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Campaign en una oración (en ingles)

You have been on campaign.
In your campaign you would.
The campaign was at its peak.
In the campaign, Russ said:.
Good luck with your campaign.
In Campaign Title enter this:.
They ran a campaign based on.

His campaign was almost $3.
He also asked about my campaign.
So the campaign comes to an end.
It was a great campaign victory.
Cimnashote was on campaign again.
That could be a fall ad campaign.
The BJP campaign was Modi-centric.
For example: In theory campaign.
Napoleon and the Russian Campaign.
He launched a Kickstarter campaign.
This automated email campaign has.
But it might be about the campaign.
Harris's campaign was an aberration.
Two were Maya on their first campaign.
So this anti-big box store campaign.
The ads in a given campaign share the.
Projections for some campaign or other.
The word campaign is an appropriate one.
I also developed the election campaign.
We have another campaign promise from Mr.
I asked if he had ever gone on campaign.
You can spot them here in the Campaign.
Your PR Campaign: Taking it to the Press.
How effective is the marketing campaign?
Always test the success of your campaign.
The presidential campaign was short and.
That’s why we started our campaign here.
You still intend to go on campaign?
We have a Campaign Finance Reform Act to.
Improve response and ROI for your campaign.
Obamas campaign promise about transparency.
He actually commanded the campaign and was.
A campaign consists of one or more Ad Groups.
The man is almost sixty and still campaigning.
You of the rude campaigning, (which we shared,).
This will give the candidates time to do their campaigning.
Over twenty years campaigning had taken a toll on his health.
What luck that she had been campaigning in Cincinnati that day.
Yes, it is, almost full strength after two years of campaigning.
This was quintessential ‘shock and awe’ campaigning, Modi-style.
All winter, he’s staying for the campaigning season with Uthyr.
When not campaigning, her husband is usually ensconced in his study.
This, however, did not stop my children from campaigning for a puppy.
Davis is out there campaigning on the front steps and you’re—.
This applies, most dramatically, to 1972 when he was campaigning for reelection.
In the process of trolling for votes, campaigning on soak the rich plays well.
Civil Society organizations have been actively campaigning to combat climate change.
It was only now that he realised the truth about what he had been campaigning against.
The fact that Germany was a republic at the time allowed Hitler to continue campaigning.
I remember meeting a few Delhi-based social activists who were campaigning against Modi.
You want an exposure without being accused of electioneering or premature campaigning.
They would have to send their young men to be trained, but campaigning was never required.
Out of respect for the fifty-two captives, Carter has done little campaigning for reelection.
That disaster helped spearhead a major youth movement campaigning against nuclear power in the 1980s.
When campaigning, Rostov allowed himself the indulgence of riding not a regimental but a Cossack horse.
When campaigning, Rostóv allowed himself the indulgence of riding not a regimental but a Cossack horse.
But in the rush of the last phase of campaigning, it seemed he had no time for even a short conversation.
Ambrosius’ old campaigning table! and he went over to it, ran a hand over the top and gave a sigh.
Necowee—Ani’ Yun’-wiya (Cherokee) brother of Ghigooe, who tells Karl about campaigning in The Clouds.
The people have been campaigning for a complete return to Earth and these miners think they can go against.
And as was proper, he had Ambrosius’ old campaigning tent with him, his praetorium, and the men to erect it.
Modi had been relentlessly campaigning that day across Bihar and Bengal, and had addressed half a dozen rallies.
Ronald Reagan endorsed the candidacy of his former vice president but did very little campaigning on his behalf.
While all the signs were building up into an inescapable picture of the cataclysm to come, he’d been campaigning.
Senator Smith was campaigning in Baltimore and stayed overnight at a hotel in the city on the evening of the murder.
Knume had probably spent half the sleep down at Myimpaden complaining about Valla or campaigning for the lumber party.
He laughed and agreed that it was worth all the misery of thirty years of campaigning in the Khanate of the Green Mist.
In the last three years it had intensified not only its campaigning, but its violence had become more brutal and frequent.
When we camped, we talked about hunting, campaigning, the weather—everything except why they were taking me to the Khakhan.
I had run up a substantial debt campaigning, which I knew he could help me pay off by sponsoring a couple of big fund-raising events.
In six weeks of campaigning many of those had fallen, and others had deserted, to find their way home with their saddlebags full of gold.
AN INTERVIEW WITH ROSE KENNEDY It was my father’s idea to interview Rose Kennedy when she swung through Chapel Hill, campaigning for her son.
But now the buildings were built and the settlers were settled, and Jacob feared the start of a new campaigning season would soon be upon them.
President Bush campaigned in 2005 about.
For example, Obama campaigned on ―Change‖.
Reagan has campaigned for Nixon during three elections.
She filed her candidature for the election and campaigned.
So, when he campaigned in 1958 for re-election to the Senate, she.
The IRA campaigned against the British presence in Northern Ireland.
Fox commentator Bill O'Reilly campaigned for years against abortion provider Dr.
Their motto was ‘yes we can,’ long before Barack Obama campaigned with that slogan.
So Gorbachev campaigned for change as he introduced reform programs in 1986 and beyond.
King was a devout Christian and he campaigned according to Christian principles of non-violence.
And Johnson’s successor, Richard Nixon, campaigned by saying he would achieve peace with honor.
The one state where Modi had campaigned most aggressively had yielded the most spectacular result.
He campaigned strongly against its return under the slogan, We built it, we paid for it, it's ours.
Wallace was seriously wounded as he campaigned in a Washington suburb the late afternoon of May 15, 1972.
She was headquartered at the Carolina Inn, and, of course, she also campaigned in Raleigh and Durham, NC.
After losing the presidency, he became a congressman and campaigned against slavery for almost three decades.
I knew Frank loved that guy, had campaigned for him, organized his inaugural entertainment, so it seemed strange.
He was born in Jamaica but spent most of his life in the United States, where he campaigned for equal civil rights for black people.
Nkrumah formed the Convention People’s Party which campaigned for the British to clear out, and in 1957 they finally decided to go.
Clearly going outside the law, the LSC campaigned against a tax-reduction initiative in California (Prop Nine) and against Ronald Reagan.
These were our Midsummer Night’s Dream columns, and Andrew had campaigned that they needed to be altered for their new, prestigious use.
Both Wilson and FDR campaigned passionately on anti-war platforms, and what’s more they believed in what they said when they were saying it.
In the miniature world of Xuchotl each handful of feudists was an army, and the empty halls between the castles was the country over which they campaigned.
Gandhi and Congress had simply campaigned for independence, but the more likely it looked that the British would go, the more worried India’s Muslims became.
BC) campaigned abroad repeatedly, invading Libya to the west and going as far northeast as the Euphrates river, placing Palestine and Syria under Egyptian control.
Later this afternoon he will write a letter to a supporter in Idaho, stating that he has campaigned for Ford in twenty-five states and sent a million letters to back the president’s campaign.
When I finished writing my first book, Seabiscuit: An American Legend, I felt certain that I would never again find a subject that fascinated me as did the Depression-era racehorse and the team of men who campaigned him.
Socialists and some progressive liberals from around the world also maintained an international peace movement which campaigned for a general ceasefire, although the leaders of the countries in the war didn’t take much notice.
After eight months pursuing a Rose Garden strategy, in which Nancy made sure that Reagan barely campaigned, talking to the media will be a nice little warm-up for the months of hard battle that lie ahead in his quest for reelection.
Every president from Ford to Obama has publicly pledged to allow Puerto Rico to determine its own future, as a commonwealth, independent, or a state Both major parties included Guam, Puerto Rico, Samoa, and the Virgin Islands in their presidential primaries starting in 1976, and most major candidates have campaigned for their votes.
Here are three sample campaigns:.
Customer driven campaigns are the.
In love's campaigns Oneguine heard.
He said that was usual on campaigns.
Through these campaigns the customer.
Here are three sample mail campaigns:.
We followed our campaigns to their ends.
Campaigns like this are a great tactic to.
It showed the dashboard for the campaigns.
ROI helps you improve your ongoing campaigns.
Luckily, during my campaigns with Toerag we.
Of military campaigns and building an empire.
Here are three different online ad campaigns:.
Our losses on these campaigns are quite heavy.
Our ancestors waged campaigns of this nature.
Did you make use of it during your campaigns?
You’ll improve all your campaigns in the process.
Successful PPC campaigns are based on three things:.
Guess who contributes the big money to the campaigns.
This is the problem that all campaigns have eventually.
It would be good to compare campaigns with him one day.
Longer campaigns and crises, labors beyond all others,).
It’s easy and inexpensive to test your online campaigns.
The best marketing campaigns are a combination of them all.
Before the campaigns end is followed out in flesh and rid.
I’d disallow corporate or company donations to campaigns.
Neither of these approaches is effective for most campaigns.
This treasure could fund my campaigns, at least for a while.
Important campaigns are always led by relatives of the Khan.
When you use CLV and ROI in all of your campaigns, you have.
Advertisers also have complete control over their ad campaigns.
Campaigns that both the Democrats and the Republicans Parties.
Your tagline/slogan is a more succinct phrase used in campaigns.
PETA, respond to action alerts, help in specific campaigns and.
You’re the Captain? What campaigns have you fought in?
Yes, the purpose of my visit was to see about our air campaigns.
If executed improperly though, email campaigns can backfire with.
I have fought in blood-feuds, tribal wars, and imperial campaigns.
Here are two sample campaigns that incorporate traditional media:.
In all, twenty such campaigns pushed for direct elections in 1988.

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