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    1. Now, it still gave him the creeps

    2. So Ann gave her some cereal

    3. Mal: 2:5: My covenant was with him of life and peace; and I gave them to him for the fear wherewith he feared me,

    4. beginning He gave a man the power to rule over the

    5. Since He gave man the power, He cannot violate

    6. thou gave me no water for my feet: but she hath washed

    7. Luke: 7:45: Thou gave me no kiss: but this woman since the time I came in hath not ceased to kiss my feet

    8. “On it, Cap!” Tom and the captain gave a sloppy salute back to one another

    9. distinctly, and gave the sense, and caused them to

    10. responsibility that God gave us

    11. He asked relatively little of her, and gave more in return

    12. He had been hunched over, trying to make himself smaller when he had gone into the room, and now he straightened up and gave a small wave to everyone

    13. have prayed God didn’t heard, no worship that you gave

    14. Johnny squinted his eyes and gave her a look

    15. They gave me what I thought was a generous share at the time, a six inch length of quarter-inch titanium tubing

    16. what He gave you, and prove to Him that you are a good

    17. He gave us, including His anointing on us

    18. As much as He gave us His word to study and

    19. Kulai finally gave up his security blanket at the Kassikan because he has me to back him up and you want me to go away for how long? A year?"

    20. Ackers gave her a smug smile that suggested he didn’t know how to smile very well

    21. He turned and gave Johnny a condescending stare

    22. Ava did not go on, just gave Jorma some of the facts that made them suspicious

    23. Kulai was always mild and even and sweet and gave the impression of being naive

    24. The grenades all landed on the floor, gave out a harsh, high-pitched sound, and then a white light shot out in all directions

    25. He gave the place some credit, he liked the land where he was

    26. That thought gave her a pang of guilt

    27. As such, they were always turning and looking impassively at things, and it gave Scar the creeps like nothing else in the world

    28. This gave Serpent pause because he was not hungry at all

    29. ‘Joanna was shot with that old gun of Grandpa’s … you know, the one I gave to the drama group

    30. She gave him plenty of time to answer

    31. He gave her the headset however

    32. "No thank you," the man said again, "The Lord will save me!" After much begging and pleading the man in the helicopter gave up and flew away

    33. She drew a copper against her royalties at a financial house, had a nice late Noonmeal with her cabin mate on one of Gengee City's most stylish towers, then gave up some of Noonsleep to visit an eye room and see if Kulai got her message already

    34. He could talk with her about anything and her business advice gave him perspective at times

    35. Something Stephen said over breakfast gave me the impression that he has been liaising with Paul pretty closely over the past few days and I have no doubt that Paul has been passing any information he has received to Emma

    36. The Apple Locarno finish gave everything a reddish, almost transcendent sheen

    37. The barren land would not give to them unless they gave to her

    38. "We really like to see the certificate we gave you when we took it in, especially if it's secure," the doorman said

    39. He was apologetic enough and gave out enough iron that doostEr remained calm

    40. ” With that he gave

    41. Under the same star spangled sky that gave the lovers such simple satisfaction

    42. that you gave me

    43. candles placed on every flat surface gave the room an almost faery glow

    44. That allowed her to change the subject, she gave up grilling him for fear of doostEr talking of her fetish for virgins in front of Estwig

    45. Travis gave his mother a grim look and walked out into the night

    46. "A friend gave it to me

    47. (= He gave up smoking and smoked no more

    48. gave the dog some cookies

    49. " He gave a friendly nod to the correspondent and then raised both hands over the pack of reporters like a Roman emperor

    50. He used two complete floors of his structure for his work barn in doing it, but now that it was grown, it was well worth it and gave his residential space a loftier view

    1. assurance that will give you the peace of mind and knowledge

    2. are about to give up on your faith

    3. Gen: 12:7: And the LORD appeared unto Abram, and said, unto thy seed will I give this land: and there builded he an

    4. You don’t give up and it has paid off

    5. Think about how much attention you give

    6. If you're not specific you don’t give your brain and the universe an exact point where they need to end up

    7. which is in heaven give good things to them that ask him?

    8. influence this world? Games are addicting because they give you a sense of accomplishment

    9. My original view [since revised!] was that “if you can’t give it away you might as well give up!” I also wanted to distribute copies to gain feedback as family and friends are not always the best critics

    10. Gen: 17:8: And I will give unto thee and to thy seed after thee, the land wherein thou art a stranger, all the land of

    11. God, on His part of the covenant promised to give them

    12. What advice would you give? Try to remember that the one thing that

    13. He felt a little teary, but he wasn’t going to give the game away

    14. They are either going to give you a power boost or they are going to drain your power

    15. So you need to identify those things that are going to give you energy and you have to identify the things that are going to drain your energy

    16. If you are a parent I know that you would give your life for your children

    17. It's best to give them a printed list that they can put in our file

    18. But aren’t boyfriends supposed to do those things? Travis didn’t really get it, so he decided to give it up for a while

    19. When God give us His word, He gives us

    20. ~ Avoid breakfasts containing large amounts of sugar as it give an initial energy boost, but leaves one feeling drowsy within a few hours

    21. Maybe he shouldn’t have yelled quite so loud? Maybe he shouldn’t have said anything at all? Maybe he should have come in early to give his computer a head start in booting up? What was he supposed to be doing again? Looking for the sales report!

    22. Underling wanted Henry to give him the papers

    23. Maybe you can give me an answer to this question: What

    24. John: 14:16: And I will pray the Father, and he shall give you another Comforter, that he may abide with you

    25. Most of us give up on faith in God during these times

    26. Exod: 33:14: And he said, My presence shall go with thee, and I will give thee rest

    27. That should give you more reasons to

    28. "I don't think you should give them another thought

    29. "Don't give too much away," Herndon told her

    30. She thought Herndon wanted to accuse him of stealing it from New Brazil, but that would be counter productive and would give away a lot more information than it would gain

    31. If Venna was working for someone and had missed them, Ava wasn't going to give her another chance

    32. Of course he would probably give more information over that pillow than what he would gain

    33. I don't think he would be trying to convince me to give him another chance if he was with Venna

    34. These can be followed by respect giving salutations, cleanliness, loving others, and other experiences to give them the foundation to develop in to a good human being

    35. We must give full attention when the grandchild is proudly displaying or talking about something that he has achieved

    36. Grandchildren have a special place in our life, and our own children never feel jealous of the attention we give to their children

    37. Grandchildren bond us together with our past and give us hope for the future

    38. He couldn’t give a toss about that

    39. ‘No … but as I said, I haven’t had anything to do with her for a couple of years … why would anyone shoot her?’ I said, scouring my memories for any inkling which might give a clue

    40. Indicate what help you can give and let him indicate the type of help he is ready to receive

    41. Give with faith

    42. Give with love

    43. Give with joy

    44. For real happiness, whatever you choose for yourself, give to another

    45. Not Brasil, but it could give a small nation of a few hundred thousand the energy for a twenty-second century lifestyle

    46. The answers should be appropriate and one should be prepared to indicate the lack of knowledge in respect of the specific query rather than give a wrong or incomplete answer

    47. If the senior citizens can resist the temptation to give out advice, they would find many willing ears

    48. She knew it said, 'Let all who's way is eased give thanks to those who's centuries of toil have joined our basins in peace and brotherhood

    49. It was well known in the village that Haques did not give thanks to the animals that he killed

    50. Don’t give them that excuse

    1. Some since they have discovered that God have given

    2. This means as they were not given the portion of land

    3. with Abram, saying, unto thy seed have I given this land,

    4. realizing it, if they were given the opportunity to sin

    5. Sam realised he was out of his depth, even if she had given him the chance, which Tatania apparently had no intention of doing

    6. She had at least, given up the corset wearing this time, and was back in the usual scruffy outfits he was more familiar with

    7. Couple this loss of needed activity with the dietary habits of modern man, and constipation, along with numerous other problems, is the likely result! In fact, today, it is common for people to report to hospital emergency rooms with terrible back and sciatic pain, only to be told that they are constipated and given a laxative, which frequently alleviates the back or sciatic pain

    8. DE is totally harmless to mammals if eaten and is recommended to be given to your animals as part of their diet

    9. It is given to help us to relate

    10. other people’s lives with every opportunity He has given

    11. Sniders had already given it to him, but he knew that students could get these things overturned if they said the right things to the principal

    12. For example, aconite is sometimes used to relieve stress-induced palpitations and anxiety, while sepia is given for tearfulness and inability to cope

    13. Isa: 50:4: The Lord GOD hath given me the tongue of the learned, that I should know how to speak a word in season

    14. Not that it really mattered, she would have given the house to Jorma if he'd asked

    15. Again I see my father-in-law, who has been dead for a good ten years, showing me the thing and telling me how he was given it by a German soldier he had taken into custody during the war

    16. Violet’s mother thought that, given a pony, Violet would brush its hair and sing it songs and ride around while butterflies danced across their path

    17. We were given many lessons on morality when we were young

    18. Today the situation is so ‘immoral’ that only a few of us feel that we were given the correct advice

    19. If a child has not been given correct information, relevant to our perception, about questions he may have asked about God, birth, death, gender difference and so on, then the incorrect or insufficient impressions could affect his life all the time

    20. The instructor has given up on her, would rather she didn’t stay and wilt the beautiful bouquet he has arranged in his studio

    21. The formulas given here along with the hints are to help you

    22. The cycle for reproduction is 30 to 60 days and is triggered by the presence of he host’s warmth and the carbon dioxide given off by respiration

    23. For instance, if you are more than 5 years away from retirement, you can find out the return you need to earn considering your present saving pattern or you can find out the amount you need to invest at a given rate of return

    24. Investment in shares has been a fascination for many due to publicity given to unbelievable profit earned by a few speculators

    25. "That is the name your mate has given me

    26. Nancy waited, knowing that her handler didn’t like to be interrupted when given bad news

    27. Her handler had given her a new life away from her all-too-cold foster family and the orphanage before that

    28. She had also given Nancy the spy name of Seventy-Seven, and the identity and sense of purpose that went along with it

    29. Commercial rose growers are not organic and therefore when you first buy your roses they have been grown chemically! Don’t Panic! Given time your roses will love being grown organically

    30. We should ask ourselves, "What did we do with what we were given?" A lot of people are going to have a hard time explaining to God why they chose their plan instead of His while they were here on earth

    31. It is no surprise that most of the health related problems of women have been given names that start with MAN

    32. Everyone is more interested in being given a designation and being photographed by the media

    33. Given that the family remains the mainstay of care for older people in rural areas, boosting the household income is essential to improving care, including access to health care

    34. It is from this ‘pool’ given to them from ancient times, that they learned how to use the soil

    35. After a week passed and doostEr had not heard from Tahlmute, he figured that he probably was trying to steal the cargo and had given up the game when his original ruse failed

    36. that’s just it, Molly, my tenants have given notice … they’re moving out next week, in fact

    37. ‘Liz’s tenants have given notice

    38. Synopsis of relevant acts are given as and when they are approved

    39. He had a lot of experience with the press and knew many of the correspondents personally, but he had rarely given press conferences

    40. design of the product, and given that spending money was anathema back then, I

    41. Eva leaving didn’t help the machine imagining either, given that a broken heart

    42. And this is the testimony: that God has given us eternal life, and

    43. People are not given the ability of healing

    44. ‘Wasn’t given a lot of choice, really, was I?’ I said a tad cynically

    45. ‘I am sure you will meet her sometime, Emma, I have been given strict instructions that my family are to visit me as often as they like

    46. ‘I’ve given my landlord notice that I’ll be vacating the house and that it will be left empty for a few weeks as a result

    47. "Too much intrigue," doostEr dismissed, "Estwig would have given that away

    48. Were you given details?"

    49. ‘I thought it was you driving along … could have given me a lift!’ he complained, his grin belying his words

    50. I want the best possible price given the general

    1. knew Him as the Rock and the One Who Gives

    2. “That guy gives me the willies,” Kevin whistles

    3. When God give us His word, He gives us

    4. Kick Start Cart gives you seven different sales report options

    5. 2Th: 3:16: Now the Lord of peace himself gives you peace always by all means

    6. “It gives me a chance to even up the score

    7. Inspector Ditton gives his sidekick instructions and suggests that I might like to take my jacket off – commenting that it is quite warm in here

    8. Kitchen scene: Mom gives me a kiss on the head

    9. The Net Asset Value (NAV) of the fund gives the current value of your investment by indicating how much each unit of Rs 10 is worth on a day-to-day basis calculated from the daily market value of the funds total asset

    10. ‘And now there’s the business of the baby … which gives him a motive

    11. Comatose John gives John a big wink, lays his head back down and closes his eyes

    12. John turns, gives the man a dirty look

    13. Enoch gives John his coffee, then gives the other to Bush

    14. This Niyama encourages us to let go of our false sense of control and to connect to the Divine or that which gives us the sense of wholeness and sacredness

    15. ’ I said, trying to recall where I left the members’ handbook which gives all the details about opening hours and the like

    16. As we walk through the entrance into the house – a pretty mansion originally built in the middle ages and rescued from dereliction early in the 20th century – he gives himself a little shake

    17. It gives useful information on healthcare, financial concessions and latest top news and announcements useful for senior citizens

    18. This gives the on going programmes of the central government in the area of social justice

    19. This site gives useful information for senior citizens on a large number of topics

    20. This is a site giving information on elder care links but also gives useful information for seniors on legal, financial and health matters

    21. He flies across the room and gives me a hug

    22. Dave gives a small smile through his sunburnt, chapped lips

    23. He swallows water, chokes, tries to reach the surface, but he finally gives up, begins to sink rapidly

    24. John gives his new home a once over

    25. He gives John a slap on the back

    26. Someone gives it a rough shove and the door hinges snap

    27. Al Snafu gives Russ the stink eye

    28. Molly gives me a quick tour the ground floor, saying that she’d rather wait until Stephen got home to show me the annexe and then taking me though to the kitchen

    29. I slowly take my seat again as he walks across the room and gives his mother a kiss on the cheek

    30. He gives us a guarantee that He will always answer our prayers

    31. The bedouin gives Bolt a little shove on the back

    32. "It was twenty decades ago, who gives a shit

    33. Teekra takes his face in her hands and gives him a

    34. She gives him an imperious look, waits

    35. Russ gives John a friendly pat on the shoulder

    36. It is with good reason that God so often gives us the same instruction:

    37. creates, changes and corrects everything… God gives us instructions:

    38. An annoying nasal voice gives the call to noon prayer just as Terry Bolt - decked out in traditional garb -

    39. sticks his weapon in Russ’ stomach, Russ deftly steps aside, grabs the barrel of the gun, gives the soldier a firm knee in the groin, snatches away the weapon, as the soldier collapses in a heap on the highway

    40. But if He gives us the actual

    41. Khalid gives him a running count as he types

    42. She gives him a little punch on the arm

    43. The militant grins, gives his friend a look and calmly reaches up and depresses a button on the weapon

    44. Then He gives us the power

    45. In that way He gives revelation, vision and prophecy to

    46. He gives us the anointing and all nec-

    47. gives it to us

    48. He gives a wink, makes a chopping motion against his neck with the side of his hand

    49. She comes in, gives me a very searching look and perches herself on the end of the bed

    50. She’s pregnant! John comes over, gives her a hug, then puts his ear against her belly to listen to the baby

    1. His sufficient grace and His presence is giving you the

    2. your life? You are in the moment of giving up

    3. At the giving of the law (Ex

    4. I have resisted giving my recommendation because there was

    5. " Athnu had been giving him the usual 'how do we know you?' interrogation until she arrived

    6. Henry had interrupted whatever presentation he was giving by trying to enter as quietly as possible

    7. Giving advice is tempting, but it is better ninety percent of the time to remain silent unless asked

    8. These can be followed by respect giving salutations, cleanliness, loving others, and other experiences to give them the foundation to develop in to a good human being

    9. It has a little lake of its own giving it a square mile of harbor and a few more square miles of lon

    10. ‘How far did you go?’ he asked, the pain giving his voice an edge you could cut steel with

    11. You should experience joy while giving help, just like the joy a mother feels while making her child sleep in her lap

    12. The very act of giving something away that supposedly belongs to you causes you to experience happiness

    13. Keep your pets in shape by feeding them good food and giving them plenty of exercise

    14. In counseling the close relatives and friends; one is usually spontaneous in giving as well as accepting the advice and to some extent can be insisted upon

    15. As senior citizens this is an area that can be tackled by reporting all cases of injustice, corruption (both giving and taking), flouting of rules and so on

    16. ’ I replied, giving him my full attention

    17. As they pulled closer they could see that the opening of the tunnel was decorated with flowing curves, giving the impression of continuous bodies intertwined

    18. ' she said, neatly giving me the lead I want

    19. Henry cleared his throat, getting serious for a moment and giving Johnny his full attention

    20. “It is most likely giving me a thirty second delay to enter the proper code to let the computer and the alarm monitoring station know that I have returned home to the house that I live in

    21. This will not only lock up money without giving any return, it also would mean loss when the design is changed when you finally need it

    22. No matter what happened now there was no giving up

    23. ’ He said, giving me a sideways glance which makes my stomach flip in an entirely different way

    24. By giving it the richness of the ocean, the barren land would give untold food back in return

    25. It breaks down the various organic matter, converting it into compost while giving off heat and steam in the process

    26. They were quite diligent at making children and giving their children a lot of attention

    27. This is a site giving information on elder care links but also gives useful information for seniors on legal, financial and health matters

    28. He’s of the opinion that your Mother will never speak to him again, at least that is the impression he is giving me … though to be honest I could just shake him!’

    29. Can’t blame him for giving up with me really … I’ve not been an easy client and on top of that, I was pretty foul to him the other night … damn my temper!

    30. ‘I could come and have a look …’ I said slowly, grateful to her for giving me a second chance

    31. Most of the teacher, except for John and Russ, gaze up with vacuous eyes and gaping expressions, giving one the impression that they could possibly be drugged mental patients who have wandered off from an institution

    32. Ivy covers part of the front wall of the house, giving it a solid, friendly feel

    33. The Victorian solidity of brick and stone was finally giving way to

    34. He was silent for a moment before giving me a square look in the eye

    35. She watches John as he and Russ finish giving their statement to a POLICE

    36. Ahmed notices that Ricci is giving him a pained look

    37. That does it, the tears start flowing and, with an audible sob, she buries her face in her hands, giving in to a thoroughgoing bout of emotion

    38. of God through unbelief, but was strengthened in faith, giving glory

    39. I shall certainly be giving them a report on this interview

    40. giving the problem a life force

    41. "I know what that's like,” Leonora said with a smile, not giving away that she herself hadn't slept in more than forty hours

    42. I swear he’s never forgiven you for giving him a ducking that time, Stephen

    43. His bedroom door is closed giving me no hint of where he might be … oh well, I’ll just have to contain myself in patience

    44. ’ He said gratefully, coming over and giving me a hug

    45. Giving is the nature of God

    46. The Father gives to us, when He sees us giving and doing charitable

    47. This verse speaks about fasting, which means giving up food and

    48. It was under filtered forwarding, only giving Kandhi what Ginger permitted it to

    49. ‘Is it the concussion that is giving me this foul headache, doctor?’

    50. ’ she replied, giving the matter thought

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    give spring springiness devote pay commit consecrate dedicate throw render feed yield generate return establish have hold make ease up give way move over break cave in collapse fall in founder gift present hand pass pass on reach turn over impart leave chip in contribute kick in apply grant afford sacrifice open bestow confer donate furnish offer award assign enable hand out set forth show issue suppose assume produce perform pronounce publish put forth utter emit give out communicate transmit transfer divulge recede retreat draw back retire cede give over give up