after the crusade, we were told during a church service at our parish that the young man visited the houses of the entire members of the witchcraft; knife in hand, to demand for the spiritual return of their shares of his body parts.
  92. The area had undergone decline when, during city government’s crusade to greatly ramp up the quaintness of the downtown streets, non-quaint enterprises like muffler shops and tire stores and pawn shops were forced to relocate to Jack Flats.
  93. The political crusade for affordable housing got into high gear in the 1990s and led to all kinds of changes in mortgage lending practices, which in turn led to a housing boom and bust that has left us in the mess we are now trying to dig out of.
  94. What could be a more unprovoked act of aggression than her crusade against Syracuse, a crime that visited her with a declension of power from which she never recovered? For a nation to believe her destinies fixed, is in a great measure to fix them.
  95. Why should we fund any crusade that is based upon the fear of death? Why should we give our allegiance and our dollars to any cause whose prime motivation is to kill? These blind crusades only demonstrate the inability to understand our own suffering.
  96. But, vast areas of the country in between—flyover country to the east coast and west coast elites—had housing prices that took no larger share of the average American’s income than in the decade before the affordable housing crusade got under way.
  97. And during the military crusade against the Cathars, before the massacre of one Languedoc town called Arnaud-Amaury the papal legate in charge of the crusade, was reported to have quipped the now infamous phrase Kill them all, the Lord will recognize his own.
  98. He may be right after all, considering our relationship in our school days, but recent developments around me, coupled with the recent prophecy at the crusade arena and my grand mother’s dream have cast some shadow of doubt over his true identity and his real motives.
  99. Weaver is quite convinced that we shall have right on our side in this crusade, and that in the end the majority of people in Northern Ireland and elsewhere will be heartily thankful when they come to realise that these thugs have disappeared from the scene and are no longer a threat to civilised life.
  100. Moreover, even as the modern economy occasioned a fusion of the four varnas that helped the once segregated Hindu society shed part of its past caste prejudices, thanks to Gandhi’s crusade for their uplift, finally the harijans, nay dalits, too began to get under the shade of the Hindu urban socio-religious umbrella.
  1. The crusading wars continued for almost two centuries.
  2. I went into cities, and we did massive campaigns for men, crusading to get men to stand up.
  3. I’d always assumed she was nasty, what with all the moral crusading, but maybe she wasn’t.
  4. She had been crusading relentlessly against drugs – 196 anti-drug journalists had been murdered in the six years since her death….
  5. In the same way that some children grow up wanting to be crusading lawyers, Caitlin had decided that she wanted to help reform the financial system.
  6. He says when President Reagan helped scatter the USSR by crusading there for religious tolerance, that that was as much a turning point as the Berlin Wall coming down.
  7. Mary Jane still isn’t legal, but congress is working on new laws, mostly inspired by some crazy old crusading bat who’s going town-to-town shouting about how pot isn’t that bad.
  8. With all these favorable circumstances, when but a hint from the British Ministry in favor of these people might have released them, yet being so delicate a subject that it has not been touched by them, shall we, who have been crusading and exerting every nerve for the releasement of our seamen, and with all our efforts have been unsuccessful, shall we start on a fresh crusade for these men, when the efforts of the Government in the other cause, in so noble, so just, and so humane a cause, have as yet proved unavailing? Shall we engage in a contest for these people, who are acknowledged justly to be in the power and under the sentence of the courts of another nation, whilst the honest American tar, guiltless of harm, is writhing under the lash of every boatswain on board a man-of-war? If you will go on and reform the whole world, begin with one grievance first; to use a homely phrase, do not put too many irons in the fire.
  1. He crusaded a bit on making any abandoned area he found as accessible and public as possible.
  2. Even a man of the cloth would surely find that blood was thicker than water, but would it inspire him to abandon all that he held sacred and that for which he had crusaded, having devoted his entire life to the cause, in order to avenge the wrong that had been done to his family?
  1. The crusades, however steeped in a.
  2. You may have heard about the Crusades.
  3. HAZARU, Tlie Later Crusades, 1189-1311.
  4. The New Concise History of the Crusades.
  5. A History ofthe Crusades, Londres, 1987.
  6. How about the Crusades, Galileo, and the.
  7. They are still going on crusades in the.
  8. Crusades, an Inquisition and a Reformation.
  9. A History ofthe Crusades, Wisconsin, 1975.
  10. A History of the Crusades, Wisconsin, 1977.
  11. Testament advocating the crusades and never were.
  12. One of your ancestors had joined the Crusades, and.
  13. In the case of crusades, religious leaders have often.
  14. Crusades was to find, preserve, and insure the survival.
  15. The true purpose of the Inquisition and Crusades was to.
  16. Baltic crusades that led to the creation of the Catholic.
  17. Many of these raids later became known as the holy crusades.
  18. The original Templars were Christian knights from the Crusades.
  19. Embleton, Armies of the Crusades, Osprey Publishing, Oxford 1978.
  20. Al of the atrocities during the crusades were perpetrated by non.
  21. Reformation (The Crusades, bloody Mary, witch-hunts, and much more).
  22. The Crusades did lift the onus of persecution of Christian pilgrims for a time.
  23. Alexander the great, the crusades in the holy land, accounts of ancient Greece.
  24. Callie’s moral crusades were annoying, sure, but they were basically harmless.
  25. The Crusades began in 1096, but the zeal of the Christians was in no way matched by.
  26. Expansion of Christianity succeeded through violence, crusades were arranged, and so on.
  27. I knew about the Crusades, and I knew that there had been fighting and atrocities forever.
  28. I knew about the Crusades, and I knew that there had been fighting and atrocities forever.
  29. However, the Christian Cross also stained with blood, remember the Crusades and the Holy Inquisition.
  30. Crusades and the Inquisition, and the Creator has made sure that you will finally understand the truth.
  31. Its crusades and violent inquisitions came out of this thinking that prevailed through the middle ages.
  32. Francis, their leader, boldly preached the gospel to the Sultan of the Muslim armies during the crusades.
  33. Well where the Christian crusades failed, the Western enterprise succeeded in subjugating the Musalmans!.
  34. She went on the Second Crusades as the leader of her troops - reportedly riding bare-breasted as an Amazon.
  35. But subsequent crusades were not nearly so successful, largely because Christian infighting never subsided.
  36. He’d followed Forrest’s corporate crusades since he was old enough to understand the meaning of the word traitor.
  37. During the crusades, especially, with many men off at war, women ran the taverns, made the ale, and ran the government.
  38. Crimes like the senseless massacres of the Christian Crusades, committed in the name of the Christ and sanctioned by Rome.
  39. Moody (1837-1899) preached the Gospel to millions of people at evangelistic crusades held around the country and in England.
  40. After all, when Islam forced its way into its Holy backyard, crusades against the Musalmans became the medieval Christian calling.
  41. With the passage of the crusades, two new threats to the Jews appeared in the form of the blood libel and the desecration of the Host.
  42. He knew the breed! From the time when their ancestor, Hugh de Chalmers, had started forth to the Crusades, not one had ever retreated.
  43. However, by the middle ages, with the crusades and interaction with the Muslims, there was a renewed interest both in hygiene and medicine.
  44. Getting rid of her, as you put it, is not an option! Lady Annabelle has recorded history in its truest form that dates back to the Crusades.
  45. One of the great crusades of science and medicine; is to eradicate human illness and disease; so no human will ever get sick or die prematurely.
  46. During the beating that I had taken that previous night, the words of Robbie’s boss stuck firmly in my head, words about Crusades and vengeance.
  47. And The Band Played On, the story of the early crusades against AIDS and The Rat Pack, a biographical documentary on Frank Sinatra and his cronies.
  48. This staff in my hand is the real staff of Moses and has been in the possession of the Church since the crusades, where it was found in Jerusalem.
  49. Later Catholicism would take hold and the people of this region would embark on the Crusades, a genocidal rampage against the followers of Mohammed.
  50. The descendants of those Jews that converted to Islam, or to Christianity thanks to the Crusades, are now what you call Palestinian Arabs, Mister Shomron.
  51. Not that this stone was really that old, for this world, probably built in the mid to late 40's; between the fall of Rome and the Crusades in European history.
  52. Often times living people were killed just for this purpose and this triggered countries to launch massive crusades to hunt down all necromancers and kill them.
  53. It is abundantly clear from many of the above verses that the Koran is not talking of metaphorical battles or of moral crusades: it is talking of the battlefield.
  54. He had within his reach his pistols and carbine, and Ali, standing near him, held one of the small Arabian hatchets, whose form has not varied since the Crusades.
  55. His work was lost to the West in the chaos following the fall of the Western Roman Empire, but was retrieved from Arab sources just before and during the Crusades.
  56. Tonight he would start on something oriental to balance the completed reading of The Crusades that still left wondrous images of valour and dedication in his mind.
  57. What did the Medieval Crusades accomplish? They created a permanent state of hatred and racism and prejudice between the Eastern and Western civilizations of the world.
  58. Are we still living in the monstrous times of the Middle Ages, when vagabonds were permitted to display in our public places leprosy and scrofulas they had brought back from the Crusades?
  59. These outlets have given the impression that the Crusades were unwarranted invasions by aggressive mercenary armies, whose only aim was the looting and pillage of the traditional lands of others.
  60. Western Medicine sold and brainwashed its masses to believe in a Crusades just like Western Medieval religions and churches and Kings and nobles once brainwashed its masses to believe in Crusades.
  61. The themes were the same that had been illuminated upon similar occasions by their mothers before them, their grandmothers, and doubtless all their ancestors in the female line clear back to the Crusades.
  62. Bianca had confessed in one of our crusades that she was a member of the fraternity until her parents fought so hard over many years to set her free from their demonic hold; and even at that, she still feels unsafe within the campus.
  63. However, by the end of the 11th century, when Jewish skills were less essential, the religious fervor of the crusades found expression in anti-Jewish sentiment, beginning a process which culminated in the expulsion of Jews from Spain in 1492.
  64. The crusades, too, though, by the great waste of stock and destruction of inhabitants which they occasioned, they must necessarily have retarded the progress of the greater part of Europe, were extremely favourable to that of some Italian cities.
  65. At first blush, the Crusades would appear to be an unlikely equivalent to the prime movers of the past, but maybe it has only been made to be seen like that because of the bad press the Crusades have gotten from media outlets of the modern era.
  66. Why should we fund any crusade that is based upon the fear of death? Why should we give our allegiance and our dollars to any cause whose prime motivation is to kill? These blind crusades only demonstrate the inability to understand our own suffering.
  67. But in the Crusades we already see an event occupying its definite place in history and without which we cannot imagine the modern history of Europe, though to the chroniclers of the Crusades that event appeared as merely due to the will of certain people.
  68. On the other hand, it is the paradox of the Semitic faiths in that while vouching for the selfsame God, who is believed to have enshrined the Torah, inspired the Gospel and gave the Quran, it was the Christians that ran the Crusades against the Musalmans, who had earlier oppressed the Jews.
  69. Is the movement of the peoples at the time of the Crusades explained by the life and activity of the Godfreys and the Louis-es and their ladies? For us that movement of the peoples from west to east, without leaders, with a crowd of vagrants, and with Peter the Hermit, remains incomprehensible.
  70. Madame Homais was very fond of these small, heavy turban-shaped loaves, that are eaten in Lent with salt butter; a last vestige of Gothic food that goes back, perhaps, to the time of the Crusades, and with which the robust Normans gorged themselves of yore, fancying they saw on the table, in the light of the yellow torches, between tankards of hippocras and huge boars' heads, the heads of Saracens to be devoured.
  71. When, after the Crusades and the maximum development of papal power and its abuses, people of the rich classes became acquainted with the wisdom of the classics, and saw, on the one hand, the reasonable lucidity of the teaching of the ancient sages, and, on the other hand, the incompatibility of the Church doctrine with the teaching of Christ, they lost all possibility of continuing to believe the Church teaching.
  72. Then, there are those with genuine prejudices too, and these had much to do with the denunciations of Islam that were carried out in Europe during the Crusades, which passed on from generation to generation, and Karen Armstrong has written on the same in her very balanced biography of Prophet Muhammad, in which she has also critiqued the prophet on some points, and as a reviewer has put it, she has been respectful but not reverential.
  73. How would you have challenged him on lynching and missions, if you were a vanguard leader during his lifetime? If he were alive and holding crusades today, would you want Moody to preach against abortion for the sake of the thousands of babies being murdered each week? Would you expect him to take a stand against these murders even though he would alienate many members of a political party? Would it matter that those alienated would never receive the Gospel from him after he took his stand against abortion? To stop abortion, should he try to change the hearts of the individual mothers seeking them or should he use his international platform for political activism? Would you speak up and burn bridges along with him or remain silent?
  74. A History of the Crusades,.
  75. It has come down to us from the Crusades,.

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