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Delimit en una oración (en ingles)

  1. This is the very power to delimit, to bound, to create figure and ground, to.
  2. The boundary parameter specifies a text string that is used to delimit the parts.
  3. Colons (:) delimit hours, minutes, and seconds, while a decimal point delimits the decimal portion of seconds.
  4. In a trading range, we use trendlines to highlight and delimit the minitrends within the range and our technical indicators to spot oversold and overbought levels as well as bullish and bearish divergence.
  5. Ambition also evokes another meaning that is tied to the past: the journey that kings made each year to delimit the perimeter of their own territory (not everything is mine, but that which is mine I cultivate and feed).

  6. If the future brings not a series, but a system of crises, what will be the values, what the pedagogy, what the dreams of young minds in times of perpetual and ubiquitous conflict? If the next generation, and if that be this one, experiences techinic singularity, what will be the students' roll, goal and game's end, and who will be the educator, designer and enforcer of this post-singularity curriculum? This is the pedagogical community's challenging dilemma: what and how do we teach unknown skills for a yet to be conceived environment? How do we delimit education so that it not only can perceive, but also conceive and begin to implement a culture of resilient and transformative sustainability? Intellectual cooperation, i.
  1. This notion was invoked both in delimiting verse from prose and in establishing distinctions between various types of poetry.
  1. Times are delimited with colons (:).
  2. If I am integrated, I am not owned or owning and self and other are delimited.
  3. These are delimited by <%= and %> and the content of this code block becomes the parameter to the.
  4. Delimited no matter the world love is the conceptualization of what we idealize to be our best selves, both personally and socially.
  5. Having thus delimited the field of eligible investments, the buyer may then apply such further selective processes as he deems appropriate.
  6. Self-interest is not socially rational, leading to fragile economies relying on irrational good actors whose non-amoral activities of production and consumption create a counter-market of delimited loss, i.
  7. There, in the Q-verse, one was truly vireal – where both the physical and imaginative were delimited and thus inhabitable by virtizens: those who had transcended poly-virtualism with the Q-plane InfoFacer, the IFQ.
  8. And what would be the highest good of god's loving kindness, if not god's delimited love? For this is the bounty of god's goodness: the greatest love to the most despised, the greatest kindness to the most undeserving.
  9. Thus in a brute economy, brute healthcare is insurance coverage and emergency intervention, smart healthcare is information based prevention, but wise healthcare, which encompasses every aspect of one's life, cannot emerge because it is restricted by the concerns of costs, rather than delimited by compassion for the other.
  10. This cycle is delimited by two conjunctions: Inferior Conjunction, in which Mercury is retrograde and is on a direct line between the earth and the sun; and Superior Conjunction, in which the sun is on a direct line between the earth and Mercury; and also by two elongations (varying from 18° to 28° in separation between Mercury and the sun): Greatest Western Elongation when Mercury rises in the east before the sun; and Greatest Eastern Elongation when Mercury sets in the west after the sun.
  1. Colons (:) delimit hours, minutes, and seconds, while a decimal point delimits the decimal portion of seconds.

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