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    1. looking candidate she could find amongst this bunch? Yes! Bless you

    2. before the LORD to minister unto him, and to bless in his

    3. Gen: 12:3: And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that cursed thee: and in thee shall all families of the

    4. promised to bless through Abraham our father of faith

    5. and bless, that He cannot be able to reach without you

    6. high as he could over his head and said, “May the God of love bless and

    7. She looked around – ah, there was Iain hurrying towards her … Gotte bless the man!

    8. How can God bless all nations of the earth through them without this detail? To be a priest is to offer sacrifices on behalf of

    9. When we will die in such a way as to bring God’s message and bless them that curse us, then we are truly offering freedom to the captive and sight for the blind

    10. It is actually sinful for us to continue to expect that God will bless us

    11. All the way back at the promise of Abraham we can read that God’s intention was to bless all the nations of the earth (Genesis 12:3)

    12. God Bless that woman, he silently thought

    13. On cue, Alastair hands me a glass and I take a quick swig; bless him … a stiff vodka and tonic is just what I need …

    14. She mooches out into the garden; bless, she’s not as bright as usual, can’t be entirely due to the guinea pigs – better have a chat with her later on

    15. Bless! Her face has gone all pink

    16. 'Oh Goddess, I offer you this robe edged in gold that you may once again bless us with your favour

    17. It’s obvious that she’s been crying; ah bless! She looks quite pale

    18. 30 with a bottle of wine in one hand and a bunch of flowers in the other; bless him!

    19. Gary very kindly stepped in - bless him! He and Ben sat there at the table, their heads together over the book, working out the problem

    20. It’s only his brotherly protectiveness coming out, bless, but all the same it’s annoying

    21. Jo appears clutching a bottle of wine and some crisps – ah, bless! Now where’s that bottle opener? It’s in here somewhere

    22. I can’t get over how unbelievably good Abi has been about the whole thing – she even commented that she felt she was coming home on the way back … bless! It’s her birthday soon and I’m trying to get my head round something special for her but with memorial service at the weekend and the wedding preparations, I’m rushed off my feet

    23. meant to bless many lives in these times that are so

    24. And yes, I bless the day I left the door open for my winchinchala

    25. Red Hawk, bless his heart, adored her when she visited in her condition

    26. “God bless the stars, the stars, and now the data flows, I like Phoenix, I don't know what happened to the President,” AI-Arnold said

    27. Oh bless! There’s some sturdy green points sticking up through the soil … you’d forgotten all about those bulbs

    28. “God bless you Henry Livingson

    29. Bless their substance Lord and

    30. bless thee in the land which the

    31. to bless all the work of thine hand:

    32. Bless those who curse you and pray for those who despitefully use you (Matthew 5:44)

    33. I said to the angel, “I will not let you go till you bless me

    34. Pray that God would bless them and give revelation

    35. will bless both our physical and spiritual crops

    36. He will bless our income as we put His Kingdom first, and He will bless us with a

    37. Bless the Maker, Alana was exactly where she wanted to be

    38. innocent hope that the name would bless him with a great quality

    39. “God bless you,” he said at the end of it and smiled genially

    40. purpose, he says, it will bless the wedding and the bus

    41. Temple of Demeter and paid a priest to bless her belly

    42. Thus, faith is something that needs to be called upon, to help anchor this hope that the Divine will bless and assist all its beautiful creations

    43. Watch over the spirits of our families, and bless the years ahead for the both of us

    44. “May God bless you always

    45. ” My husband’s only question, bless his heart, was “Will he be able to get around on three legs?” “Oh, sure,” the vet said

    46. Prayerfully bless the bread and wine, declaring,

    47. I bless this bread and wine, and by faith I declare that, this is the body and blood of Jesus

    48. On April 15th of this year 2011, the Republican House, bless them, passed a sensible budget that includes both tax decreases and entitlement cuts

    49. " Probably the most beautiful commentary I have ever read of the dog, bless Galsworthy"s heart

    50. Obama was killed by one shot to the head yesterday, said shot administered by a Navy Seal, God bless him

    1. Moreover, God used those two kings to blessed

    2. the families of the earth being blessed through him

    3. earth being blessed, with salvation, God did shook the

    4. nations of the earth will be blessed through you

    5. Gal: 3:9: So that, all who put their faith in Christ are blessed with faithful Abraham

    6. Eph: 1:3: Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who hath blessed us with all spiritual blessings in

    7. Psalms: 112:2: His seed shall be mighty upon earth: the generation of the upright shall be blessed

    8. blessed is the man that trusteth in him

    9. You become a blessed one only after you achieve emotional maturity

    10. with God and prosper and got blessed

    11. Psalms: 128:1: Blessed is every one that fear the LORD; that walk in his ways

    12. being blessed and not prone to addictions; to the love which is not

    13. around all that he has on every side? You have blessed the work of his

    14. When man’s spirit and body are filled with a blessed presence of God,

    15. mother but blessed with a good, manly physique

    16. ‘Patience is not a virtue I am blessed with, I’m afraid, and lying here for hour on end with only my thoughts is not good

    17. Blessed are all forms of intelligence

    18. The church at Corinth was blessed with miraculous gifts

    19. The church at Corinth was wonderfully blessed with members who had received various

    20. This is more than saying that they are important or blessed or authoritative

    21. blessed her niece and her husband, cursing the British

    22. Blessed are all they that put their trust in him

    23. “And he said, Blessed be the Lord God of Shem; and Canaan shall be his servant

    24. I am blessed, if it could be said in a voice of compassion,

    25. We are all so lucky, and so blessed!”

    26. Blessed by the Moon’s Blush

    27. Yes my strong companion, he is indeed blessed with a great gift

    28. For a moment I panic as I try to remember what I know of a rising trot then find I don’t need it … evolution has blessed her with suspension, at least that’s how it feels

    29. Mister Cameron is blessed with the sort of fortune that, in fables and fairy stories at least, has only ever been granted to mere mortals in return for a lien on their soul

    30. One by one they held out nubs of bread until the pieces filled my hands, then the bishop stood before me and blessed it, took a piece and popped it into his mouth

    31. The seas towered above the bunkered land in their grey majesty, and the couple, blessed for the first time with central heating, lived as well as they had ever done

    32. And most of all, thank you for the new life you have blessed us all with; we are truly, humbly grateful

    33. She was also blessed with the good fortune to have moved into one of the two ground floor bedsits, which boasted high ceilings, large sash windows and more than enough room to swing a cat

    34. It is blessed when you anoint your glossy tresses

    35. Today be felt blessed being a small supplier in Ahmedabad with his family still

    36. became steadily worse, but he was blessed with a strapping

    37. Mister Cameron is blessed with the sort of

    38. couple, blessed for the first time with central heating, lived as well

    39. The local man was blessed with the greenest of fingers,

    40. She was also blessed with the good fortune to

    41. 16But blessed are your eyes, for they see: and your ears, for they hear

    42. Blessed are the merciful: for they shall obtain mercy

    43. Those blessed girls! They could have cleared up after themselves! Still, the cleaner will make short shrift of the mess; you’d better dust the sideboard before doing the floor

    44. We are blessed with a local family of doctors in the village – Dr Jim being the third generation of doctors in his family, each of whom were called by their first names as ‘Dr Lawrence’ could mean any one of four people

    45. Clive House was the scene of frenetic activity from their reception of the announcement forward to the named date of the blessed union

    46. so blessed are you who will do the

    47. you, behold I have blessed him and

    48. is a god of justice, blessed are all

    49. Blessed is the man who trust in me

    50. Blessed is the man who makes you

    1. When He blesses you, He

    2. blesses you because He can and He loves you

    3. Therefore, God out of His love He blesses us and out of

    4. processes in body so that it becomes healthy; blesses a man with

    5. He blesses God

    6. For the wicked boasts of his heart's desire, and blesses the covetous, whom the LORD

    7. Love blesses the unfortunate

    8. 3 For the wicked boasts of his heart's desire, and blesses the covetous, whom the Lord hates

    9. Which blesses all us for a while…

    10. Yes, I have nothing of earthly value, but I have never been so happy, so healthy and so immensely grateful towards God, my family and friends and yes, never was I so close to God who blesses me beyond belief with treasures in heaven (and still takes care of me here on earth)

    11. That blesses in the dreams,

    12. Blesses all my self and all that stuff

    13. 38 He blesses them also, so that they are multiplied greatly; and suffers not their cattle to decrease

    14. His secrets remain with the righteous; the curse of the Lord is in the house of the wicked, but he blesses the home of the just; surely

    15. for the Lord God shall kill you, and call his servants by another name: 16 That he who blesses himself on the Earth shall bless himself

    16. 36 All the Earth cries at the truth, and Heaven blesses it: all works shake and

    17. 4, 5 The first voice blesses the Lord of Spirits forever and ever; And the second voice I heard blessing the Elect One and the elect ones, who hang onto the Lord of Spirits; And the third voice I heard pray and intercede for those who dwell on the Earth and supplicate in the name of the Lord of Spirits; And I heard the fourth voice fending off the satans and forbidding them to come before the Lord of Spirits to accuse those who dwell on the Earth

    18. and eats and rests, and goes for a stroll and returns, blesses all

    19. She always blesses me whenever I pray to her

    20. 9 He couched, he lay down as a lion, and as a great lion: who shall stir him up? Blessed is he who blesses you, and cursed is he who curses you

    21. Is love not the greatest virtue?” She smiled softly to say, “Jesse, God blesses you

    22. “Florence, the faithful, God blesses you,” he said, kissing her cheek

    23. 6 For the Lord your God blesses you, as he promised you: and you shall lend to many nations, but you shall not borrow; and you shall reign over many nations, but they shall not reign over you

    24. (God blesses those who follow Him faithfully

    25. 4 5 The first voice blesses the Lord of Spirits forever and ever; And the second voice I heard blessing the Elect One and the elect ones who hang onto the Lord of Spirits; And the third voice I heard pray and intercede for those who dwell on the Earth and supplicate in the name of the Lord of Spirits; And I heard the fourth voice fending off the satans and forbidding them to come before the Lord of Spirits to accuse those who dwell on the Earth

    26. (God blesses Leah because He had mercy on her situation

    27. 36 All the Earth cries at the truth and Heaven blesses it: all works shake and tremble at it and with it is no unrighteous thing

    28. for that reason the Church blesses them

    29. away from it with treasures for the soul that blesses everyone

    30. Grace doesn’t just relent deserved punishment, it also blesses you with the greatest gifts you could receive! (Like the inheritance of God!) Grace is also known as the manifestation of God’s life in us

    31. “God blesses those who realize their need for him, for the kingdom of heaven is given to them

    32. He thought about the day when the Angel of the One Lord met him, blesses him and change his name to Israel

    33. Actually God is always blessing the natural life of man and of course the Spiritual life of men, God is a Spirit, Read John 4:24, So we can easily believe The Spirit of God blesses our Physical body with good health daily

    34. How great and mighty are his overflowing influence and drawing power! True goodness is like water in that it blesses everything and harms nothing

    35. Blessed are you, Yahweh, who blesses his people Israel with peace

    36. Love gives silence and blesses his blessed

    37. Yes, I believe that God in all his blessings, blesses us with these temptations until we have seen the glory of His power and submit to Him all of our earthly qualities

    38. Kawa Noj is also asked to bless children who are studying in the ladino school system: at this point in the ceremony the children come forward and the priest blesses them by touching them with candles on the head (where ideas are born) and hands (with which they write), and then he throws the candles into the fire

    39. 10:13-16 Jesus lays hands on children and blesses them – spoke into them

    40. Even on super hot days, God still blesses us with a little breeze that

    41. So a person can speak, and the words they speak release a violent, murderous, destructive spirit against you, or they can speak different kinds of words, and release a life-giving spirit that heals, refreshes, touches and blesses you

    42. I don't know whether you read that scripture, because the Christian thinking often goes along the line: God blesses the Christians; He doesn't bless the non-Christians

    43. It says: He blesses all people; causes the rain to come on all people

    44. This is a compilation of personal testimonies of how God blesses when we are

    45. to love someone who is nice to you, who blesses you, who smiles at you

    46. have, what God blesses YOU with, what God allows to happen in YOUR life

    47. as He blesses you with yours

    48. promised to provide our NEEDS, He blesses us with "the extras"

    49. I hope it blesses you as it did me - Kristina

    50. So, thank one another for being here and be thankful for what we are sharing together, and in this way we create an environment of health that blesses each of us daily with its breath of thankfulness

    1. out of the same scenario with a blessing

    2. blessing and faith without mentioning Abraham

    3. blessing him with a child, he needed

    4. Ezek: 34:26: And I will make them and the places round about my hill a blessing; and I will cause the shower to

    5. and even blessing you, He does that with one main

    6. steward of every blessing that is in your life, no matter

    7. dance of blessing through Jesus, found salvation and eternal life

    8. carriers of faith or fear, blessing or curse, life or death… We have the power

    9. ‘Motherhood is a mixed blessing at times

    10. He’s been a real blessing to both of us

    11. That people will be a blessing to all the nations of the earth

    12. That nation will be a blessing – even though they are currently bringing strife and chafing

    13. By this one thing God will make Israel to be a blessing to all nations

    14. Can you imagine the Islamic and Moslem extremist nations that desire the death of Israel seeing this take place? Can you imagine what will happen when those nations hear the Jewish people admitting their failure before God – and that their judgment was due to their sin – and in love embracing their enemies and blessing them that cursed them?

    15. The poet Virgil said that Augustus would bring universal peace, and would lead in the blessing of a renewed humanity

    16. They will enjoy the very blessing that we enjoy – the new covenant

    17. We cannot understand blessing as something that is a high five or some sort of wealth or something that would cause the nations to now have peace and enjoy self

    18. Blessing is only blessing when it brings us into relationship with Christ and an ultimate fulfillment of His intentions and purposes for us

    19. Abraham’s descendants are to bring the nations that kind of blessing

    20. "It's not a bad word any more," Desa told him, "It's a blessing

    21. He praised her for her foresight, and with his blessing she embarked on her mission

    22. After the blessing of the village, the leaders sit at tables on the plateia and take a small libation

    23. ’ He said, his face clouding, ‘The Sight is a mixed blessing

    24. The sound swells, becomes more complex and, as the non-Gottesmen drop out, transforms gradually into a peaceful, lyrical hymn casting a blessing over the assembled throng

    25. ‘That is exactly what it is – a blessing for a quiet night and restoration for the morning – that is why they are called night prayers

    26. majestic ways, robbing you of the possible blessing in disguise

    27. The two-bar was not effective in heating such a large space, but Annie’s great-aunt assured her that the rooms were lovely and cool in the summer, which would be a blessing worth waiting for

    28. If he has problems with that, we’ll have to go for a registry office … maybe have a church blessing afterwards if we can

    29. I pray this book gives you a practical understanding on how your church can be a blessing to Urban America

    30. But he didn’t know anything about it which is a blessing

    31. It was Lady Rayne who urged Altera to take the throne with Naria's blessing

    32. They sat down at the table and Brent made a silent blessing

    33. were lovely and cool in the summer, which would be a blessing

    34. Maybe it's a blessing in disguise

    35. Allcock's blessing, Harry went to prepare himself, and met Kaitlyn in the foyer for the morning's walk

    36. It was White Feathers who had almost raised the lad himself from near infancy, who gave his own blessing to the arrangement and helped George and Belle passed any hint of trepidation they might have had over the lad

    37. ‘It’s no bad thing to be aware of one’s blessings but I think you should also add into that equation the blessing you’ve been to Sally and the kids this week, Jo

    38. "Mom said we were God's blessing for her old age

    39. Her Grandmother had said they were a blessing, and at times, they were, but it was beginning to scare her

    40. Blessing his luck that he hadn’t waited another day, he

    41. 8The LORD shall command the blessing upon thee in thy

    42. And our three children are a blessing

    43. "Kit" she wanted his blessing, but he wasn't ready to offer it yet

    44. Those who have faith will receive the blessing of this word

    45. I was lead to Proverbs 11:11,which says, by the blessing of the upright the city is exalted, but it is overthrown by the mouth of the wicked

    46. They live for the blessing of heaven and the freedom of the captives rather than the comforts of this world

    47. it was built with the blessing of The Almighty

    48. God for a blessing

    49. By the blessing of the upright the city is exalted, but it is

    50. have often cursed our brothers and sisters instead of blessing

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