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Give en una oración (en ingles)

  1. He would not give up.
  2. I will give you as.
  3. I don't give a shit.
  4. I will give you both.
  5. I never give a word.

  6. He did not give the.
  7. And give her the LOOK.
  8. Till you all give in.
  9. The idea is to give.
  10. Come give me a hug.
  12. To give you that seed.
  13. Give me about an hour.
  14. Now, give me the name.
  15. Let’s give it a try.

  16. He will never give up.
  17. Then give your dog a.
  18. If you give dates to.
  19. He did not give a name.
  20. Oh give me a hooome.
  21. I didn’t give a shit.
  22. Um, give me a second.
  23. Give them a reason to.
  24. I can‘t give them up.
  25. I give you the chest-.

  26. He’ll give it to you.
  27. She had plenty to give.
  28. They would not give in.
  29. Give the kids the word.
  30. I’ll give it a try.
  31. Give my regards to Max.
  32. I'll give you a hint.
  33. I’ll give him a call.
  34. They asked me to give.
  35. With one prayer to give.
  36. Oh, give up on that one.
  37. We were able to give Mr.
  38. I will give it unto thee.
  39. And he will give him a.
  40. I give itone last try:.
  41. Give me a hug, Stud-boy.
  42. So huge that they give.
  43. Give me the name of one.
  44. I must give her her head.
  45. Those who have, can give.
  46. But he would not give up.
  47. M: What did it give you?
  48. I’ll give it my best.
  49. Give you a choice, chief.
  50. Give the flower to Acron.
  51. Give me the final answer.
  52. Holy Ghost, give me the.
  53. Give it to me, right now.
  54. I’ll give you a ride.
  55. Halon, give me that oar.
  56. Sometimes I could give up.
  57. Give up all and you gain.
  58. Please give back the ring.
  59. Give me that vial, Tobias.
  60. Had refused to give up on.
  61. But give me a little time.
  62. But give a dog a bad name.
  63. Give it all to me, please.
  64. It only remained to give.
  65. If not give it a try, www.
  66. He could give them advice.
  67. I had to give up certain.
  68. But you give the orders.
  69. He wanted to give her more.
  70. Give up the idea that you.
  71. Let me give you an example.
  72. Ramasamy moved to give way.
  73. Well, then, give me that.
  74. Give my ‘Hi’ to Shreya.
  75. Just give me one second.
  76. Give me but a drop of hope.
  77. At least give it a chance.
  78. They tell him to give at-.
  79. Give them time to fall back.
  80. Give up what he holds dear?
  81. Give the reader some credit.
  82. Aye, that I’ll give you.
  83. It will give you blogs and.
  84. Going to give it a whirl?
  85. The moment you give atten-.
  86. Give her a full experience!.
  87. I could you give you many.
  89. That's why I give you water.
  90. To the thirsty I will give.
  91. He had nothing left to give.
  92. You want to give it your all.
  93. I give the phone back to Chan.
  94. I can give you the address.
  95. Give back these coins, Kraut.
  96. I can’t give up my life.
  97. You can give from that.
  99. Gore agreed to give it a try.
  100. Give and save lives together.
  1. Giving her a nod, I.
  2. Giving Paul a nod, Mr.
  3. Giving me all of it.
  4. Giving you all a life.
  5. In giving them a hand?
  6. He did not mind giving.
  7. Use your fear of giving.
  8. The branch is giving way.
  9. Instead of giving a man.
  10. Giving each other a few.
  11. Giving her a large smirk.
  12. Of giving to his children.
  13. I’m not giving that up.
  14. Giving out love felt good.
  15. They’re giving me a ship.
  16. But I love giving them.
  17. We’re not giving up yet.
  18. I loved giving the gifts.
  19. They weren’ t giving up.
  20. It is only by God giving.
  21. She was giving him a Look.
  22. He was giving Gary an out.
  23. Radner was a giving person.
  24. Giving LoVe is giving flow.
  25. The trailer was giving me.
  26. Giving freely to those who.
  27. He was giving me no choice.
  28. As for the giving side, a.
  29. She told him about giving.
  30. And giving the hourly news.
  31. As you focus on giving and.
  32. This is a true Act Of Giving.
  33. God is giving you a chance.
  34. Without giving him time to.
  35. Keep your giving to yourself.
  36. I remember Jesus giving me.
  37. Giving advice can be a bad.
  38. Roberto was a giving person.
  39. You must be used to giving.
  40. Giving is the nature of God.
  41. At the giving of the law (Ex.
  42. Giving me the greatest love.
  43. Not without giving us notice.
  45. Giving money away opens the.
  46. I may consider giving him a.
  47. Giving the final verdict at.
  48. I could see giving up my.
  49. He was giving me a bad feeling.
  50. Giving birth to another slave.
  51. Boys start giving their intro.
  52. In the cost of living, giving.
  53. It was Stella who was giving.
  54. Had he still been giving the.
  55. She died while giving birth.
  56. He nods, giving me the go-ahead.
  57. Eleanor had been giving Josef.
  58. This is giving me the creeps.
  59. After giving up his practice (c.
  60. So close to just giving up now.
  61. I'm giving you one last chance.
  62. Giving him another pat on the.
  63. He was giving me what I wanted.
  64. Giving is a product of living.
  65. But Carlotta wasn’t giving up.
  66. Giving tips to the hotel staff.
  67. My legs started giving way.
  68. She said she was giving me time.
  69. But avoid giving half knowledge.
  70. Givinggiving something of.
  71. The only reason I'm not giving.
  72. Giving DOES good & FEELS good!.
  73. So they start giving it all away.
  74. Without you giving my stories a.
  75. Giving both of us an epic ending.
  76. The mouse was giving a thumbs up.
  77. By giving a chance to the other.
  78. He’s not giving up, is he?
  79. Everyone is giving him odd looks.
  80. I’m not giving up, Dad!.
  81. And she died giving birth to you.
  82. Of the positive giving magnetism.
  83. He was giving his speech and.
  84. They’re giving me an injection.
  85. Maxers Give and Know That Giving.
  86. I was giving release to prisoners.
  87. The computer repeated it, giving.
  88. They were giving off mixed signals.
  89. They’re giving orders right now.
  90. Giving Credit Where Credit Is Due.
  91. It was even giving him a headache.
  92. Here, she said giving it to him.
  93. Upper portion is used for giving.
  94. His eyes were still giving trouble.
  95. Giving up was so easy and tempting.
  96. Giving up is not resolving conflict.
  97. Build a Habit of Giving Generously.
  98. So it seemed he was giving in to it.
  99. A no-kill shelter giving the cats.
  100. I sang out loud giving glory to God.
  1. Of the F flat given.
  2. That much is a given.
  3. They wil all be given.
  4. We are given the key.
  5. By my God given words.
  6. The Lord has given me.
  7. She was given a huge.
  8. A man who is given a.
  9. Is given the terms of.
  10. He was given a bright.
  11. She was not given her.
  12. On any one given thing.
  13. They will be given the.
  14. The God given secret art.
  15. He hath given meat unto.
  16. There mole had given a.
  17. When this too is given.
  18. It is not given to one.
  19. As they are given inside.
  20. Knut had simply given a.
  21. Pamela had given up her.
  22. Nothing was given to you.
  23. If John had given up at.
  24. Hardly a thought given to.
  25. Of false F flat (E) given.
  26. The world had given me up.
  27. Than she has given to him.
  28. The faith was given to us.
  29. She'd almost given up hope.
  30. She had given up all hope.
  31. It has given me something.
  32. Everything was given to us.
  33. That was not given to me.
  34. He’d only given him the.
  35. Or where it is given to you.
  36. He commanded it to be given.
  37. Happiness is best when given.
  38. She’d given it to the guy.
  39. We have been given this gift.
  40. You have given the Chief.
  41. There was no offense given.
  42. This grace is given only to.
  43. Youve always given to others.
  44. I had all but given up hope.
  45. God has given gifts to every.
  46. Were you given the authority.
  47. He had already given her his.
  48. Thanks for what You've given me.
  49. May I speak frankly?’ Given.
  50. That is at birth given a name?
  51. Given, that it is not allowed.
  52. I’ve given her a Tranquility.
  53. At any given time, all market.
  54. It should be given top billing.
  55. Next to the one he had given me.
  56. The box would have been given.
  57. Thou hast given us this fruit.
  58. Vidya had given me a missed call.
  59. The insects have given up on us.
  60. Once, the baby is given birth i.
  61. I was entirely given to fantasy.
  62. I have given you enough trouble.
  63. I pulled out the C4 I was given.
  64. Peggy had given up her room to.
  65. He is given a few days of relief.
  66. We were given the recovered items.
  67. Only this camp knife I was given.
  68. It would have given me a little.
  69. They are given a place in heaven.
  70. This dog has given themselves up.
  71. Last time, he’d given me a task.
  72. People should be given the most.
  73. The years had given them kindness.
  74. But I have not given up all hope.
  75. Given the widespread use of the.
  76. I hadn't given that much thought.
  77. You have given your problem to me.
  78. It is given color by its adherent.
  79. Given the contingent view of the.
  80. And given the location, the rent.
  81. It is given to help us to relate.
  82. I was given the chance to see it.
  83. Of the hidden God Code (ode) given.
  84. Given the chance to dance lightly.
  85. The reality is being given to him.
  86. Waddell was given some erroneous.
  87. Yesterday, I was given orders to.
  88. I had given most of the money away.
  89. And it is not given by a nation.
  90. Given the plight of his father it.
  91. She had just been given a new pony.
  92. She’d never given it much thought.
  93. You will be given false information.
  94. You have given me what I needed.
  95. It had given him a jolt, naturally.
  96. In OOP, Importance is given to the.
  97. And by The Name I have given My Son.
  98. His heart had given a fierce throb.
  99. I could have given you some advice.
  100. You should have given her a helmet.
  1. If she gives up 0.
  2. He gives me a look.
  3. Joel 3 gives us a.
  4. He gives me 4 - 5.
  5. And he never gives up.
  6. She gives him a shove.
  7. But who gives a fuck.
  8. He gives me a moment.
  9. Tori gives her a look.
  10. If God gives to some.
  11. He gives it a squeeze.
  12. Father gives it to him.
  13. She gives me a look.
  14. But it gives me pause.
  15. He gives me the creeps.
  16. It gives you a stable.
  17. Also, it gives us the.
  18. It gives a great deal.
  19. Barrons gives me a look.
  20. It gives me the creeps.
  21. Gives me a good living.
  22. It gives a picture of.
  23. This gives him pause too.
  24. That gives us some time.
  25. Gives you a lower score.
  26. He gives her half a grin.
  27. God gives to those who.
  28. Bread gives a sugar rush.
  29. Power gives way to sail.
  30. Barrons gives him a look.
  31. God gives his the best.
  32. She gives Bex a huge hug.
  33. Philip gives Harry a look.
  34. He gives her a funny look.
  35. Thank God that He gives.
  36. This gives me the creeps.
  37. It gives us a chance to.
  38. It gives him a head rush.
  39. He turns and gives me a.
  40. Carl gives the game away.
  41. Fish always gives me wind.
  42. We will say a wife gives.
  43. Either gives a negative -5.
  44. God gives to God and God.
  45. It gives raise to GRAPHITE.
  46. It also gives a rough.
  47. She gives me a faint smile.
  48. She gives me a blank stare.
  49. True love gives you power.
  50. It gives you the ability.
  51. Lust takes and love gives.
  52. He gives no hint that he.
  53. It gives you a reason to.
  54. Now he gives them a more.
  55. It gives priority to words.
  56. It gives him a better view.
  57. He gives me an intent look.
  58. Jada gives him a cool smile.
  59. Then He gives us the power.
  60. Illness gives pain in life.
  61. A success gives the answer.
  62. The black slide gives the.
  63. This is what gives me the.
  64. True success never gives up.
  65. He gives me a strange look.
  66. And destiny gives you hints.
  67. When she gives the sign.
  68. Ella gives them a dirty look.
  70. The horse gives a sign and.
  71. He gives her a pleading look.
  72. He gives me a long hard look.
  73. Ciere gives him a dirty look.
  74. This gives me a good excuse.
  75. It gives hot metal, heat &.
  76. He gives her a lopsided grin.
  77. She gives me a worried look.
  78. She gives Uriah a thumbs-up.
  79. Otherwise it gives you away.
  80. She gives me a half smile.
  81. He gives Tobias a wary look.
  82. Well, that gives us a limit.
  83. Gives its waters to the sea.
  84. Who gives a shit where he is.
  85. He who gives up action, falls.
  86. Who gives these women space?
  87. That gives him his authority.
  88. She gives her students very.
  89. This gives you some time to.
  90. Christina gives me a sad look.
  91. The golden king gives pursuit.
  92. He gives us the power to be.
  93. Weak Love gives no guarantee.
  94. Peter gives the same warning.
  95. Then he comes, and gives her.
  96. While a mean gives the.
  97. The Lord gives you something.
  98. Education gives him some gain.
  99. But, this longer route gives.
  100. Aaron gives me a beaming smile.
  1. It gave me an idea.
  2. He gave it to me.
  3. He gave her a look.
  4. I gave a birth to.
  5. I gave him the gun.
  6. She gave it a sniff.
  7. My jenge gave me a.
  8. Chin Lee gave me a.
  9. She gave him a list.
  10. I gave her a smile.
  11. Final y she gave up.
  12. He gave me the serve.
  13. He gave a short laugh.
  14. He gave it to Martin.
  15. She gave up all hope.
  16. It gave quite a view.
  17. The boy gave no reply.
  18. He gave me the same.
  19. Ish gave a half smile.
  20. Their joy gave me joy.
  21. That gave him some joy.
  22. He gave her an answer.
  23. I gave my best smile.
  24. God gave us free will.
  25. That gave him an idea.
  26. They even gave you a.
  27. I gave her my old one.
  28. It gave me a headache.
  29. Raven gave her a glare.
  30. And gave me the bullets.
  31. Roman gave a brief wave.
  32. So they gave up on him.
  33. He gave me a big smile.
  34. He gave me a blank look.
  35. He gave His life for us.
  36. He even gave up his Ph.
  37. A friend gave it to me.
  38. She gave a little laugh.
  39. She gave me the creeps.
  40. He gave me this ring.
  41. Finally I gave in and.
  42. She gave herself a shake.
  43. Henrik gave a slow smile.
  44. It gave a value and we.
  45. I gave you one ID with.
  46. She gave him an odd look.
  47. Roman gave a brief smile.
  48. Berndt gave her a figure.
  49. She gave him a look of.
  50. It gave her the shivers.
  51. She gave me another look.
  52. He gave us His Son, the.
  53. One friend of mine gave.
  54. You gave me her necklace.
  55. He gave her a half-smile.
  56. I gave it another shot:.
  57. Gave him a good hour of.
  58. The man gave a mock frown.
  59. Which God gave me to hold.
  60. Laura gave a short shiver.
  61. God gave His Son to win;.
  62. It gave me time to think.
  63. He gave us at salvation?
  64. So he gave a small smile.
  65. A friend gave me this.
  66. That gave the woman pause.
  67. He gave good raises, too.
  68. Liulfr gave a small smile.
  69. And the power he gave her.
  70. Gave you all your friends.
  71. They gave me $14k in cash.
  72. He gave him a few pillows.
  73. Elmore gave a quick laugh.
  74. After that, I just gave up.
  75. Carl gave a little shudder.
  76. Zardino gave a half nodded.
  77. Yassap gave the order to.
  78. Taka gave her a warm smile.
  79. It is the name I gave her.
  80. He thinks you gave him a.
  81. I gave him a friendly pat.
  82. Then he gave me to Tragus.
  83. Fin gave it to me before.
  84. She gave him back his coat.
  85. She gave him a nervous grin.
  86. He gave the receiver to me.
  87. But they gave shots, too.
  88. Omi's mother gave it to us.
  89. I gave up on the conundrum.
  90. Gave us one the whole time.
  91. If you gave them a dollar.
  92. What gave you this trust?
  93. The Lord gave me the answer.
  94. His mom gave him the stumps.
  95. Ali gave the briefest nod.
  96. He gave me a withering look.
  97. She gave me a worried smile.
  98. But she gave him no answers.
  99. Nick gave Carl one last look.
  100. Eventually, we gave him $800.

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