Oraciones con la palabra "effort"

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Effort en una oración (en ingles)

  1. A last bit of effort.
  2. It was worth the effort.
  3. Q: Whose is the effort?
  4. It was a one-man effort.
  5. With all his effort he.

  6. He got up with an effort.
  7. He wasted no more effort.
  8. No effort or benefit is.
  9. It was a national effort.
  10. Was it worth the effort?
  11. I gave it my best effort.
  12. Moving at all took effort.
  13. There is only effort and.
  14. My effort was futile and.
  15. He spoke as with an effort.

  16. There is a lot of effort.
  17. Trust me, it was an effort.
  18. He put forth effort, energy.
  19. This takes time and effort.
  20. There is no effort and no.
  21. But it is worth the effort.
  22. It was a last ditch effort.
  23. It would be a wasted effort.
  24. Does it need an effort? Yes.
  25. In an effort to dispel his.

  26. But the effort was worth it.
  27. No one lives without effort.
  28. Put lots of effort into this.
  29. That there is wasted effort.
  30. This would be his last effort.
  31. The effort had exhausted him.
  32. It will take time and effort.
  33. I made an effort yesterday.
  34. But I appreciated the effort.
  35. With a determined effort to.
  36. With an effort he spoke again.
  37. I grew quite damp with effort.
  38. They both carry on her effort.
  39. But by an effort of will the.
  40. Her arms shook from the effort.
  41. Not without a lot of effort.
  42. Slid off her with great effort.
  43. He had made no effort to stand.
  44. Not for lack of effort, though.
  45. There is no effort of the will.
  46. You have to put in some effort.
  47. With effort he controlled his.
  48. Without too much effort these.
  49. Make an effort to eat good fats.
  50. Cost the war effort millions.
  51. Her head ached with the effort.
  52. Another later effort may yield.
  53. This then becomes a team effort.
  54. The Salvation is in the effort.
  55. The effort was futile as it was.
  56. He stood up with a lot of effort.
  57. Don't try to foul this effort up.
  58. With painful effort Mitya went on.
  59. They should expend time, effort.
  60. I nodded, appreciating the effort.
  61. We brace ourselves for the effort.
  62. The club responded to this effort.
  63. With a great effort to stop the.
  64. There is no effort in witnessing.
  65. Till now there was always effort.
  66. She made no effort to release it.
  67. It was an uneven first effort.
  68. There has been an ongoing effort.
  69. It is a joint effort between you.
  70. With an effort, she took his hands.
  71. He succeeded but with some effort.
  72. Watts would make every effort.
  73. With this effort, she both heard.
  74. It was a futile effort, of course.
  75. None of this effort goes to waste.
  76. She raised her head with an effort.
  77. Her teeth clenched with the effort.
  78. He had done that by his own effort.
  79. It takes effort and an act of will.
  80. The effort justifies its inclusion.
  81. Make the needed effort to replace.
  82. Sometimes it is a concerted effort.
  83. In spite of our best effort there.
  84. M: It has nothing to do with effort.
  85. With an effort she finished it out.
  86. The effort was literally a wasted.
  87. She collected herself with an effort.
  88. That was his last effort in heroics.
  89. Q: Is there no need of effort then?
  90. With some effort the Doctor heaved.
  91. Eric flew up high without much effort.
  92. With an effort, he pulled it forward.
  93. At last Beregond spoke with an effort.
  94. It turned out to be no effort at all.
  95. It seemed like too much of an effort.
  96. It took a lot of effort and a lot of.
  97. But man, you have to put up the effort.
  98. Only with great effort did horse and.
  99. It was always well worth the effort!.
  100. It would have made my effort worth it.

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